Friday, December 12, 2008

12/12/2008 Results

DOND: Wrapping up a good week here, our player today is #11 Penny Hicks from Charlotte, N.C. (who is a cook and has been going to culinary school). Wouldn't it be something if Penny left with a penny? Let's find out.

1. #3 (Vanessa)- $400
2. #7 (Yvette P.)- $25,000
3. #13 (Kassandra)- $100
4. #20 (Ishman)- $10,000
5. #22 (Ricky)- $10


1. #1 (Daryl)- $100,000
2. #9 (Tanya)- $500,000 (she was just two off this amount; DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)
3. #2 (Holly)- $50,000 (STRIKE ONE)
4. #16 (Lisa)- $50
5. #14 (Josh)- $2,500


1. #12 (Veronica)- $7,500
2. #4 (Melanie)- $5
3. #10 (Jennifer)- $300
4. #8 (Bob)- $200


1. #21 (Nicholas)- $500
2. #4 (Yvette A.)- $250,000 (BIG STRIKE TWO)


1. #6 (David)- $5,000 (NOT MUCH OF A SAFETY NET LEFT)
2. #18 (Herman)- $1,000 (SAFETY NET COMPLETELY GONE)


19th PICK: #15 (Kimberly)- PENNY
OFFER: $26,000

20th PICK: #17 (Matt)- $1
OFFER: $39,000

Her case had...$25, so she made a respectable deal. $162,800 has been given away this week!

Bingo America: This is the last sponsored episode of the season, Episode 2064. Tonight's contestants are Matilda & Dennis. The sixth question of the first game is tonight's Wild Card Question:

Created by ESPN, what extreme sports festival showcases events like snowboarding?

Dennis is right with X Games and marks off his B, so he needs the GO to win the first game.
Game 1 halftime scoreboard:


BANK: $789


7 (O75)- Pixie and Bouffant are both types of what?
MATILDA: Hairpiece- CORRECT (-I-GO; $864)
8 (O66)- In what '90s baseball movie did Madonna and Rosie O' Donnell play on the same team?
DENNIS: "A League of Their Own"- RIGHT (BIN-O; $930)
9 (N36)- A popular bagel topping, lox is what type of smoked fish?
MATILDA: Salmon- CORRECT (-INGO; $966)
10 (B15)- Found in Myanmar, what red gemstone fetches higher prices than diamonds?
DENNIS: Ruby- RIGHT ($981)

11 (B2)- T or F: Whales produce milk to feed their young.
DENNIS: True- CORRECT ($983)
12 (B9)- Muhammad or Michael- which is considered to be the most common given name?
DENNIS: Muhammad- RIGHT AGAIN ($992)
13 (G56)- T or F: Human beings walk on two legs, making them bipeds.
DENNIS: True- WIN ($1,048)

Game 2 also goes to 50/50. Here's the score now:

BANK: $1,368

NUMBERS CALLED TO THIS POINT: I29, G56, G47, B11, B10, O71, N39, I16, N41

10 (O75)- T or F: Bob Dylan's real name is Dylan Thomas.
MATILDA: False- CORRECT ($1,443)
11 (O70)- Which country has a larger population- China or India?
DENNIS: China- CORRECT (BI-GO; $1,513)
12 (I25)- T or F: The first woman named chief of the Cherokees nation was Wilma Mankiller.
MATILDA: True- TIES MATCH ($1,538)

1. What B is a meal often eaten late in the morning that combines breakfast and lunch?
2. What I titled sitcom features an astronaut and his adventures with a magical girl who lived in a bottle?
DENNIS: "I Dream of Jeannie"- RIGHT
3. What martial arts actor with an N last name played "Walker Texas Ranger"?
DENNIS: Chuck Norris- SWEEP FOR THE WIN AND $1,538

Bingo Bonus Round:

B: #12- $1,500
I: #27- WIPEOUT (fifth this season)

WOF: Wrapping up a fine second edition of Pet Lovers Week here, the first Toss-Up category on this Friday is Landmark:

S _ _/D _ _ G O/Z O _

Manny wastes no time solving SAN DIEGO ZOO for $1,000.


Our players this evening:

Manny Moonose (L.A.)- Academic advisor
Jessica Dueck (Deer Park, WA)- Started a pet rescue group
Kelsey Angus (Encinas, CA)- Saleswoman

$2,000 Toss-Up category is What Are You Doing?:

_ O U N _ I N G

_ H _ E _

Kelsey is incorrect with BOUNCING CHECK. Jessica then solves COUNTING SHEEP for $2,000.

Round 1 is tonight's Prize Puzzle Round and the category is Places. Out on the wheel now is a trip to New Orleans worth $5,500. After Jessica calls the D's, we have...

_ A S T/_ _ _ D E _ N E S S/AND/

_ _ O N T _ E _/T O _ N S

...she calls a $300 L, buys the I's and all vowels are now gone...and so is her turn, as she's incorrect by a letter with LAST WILDERNESS AND FRONTIER TOWNS, not watching the board properly (I thought it was that also before the sole L came up). Kelsey then calls the W's for $1,800 and solves VAST WILDERNESS AND FRONTIER TOWNS to win that amount plus the right to see all of what the puzzle says on a trip to Canada, a total of $6,880 in cash and trip.


