Monday, November 10, 2008

PREVIOUS CONTESTANT UPDATE: Gabe Canape of "Pros vs. Joes"

Here's what's happened to Gabriel Canape ever since becoming the $100,000 winner on "Pros vs. Joes", according to the E-mail reply he sent me at midnight last night:

-With the money he won, he was able to do part time work and his wife quit his job. He is currently in line for a promotion.

-His family paid off both their current vehicles and then traded in their van for a better fuel-economy vehicle. He paid some church tithes and gave Donnie, Derek and Joe $1,000 each.

-He placed half of the money on a certificate of deposit (like those contestants on Young People's Weeks during the Bob Eubanks run of "Card Sharks" and "Body Language" that won at least $2,500).

-His family is expecting another child in December.

-He still plays lots of sports today.

-"American Gladiators" Season 2 male champion Tim Oliphant lives about an hour from his house and Gabe has talked to him about the two competing in "The Amazing Race"!
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