Friday, February 29, 2008

"Celebrity Apprentice" 2/28

This week's task was a fun one, because my family are big fans of soap. It was to create a four-page photo essay for Dial's new yogurt body wash! The project managers were Tito Ortiz (Empresario) and Carol Alt (Hydra). Ivanka and George Ross were Mr. Trump's assistants this week.

Empresario's ads were country-oriented. Hydra's ads featured Carol Alt as the spokeslady. The winning team was...

...Hydra! That meant Alt's charity got another $20,000!

Back at Hydra's war room, Piers Morgan thought Omarosa was in deep trouble because she couldn't defend herself inside the boardroom. However, inside, Trace Adkins said he would fire Ortiz. The final verdict, as said by Mr. Trump...


However, Ortiz got a nice consolation prize- another $50,000 for his charity!

"Project Runway 4" Finals- Part 1

I would like to clarify something before I get started with this recap. I thought that Rami Kashou was immediately eliminated after last week's episode. Turns out, I wasn't paying enough attention and in fact was still alive prior to tonight's episode.

Christian Siriano and Jillian Lewis were definitely finalists. However, a play-in was conducted between Chris March and Rami Kashou to determine the last finalist.

The task: Create 12 different outfits and choose the three that they liked the best to be reviewed by the judges. Both had an $8,000 budget.

Kashou's first dress was a black outfit with a removable blue jacket. His second one was a black, white and grey one with a removable black shirt, and that was modeled by Ana Lita. His final dress was what looked to be a black prom dress modeled by Jacquilene.

Now, for March's dresses. His first one was modeled by Marie, and it appeared the top part of it was mostly made of hair. Dress #2 was what looked to be made of jewelry at the top and black hair for the skirt. It was modeled by Cheron. Finally, there was a fully black dress, again with some hair covering the top, and that was modeled by Marcia.

Given the ride he has been through this season, I hoped Mr. March got to Fashion Week? Did he?....

...NO. Rami Kashou advanced as the last finalist.

Adam Rose on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"

Here is what I learned about CBS' (and "TPIR"'s) new all-time king, Adam Rose, while watching Friday's episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show":

-He is a teacher for toddlers, and while he was on "The Price is Right", he was wearing a shirt with fingerprints from several toddlers as a good luck charm.
-He made $20,000 a year prior to his appearance on the show, and is expected to be a full-time teacher for them, if he hasn't already.
-He was so confident that he would win big before appearing on "The Price is Right".
-At the end of his short interview, he was given some of Ellen's famous "titty bears"!

"Pros vs. Joes" 2/28

This episode eminated from the Orange Bowl.

Sudden Death: Three footballs were placed at a time at the center of the football field. The first six that scored advanced.

#1: Brian Peters (White Bear Lake, MN)
#2: Clayton Monte (Lyvonia, MI)
#3: Arthur Miller (Smyrna, GA)
#4: Devon Tilly (Denver)
#5: Greg Macaluso (Hawthorne, NY)
#6: Mark Kilibarda (Montevideo, MN)

In the middle of the round, Jaimie Luculano injured one of his legs and was eliminated on the spot.

This week's stars were Christian Okoye (NFL), "Thunder" Dan Majerle (NBA) and Paul Coffey (NHL).

#1 vs. #6: Paul Coffey
#2 vs. #5: Christian Okoye
#3 vs. #4: Dan Majerle

First was football. Here, the two players had to tackle Christian Okoye as fast as they could in order to prevent him from gaining a lot of yards, much less scoring a touchdown. The player who allowed the least yardage after each had three downs got a berth in Overtime.

Greg Macaluso is an account supervisor, while Clayton Monte is an Air Force police sergeant.

1. 7 yards
2. 4 yards
3. 4 yards
TOTAL: 15 yards

1. 6 yards
2. 4 yards
3. 1 yard
TOTAL: 11 yards

Second was basketball. Both players had to shoot from the three-point line and tried to score as many times as possible. The regular balls were worth a single point while the multi-colored one was worth two. The one who scored more points advanced to Overtime.

Devon scored 4...while Arthur scored just 2, so Devon won!

Last was hockey. Paul Coffey tried to knock players down while he was in the center of the rink. Here, both players had to take a hockey puck behind both nets and score a goal at each end. The one who did it the fastest got the last spot in Overtime.

Brian Peters is a teacher/coach, while Mark Kilibarda's nickname is "Killer".

Peters finished in 2:29...while Killer doesn't come even close, so the top seed advanced!

Overtime: To start, they had to score a basket in the lane against Dan Majerle. Second, they had to score a goal against Paul Coffey. Finally, they needed to knock the ball away from both of the dummies Christian Okoye was protecting.

1. MAX OUT + :13
2. MAX OUT + :33 (he wiped out while he took his second break!)
3. :34 + :07
TOTAL: 3:27

1. MAX OUT + :16
2. MAX OUT + :27
3. :30
TOTAL: 3:13

1. MAX OUT + :11
2. MAX OUT + :31
3. :36
TOTAL: 3:18

That meant Clayton Monte went to the Rose Bowl!

"Don't Forget the Lyrics!" breaks last week's record

Last night's episode of "Don't Forget the Lyrics!", thanks in part to "American Idol", scored a record rating for the second week in a row, a 8.5 Fast Nielsen with a 13 share.


2/29/2008 Results- Will "TPIR" somehow give away another million?

Family Feud: This may be the last first-run episode before their Spring Break. The Pauls are back, with $1,580 thus far. They will face the winners of the last game, the Fennells.

First question: Name something that makes more noise the older it gets. Starting with:

1. Car/engine (58, Alex)

The Pauls will play. Chris begins with your bones...all humans are #2 (21)! Monick then says the refrigerator...#4 (3)! Efua then answers a Marc's first answer is Back to Alex, who next guesses a house...STRIKEOUT. This first steal is worth 82 points. Jessica's steal guess is doors...bottom answer (3) gets them the points! #3 was a washing machine (3).

Second question: Things that people kick. Starting with:

1. Balls (68, Lauren)

The Fennells will play this time. Beginning with Michael, he says tires...bottom answer (2)! Angel says butt...I liked that answer, but it's a dud. Mattie then says Back to Jessica, who tries kickback...three strikes in a row. For their first 70 points, Alex says bucket, which is #7 (2) for the points! Rest of board:

2. Habits (9)
3. Cans (6)
4. Animals (3)
5. Other people (3)
6. Rocks (2)

Double: Things people always associate with JFK. Starting with:

1. Assassination (58, Monick)

The Pauls will play. Efua starts with Bay of Pigs...#4 (5)! Marc then says the Civil Rights Over to Alex, who says Jackie Onassis, which is #3 (8)! Chris then says the American Camelot...I've never heard of it, but it's the bottom answer (4)! Back to Monick, who next guesses Marilyn Monroe...#2 (10)! Efua tries to finish off the board with the Kennedy Dynasty...too boring. Marc has the last chance to sweep with JFK's son...NO. For another 166 and the lead, Jessica guesses that JFK being the youngest president is #5...not so; it was actually his famous speech (5). That means that the Pauls jump to 236!

Triple: Name something in life that would be a lot easier to handle if it had an owner's manual. Efua starts with children...NUMBER ONE (62), so the Pauls have a chance to close this game out! Marc then says a Alex says relationships...#2 (31)! Next is Chris with winning on game shows...I loved that answer, but the survey didn't agree. Monick then says pets...STRIKEOUT. This steal is for the game. Jessica says finances...that's the bottom answer (2) to give them the undisputed title at 361! #3 was houses (2).

Fast Money: After the way Jessica fizzled here, they swap her for Angel to join Lauren in playing for $20,000 today.

1. According to 100 married men, on a scale of 1-10, how good-looking is your spouse?
2. Name a state with the most college students.
3. Name a kind of tree streets are named after.
4. Name something guys love to do while watching the Super Bowl.
5. Name a complaint a pet goldfish might give about his/her fishbowl.

My guesses:
1. 10
2. California (Florida, Texas and Massachussetts were my other guesses)
3. Oak (Maple was my other guess)
4. Eat
5. Not enough food/water

Lauren says 8, New York, eucalyptus (ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE), eat and dirty for 127! Lauren blanked out on the last question. Her first guess was 7...11. Second was California, which is #1 for 33! Third was spruce, which is a dud. Last guess was sitting on the couch, which is also a dud. Another lady lets Lauren down in Fast Money, as they get another $855, $1,435 after two days. Unsaid #1 answers:

1. 10 (They should've gotten this one.)
3. Elm (This was HARD.)
4. Drink beer

Temptation: Today's three players are Gige (an administrative assistant who wears the same six outfits despite buying hundreds of others), Addison (who claims to have owned hundreds of pairs of socks) and Tamara (a promotional model). After the first Speed Round...

Gige: $15
Addison: $30
Tamara: $25 question was about "The Price is Right", and Addison is offered a ton of beauty products worth $1,507 for $10. The final offer is a $100 bonus. Going once...going twice...SOLD! He's now out of the lead by $5. Fame Game board:

_ _ _

_ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Category: Fictional Characters.

1. My story began in a magazine.
2. I've been made into movies starring Charlie Sheen and Donald Duck.
3. I've got lots of romance and swordplay.

Addison then rings in...

T _ E

_ _ R _ E

_ _ S _ E T _ E _ _

...he gets THE THREE MUSKETEERS to go back to $35! 3 Musketeers is also the name of a candy bar.

Knock Off category: Nine of the top ten most popular names according to the ASPCA.


Gige: Smokey- $5 ($20)
Tamara: Shadow- $15 ($40)
Addison: Buddy- $2 ($37)

Gige: Bear- $5 ($25)
Tamara: Lady- $2 ($42)
Addison: Spot

Gige: Max- $2 ($27)
Tamara: Kitty- $10 ($52)

Gige: Rags
Tamara: Molly- $5 ($57)

Tamara: Sam- $2 ($59)

With a $22 lead, Tamara is offered a refrigerator and an electric grill worth $1,549 for $15, and she said that she needs a refridgerator badly, so she buys!

Speed Round #2 dealt with Queen Latifah and Queen Elizabeth. After that...

