Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Top Chef" 11/19


QUICKFIRE CHALLENGE #2: Create a signature hot dog within 45 minutes that is good or even better than the one an expert hot dog maker from a Dominic's Authentic Italian Sausage stand in NYC. Winner gets immunity.

1. Jill: Summer roll hot dogs cooked in chili, soy sauce & rice wine vinegar

2. Radhika: Kabob-style sausage with carmelized onions, cucumbers & tomato jam

3. Daniel: Pork hot dog with horseradish, mustard, fried onions & garlic powder

4. Eugene: Maki roll hot dog with pita bread, Boursin cheese & red onions

5. Hosea: Pork hot dog with roasted poblanos, jalapenos, smoked bacon & red vinegar

6. Stefan: Italian sausage on French bread with Wisconsin cheese & Irish tartar sauce

7. Carla: Lamb and pork sausage with sauerkraut & carmelized onions

8. Ariane: Chicken sausage with bacon, celery seed, garlic & white pepper

9. Fabio: Andouille sausage with goat cheese, roasted bell peppers and sun dried tomatoes

10. Jamie: Pork and beef sausage with bacon, onions & cayenne pepper. Because there was some bone left in the meat, she was out.

Just for the record, the hot dog master's name was Angelina, and she made a hot dog with mustard, sauerkraut & relish.

The top dogs were made by Radhika, Fabio & Hosea. The season's second immunity winner was...


ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #2: Serve food as part of a three-course lunch menu at a Manhattan restaurant called Craft, which happens to be head judge Tom Colicchio's flagship restaurant. They had a half hour to shop with a $2,500 budget. Let's see who ran which courses (three groups of five):

APPETIZERS: Fabio, Hosea, Jamie, Melissa & Leah
ENTREES: Stefan, Alex, Eugene, Jill & Jeff
DESSERTS: Carla, Ariane, Daniel, Richard & Radhika

Amongst the ones eating in the restaurant were NYC chefs who were rejected from last season's auditions.


Jamie: Chilled sweet corn soup with chili oil & mint

Hosea: Chilled crab with citrus vanilla dressing, mango & avocado- DUD

Leah: Yukon potato and seared scallops with chives & green peppercorns- DUD

Fabio: Beef carpaccio with arugula salad, parmesan & spherical olives

Melissa: Grilled avocado, white peaches, nectarines & balsalmic vinaigrette- DUD


Jill: Ostrich egg quiche with rice-pecan crust, asparagus & aged cheese- DUD

Eugene: Open meatloaf sandwich with ciabatta bread, gouda fondue & portabella ragout- DUD

Stefan: Pan-seared halibut with micro greens, ravioli, champaigne sauce & dill oil

Jeff (who finished a little late): Southern chicken, honey mustard and chorizo corn spoon bread

Alex: Pork tenderloin over potatoes with mushroom, tomato & red beet demi-glace- DUD


Radhika: Avocado mousse with chocolate wontons & chocolate milk Kahlua shot

Daniel: Ricotta pound cake with toasted pistachios & strawberry lemon coulis

Ariane: Lemon meringue martini with vanilla cookie crunch & cherry surprise- DUD (too much sugar)

Richard: Sandwich of banana nut bread, peanut butter & banana brulee with grape gelato

Carla: Rustic apple tart with ginger peach tea, apple cider reduction & Cheddar cheese

The second Immunity Challenge winner was...

...the only one who made a good dish on the Appetizers side, Fabio!

In the bottom three were Hosea, Ariana & Jill. The third contestant to be eliminated this season was...

...Jill Snyder of the entrees section- her ostrich egg gamble didn't pay off.
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