Friday, November 28, 2008

Bingo America/Wheel 11/28

Bingo America: Tonight is Episode 2059 and the players are Eva & Louis.

1 (I24)- What type of large white flowers is assoicated with Easter?
EVA: Lily- CORRECT (-I---; $524)
2 (G51)- Contrary to "Old Wives' Tale", what bumpy-skinned frog-like amphibian doesn't cause warts?
EVA: Toad- RIGHT (-I-G-; $575)
3 (G46)- What all-girl '80s band proved "We've Got the Beat" with hits like "Our Lips are Sealed"?
LOUIS: The Go-Gos- CORRECT (---G-; $621)
4 (B2)- From the Latin for "warm", what large heavy pot used for boiling is often associated with witches?
EVA: Caulderon- RIGHT (BI-G-; $623)
5 (N40)- Will Smith and Brad Pitt turned down Keanu Reeves' lead role as Ne-Yo in what hit science fiction trilogy?
LOUIS: "The Matrix"- CORRECT (--NG-; $663)
6 (N33)- Rich in coal and iron, what huge mountain system stretches from Quebec to Alabama?
EVA: Appalachians- RIGHT (BING-; $696)


7 (I25)- Cartman and Kenny attended school in what animated cable series?
LOUIS: "South Park"- YOU BET (-ING-; $721)
8 (B8)- Typing is often assoicated with what syndrome affecting the nerves in the wrist?
EVA: Carpool tunnel- CORRECT ($729)
9 (O65)- What LA Lakers superstar took Brandy to his high school prom?
LOUIS: Kobe Bryant- RIGHT (-INGO; $794)
10 (B6)- What mythical bird is said to rise from its own ashes?
LOUIS: Phoenix- WIN ($800)

1 (O75)- Beefsteak and cherry are type of what food?
LOUIS: Tomatoes- YES INDEED (----O; $875)
2 (B1)- Every year, parents take their children to work on the fourth Thursday of what fourth month?
LOUIS: April- RIGHT AGAIN (B---O; $876)
3 (I19)- What mythical horse's name comes from the Latin for "one-horned"?
EVA: Unicorn- CORRECT (-I---; $895)
4 (B11)- The U.S. government is divided into three branches: Legislative, Executive and what else?
LOUIS: Judicial- YOU BET ($906)
5 (I29)- This year, People Magazine named Sarah Silverman and who "Funniest Couple Alive"?
EVA: Jimmy Kimmel- OF COURSE ($935)
6 (WILD)- A Scottish form of the word "cadet", what term for "a jack of all trades" refers to a golfer's assistant?
LOUIS: Caddy- YOU BET (B-N-O; $1,035)
7 (O69)- The Colisseum was digitally recreated in what film starring Russell Crowe as Maximus?
LOUIS: "Gladiator"- RIGHT AGAIN ($1,104)
8 (G49)- The spotted variety of what stinky animal balances on its front paw when its about to spray?
EVA: Skunk- CORRECT (-I-G-; $1,153)
9 (G52)- Led by Jerry Garcia on guitar, what Bay Area band attracted tye dye fans with hits like "Truckin'"?
EVA: Grateful Dead- RIGHT AGAIN ($1,205)

10 (N45)- XX or VV- how is the number 20 written in Roman numerals?
EVA: XX- YOU BET (-ING-; $1,250)
11 (G51)- T or F: There is a basketball court and an outdoor pool on the grounds of the White House.
LOUIS: True- CORRECT (B-NGO; $1,301)
12 (I17)- In 1996, which U.S. gymnast vaulted on a sprained ankle to win gold- Kerri Strug or Shannon Miller?
EVA: Kerri Strug- RIGHT ($1,318)
13 (O72)- T or F: In Japan, it's considered bad manners to slurp your soup.
EVA: False- YES INDEED (-INGO; $1,390)
14 (B9)- Doc or Dopey- which of these Disney dwarfs had no hair on their head?
LOUIS: Dopey- RIGHT ($1,399)
15 (B2)- Chris Brown or Nick Cannon- who did Mariah Carey get married with this year?