Gige: $52
Addison: $52
Tamara: $44

...both Gige and Addison are offered a chance at $2,500 in Instant Ca$h. Addison's first to buzz in. He picks the brown...only $100. The big money was in the red one.

After the last Speed Round, the new champion is...

Gige: $62
Addison: $54
Tamara: $64

...Tamara! Addison leaves with $1,707 in cash and prizes while Gige heads off to the clubhouse.

This time, here's what's on offer in Shopper's Paradise:

$89: HDTV ($2,200)
$224: Trip to NYC with tickets to "Legally Blonde" ($3,000)
$413: Bedroom ($7,562)
$650: $10,000 Bloomingdale's Shopping Spree
$850: Toyota Prius ($23,837)

She only gets one correct answer in Super Knock Off to just have enough to buy the HDTV, and she decides to buy it. She's leaving with $3,749 in prizes.

WOF: This is the last night of the "Thanks a Million" sweepstakes. Tonight's players are Mary Kirk (in the blue) from Mt. Pleasant, SC (who is a registered nurse), Marilyn Major from Olive Branch, MS (who is a labor and delivery nurse) and Jon Spencer from Camarillo, CA (who works in the home building industry).

Kirk scores $1,000 with SEMI-ANNUAL SALE, while the other female gets $2,000 with HORSE FARM.

Round 1 category is Phrase and out on the wheel now is a $5,000 trip to Hungary. After MM calls the T's, we have...

IT'S/_ _ S I _/T _/_ _/_ _ R S

...and she solves IT'S MUSIC TO MY EARS for another $1,550 plus the $1,000 Lobster Gram gift tag, $4,550 total!

$25,000-WINNING ID #1: RB0024420

IHOP Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Around the House. After MM buys the O's, we have...

_ O _ _ O R T _ _ _ E/_ _ _ R/O _/

_ _ _ _ - _ _ O _ S

...I know this already. She then calls the F's for $14,000, but then calls the only dud vowel this round, the U. The man in the middle calls a $600 C and buys the I's, then solves COMFORTABLE PAIR OF FLIP-FLOPS for $950 and a trip to Jamaica, for a total of $6,350 and the early lead.


ActivOn Big Money Round category is Rock On! MM calls the P while on a Mystery Wedge. With $2,400 already in her bank, she decides to take $1,000 instead (bad move, that had the $10,000). After she buys the U, we have...

_ R U _ _/S P R I N _ S _ _ _ N/&/

_ _ _/_/S _ R _ _ _/_ A N _

...I got the first part very quickly, but she hits Lose a Turn while on the Big Money Wedge. The man in the middle calls two B's for $600 and then four T's for another $3,600. He then solves BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE E STREET BAND for another $4,200 and $10,550 total.

He then gets FINE ART COLLECTION to go to $13,550. Next category is On the Map. After Kirk calls the V, we have...

_ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ R _/R _ V _ R

...I believe I have it already. After buying the I's, she calls the M for $900. Then, she calls the S's for another $800 and buys the E's and the O. After calling a $350 T, she finally solves THE MISSOURI RIVER for another $1,900 and $2,900 total.

Speed-Up Round category is What Are You Doing and consonants are worth $1,350 a pop. Still anyone's game. After he calls the W, we have...

W R _ _ _ _ N G/_/_ R _ _ _ N T

...and he solves WRAPPING A PRESENT to win the match with $17,600! MM has $4,550 and Kirk has $2,900.

Tonight's cars are a VW Jetta and a BMW X3. He spins the H (second night in a row that's been landed on) and the category is Phrase. Beginning with:

_ T/L _ _ _ S/_ _ _ _

This should be easy, I think. He picks K, C, G and O, thinking he's read my mind...

_ T/L O O K S/_ _ _ _ much for the last word being GOOD now. The last word was actually IFFY, and he doesn't get IT LOOKS IFFY for $25,000. The F's would've done it.

FINAL $25,000-WINNING ID: DP09810

TPIR Million Dollar Spectacular: This week, Roger hasn't totally gotten the revenge he needed since last week's million dollar win. How about tonight? Let's find out.

Tonight's first four players are Gina Ray, Timothy McPhearson, Unyaa Bishop and Wendy Goodson (!!). First IUFB is a motorcycle.

Wendy: $2,100
Unyaa: $3,199
Timothy: $2,500

ARP: $3,949, so Bishop will play Super 1/2 Off! There's a new intro cue for this game. First pair of items are a CD/DVD repair kit marked at $40 and a doll marked at $20. She says the doll is also $ is! That's her first set of prizes and $500. Second are headphones marked at $199 and a mixer marked at $40. She obviously knows the mixer is $80! Finally, we have a handheld GPS marked at $40 and a small alarm clock marked at $25. She says the navigation thing is $80...yes! She has $1,500 and all the SPs, and now has a 50/50 shot at $25,000 more! They are #3 and #8. She says the big money's in #3...oops.

Next player is Amanda Curtland and the second IUFB is a laptop.

Amanda: $1,250 (STAGE GARF)
Timothy: $1,700
Gina: $1,701
Wendy: $1,702

ARP: $3,200, so Goodson, a very jumpy lady, will play Lucky Seven for a Lincoln MKZ (Std., Wheels, Prot). First number is 3. First number guess is 5...

$ 3 2, _ _ _

...$3 gone. Third number guess is 5...

$ 3 2, 5 _ _

...that's better! Fourth number guess is 7...

$ 3 2, 5 9 _

...down to $2. Final number guess is 1, after originally wanting to say 0...

$ 3 2, 5 9 1

...BULLSEYE!!! Great win! She stopped the Dob BIG TIME here! She still would've won had she said 0!

Next is David Hule and the third IUFB is a bar.

David: $4,500
Amanda: $3,500
Timothy: $3,900
Gina: $4,501

ARP: $5,770, so Ray will play Range Game for a Dodge Charger (Std., Paint)! Range is $22,200-$22,800. And believe it or not, THIS IS THE MILLION DOLLAR GAME!!! If she gets the ARP within range, she'll win the car. If she also gives the ARP of the car exactly, she'll also win the $1,000,000 grand prize. She stops at $22,438 to $22,588. Her car guess is $22,530. ARP...

...$22,605, so she gets nothing! Darn.

SSD1: The second loser this half spins 30...and 40 for 70 cents! The first loser spins a dime...and 60 to tie it up. The really lucky Lucky Seven player gets 75 cents to go to the Showcase!

Next player is Clarece Herman and the next IUFB is a piano.

Clarece: $4,000
David: $4,850
Amanda: BUCK
Timonthy: TWO BUCKS

ARP: $3,195, so the first man called tonight will play Cliff Hangers for patio furniture, including a BBQ, worth $17,550! The first item is a phone in the shape of a car and he bids $22...$25. Second item is an electronic Sudoku game and he says $33...$30! He must get the ARP of the blender within $19, and he bids $'s $49 and he wins! IMO, I thought this should've been the Million Dollar Game instead of Range Game.

Next player is Kimberly Anderson and the next IUFB is ski equipment.

Kimberly: $1,700
Clarece: $2,200
David: $2,550

ARP: $3,652, so Hule will play Grocery Game for a Saturn Sky (Loaded) worth $32,215! The products tonight are salsa, Alka-Seltzer, Aleve, scrubber brush and pasta sauce. First purchase is three Alka-Seltzer bottles. Each one is $3.95, for a total of $11.85. Second is three salsas. Each one is $2.99, for a total of $20.82 and the win! Another possible Dob-stopper here!

Final player is Lawrence Jones and the last IUFB tonight is a refridgerator/freezer.

Lawrence: $3,222
Amanda: $3,500
Kimberly: $2,700
Clarece: $3,501

ARP: $3,999, so Herman from Chicago will play Double Prices for a pair of jet skis! They're either $18,796 or $20,990. I say $20,990 and she disagrees...$18,796 they are! We have a perfect second half!

SSD2: McPhearson from Canada spins 90 cents. Herman spins 35...and 20, so she's done for the night. Hule spins 95 cents, meaning we have a battle of the Dob-stoppers in tonight's Showcase!

The first Showcase sends you Around the World! We've got trips to Cancun, Hong Kong, Italy plus a GMC Yukon (Std., SLT, Seat)! The lady gets this and bids $53,500. For the man, we go to Club Price is Right. First, we get some music from a new jukebox. Second, to look pretty, we're providing a pair of diamond bracelets. Finally, if you decide to stay awake a while, you could get sent to the After Hours Club, which happens to take place inside a new Winnebago Sightseer Motorhome!! He bids $64,250, which is a GARF OF THE CENTURY.

ARP for him: $119,154, a difference of $54,904. Let's reveal the last three numbers of the lady's Showcase...

$ _ _ , 6 6 2

...all right. First number...

$ 5 _ , 6 6 2

...uh oh. Here's the deal. If that second number is 4 or higher, she wins her Showcase. If that second number is 3, she's a millionaire. Anything lower than 3 and she loses. Let's see the full price...

$ 5 6, 6 6 2

...she's a winner! Her grand total tonight: $92,454! The man leaves with $35,867.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rossi Morreale to host a CMT reality game show

Rossi Morreale, the host of "Temptation" in the U.S., has been named the host of CMT's new reality game show, "Can You Duet".

Various sources contributed to this report.

"American Idol"- Next 4 eliminations

Let's start with the women, because I felt the men were better than the women this week. The first three ladies definitely moving on are:

Carly Smithson
Syiesha Mercado
Brooke White
Ramiele Malubay
Kristy Lee Cook
Amanda Overmyer
Alaina Whitaker
Alexandrea Lushington
Kady Malloy
Asia'h Epperson

Next four:

Carly Smithson
Syiesha Mercado
Ramiele Malubay
Amanda Overmyer
Alaina Whitaker
Alexandrea Lushington
Kady Malloy

The first female eliminated tonight...

Amanda Overmyer
Alaina Whitaker
Alexandrea Lushington

...Alaina Whitaker. The other girl eliminated...

Amanda Overmyer
Alexandrea Lushington

...Alexandrea Lushington.

