Wednesday, November 05, 2008

"The Ultimate Fighter" 11/5

Before we get to tonight's lightweight quarterfinal match, we have a few oddball food notes to pass along to you:

Tom Lawlor tinkled IN HIS OWN FRUIT BOWL!!! Additonally, Ryan Bader and Phillipe Nover stole it later on and ATE THE URINATED FRUIT!!!! Guys, even if you never officially get into the UFC in the future, you've already made Joe Rogan (the former host of "Fear Factor") proud.

Nover ate an extremely gross egg that I've never heard of while inside the house.

LIGHTWEIGHT QUARTERFINAL #3: Dave Kaplan vs. Phillipe Nover
Referee: Josh Rosenthal

Round 1: Nover comes on firing and quickly gets Kaplan down, going for a TKO...doesn't happen. He then tries a rear-naked choke...GOT IT for the win at 1:06!
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