Monday, November 17, 2008

This Week in Game Shows: November 17-23

One week before Thanksgiving Week, here's what's in store this week:

Jeopardy!: The last time a Teen Tournament ended, it was overshadowed for the first time in who knows when (thanks to Adam Rose winning $1 Million on "The Price is Right"). Will this season's teen champion bask in all the spotlight this time out?

Family Feud: The first-ever college champions are crowned!

America's Next Top Model: Who will be the next big winner here?

The Amazing Race: Can Nick & Starr tie the all-time wins record this week, much less stay in the race?

Millionaire: It's Family Week with Alan Thicke as the Ask the Expert guest!

Deal or No Deal: On the syndicated version, military contestants play all week long; and NBC offers a basketball fan of some sorts the next chance at $2 Million!

Don't Forget the Lyrics!: A lady born with unilateral Microtia gets her shot at winning the big money she needs to have her long-awaited surgery!

All this plus additional "Wheel of Fortune" fun from Hawaii and more!
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