Now, for the men. Let's see which three definitely advanced first:

Michael Johns
Jason Castro
Luke Menard
Robbie Carrico
Danny Noriega
David Hernandez
Jason Yeager
Chikezie Eze
David Cook
David Archuleta

Joining them:

Jason Castro
Luke Menard
Robbie Carrico
Danny Noriega
Jason Yeager
Chikezie Eze
David Cook

The first man definitely eliminated...

Jason Yeager
Luke Menard
Robbie Carrico

...Mr. Yeager. Joining him out the door tonight...

Luke Menard
Robbie Carrico

...Robbie Carrico. Looks like Luke Menard wants to be "El Cheapo" this year on the show.

2/28/2008 Results

Merv Griffin's Crosswords: This will be the last totally original episode at least for a little while. Today's first two players are Matt Shallenberger (a Hawaii photographer) and Kathy McCulla (a story analyst from Michigan).

At the first Extra, the woman's in control with $450 to the other's -$150. She bets all but $50 on this:

L _ _ _ _

Clue: Wrangler's rival. She can't get LEVIS, so she drops to fifty bucks at this point. She gets back to $250 at the end of the round while the other has $50.

Today's Spoilers are Martin Dodd (a U.K. director of sales), Saran Fox (a Massachussetts motivational speaker) and Kurt Einstead (a California writer).

1. (_ D _ _ _)- "All in the Family" wife. The Hawaii guy says EDITH...he ties the score!
2. (Seven letters)($300)- Where a colt is kept. He says HOLSTER...and he now leads with $550!
3. (L _ _)($100)- Flight from justice. For the first spoil of the day, Fox says LAM...she now leads with $650!
4. (_ _ _ _ T)- Parking attendant. She's right again with VALET, bringing her to $850.
5. (_ A _ _)- "Every ____ king". KM rings in this time with MANA...she's right to go to $450.
6. (_ A _ _ R)- More green, or more cold and wet. Fox says DAMPER, which is a letter too many, dropping her back to $650. Answer: RAWER.
7. (Four-letter word)- Diarist Frank. Kathy says ANNE to tie it up at $650 all! And she finds the first Extra of the round and decides to wager $400 again:

_ _ N _

Clue: Small items that are charged and exchanged. I thought JUNK, while she blanks out. It was actually IONS, so she drops out of the lead and is back to where she started when Round 2 began- $250.

9. (Four-letter word)- Tie up the tugboat. For his first spoil, the California man says DOCK...incorrect. It was actually MOOR.
10. (Five-letter word)- More pleasant. Kathy guesses NICER...she now has $450.
11. (_ _ I _)- Nighttime kitchen foray. Fox rings in but blanks out, so we're tied up again, this time at $450 all. Answer: RAID.
12. (Five letters)- "What goes around, comes around", for one. Kathy takes a stab at it with ADAGE...and she has the lead back at $650 as the other Extra of the round comes around. She wagers $300 this time:

_ _ _ _ _ A

Clue: "I Could Fall in Love" Latin singer. She says SELENA...right again to go to $950!

14. (Four-letter word)- Pleasant, as weather. The British man goes for the spoil with MILD...and he now has $1,150!
15. (_ _ L _)- War, to Sherman. Fox says HELL...holy smokes, that's right to go to $650! Today's episode already should've gotten a TV-PG rating, because a cuss word was used as an answer! Good grief!
16. (_ _ L _)- Jellied dishes that some may have found shocking? Dodd says EELS...that's right to go to $1,350!
17. (_ _ _ I E)- John or Christine of Fleetwood Mac. Fox rings in this time with MCVIE...right to go to $850.
18. (_ _ _ _ M E)- Take to be the case. Fox nails ASSUME to end the round with $1,050!


1. (Four-letter word)- Colossal, moviewise. Fox says HUGE...boring, and wrong. Dodd says EPIC...that's more like it, taking him to $1,550!
2. (_ _ _ E _)- Playbill information. Fox says ROLES...she gets the lost $200 back!
3. (O _ _ _)- "Ye ___ Curiosity Shoppe". Fox tries again wtih OLDE...and she's now up to $1,250!
4. (_ L _ P _)- Marry on the cheap. She says ELOPE to trail the Brit by only $100!
5. (_ D _ I _)- Oil firefighter "Red". The man rings in with ADAIR...he's at $1,750 and back to a $300 lead!
6. (Three letters)($100)- Kamaaina's accessory. The Hawaii man immediately knows that's a clue related to his area, and he says LEI to take over the lead with $1,850!
7. (_ _ _ _ L)- "The Shining" setting. He says HOTEL...that's the right one to go to $2,050!
8. (_ _ _ H)- Aqueduct formation. He says ARCH...$2,250!
9. (C _ _ _)- Cool and in, as garments. To get his lead back, Dodd says CHIC...right for $2,450!
10. (R _ _ _)- Flour-and-fat sauce thickener. Fox gets in this time with ROUX...she's right to go to $1,650!
11. (Five-letter word)- Yorkshire pigs' hangouts. At the last second, she says STIES...right again, taking her to $1,850!
12. (I _ _ _)- Beatnik's "That's clear, man". She says I DIG...$2,050!
13. (Four letters)- 1/60 of a trillionth of a minute, briefly. For his first spoil all day, the man from California says NANO...incorrect. It was PSEC.
14. (Four letters)- Acress Lena. She says OLIN...and she's about one correct answer away from tying this game back up! And she has a chance to take the lead right now with the last Extra of the game. With $2,250, she wagers $500 on a four-letter answer. Here's her clue:

Under's antithesis.

She says OVER...


...this game ain't OVER, but she now leads with $2,750!


16. (Four letters)- "There ought to be ____!". She says ALAW...$2,950!
17. (Five-letter word)- Female stroller pushers, often. Dodd says MOMMY...close but no cigar, dropping him to $2,250. It was MAMAS.
18. (Three letters)($100)- Bus driver's assignment, briefly. Fox rings in but takes too long, so her lead is now in danger of being stolen. The Hawaii guy says in an abbreviation for "route", he's right to steal her $2,950!
Final clue (four-letter word)- What a borrower needs. He says IOUS...NO. To steal the game with just one correct answer all day, the California guy says LOAN...yes!

Crossfire: Time for this guy to prove himself. He'll take home $7,950 and a trip to Puerto Rico if he somehow fills in the remaining 23 blanks...nope.

Family Feud: Because of some personal reasons, the Paul family will not be able to defend their championship today. Therefore, we have two new families today. They are the Roseblades, led by Jeff and joined by Jenny, Dan, Bill and Jane and the Fennells, led by Jessica and joined by Lauren, Michael, Angel and Mattie.

First question: Reasons people give for not wanting to live in California. Starting with:

1. Earthquakes (44, Jeff)

The Roseblades will play. Starting with Jenny, she says high prices for houses...#2 (21)! Dan says crowds next...#3 (15)! Next is Bill with heavy traffic...bottom answer (2)! Jane is next up with a guess of smog...#6 (4)! Back to Jeff, who next guesses too many animals...I don't think so. Jenny's next answer is the weather's frequently too hot...#5 (5)! For a sweep, Dan says the job market is too competitive in Last chance to sweep goes to Bill, who then says too many relatives have moved out of there...NO. For 91 points, Jessica says high crime rates...but it's fires (6), so the points go to the Roseblades!

Second question: According to 100 women, name a breed of dog you would hate to hear that your blind date looks like. Starting with:

3. Chihuahua (8, Lauren)
4. Pug (8, Jenny)

The Fennells will play this time. Michael starts off with bulldog...#2 (19)! Angel says doberman...bottom answer (3)! Mattie's first guess today is a Jessica then guesses a poodle...#6 (3)! Back to Lauren, who then answers a Yorkshire Mike then goes with German Shepherd...STRIKEOUT. For another 41 points, Jeff says daschund...NO, so the Fennells are on the board. Not said:

1. Pitbull (40)
4. Boxer (5)

Double: Reasons why you might put your finger in your mouth. Starting with:

3. Pick stuff out of your teeth (20, Dan)

The Roseblades will start this round. Starting off this time with Bill, he goes with whitening your Jane then goes with whistling...bottom answer (3). Jeff then thinks of biting your fingernails...#4 (9). Jenny then answers eating...NUMBER ONE (35)! Back to Dan, who says attempting to gag Bill has the last chance to sweep, but he's blanking. Jessica then says that #2 answer is being nervous...but it's because you cut or burned your finger (25), so the Roseblades go to 225!

Triple: According to 100 married women, name something Tarzan does that if your husband did it, you'd have him commit it. Angel's the first one on the buzzer with swinging from trees...NUMBER ONE (71), so the Fennells will play! Mattie then answers swinging from the door...uh, no. Jessica then says being with Jane (?!?!?!?!)...ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE. Lauren tries to stop the slide with talking to animals...bottom answer (4)! Next is Mike with beating on your chest, which is #2 (10)! To win the game, Angel says wearing tight underwear...that counts as being naked or wearing a loincloth (7), so they win the game at 317!

Fast Money: Jessica and Lauren try for $20,000.

1. According to 100 men, how many times in your life have you had a really good cry?
2. Name something that you eat that begins with "rice".
3. A popular U.S. landmark.
4. Name a favor of your friends that you hate to do.
5. An animal that's considered to be highly intelligent.

My guesses:
1. 2 (5 and 10 were my other guesses)
2. Rice Krispies (Rice cakes was my other guess)
3. Statue of Liberty (Golden Gate Bridge and White House were my other guesses)
4. Wash dishes (Cooking and cleaning were my other guesses)
5. Dog

Lauren says 5, rice cakes, Lincoln Monument, lend money and lion for 74. Jessica says when mommy died (ZONK ANSWER OF THE CENTURY), Rice-a-Roni, New York, nothing on the fourth question and dog for 116 and $580. Unsaid #1 answers:

1. 2 (Even though I got it, I kinda understand why they didn't get this one.)
2. Rice pudding (This was HARD.)
3. Statue of Liberty (They should've gotten this one.)
5. Monkey

WWTBAM: As I rejoin the action, our returning player is Jen Pierson from Pittsburgh. She's currently unemployed. She has only the 50:50 left and now faces this $25,000 question:

The proposed site of a controversial nuclear waste dump, Yucca Mountain is located in what state?

