Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Million Dollar Password" Season 2 premiere date announced and details

The second season of "Million Dollar Password" will bow on December 21st, and like the first season will air on Sundays after "60 Minutes". The celebrities for the second season premiere will be William Shatner and Aisha Tyler. Here are some changes for the second season:

-The show now eminates from L.A. The first season was taped in NYC.

-Contestants are allowed to fail once on both the $10,000 and the $25,000 levels of the money round; the first failed attempt on either of those levels will be edited out of the broadcast.

-After clearing the $100,000 level, the clue givers (most likely the civilian contestants) will be shown ALL six passwords before deciding whether or not to go for the $250,000.

-In addition to $25,000 being a safe haven, $250,000 is also now a safe haven. Thus, anyone who clears the quarter million level gets a free chance to become a millionaire.

Various sources contributed to this report.
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