IHOP Jackpot Round category is Before & After. After Kelsey buys the A's, we have...

_ R A T E/&/_ A R R E _/_ _/

_ _ N _ E _ _

...she then calls the C for the PETCO gift tag and $1,000 will be donated to Meramec River Feline Rescue in Salisbury, MA. She then solves CRATE & BARREL OF MONKEYS for another $2,700 and $9,580 total.


Campbell's Soup Mystery Round category is Phrase. After Manny calls the P's, we have...

E _ E R _ T _ _ _ _/_ _ P P E _ S/_ O R/

_/R E _ S O _

...he buys three A's and I know it now. He then lands on the Mystery Wedge next to the Million Dollar Wedge and calls two H's...he doesn't flip (good, because a Bankrupt's back there). After buying the I, he solves EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON for another $4,800 and $5,800 total.


Final Toss-Up category is Rhyme Time:

W _ L _ I N G/A _ D/T A _ _ I N G

Kelsey solves WALKING AND TALKING to increase her lead with a new score of $12,580. Next category is Thing. Late in the round, after Jessica calls the M, we have...


A _ _ A R _ _ M

...she calls a $500 Q and redeems herself a bit from that blown Round 1 solve by getting FRESHWATER AQUARIUM for another $1,550 and $3,550 total.

DUDS: C, N, O, P
BANKRUPTS: 1 (Kelsey)

Speed-Up Round category is On the Map and it's a one-wordy; consonants are worth $1,900 each. After Jessica calls the C...

S C _ N _ _ N _ _ _ _

...she has nothing. Kelsey then calls the D and solves SCANDINAVIA to ice her cake a little more with another $5,700 and $18,280 total! Manny leaves with $5,800 and Jessica gets $3,550.


Big Money Round: Last chance this week to give away Mitsubishi Outlander #3 or a nice paycheck here. She spins the G and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ L _ N _

_ _ R _

I have an idea. Angus calls D, C, P and I...but believe it or not, they're all duds (I thought it was BLIND CARD)! That means she's done. It was BLANK FORM and she doesn't win another $35,000. CDMA would've given her the A and the M; maybe that might've been enough for her to solve that.

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: Tonight's first contestant is Jessica Harold (who is a registered nurse). In her game, there is an extra member in tonight's classmate's Brody, the identical twin brother of Cody. She chooses him to start and here are the categories:

1st Grade Social Studies
1st Grade Math
2nd Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade Music
3rd Grade World Geography
3rd Grade Health
4th Grade Literature
4th Grade Cultural Studies
5th Grade World History
5th Grade Measurements

The 1st Grade category she tries first is Math.

What's the sum of the whole numbers 1-6, including 1 & 6?

She knows that's 21 as in Blackjack. Her second category is 3rd Grade Health.

T or F: When someone is nearsighted, they have trouble seeing things far away.

She's right with True, and then chooses Sierra as her second partner. She then goes for Social Studies, the other 1st Grade subject.

The National Archives, which houses the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, is located in what U.S. city?

She's not sure enough, so she peeks at Sierra's answer, which was Washington, D.C. That was her gut guess, so she locks that in for $5,000. Her next stop is Animal Science, the first of the 2nd Grade subjects on her board.

T or F: Chameleons are the only species of lizard that can change their color based on their environment.

She and Sierra guess True, but only Olivia agrees with them's False, making her a TOTAL FLUNK OUT.

Contestant #2 is Garry Dredge from Montclaire, CA (who is a financial aid officer). In his game, the guest in the panel happens to be his mother-in-law Sylvia! He goes with Olivia instead as his first partner and here are the categories now:

1st Grade Science
1st Grade Spelling
2nd Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade U.S. Geography
3rd Grade World Geography
3rd Grade English
4th Grade World History
4th Grade Grammar
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Astronomy

First up is Science, the 1st Grade subject he likes the most.

A raisin is the dehydrated version of what fruit?

He gets grape. He then goes with a specific science, Animal Science.

T or F: Tasmanian devils are now extinct.

He's right with False. For his second partner, he chooses Mackenzie and instead of going for the other 1st Grade category, he chooses the other 2nd Grade topic of U.S. Geography.

Excluding Alaska and Hawaii, the USA has four time zones. Eastern, Central & Pacific are three of them; what's the fourth?

He knows that's Mountain. Then, he tries to step it up with 3rd Grade World Geography.

What city is the capital of China?

He immediately comes up with the city the most recent Olympics took place in, Beijing. The third partner he wants is Nathan and his safe haven subject is Spelling.

How many times does S appear in "desert"?

Thanks to Jeff giving him the clue of Mohabi before said word, he gets one for the $25,000. His freebie category is 4th Grade World History; the following is a Classroom Club Question written by Melanie from Clay Springs School:

Ponce de Leon, who sailed on Columbus' second voyage, is credited with discovering what current U.S. state in 1513?