A: Idaho
B: New Mexico
C: Nevada
D: Montana

The 50:50 leaves Nevada and Montana. She rolls the dice with Nevada...

C: Nevada
D: Montana

...yes for $25,000! Can she get $50,000...yes! The question she got right:

Regarded as the best Spanish-language newspaper in the world, La Prensa was founded in 1869 by Jose C. Paz in what city?

A: Miami
B: Mexico City
C: Buenos Aires
D: Madrid

Her past newspaper reporting job helped her get this one- it was Buenos Aires! For $100,000, with no lifelines left:

According to a famous Thomas Jefferson quote, what "must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants"?

A: The tree of liberty
B: The root of independence
C: The soil of humanity
D: The flower of freedom

She walks away with $50,000, but could've doubled again, as she would've been right with the tree of liberty.

Next up is Rosemarie McKnight from Huntington Station, NY. She's very worried about the host's demeanor. She has problems with this $1,000 question:

Rubbing a needle with silk and floating it in water is one way to fashion a makeshift what?

A: Magnifying glass
B: Sundial
C: Barometer
D: Compass

She asks the audience and 80% said compass. She agrees and is right. $8,000 question:

What dish is described on the Olive Garden menu as "pasta with a zesty blend of ripe tomatoes, onions and herbs"?

A: Linguine alla Marinara
B: Lasagna Classico
C: Fettuccine Alfredo
D: Manicotti Formaggio

It takes her a while, but she gets Linguine alla Marinara for $8,000! Next, for $16,000:

The ABC series "Dirty Sexy Money" centers on what super-rich NYC family?

A: The Swanks
B: The Jewels
C: The Sterlings
D: The Darlings

She decides to call her daughter Tracy, who almost immediately says The Darlings. She agrees to get to $16,000! For $25,000:

The first LEGOLAND theme park opened in 1968 in what country?

A: United States
B: Denmark
C: United Kingdom
D: Japan

She thinks she knows, but she checks herself with the 50:50, which leaves Denmark and the U.K. She goes with her gut of Denmark...

B: Denmark
C: United Kingdom

...$25,000! After switching, here is the question that she needs to get right to go for $100,000 tomorrow:

In Greek mythology, which of these tasks wasn't one of the Twelve Labors of Hercules?

A: Capturing a boar
B: Fetching golden apples
C: Killing a lion
D: Stealing ambrosia

She goes with boar capturing...

A: Capturing a boar
B: Fetching golden apples
C: Killing a lion
D: Stealing ambrosia It was stealing ambrosia.

TPIR: Today's players were Jill Fullencamp, Reza Hader, Sarah Haddak and Ryan McRay. The first IUFB was a trip to S.F.

Ryan: $1,450
Sarah: $1,250 (STAGE GARF)
Reza: $1,600
Jill: $1,601

ARP: $3,300, so Fullencamp played Make Your Move for a motorcycle phone, luggage and a pool table. Number line, please:


I said $79 for the phone, $450 for the luggage and $3,399 for the pool table. As for her...


...she instead said $50 for the phone and $794 for the luggage...and won!

Next to leave the crowd was Benjamin Burchill-Harris and the second IUFB was a laptop.

Benjamin: $1,750
Ryan: $999
Sarah: $1,150
Reza: $1,800

ARP: $1,517, so Haddak tackled the Clock Game for $1,000 plus a bicycle and a refrigerator/freezer. The ARP of the bike was $599, and she started with $500, then $600...$550...$560...$570...$580...$590..and one ups from there in just nine seconds! She said before this game started she hasn't been watching this game; she must've been lying! The ARP of the fridge/freezer was $999, and she began with $2,000, then $1,000...$500...$600...$700...$800...$900...$950...$980...and then $999 for the win!

Next player was Maria Elizabeth-Marsh and the third IUFB was cookware.

Maria Elizabeth: $300 (STAGE GARF)
Reza: $599
Benjamin: $400
Ryan: $650

ARP: $1,150, so McRay played Temptation for a Jeep Wrangler. First number in the price was 2. The first gift was a pair of banjos marked at $1,311 and he thought the second number in the price of the Jeep was 1. The second gift was a universal remote marked at $499 and he chose the 9 as the middle digit. Third was stemware marked at $424 and he chose 4 as the fourth digit. The last gift was a whopping $5,000 in cash, and he picked 0 as the last number. His final Jeep guess was $21,940. I hoped he would take the gifts, as did Roger, since there was all that money on the table...but he didn't and lost. ARP of the Jeep was $21,420.

SSD1: The only loser this half spun 45...and 40 for 85 cents. The second lady this half spun 90 cents! Fullencamp spun the dollar for $1,000 and a berth in the Showcase! She didn't win anything else in the Bonus Spin.

Next player was Larry Wells and the next IUFB was soccer equipment. The winner also got $40 worth of nasal spray.

Larry: $750
Maria Elizabeth: $500
Benjamin: $550

ARP: $2,100, so Wells played Coming or Going for a spa. If he came, his guess would be $4,495. If he thought he was going, his guess would be $5,944. He decided to go to $5,944...too much.

Next to leave the audience was Colby Verrett and the next IUFB was a pair of watches.

Colby: $999
Maria Elizabeth: $2,000
Reza: $2,200 (STAGE WILLY)
Benjamin: $2,400 (STAGE WILLY)

ARP: $1,000, so Verrett played Lucky Seven for a Pontiac Vibe. First number was 1. His second number guess was 5, and he GARFED...

$ 1 9, _ _ _ the tune of $4. Middle number guess was 5...

$ 1 9, 5 _ _

...that's a little better. Fourth number guess was 7...

$ 1 9, 5 7 _

...another bullseye! He went with 3 on the last number...

$ 1 9, 5 7 1 golly, he pulled it out and won! I can't believe he won that after garfing on his first guess!

The last player was Kahleen Schnieder and the final IUFB this day was a pair of digital cameras.

Kahleen: $2,500 (STAGE WILLY)
Maria Elizabeth: $600
Reza: $850
Benjamin: $851

All were over.

Kahleen: $400
Maria Elizabeth: $599
Benjamin: $300 (SUICIDE BID)

ARP: $548, so thanks to his pathetic last IUFB bid, Hader was deported to the First Four Breakfast Club while Schnieder played Pick a Pair for a catameran worth $4,645. The products available were Clorox wipes, NutraMist, peanut butter, Mylanta, pain relief lotion and batteries. First pick was the batteries...$14.99. She then thought the other $14.99 product was $14.99...but it was $7.99. She decided to keep $14.99 and tried the lotion...that was the other $14.99 product for the win!

SSD2: The only loser this half spun the dollar for $1,000...and nobody else tied it, so he was in the Showcase! In his Bonus Spin...nothing.

The first Showcase had a sofa, a chandelier and a Ford Mustang Convertible, and Fullencamp bid $24,500, which was a GARF, since that didn't quite cover the Mustang. The man went for a dining room, a punch set and a trip to Barcelona, and he bid $17,500.

The lady's ARP: $27,779, a difference of $3,279. The guy's ARP: 17 thousand...

...714- that made him a DOUBLE SHOWCASE WINNER! He took home $48,633 in cash and prizes, and a chant from the audience!

Don't Forget the Lyrics!: The contestant that might go for the Million Dollar Song tonight is Jill Small from Queens, NY. She loved music, espescially hip-hop and rap. Her categories:

R & B

First are the Tempations, and the two choices are "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)" and "My Girl". She went with "My Girl" and her first target was four words long:

"What can make __ ____ ____ ___"

She got " feel this way" to get on the board.

Her second topic is I Was a Beatle, and her choices are "Silly Love Songs" by Paul McCartney and Wings and "(Just Like) Starting Over" by John Lennon. She chose "Silly Love Songs" and again had a four-word target:

"'Cause ____ _ __ ____"

She sang " I go again" and locked that in to double up.

Her third selection is Rock and the choices now are "People are Strange" by the Doors and "Round and Round" by Ratt. She goes with "Round and Round" and had another four-word target:

"What ____ ____ ____ _____"

She sang "...goes around comes around" and froze it to go to $10,000.

Fourth topic is Power Ballads, and her songs this time are "18 and Life" by Skid Row and "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger. Her choice is "Sister Christian" and now has to fill in seven missing words:

"What's your ____ ____ _____ _____ ____ ____ ____"

Her guess was "...price for flight in finding Mister Right". Her potential backup singers tonight are Candice and Danny. He locks in her original guess...and now has $25,000, and she does her first major dance of the night!

Next up is In the Family. Her choices this time are "He's So Shy" by Pointer Sisters and "Top of the World" by the Carpenters. She goes with "He's So Shy" and needs to fill in six missing words:

"That sweet ____ ____ ____ _____ ____ ____"

She completed that with "...little boy who crossed my eye", but isn't 100% sure, so she calls Candice for assistance. They decided to replace "crossed" with "caught". They then locked that in...$50,000!

After a dance by Candice, her next category is Pop. Her choices are "You're My Best Friend" by Queen and "Abracadabra" by the Steve Miller Band. Her choice is "Abracadabra" and now has to fill in seven missing words one more time. They follow after "Abra, abracadabra". She followed that up with "I wanna reach out and grab ya" and freezes that immediately...for $100,000!

Next topic is Girls, Girls, Girls. The song choices this time are "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper and "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)" by Betty Everett. She goes with "True Colors" and has her biggest target of the night- ten words long. They follow after "And that's why I". Her follow up was " you, so don't be afraid to let them show" and locks all of that in...that's 200 grand!

Next up is R & B, and she then gets a choice of either "Mustang Sally" by Wilson Pickett and "Cupid" by Sam Cooke. She goes with "Mustang Sally" and has to get past a nine-word obstacle. It follows "All you" and she sings "...papa don't preach I'm in trouble deep"...LOL! Her multiple choice:

A: "...ever do is run around Sally, ride, Sally, ride"
B: "...wanna do is play around Sally, ride, faster, ride"
C: "...wanna do is ride around Sally, ride, Sally, ride"

I knew this one when the choices came up. After using her two missing words on the first and fourth missing words, she locks C in as well for $350,000!

