Friday, November 07, 2008

GSN holiday schedule notes

Buzzerblog has reported the following:

Starting on December 8th and running weekdays until December 23rd, from 1-3 PM, a marathon of four episodes from a different game show will air, called the "12 Games of Christmas". Here's the lineup:

8th: "Card Sharks" (Bob Eubanks)
9th: "Beat the Clock" (Monty Hall)
10th: "Family Feud" (Ray Combs)
11th: "Super Password"
12th: "To Tell the Truth" (Lynn Swann)
15th: "Press Your Luck"
16th: "Match Game '70s"
17th: "Card Sharks" (Jim Perry)
18th: "Family Feud" (Richard Dawson)
19th: "Body Language"
22nd: "Password Plus" (Allen Ludden)
23rd: "Wheel of Fortune"

On Christmas Eve, a "Family Feud" marathon will air from 9-6 PM; a "Card Sharks" marathon airs from the same period on Christmas Day, and a "Super Password" marathon will air during the same period on December 26th.
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