Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Dancing with the Stars"- SEASON FINALE

In the first segment, after we see Cloris Leachman fooling around outside, Alicia Keys performs "I Need You".

The third segment starts with Misty May-Treanor telling us that she's been cleared to walk as of last Wednesday!

Toni Braxton's unable to do her last dance tonight because of recently having surgery.

Jeffrey Ross roasts the three final teams near the second half of the show!

Now, for the three final teams' final dances. Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson go first with the Hustle, dancing to "Funkytown". They get three 9's.

Second are Lance Bass & Lacey Schwimmer with the Jitterbug. They're dancing to, I do believe, of all songs- "Jim Dandy" by Black Oak Arkansas!

LEN: 9
BRUNO: 10!

In judges' points for the finals, they're ahead of Warren & Kym by a single point!

Last but not least, Brooke Burke & Derek Hough perform the V. Waltz to "Daughters" by John Mayer. They score another PERFECTO!!!

Miley Cyrus performs her new single "Fly on the Wall".

The first couple eliminated tonight...

Brooke & Derek
Lance & Lacey
Warren & Kym

...Lance & Lacey. Guess Lance's not THAT popular, nor is Lacey. But are Brooke & Derek popular enough to win this show? Let's find out...

Brooke & Derek
Warren & Kym

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