She decides to bank all of that money after she doesn't know very much about the 1970s song "Some Kind of Wonderful" by Grand Funk Railroad. The other song on the table was "Anticipation" by Carly Simon. Her target was ten words long, and the missing words followed after "Well my baby". All she sung after that was "I just won $350,000". Answer: "She's alright, well, my baby, she's clean out of sight"...which her father, Tim, knew!

There will be no episode next week.

WOF: Tonight's players are Hannah Lee (in the blue) from Aliso Viejo, CA (who is back because of an unfair ruling during her first time on the show; she's a hospital admitting clerk), Brian Sparks from Portland, MA (who is a student at the Univ. of Maine majoring in history and minoring in math) and T.J. Petree from Leander, TX (who is an office manager).

The returnee gets BEAMING WITH PRIDE for $1,000, while the only man on tonight's panel gets COLLEGE DEAN for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Before & After and a $5,000 trip to Vegas is now out on the wheel. Early on, he calls an L for that trip and then the T for the Wild Card. When T.J. takes over control, we have...

ARTIFICIAL/_ I _/_ I _/_ _ _ R A _

...I had no idea. She calls D for dud. Lee calls three H's for $1,200 and then solves ARTIFICIAL HIP HIP HOORAY to win that amount and take an early $200 lead with $2,200.

$25,000-WINNING ID #1: VA5585768

IHOP Jackpot Round category is Show Biz. At the start, T.J. calls two T's for the 25 prize- 25 months of flowers from After Lee later buys the E's, we have...

L E _ _ I N G/L _ _ _/OF/

_ _ _ T I _ E/T E L E _ I S I O N

...I think I know this. She calls three D's for $2,400 and solves LEADING LADY OF DAYTIME TELEVISION for another five grand and $7,200 total! Robin Strausser then does a shout-out to the show!

ActivOn Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Food & Drink. The man calls two T's early on for $7,000 and then uses his Wild Card, but then calls a dud in M. T.J. then lands on a Mystery Wedge and calls two L's. She takes the $2,000 buyout (too bad, because $10,000 was behind there). At this point, we have...

S _ _ _ _

T _ R T _ L L _

S _ _ _

...I don't know the top word. After calling the P's for another $800, we now have...

S P _ _ _

T _ R T _ L L _

S _ _ P I know. After buying the I's and O's, she calls D for dud for the second time tonight. Lee calls the C for $350, the Y for $300, and then solves SPICY TORTILLA SOUP for another $650 and a trip to Cabo, for a new total of $13,450!


T.J. then finally gets on the board with SUNKEN BATHTUB for $3,000. Speed-Up Round category is People and consonants are worth $6,000 each! Prior to the big bell, she had rung up $16,800! After the man calls the R, we have...

S _ _ D _ S/AND/N _ R _ _ G _ A N S

...I think I know this. T.J. calls a dud in H. Lee calls two W's for $12,000 and solves SWEDES AND NORWEIGANS to seal her deal with $25,450! T.J. has $3,000 and the man has $2,000.

In addition to all the cash in tonight's bonus round, there's a Ford Mustang Convertible and a Winnebago Access Motorhome! She spins the H for Hannah and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ N _ _ _ N _

_ _ N _

I think I may be the key vowel tonight. Lee calls C, G, P and A and gets...

_ N _ _ _ N G

_ _ N _

...not much of anything. It was KNOWING WINK, and she lost $50,000. She needed at least the K's to have had any remote shot at that. But she still did rather well on her comeback!

$25,000-WINNING ID #2: KS14357

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

RW/RR Challenge Gauntlet 3: Episode 6

The first challenge of the night was called "Pole Push", and it took place in Mexico. The objective was to push your opponents out of a huge circle while engaging in Tug a War with a pole. There was a male heat and a female heat. If a team won both heats, they won the challenge; otherwise, one member from each team faced off in a tiebreaker to determine the winning team. The winning team won JVC boomboxes for the males and immunity for the women.

The Veterans won the male heat...

...and the female heat, so they won another challenge! They gave the Life Shield to Rachel and sent Melinda to the Gauntlet.

Her opponent was Tori, and the Gauntlet Challenge was the ever-popular Ball Brawl.

1. Tori (1)
2. Tori (2)
3. Tori blew this point on purpose, so Melinda got on the board (1)
4. Tori (WIN)

Melinda was sent on her way.

The other challenge was called "I Dig You". Everybody but one player on each team was "buried alive" in coffins, two feet wide. The odd players out were the diggers, whose mission was to answer sets of True or False questions about each of their buried players. If they answered all three on a player, they could dig up and rescue that player. If they failed on even one question, they had to move on to the next player. After getting past the last player, they went back to the players they had previously failed on. The first team to get completely rescued won motorscooters for the female players and immunity for the males.

The diggers were Nehemiah (Rookies) and Evan (Veterans).

Evan started out with Katie.

1. Katie has never won a challenge.
2. Katie made her debut in "Road Rules: South Pacific".
3. Katie was a replacement cast member on her debut season of "Road Rules".
Guess: FALSE- NO

Nehemiah started out with Tori.

1. Tori was a winner on "Road Rules".
Guess: TRUE- YES
2. Tori was crowned Miss Teen USA.
Guess: TRUE- NO

Nehemiah then tried Johanna.

1. Johanna was the only female "wringer" on her team.
Guess: FALSE- NO

Evan later tried Brad.

1. Brad claimed he is playing the game "legit".
Guess: TRUE- YES
2. Brad and Robin have lived together.
Guess: TRUE- YES
3. Brad was 2nd-runner up in "Challenge: The Duel".

(The bells heard for getting a set of questions right sound like the ding used on the Jim Perry version of "Card Sharks"!)

Nehemiah then soon went back to Tori, and after fixing the second question, he then had this last question:

This is Tori's second challenge.


Evan then went to Katie.

1. Katie has never won a challenge.
2. Katie made her debut in "Road Rules: South Pacific".
3. Katie was a replacement cast member on her debut season of "Road Rules".

His next stop was Ev, and he ran the table on her.

Nehemiah later tried Ryan, but blew a question about him on the "Assembly Required" challenge from earlier this season. He then thought Rachel was a medic in the Army when she actually wasn't. Evan then rescued Eric. Was Evan's quickness enough to overcome the starting deficit set by the Rookies?...

...YES! This went down to the wire! The Veterans gave the Life Shield to Ryan and sent Frank to the Gauntlet, where he would face MJ.

Their Gauntlet Challenge was a new one, Ankle Breaker. Here, both men were attached to each other with one of their ankles attached to a three-foot rope. The first player to crawl their way across the finish line won.

And that man was...Frank! That meant M.J., the one who had to fill in earlier this season, had to leave.

"American Idol" Top 20- Girls

First up tonight is Carly Smithson, the one who got the week's only 10 from me last week. Tonight, she's performing "Crazy on You" by Heart. Randy thought the ending was a bit rough, but thought the performance was good. Simon thought it was a much better performance than last week, but still thought she hasn't totally picked the right song yet. I decided to give her a 9!

Second is Syesha Mercado with the Billy Paul song, "Me and Mrs. Jones". In her case, she decided to choose the Amy Winehouse version of the song called "Me and Mr. Jones". Randy thought the song choice wasn't that great, and at times thought she sounded uninterested, as Paula also said. Simon said it was just slightly indulgent. I thought she did very good on this song, so I gave her an 8.

Third is Brooke White with the song "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon. Randy thought it was a great song choice, but thought she wasn't too original with that performance. Paula thought it was the perfect song choice. Simon really loved the performance. I also gave her an 8.

#4 is Ramiele Malubay and "Don't Leave Me This Way" by Thelma Houston. Randy thought the performance was only OK. Paula said the peformance wasn't original, as did Simon. I gave her a 6.

In the middle spot is Kristy Lee Cook with "You're No Good" by Linda Ronstadt. Everyone thought that was a big improvement from last week, but Simon suggested that she sing a country song in the future. I gave her an 8.

Next up is Amanda Overmyer with "Carry On Wayword Son" by Kansas. Randy thought that wasn't the right song choice because there were too many instrumental parts and she was pitchy. Paula liked her dancing, but agreed with Randy. Simon thought the performance was completely contrived. I gave her a 6.

Alaina Whitaker then performs "Hoplessly Devoted" from the movie "Grease". Randy thought that wasn't the right song choice and the lyrics were pitchy. Simon thought it was old-fashioned, but still thought she was a dark horse. I gave her a 7.

Alexandrea Lushington is next with the song "If You Leave Me Now" by 3T w/T-Rio. Randy thought the song choice was too safe for her. Paula thought the arrangement was fairly unique. Simon thought it's gone downhill for her since her auditions. I gave her a 7 as well.

Kady Malloy is next-to-last with "Magic Man" by Heart. Randy thought the performance never found the proper pitch. Paula said that wasn't the right song choice. Simon said he was frustrated. I wasn't a fan of her either, so I gave her a 5.

The last performance tonight goes to Asia'h Epperson with the song "All By Myself" by Tom Jones, but has been later redone by Celine Dion. Randy thought that was a difficult song choice, and thought she did a very good job. Simon thought she didn't quite pull off the song, thus thinking the song was too much work for her. I gave her an 8.

2/27/2008 Results

TPIR: On Monday, only two Pricing Games were won. On Tuesday, a Double Overbid occurred for only the second time this year. Let's see what budget-saving things will happen today, if any.

Today's first four players are Kyle Sutherland, Linda Munsey, Travis Wilson and Beverley Stoward. The first IUFB is a kayak.

Kyle: $250 (STUPID BID)
Linda: $1,200
Travis: $400 (STAGE GARF)
Beverley: $500

ARP: $2,271, so Munsey from Tyler, TX will try to start the day by winning a Dodge Nitro (Std., Mats, Heater) in Cover Up. Board:

First number: 2 0r 4?
Second number: 1, 6 or 8?
Third number: 0, 1, 2 or 3?
Fourth number: 2, 4, 6, 8 or 9?
Last number: 0, 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8?