His gut is Florida, but he's unsure, so he peeks at Nathan's answer, which was the same thing. He agrees...and doubles his money. His fourth partner is...Sierra, meaning Sylvia likely will never be a partner for this guy tonight. Greg's next category is 3rd Grade English.

Which of the following is a palindrome?

A: Vroom
B: Jumbo shrimp
C: Race car

He guesses vroom...incorrect. Sylvia said jumbo shrimp, which she was confident in...but it was race car, which the other four kids got right...but we won't know what Sierra said until next Friday. That means for only the second time ever, we have a SUPER WIPEOUT- no money was offically given away in a single episode.

On a lighter note, BTW, next Thursday, Rev. Rick Miles completes his game, and yes, he's related to Million Dollar Question loser Meaghan!

Don't Forget the Lyrics!: It's time for their first-ever holiday special! And playing the game now are three former Miss Americas- Susan Powell, Heather "French" Henry and Kirsten Haglund. They're trying to win money for the Miss America Foundation. Their potential backup singers tonight are Miss California 2001 Stephanie Baldwin and a TV host named Chris. Here are their categories:

R & B


Kirsten picks the first category of American Favorites. The two song choices are "White Christmas" by Bing Crosby and "Over the Rainbow" by Judy Garland. They pick the song best assoicated with "The Wizard of Oz" ("Over the Rainbow", of course) and have a three word target:

"Really __ ___ ___"

They're on the board with " come true".

They try a TV Theme second. They can choose from "The Ballad of Jed Clampett" from "The Beverly Hillbillies" or "The Facts of Life"; the show they try is "The Beverly Hillbillies". They have another three word target:

"So they loaded up the truck and they ____ __ ____"

They're correct filling in "...moved to Beverly".

Third is Pop; choices now are "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades" by Timbuk3 and "Unwritten" by Natasha Beddingfield. They go with the Natasha Beddingfield song and now have a four word target:

"Feel the ___ __ ___ ___"

I knew this one, as did they- "...rain on your skin"!

After three young girls come out, each one being related to one of tonight's contestants, they go for R & B as their safe haven subject. The choices this time are "What You Won't Do For Love" by Bobby Caldwell and "Rhythm of the Night" by Debarge. With no hesitation, they pick "Rhythm of the Night" and they now have to fill in seven words, which follow after "Dance until the morning light". They come up with "Forget about the worries on your mind" for $25,000.

They try a song by Madonna next- either "Like a Virgin" or "Papa Don't Preach". They attempt "Like a Virgin" and must fill in six this time around. They follow after the title of the song has been sung. Their follow up is "Touched for the very first time" and they lock that in...they double up.

Subject #6 for the Miss Americas is "One Hit Wonders". "Afternoon Delight" by Starland Vocal Band and "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell are the choices on the board this time; they choose "Afternoon Delight" to the delight of Susan. Now, they must fill in ten blanks. They follow after "Together makes the sparks ignite", but these ladies draw a blank. Here's their multiple choice:

A: "And the thought of lovin' you is getting so exciting"
B: "Every time I think of you, I'm getting so excited"
C: "Just the thought of lovin' you is really so exciting"

Their guess is "And the thought of lovin' you is getting so exciting", choice A...$100,000!

After Heather does the Grip & Grin on Wayne, Susan tries hailing a cab and Kristen manages to pop one of her teeth out, their next category is the '60s. This time, the choices are "Do You Love Me" by The Contours and "My Favorite Things" by Julie Andrews. They choose the song from "The Sound of Music", "My Favorite Things", and their next target is set at nine words. After "When the dog", their guess is "...bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad". They lock all of that's a doubler to $200,000!

Next is a holiday song from the category Rock in the Holidays. Up for the taking are "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" by Bruce Springsteen and "Jingle Bell Rock" by Bobby Helms. Their selection is "Jingle Bell Rock" and they're back to filling in ten blankies. They follow after "Jingle bell time is a". After all the base info, they let out of their mouths "...swell time to go riding in a one horse sleigh" and lock it in...NO, THEY WERE OFF BY ONLY ONE WORD!! It was "...swell time to go gliding in a one horse sleigh". $25,000 will go to the Miss America Foundation.

The next game will start tonight, then will continue next week. And it's a very special one; I'll explain why a little later. A team of two different contestants will compete; they are J'Nae Fincannon, originally from Austin, TX, and Mark Wieser from NYC (who is a songwriter).
Their categories:


R & B

They attempt a Country song first. Their choices are "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash and "Achy Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus. They pick "Ring of Fire" and they get a three word target to start:

"...went down, down and the ____ ___ ____"

They guess "...flames went higher" but they're not sure.

(Gong sounds)

But time's up for tonight. We'll find out what they do next the next time. Now, for the reason why their game is a bit special. Not only is this being considered a blind date, one of their potential backup singers is CHUCK WOOLERY!!!
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