Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Top Chef" 11/26

Remember, a popular music group will appear on the show tonight! This week's guest judge is Grant Achatz, a James Beard award-winning chef.

(This is the first episode I'm watching in HD.)

QUICKFIRE CHALLENGE #3: At the start, all chefs draw knives; each one has a number on it. Each of those numbers signify a page in "Top Chef: The Cookbook" that they have to read and then choose a recipe from that page and make it in soup form. A huge array of Swanson Broths are made available.

Stefan: Thai green curry bisque with shrimp & scallop dumplings

Ariane: Diced lamb, eggplant, red pepper and couscous soup- DUD (overcooked)

Daniel: Ham and egg soup with sauteed mushrooms corn & cheese

Richard: Black bean and roasted pasilla pepper soup with rice- DUD

Melissa: Italian Wedding Soup with black truffle, Parmesan, linguini & chicken- DUD

Fabio: Mushroom and asparagus soup with seared trout and salmon belly- DUD (a little flat)

Carla: Shrimp, tomato & coriander soup with cucumber & avocado salad

Leah: Chilled white asparagus soup with broiche, tuna & tapenade

Jamie: Chickpea soup with pickled chiles, yogurt & crispy shallots

The winner of immunity this week is...


ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #3: The 14 remaining chefs are now divided into two teams of seven; they have to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the Foo Fighters and their entourage! Leah gets to choose the remainder of her team first since she won this week's Quickfire. Here are the teams:

TEAM SEXY PANTS: Leah, Jamie, Hosea, Stefan, Melissa, Fabio & Radhika
TEAM COUGAR: Alex, Eugene, Jeff, Carla, Ariane, Daniel & Richard

The winning team gets to go to a Foo Fighters concert.

Everybody had an hour to shop with a $1,200 budget. Not all of the dishes in this Immunity Challenge will be revealed tonight.


1. Jeff: Spoonbread stuffing with figs, cranberries, walnuts & onions- DUD
Dessert: Fresh fruit salad with pumpkin mousse- ALSO A DUD

2. Alex: Five cheese macaroni & cheese

3. Ariane: Butterball turkey confit with mushroom gravy & cranberry

4. Stefan: Maple-smoked pork loin

5. Carla: Peach and cherry cobbler with vanilla cream- DUD

6. Richard: Banana s'mores with vanilla cream and chocolate ganache- DUD


1. Radhika: Vegan cornbread stuffing

2. Fabio: Roasted corn salad
Dessert: Roasted pumpkin, honey & cinnamon tiramisu

3. Hosea: Peach and blueberry crisp with whipped cinnamon cream

The winners are...

...Team Sexy Pants!

ELIMINATION: The bottom three are Jeff, Daniel & Richard. The fourth contestant eliminated on the season is...

...despite Jeff McInnis blowing both of his dishes, Richard Sweeney.
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