First guess is $28,360, which is a WILLY. The second and fourth digits are obviously wrong. Second guess is $26,320...the second 2 is right! And with just the 1 left as a choice for the second number, she's clinched the victory and has won the $21,320 car! Nice playing!

Next to leave the crowd is Julie Burgeson and the second IUFB is a kitchen island. The winner also gets a $40 supply of Garlique.

Julie: $1,400
Travis: $635
Beverley: $925
Kyle: $950

ARP: $1,400, meaning Burgeson wins a bonus check for $500! She'll try for a lot more money in Plinko! Incidentally, she's the first contestant I know of to return on the show since the 10-year eligibility rule was established earlier this season! She doesn't know too much about this Pricing Game, though. First item is a soccer ball humidifier marked at $15 and picks the 5, and it's $35. Second is a lantern marked at $20 and she picks the 2, but it's $50. Third is an Art Deco fridge marked at $82 and she picks the 8, and it's $89. Finally, we have an iron marked at $45 and she picks the 5...$25. She has four Plinko chips to work with.

1. $1,000 (Left)
2. $1,000 (Right)
3. $1,000 (Left)
4. $10,000

For a lady who doesn't quite know all about this game, she does very well- in addition to the prizes she won, she also gets $13,000!

Next player is Vernetta Johnson and the third IUFB is an iPod and a music system.

Vernetta: $599
Travis: $750
Beverley: $650
Kyle: $751

ARP: $750, so the second $500 bonus check of the day goes to Wilson! He then shoots for a bed in Freeze Frame. The price choices are $1,080 (NO FREAKIN' WAY), $1,420 (NO FREAKIN' WAY), $1,876 (NO WAY), $2,080 (NO WAY), $5,998, $7,614 and $9,818 (THAT'S TOO MUCH). His guess is $5,998...and wins! Semi-perfect first half!

SSD1: The only man this half spins 45...and 15 for 60 cents. The new "TPIR" veteran spins 85 cents! The big winner this half spins 50...and goes over, so the veteran's off to the Showcase!

Next player is Robert Halliday and the next IUFB is a washer/dryer. The winner also gets a $40 supply of nasal spray.

Robert: $1,850
Beverley: $1,650
Kyle: $2,400
Vernetta: $2,200

ARP: $2,248, so Johnson plays One Right Price for snowboarding stuff and a grandfather clock. Today's One Right Price is $2,494, and she thinks that's the cost of the clock...I don't think so, but it's even cheaper, $1,887! Yikes!

Next player is Jill Pallace and the next IUFB is a pair of mountain bikes.

Jill: $698
Robert: $750
Beverley: $1,000
Kyle: $1,001

ARP: $795, so Halliday will play Hi-Lo for a trip to Canada worth $4,074. The products today are baby shampoo, jewelry clasp, V8 juice, HBP medicine, batteries and Gold Bond lotion. First pick is the batteries, which are a whopping $14.99. Second is the HBP medicine, which is $6.29. Final pick is the lotion, which is $9.95. The juice is $3.15, the baby shampoo is $4.09...but the clasp is $9.99, so he loses. Tough luck, Bob.

The last player is Erica De Los Rios and the final IUFB is a desk. The winner also gets a $40 supply of skin cream and will go for a car.

Erica: $1,750
Beverley: $1,125
Kyle: $800
Jill: $1,752

ARP: $1,429, so Sutherland heads off to the hated First Four Breakfast Club while Stoward escapes and will get to play Any Number for flatware or a Ford Mustang (Std., AT, Prot). First number in the car price is 2. First pick is 0, which is the last number of the flatware. She then goes with 1 second, the second number of the car. Third pick is 5, the middle number of the flatware ($ _ 5 0). Fourth pick is 9...last number of the car
($ 2 1, _ _ 9). Fifth pick is 8...fourth number of the car ($ 2 1, _ 8 9)! Sixth pick is 2, which is the last number of the piggy bank. Seventh pick is 4, and the piggy bank's about four bucks today. Her final pick is...3 and she wins just $4.32. The car was $21,689 and the flatware was $750. I thought she played this very well; too bad she lost.

The first loser this half goes to the Showcase.

The first Showcase visits the Train Depot, and the train brings out an organ, a dinette and a Jacuzzi spa. Johnson bids $16,500. For our veteran player, we have prizes that can help you become a rock star. They are a guitar, a trip to London and a Hi-Lo trailer, and she bids $9,000, which is a GARF OF THE CENTURY, so she loses immediately and Johnson wins $29,130 in prizes. The ARPs, just for fun:

Train Depot: $26,842
Rock: $27,827

At least that veteran does leave with $15,049 in cash and prizes, though.

Family Feud: We rejoin the action with the Paul family as our current champions thus far. They're from Washington, D.C., led by Alex and joined by Chris, Monick, Efua and Marc. For their first title defense, they face the Fernandezs, led by Nathan and joined by Micol, Taleah, Kelsey and Nate.

First question: According to 100 men, which actress has the most kissable lips? Starting with:

1. Angelina Jolie (48, Alex)

The champions will play. Starting with Chris, he says Julia Roberts...bottom answer (3)! Monick then says Beyonce Efua's opening answer is Pamela Anderson...sorry. To keep control, Marc says Halle Berry...#2 (10)! Alex then says Nicole Kidman...three strikes. This first steal of the day is worth 61 points. Nathan's steal guess is Eva, so the Pauls claim the first points of the day. Not said:

3. Janet Jackson (4)
4. Jennifer Lopez (4)
5. Cameron Diaz (3)

Second question: Things that can ruin a cow's day. Starting with:

1. Butcher (28, Micol)
2. Bad weather (19, Chris)

The challengers will play this time. Taleah says getting milked...#6 (6)! Kelsey then answers bad grass...#3 (13)! Next is Nate with getting tipped...#5 (6)! Back to Nathan, who next says Micol's next guess this round is no cows to play with...I don't think so. Taleah then tries to stop the slide with having a baby cow...turn over. For another 72 points, Alex says breeding...that's at the bottom (2) to go to 133! Rest of the board:

4. Not being milked (12)
7. Getting branded (2)

Double: Name something that would be a disaster if you lost it. Starting with:

1. Wallet/purse (27, Taleah)

The challengers will start again. Kelsey starts off this round with a Over to Nate, who says the children...bottom answer (7)! Nathan is next with cell phone...#3 (8)! Nicole's next guess is a house...NO WAY. Back to Taleah, who says wedding ring...#2 (15)! Only one chance to sweep the board. Kelsey says a For an even bigger lead, Alex says #4 is a job...but it's mind/sanity (7), so the challengers get their first 114.

Triple: Name something specific that wax is used for. Efua says waxing your legs, but all hair removals are at the bottom (10). Kelsey then says candles...NUMBER ONE (36), so the challengers take control! Nate's next answer is wax Nathan tries to do better with replicas of different things...I don't think so. Nicole then says waxing your car...#3 (11)! If Taleah can give the #2 answer, they'll win the game. She says it's surfboarding...but it's not. To retain the championship, Alex says the floor...that's it (35) for the win at 304!

Fast Money: Alex and Monick score 138 for $690 today. With $890 on their first day, that's $1,580 for two days.

WOF: Time to give some teens one last chance to do some winning tonight. Tonight's teams are Becky Wasson and Elise Shultites (who are 12th graders and have been friends for five years; Becky is a high school musician, while Elise is a fan of the outdoors), Francie Crole and CJ Jacobs from Seal Beach, CA (they're 11th graders and both are on high school lacrosse teams) and Mandy Looper and Stephen Pratt from Temecula, CA (they're 12th graders and have been friends for about seven years; Mandy plays soccer and is the vice president of her school's Habitat for Humanity chapter, while Stephen is part of a "seat club" at a place called Friday Night Live).

The red ladies get BELIEVE IN YOURSELF for $1,000 and then MOUNT EVEREST to triple their money.

A pair of trips to Madrid worth $9,000 now appear on the wheel, and the category for Round 1 is Around the House. After the blue team calls the S, we have...

_ _ _ _ _ R S _ _

R _ _ _ T _

_ _ _ T R _ _

...I know this already. They call the N's for $600 and then buy the E's. After they call a $300 C for the Free Spin, they buy the O's and call a $900 M. After they buy the A, they solve UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL for their first $2,000.

$25,000-WINNING ID #1: WL01157

IHOP Jackpot Round category is Star & Role, and it's a really big puzzle. After the middle team calls the F, we have...

E _ _ _ E/M _ R _ H _/AS/THE/

_ O _ _ E/OF/S H R E _ ' S/

_ A _/_ O _ _ E _

...I don't know the next-to-last word. They call three D's for $1,800 and buy two I's. They call two K's next for another $800 and two Y's for another $600. After buying the U, they call two P's for another $1,200, and I know this now. They then call the V for tonight's 25 prize- a $2,500 gift certificate. They then zap the C for another $300 and the N for the Wild Card, and then solve EDDIE MURPHY AS THE VOICE OF SHREK'S PAL DONKEY for $8,850, the gift certificates and the two $500 gift certificates from, for a grand total this round of $12,350!

ActivOn Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Fun & Games. At the start, the blue team hits the Lose a Turn on the Big Money Wedge and decide to use their Free Spin, but then hit a Bankrupt. The red team then immediately hits Bankrupt too. After the blue team buys the I's, we have...

S _ R _ I N G

_ _ _ _ E T I T I _ N

...I think I know now, but they blow it with SPARRING COMPETITION. After the red team calls the F for $800, they solve SURFING COMPETITION for another $800 and a pair of trips to Hawaii, for a total of $13,064 and the lead!


After the blue team is wrong again with GARLIC BREAD, the yellow team takes the lead back with GARLIC FRIES, meaning they now have $15,350! Speed-Up Round category is Occupation and consonants are worth $1,300 a pop. After the read team calls the H, we have...

_ _ _ _ E

T H E _ T E R

_ _ N _ _ E R

...they solve MOVIE THEATER MANAGER at the buzzer for the match with $16,964! The middle team has $15,350 and the blue team leaves with $2,000.

