Thursday, November 06, 2008

"Survivor: Gabon" 11/6

Tonight's episode begins with a feast. During that feast, Ken's the first one to discover this Immunity Idol clue (this is a different Idol, BTW):

You have just discovered a clue to another hidden immunity idol. Do you keep it a secret or share? Either way, you must find it before your day at the beach is over...On the sand lies a large dead log cradles in the crook of a tree, beneath the end of the tree's lowest limb, you can dig for immunity.

After the clue's found, everybody searches for it...

...and Charlie's the one who finds it! Oh, there was also a container on the feast table; if that container had been opened during the feast, the feast would've ended immediately. It at least had this clue:

1. In this bag there are ten numbered stones. Without looking each tribe member will grab a stone. When you are finished, read note No. 2.

The second clue says that...

...WE HAVE ANOTHER TRIBE REALIGNMENT. At this point, five members will be on each tribe. Here are the new tribe layouts:

1. Sugar
2. Charlie
3. Corrine
4. Matty
5. Sugar

1. Bob
2. Marcus
3. Susie
4. Crystal
5. Ken

TREE MAIL: "If you can't keep it up, there is reason to worry. You may be the first to join the jury."

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: Everybody has to hold two poles from their own overhead board. All of the boards are adjusted to fit everybody's respective heights. The last player standing wins immunity for their respective tribe.

Crystal and Sugar bow out early. It all comes down to Bob and Matty. The winner is...

...Matty of Fang!

TRIBAL COUNCIL: At this point, anybody who gets voted out will be sent to the jury. I will tell you right now...

...Crystal Cox, who almost got eliminated in last week's double elimination episode, received no votes this week. It comes down to a tight vote between Ken and Marcus. That's right, by a vote of 3-2, tonight's eliminated contestant and the first member of the jury is...


...Marcus Lehman.
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