Thursday, December 11, 2008

"The Contender" 12/10

This is my first episode in HD.

Felix Cora, Jr. decides to put himself in the first quarterfinal matchup.

PRELIMINARY FIGHT #2: Alfredo Escalera, Jr. vs. Jon Schneider

Round 1: I felt Schneider controlled most of this round, including having Escalera against the ropes three times, so I gave him the round 10-9.

Round 2: Schneider once again had Escalera against the ropes early on, but Escalera responded that time and dominated the round. Tie match after two.

Round 3: Early on, Escalera scored the season's first knockdown! That gave Schneider a cut near his nose. I had it 29-27 Escalera after three.

Round 4: Schneider returned to form this round, so I had it 38-37 Escalera heading into the last round.

Final Round: Schneider come on firing early, but Escalera quickly responded. At this point, Schneider now had a cut near his right eye.

The judges' scores were two 49-45s and one 50-44, while I had it 48-46. Winner...Alfredo Escalera, Jr.!
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