The Pontiac G6s and Scion XBs are in play for tonight's bonus round. They spin the comma and the category is Around the House. Starting with:

_ _ _ _ _

S _ _ _

The all-lady team calls C, H, M and A and gets...

C _ M _ _

S _ _ A

...they know about at least one COMFY SOFA in their house, so they divide up another $30,000 and take home $46,964 in cash and prizes!

$25,000-WINNING ID #2: JH11116

DOND: Returning is Larren Colum. We resume with Round 4.

ROUND 4 (Haley opens up all the cases for the remainder of this game!):
1. #10- $75
3. #17- $50,000


Cedric the Entertainer then makes an appearance before the start of Round 5!

1. #16- $400,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)
2. #7- $200,000 (STRIKE ONE)


Next pick is #19...$200! New offer: $132,000...NO DEAL. Next pick is #5...$25! New offer, his highest so far: $181,000. I would take the offer. Does he?...

...NO. He goes on with #1...

...STRIKE TWO- $100,000. New offer: $228,000...

...this time, he says DEAL! He missed out on...sinking to $5, so he made a great deal...or did he? The player said that he would've switched with #13, the $750,000 case, on the final decision had he gone all the way. Had he gone on with his next pick of #25, he might've taken a $400K+ offer.

Returning Sunday night is Kristen McCrory from Ft. Lauderdale. Her case of destiny is #18.

1. #2- $75,000
2. #16- $1,000
3. #22- $25
4. #7- $1
5. #12- $750,000
6. #5- $25,000


1. #21- $5
2. #14- $5,000
3. #19- $400
4. #24- $75
5. #9- $500


She then participates in a dance party after pressing a special button!

1. #13- $100
2. #20- $750
3. #10- $100,000


ROUND 4 (Last round this episode):
1. #8- $50,000
2. #26- $400,000
3. #25- $200


Sunday's episode will air at 9 PM EST.

How Much is Enough?: Tonight's players were Monica (an assistant gym manager from Louisville), Nicole (a bartender from Chicago), Christine (a PR executive from Chicago) and Martin (a mobile copy service owner from L.A.).

Monica: $132 (STAGE GARF)
Nicole: $414
Christine: $328
Martin: $725

Monica: $796
Nicole: $1,251
Christine: $662
Martin: $1,092

Martin: $1,092
Christine: $990
Monica: $928
Nicole: $414

Monica: $963
Nicole: $1,181
Christine: $1,416
Martin: $1,717

Christine: $2,406
Monica: $1,891
Nicole: $1,595
Martin: $1,092

Monica: $914 (STAGE GARF)
Nicole: $1,607
Christine: $1,711
Martin: $1,959

Christine: $4,117
Nicole: $3,202
Monica: $2,805
Martin: $1,092

ROUND 5 (Note- the typical "start with the most cautious then the greediest players" reveal was not used for this episode):

Monica: $2,750
Nicole: $2,699
Christine: $2,714
Martin: $3,355

Christine: $6,831
Monica: $5,555
Nicole: $3,202
Martin: $1,092

Martin tied the current record of four busts during the game!

Final Face-Off: $12,386 was put on the table...and after the host stopped the clock at about $4,000 for some oddball reason, Christine took $5,184 home.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"The Biggest Loser" 2/26

Jay Kruger started off by choosing the third mystery envelope out of the three made available, which contained a trip to Vegas for the entire blue team! Trainer Bob Harper couldn't go, though.
Challenge: The two four-person teams had to go through an obstacle course, culminating with a footrace. The first team that got all of their members over the finish line won everybody a trip to Puerto Rico.

The first obstacle was to turn over a 200-pound tractor tire ten times. Second, they had to move a ton of sandbags. Third, they had to move 12 medicine balls while crawling under a series of ropes. Finally, everyone had to run half a mile to the finish line.

The blue team just dominated this thing and won!

It's weigh-in time, starting with the black team.

Kelly Fields: 212 lbs, 6 pounds lost, 2.75%

Maggie King: 190 lbs, 8 pounds lost, 4.04%

Brittany Aberle: 179 lbs, 6 pounds lost, 3.24%

Bernie Salazar: 201 lbs, 10 pounds lost, 4.74%

They lost 30 pounds altogether, for an overall percentage of 3.69%

In order for the blue team to win again, they had to have lost at least 35 pounds.

Dan Evans: 219 lbs, 7 pounds lost, 3.09%

Roger Shultz: 268 lbs, 8 pounds lost, 2.9%

Jay Kruger: 221 lbs, 7 pounds lost, 3.07%

Now, it all came down to Mark. He had a tall order against him, because with a previous weight of 202 pounds, he needed to have gone down to at least 189 to give his team the win. If he couldn't do that, he needed to have lost at least seven pounds to earn immunity...

...but he only lost one pound, so he was now in danger and Dan got immunity this week. Salazar was this week's Biggest Loser.

By a unanimous vote, Mark was eliminated.

"American Idol" Top 20- Men

This week's category is the 1970s.

After going last the previous Tuesday, he's up first this week- Michael Johns. His song is "You Can Go Your Own Way" by Fleetwood Mac. Randy thought it was fairly good. Paula said he remained consistently good. Simon said it was his weakest performance to date. I thought it was just solid, so I gave him a 7.

Jason Castro is up second with "I Just Want to be Your Everything" by the Bee Gees. Randy said he was tolerable with the guitar in hand, but not so if he didn't have it with him. Paula thought the song choice was clever, and suggested to him that he not use the guitar next week. Simon thought the performance was horrible. It was just OK for me, so I gave it a 6.

Third is Luke Menard with "Killer Queen" by Queen. Randy fairly liked it because it was a tough song choice. Paula thought it was the perfect song choice. Simon thought it was a mistake because he sang with no personality and charisma. I also gave this a 6.

Robbie Carrico is fourth with "Hot Blooded" by Foreigner. Randy thought it didn't quite have enough punch, and also thought the category of rock wasn't this man's thing. Paula thought he was a bit safe at times this week. Simon thought it was OK. I gave this a 7, because I thought he did pretty good on a song I haven't really heard that often.

In the halfway spot is Danny Noriega, and his song this time is "Don't You Remember You Told Me Baby" by the Carpenters. Randy and Paula thought the song was too slow at times, and he was overthinking how to do the song. Simon thought it was OK. I also gave him a 7.

#6 tonight is David Hernandez with "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" by the Temptations. Randy thought this was the performance that revealed the real David Hernandez. Paula thought his personality came through this week. Simon said that was the performance of the night so far. My score was 8.

Marked at #7 is Jason Yeager with "Without Love". Randy thought this wasn't a singer's type of song and the performance was pitchy. Paula thought this song didn't have a big voice range. Simon said the performance was awkward and ordinary. I thought he was pretty good, so I gave it a 6.

Hoping to be a great #8 is Chikezie Eze with "I Believe" by Donny Hathaway. Randy thought this was the first time he was this good since his audition. Paula thought the song choice was clever, as did Simon. I thought this was the best performance of the night thus far, so I gave him a 9!

Ninth is David Cook and "All Right Now" by Free. Randy thought he sounded like a true rocker and thought that was a smart song choice. Paula said the band was on fire tonight and thought Cook was the real deal. Simon thought it was solid and believeable. I gave this an 8.

Finally, we have David Archuleta singing "Imagine" by John Lennon. It was learned before he sang that he blew Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken away singing to them shortly before the first season finale of this show! Randy thought that was one of the best vocals ever! Paula said that was one of the most moving performances she's ever heard! Simon thought his gamble in singing that song paid off! Needless to say, I gave him a 10!

David Archuleta and Chikezie Eze have the best chance to make it to next week from the men.

Note about TPIR's new king

Adam Rose, the new all-time "The Price is Right" and CBS winner, will be on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" sometime later this week.

"The Moment of Truth" rating

Last night's controversial episode of "The Moment of Truth" pulled a 5.3 Fast Nielsen with an 8 share. That's an OK rating, considering it was facing "Deal or No Deal" and ABC's big "A Raisin in the Sun" movie.

Source: The Futon Critic

2/26/2008 Results

TPIR: This show was lucky enough to give away two cars the first episode after that budget-busting million win last Friday night. Will Roger and Co. finally get their way today? Let's find out.

Today's first four players are Gregory Munder, Braden Gray, Mynetta Harvey and Myleen Brown. The first IUFB is a collection of tailgating stuff.

Gregory: $1,050
Braden: $850
Mynetta: $650
Myleen: $851

ARP: $890, so Brown will play Range Game for a trip to Jamaica. Range is $6,900-$7,500. She stops at $7,055 to $7,205. ARP: $7,228. Missed it by about a $20 bill or so.

Next player is Tammy Riggins-Spect and the second IUFB is a selection of lamps.

Tammy: $699
Gregory: $635
Braden: BUCK
Mynetta: $630

ARP: $713, so Riggins-Spect will play the first playing of Ten Chances in a while for a coin bank, a wine cabinet and a Ford Ranger (Std., AC, Cruise/Tilt). The possible numbers in the price of the bank are 0, 5 and 6. First guess is $65, which is wrong. Second is $60...but it's $50, which she gets on her next turn. For the cabinet, the numbers in play are 0, 3, 8 and 9. First guess is $389...NO FREAKIN' WAY. Next is $390...not too better of a guess. She then goes with a good guess of $ Next is $893, which definitely won't cut the mustard. She then says $ Next is $830, which she needs to be right in order to have any shot at the truck...yes! The numbers in the price of the truck are 0, 1, 5, 8 and 9. She says $15,980...but it's the other way around, $15,890. If she had not made some stupid guesses on the cabinet, she would've won.

Next is Michael Murray and the third IUFB is a pair of iPhones.

Michael: $751
Gregory: $695
Braden: $603
Mynetta: $602 (STUPID BID)

ARP: $798, so Murray continues the winning streak in the green spot and will play Clearance Sale for a sofa, a pool table and a range. The sale prices are $1,000, $1,800 and $2,350. He places $1,000 on the sofa, $1,800 on the range and $2,350 for the pool table...he's a winner! The prices:

Sofa: $1,545
Range: $2,159
Pool table: $2,800

I would've lost. And he also gets to the Showcase!

