Tuesday, December 09, 2008

"The Biggest Loser" 12/9- SEMI-FINALS

I would like to point out that Michelle is the only contestant left representing Jillian.

Inside the house, a big box is brought in. When opened...it has all of the remaining four contestants' original clothes when they were overweight. The entire box is then thrown away and burned to the ground.

FINAL CHALLENGE: While at a car racetrack, the remaining four are armed with vests representing the total amount of weight each contestant started out with. Along the way, they must make 11 pit stops, dropping off the corresponding amount of weight they lost for the week for each one. The first one to successfully complete all of their pit stops and cross the finish line wins a "Biggest Loser Meal Plan" membership and a $10,000 bonus.

It's coming down to Ed and Michelle in the end. The winner of the cash and the membership is...


WEIGH-IN: Now, to determine our first two finalists.

Vicky: 170 lbs, 6 pounds lost, 3.41%

Heba: 210 lbs, 7 pounds lost, 3.23%

Ed needs to have lost at least nine pounds to automatically qualify for the $250,000 finals...


...OUCH- he totally blows it! That means he's going to have to hope that he wins America's vote to stay in the running. But it also means Vicky's a finalist!

For Michelle to make it to the really big money weigh-in, she needs to have lost at least six pounds...

Michelle: 162 lbs, 9 pounds lost, 5.26%

...she's in, alright!

For you at home, here are the numbers you need to call to vote for one of the two remaining contestants:

Heba: 1-866-613-0001
Ed: 1-866-613-0002

Voting is open for 24 hours; you can also vote on the show's webpage at NBC.com.
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