Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Survivor: Gabon" 11/20

Just for the record, the merged tribe's name is Nobag (which is Gabon in reverse).

The first Tree Mail of the night reads like this:

"Going, going, gone. He who hesitates is lost. Nourishment and power, everything has its cost."

SURVIVOR AUCTION: Everybody is given $500, with each bid made being in increments of $20. No pooling of money or sharing of food is allowed during this time.

1. Beer and peanuts- SOLD TO RANDY FOR $180 ($320 left)

2. Covered item- SOLD TO KEN FOR $340 ($160 left)
MYSTERY ITEM'S IDENTITY: The right to send himself or somebody else to Exile Island. If he sends somebody else to Exile Island (like Sugar), he gets to take whatever bidding money they had up to that point.

3. Covered item #2- SOLD TO SUGAR FOR $340 ($160 left)
MYSTERY ITEM'S IDENTITY: A bowl of chocolate and peanut butter

4. Hot bath and clean clothes- SOLD TO SUSIE FOR $340 ($160 left)

5. Cheeseburger, fries and drink- SOLD TO MATTY FOR $400 ($100 left)

6. Covered item #3- SOLD TO RANDY FOR $280 ($40 left)
MYSTERY ITEM'S IDENTITY: Spaghetti, garlic bread and a glass of wine

7. Immunity challenge advantage inside sealed bottle- SOLD TO CORRINE BECAUSE SHE GOES ALL IN AND KEN DOESN'T OUTBID HER

Final item: Covered item #4 for entire tribe- SOLD TO RANDY FOR $20 ($20 left)
MYSTERY ITEM'S IDENTITY: Chocolate chip cookies

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: This is divided into two stages. Before we begin, the advantage in Corrine's bottle says that she just earned a bye into the challenge's second stage. The remaining seven contestants have to take a bag of puzzle pieces and race across a balance beam. They must go back and forth until they've brought all three bags of puzzle pieces. The first two to finish face Corrine in the second stage. For the second stage, the final three must stack the puzzle pieces in a particular way so that they will fall like a typical domino pattern, allowing a ball to go down the ramp's very end and raise a flag. The first one to do all of this wins immunity.

STAGE 1 WINNERS: Ken & Matty

This week's immunity winner is...

...Ken Hoang!

TRIBAL COUNCIL: Randy Bailey turns in a possible hidden Immunity Idol. I will tell you right now that he got the most votes tonight by a tally of 5-3 over Susie Smith. Therefore, if it's indeed a valid Immunity Idol, he's still in the game. If it's not, he's eliminated and going to the jury. The idol Randy turned in is a...

...DUD- GAME OVER FOR RANDY. Sugar just claimed another victim.
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