1. For more than 14 years, what B titled western series featured a father and three sons living on the Ponderosa ranch?
EVA: "Bonanza"- RIGHT
2. Written by Anne Rice, what 1994 I movie starred Tom Cruise?
EVA: "Interview with the Vampire"- RIGHT AGAIN
3. Sometimes abbreviated NIN, what N rock band is fronted by Trent Resnor?
LOUIS: Nine Inch Nails- CORRECT
4. What G type of traffic jam occurs when cars come to a halt due to vehicles blocking at an intersection?
LOUIS: Gridlock- RIGHT
Final question: What O is a comical newspaper and bills itself as "America's Finest News Source"?
LOUIS: "The Onion"- WINS $1,399

Bingo Bonus Round: We've had two huge losses in Bonusland this week. Can Louis win something from there to end the week?...

B: #5- $1,000
I: #26- $2,000 ($3,000)
N: #32- LOSS

WOF: It's a miracle- the Nebraska/Colorado college football game ended soon enough for this episode to air in full tonight! Our first Toss-Up category is Rhyme Time:

H I _ _ _ A _ S/AND/

_ _ W _ Y S

Jody solves HIGHWAYS AND BYWAYS for $1,000.


Tonight's players:

Jody Hill (Louisville)- Licensed massage/craniosacral therapist
Shannon Happ (Venice, CA)- Copywriter/proofreader; also a kickboxer and funny voice artist
Steve Wesneski (Fort Myers, FL)- Handyman

$2,000 Toss-Up category is On the Map:

_ _ D E P _ _ _ E N _ E

_ _ S _ O _ R I

Jody solves INDEPENDENCE MISSOURI to go to $3,000.

Round 1 is tonight's Prize Puzzle Round and the category is Place. Out on the wheel now is a tour of the Grand Canyon/Great American West courtesy of worth $5,000. After Steve calls the R's for $1,600, we have...

R I _ H T/_ N/THE/_ _ T E R ' S/

E _ _ E

...he solves RIGHT ON THE WATER'S EDGE to win that amount plus a trip to Cozumel, a total of $7,300 in cash and trip.

DUDS: L (Shannon)
LOTs: 1 (Jody)


Campbell's Soup Jackpot Round category is Where Are We? Early on, Shannon calls four T's for $1,200 and the Free Spin. Later, she calls a pair of N's for a $1,000 gift certificate, but she then loses it right back and $4,650 to a Bankrupt. She then uses her Free Spin and after calling the W's, we have...

_ E A R S/&/_ _ _ S

THE/W I N _ _/_ I T _/


...uh oh, I think Andy & Pat are going to love this puzzle! After buying the U to clean out the vowels, she calls a $300 P but calls a dud in L. Steve then calls the B's for seven grand and solves BEARS & CUBS, THE WINDY CITY, PAT'S HOMETOWN to win that amount. He then knows the bonus answer's Chicago to make this round worth a total of 10 large to him, bringing his new total to $17,300!

BANKRUPTS: 1 (Shannon)

Swanson Broth Mystery Round category is Before & After. Steve calls the R's for the Wild Card. He then calls the H's for the Arizona trip. After calling the N's, we have...

THE/_ A N _/_ F/THE/

FREE-R A N _ E/_ H _ _ _ E N _

...he guesses the puzzle as THE LAND OF THE FREE-RANGE CHICKENS...right for another $2,300 and the trip, a new total of $24,600 in cash and trips!


$3,000 Toss-Up category is Person:

_ L _ E _

S T _ T E S _ A N

Shannon wins her first $3,000 with ELDER STATESMAN. Speed-Up Round category is Things and consonants are worth $1,300 apiece. After Steve calls the D's...

D _ _ T _ _ N _ R Y

D _ _ _ N _ T _ _ N S

...he blanks for $6,500. Jody calls the C and solves DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS for another $3,900 and a final total of $6,900. Shannon has $3,000 and Steve wins the championship with $24,600 in cash and trips!


Big Money Round: The Wild Card's in play here for the second straight episode. Steve spins the double star and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ L L/_ _/

_ N T R _ _ _ E

I believe it's _____ OF INTRIGUE. He calls B, W, F and A, then makes his Wild Card Selection C...

F _ L L/_ F/

_ N T R _ _ _ E

...he's still not quite FULL OF INTRIGUE, so he loses the convertible. I guess the vowels in the last word threw him off.

At the end, we see footage of some auditions.
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