Next player is Joe Dominguez and the next IUFB is a set of dumbbells. The winner also gets a $40 supply of V8 juice.

Joe: $850
Gregory: $499
Braden: $545
Mynetta: $1,200

ARP: $1,200, so the streak is over and Harvey wins a $500 bonus! She then plays for a player piano, which is either $4,995 or $6,950. She says $6,950...too much.

Next player is Matthew Heranda and the next IUFB is a sofa table.

Matthew: $1,100
Joe: $950
Gregory: BUCK

ARP: $1,140, so Heranda will try to roll the dice successfully in order to win a Dodge Caliber. After the 1 is lit up, he rolls the 6 as the second number. He then rolls a 4 for the third, and he says lower. He then rolls a 6, which isn't the fourth number, but it's a freebie. He then rolls yet another 6 as the last number, which is not it. The fourth number is 2, the last number is 5, and I believe that car is $16, sure is for the win!

The last player is Michaela and the final IUFB is a diamond pendant.

Michaela: $439
Joe: $851
Gregory: $729
Braden: $875

ARP: $1,199, so Munder is off to the dreaded First Four Breakfast Club while Gray escapes it and will play Bullseye for a home theatre system worth $3,324. First purchase is three bottles of bleach. Each one is $1.99 for a total of $5.97. Second purchase is two bags of cat food. Each one is $3.99 for a total of $7.98. Final purchase is five boxes of Jolly Time popcorn. Each one costs $2.39...for a total of $11.95 and the win!

SSD2: The only loser this half spins 55 cents. Munder spins 15...and goes over. Heranda spins 80 cents to meet the big (and only) winner of the first half in today's Showcase!

The first Showcase is about the Loudest Prize Contest. First, Lanisha shows off the mighty roar of a new chainsaw. Second, Rachel decides to show off the sound of music from a new stereo system. But nothing in the world beats the car horn of a new Dodge Avenger (Std., Sport, Stereo, Mouldings, Mats, Sound)! The big winner today bids $24,790, which is a WILLY. For MM, we have a bedroom, a pair of GPSs and a pair of motorcycles, and he bids $32,000, which is a SUPER WILLY, resulting in the first Double Overbid in a while. The ARPs, just for the record:

Furniture: $19,338
Car: $22,193

Hope that Double Overbid was a start to your budget recovery, Roger. But Hernada still leaves with $17,265 in prizes.

WWTBAM: Ready to keep playing is Joanna Walker. Her $8,000 question is this:

What classic country tune features the name of a 1957 Jack Kerouac novel in its title?

A: "Walkin' After Midnight"
B: "On the Road Again"
C: "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"
D: "Forever & Ever, Amen"

She quickly gets "On the Road Again" for $8,000. For $16,000:

A British handyman would use the word "spanner" when referring to a what?

A: Hammer
B: Crowbar
C: Screwdriver
D: Wrench

She calls Stinger (!), who quickly says wrench. She agrees for $16,000! For $25,000:

Which of the following is equal in number to the total number of days in a fortnight?

A: Minutes in an NFL quarter
B: Lines in a sonnet
C: Signs of the zodiac
D: Stripes on the U.S. flag

The 50:50 leaves the top two. She's still stumped, so she takes her $16,000 and goes home. The sonnet's lines were it.

Next is Andrew Stacy from Cordova, TN. He's a high school English teacher. He runs into some trouble on this $1,000 question:

What famous naturalist is laid to rest in Rwanda under a grave marker that reads, "No one loved gorillas more"?

A: John James Audubon
B: Dian Fossey
C: John Muir
D: Jacques Costeau

He asks the audience and 83% said Dian Fossey. He agrees and is right. Later on, for $16,000:

Which of the vocalists on the popular jazz album "Billie, Ella, Lena, Sarah" has the last name Vaughan?

A: Billie
B: Ella
C: Lena
D: Sarah

How predictable. The 50:50 leaves Billie and Sarah. He's pretty sure it's Sarah...and it is! For $25,000:

A type of finger food, canapes get their name from a French word literally meaning what?

A: Bed
B: Desk
C: Sofa
D: Chair

He calls Justin from the school, who is allegedly part of "Operation Viera"! WTF? He says nothing, so he also leaves with 16 grand. The answer was sofa.

Boston's David Yee will be back tomorrow.

Temptation: Our three new players today are Michelle (a preschool teacher who once shopped for 24 hours straight), Jeannie (a photographer who loves to shop for shiny and fruity things) and Keyona (a data entry specialist who thinks she's the ultimate last minute shopper). After Speed Round #1...

Michelle: $30
Jeannie: $25
Keyona: $25

...Michelle is offered a pair of Maui Gym sunglasses, a solar beach tote bag and a portable media player, all worth $1,107 for $7. The final offer is a $6 price. Going once...SOLD! Fame Game board:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _

Category: Title.

1. I was based on a magazine article that turned out to be fiction.
2. I recently turned 30, but my characters were always pitched in Brooklyn.
3. I was adapted into a musical that went on Broadway.

Michelle soon buzzes in...

_ A T _ R _ A Y

_ I G _ T

_ E _ E R

...she's right with SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER to go back in front with $39!

Knock Off category: Correctly spelled cuisine.


Jeannie: Biscuit- $10 ($35)
Keyona: Sandwich- $2 ($27)
Michelle: Gelatin- $2 ($41)

Jeannie: Couscous- $15 ($50)
Keyona: Souffle (she had trouble pronouncing it)- $5 ($32)
Michelle: Champagne- $2 ($43)

Jeannie: Tetrazzini- $5 ($55)
Keyona: Tomatoe
Michelle: Shish-kebab- $2 ($45)

Jeannie: Prosciutto- $5 ($60)

With a $15 lead now, Jeannie is offered a aromatherapy bath mat and hamper and beauty products, all worth $1,149 for her lead, and she decides to buy!

Speed Round #2 dealt with Lisa Kudrow and the Mona Lisa. After that...

Michelle: $55
Jeannie: $55
Keyona: $37

...everyone but Keyona is offered a chance at $1,500 in Instant Ca$h. Jeannie goes for it. She chooses the brown wallet...only $100. The white one had the $1,500. And after the last Speed Round, our new champion is...

Michelle: $75
Jeannie: $37
Keyona: $27

...Michelle! Jeannie leaves with $1,249 in cash and stuff while Keyona is deported to the clubhouse.

Here are the five new prizes on offer right now at Shopper's Paradise:

$89: 9-piece bedroom set ($1,551)
$175: Beauty spa visit ($2,500)
$368: Trip to Jamaica with sunglasses ($6,178)
$603: Kohler and Campbell piano ($13,890)
$936: Jaguar X-Type (Std., Paint)($35,590)

Super Knock Off category: Hybrid Cars. I always love it when a car category comes up during the Knock Off or Super Knock Off round, because as you all know, I'm a big car geek.

Lincoln Navigator
Mercury Mariner
Honda Accord
Mazda RX-8
Buick LaCrosse
Volvo S40
Honda Civic
Ford Escape
Pontiac Vibe
Toyota Camry
Nissan Altima (which was won the other day!)
Chevy Aveo

1. Chevy Aveo

The $50 was behind the car this show just gave away yesterday while the $100 was behind the Mercury Mariner. The other answers were the Accord, Civic, Escape and Camry. She will return tomorrow.

WOF: Michael Vartan did a shout out to start. Tonight's players are Clarenda Bohannon-Stewart (in the yellow) from Memphis (who is a fifth-grade teacher), Corey McColumb from San Diego (who is a lieutenant from the U.S. Navy; he was originally from Ohio) and Mary McCalvie from Olathe, Kansas (who is a real estate investor and a drum player).

Bohannon-Stewart scores $1,000 with CUDDLY TEDDY BEAR and then EAST AFRICA to go to $3,000 (on the latter Toss-Up, the other players gave incorrect responses; Mary said EAST PEORIA while Cory said EAST SYRIA).

A $5,000 Alaska trip is now on the wheel, and the first round category is What Are You Doing? After she calls the T's, we have...

_ _ _ _ I N G/_ _ _/_ _ E _ _ I N G/N E _ S/

_ N/T _ E/I N T E _ N E T

...I think I know it now. The trip is in her bank right now. After a $900 H, she buys the O's, but then spins Lose a Turn next. The Navy man then hits Bankrupt. MM calls an $800 L, the R's for another $1,500, and then a $600 W. After calling the K's for another five grand, she then solves LOOKING FOR BREAKING NEWS ON THE INTERNET for $7,900.

$25,000-WINNING ID #1: GB0010388

IHOP Jackpot Round category is Before & After. After Bohannon-Stewart calls the H's, we have...

A R T _ C H _ _ _

H _ A R T

S _ R _ _ _ _

...I think I know this now. She then calls a $600 K, buys the E's and O's, and then solves ARTICHOKE HEART SURGEON to go to $4,000.

ActivOn Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Around the House. At the start, MM calls a T for the Wild Card. She then calls an S for a $1,000 gift certificate from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. A little later, Bohannon-Stewart lands on a Mystery Wedge. She calls a B and flips...$10,000! After she buys the E's a little later, we have...

_ _ _ _ _ R _ _ _ E _

B E _ _ _

T _ _ E L S

...I don't know the top word, but I do know that she hits Lose a Turn next. The man then hits Lose a Turn as well. MM calls a $300 W, and then buys three O's. After a $300 C, she buys the A's, cleaning out the vowels. She then gives an incorrect puzzle guess with DECORATIVE BEACH TOWELS, not watching the board properly. Bohannon-Stewart then calls a $350 H and a $300 N, and after calling three M's for $2,700, she solves MONOGRAMMED BEACH TOWELS for another $14,000 and a trip to Curacao, for a new total of $23,900!


She then solves STATIONERY STORE to go to $26,900. Speed-Up Round category is Phrase and consonants are worth $1,600 each. After she calls the C's, we have...

_/_ _ _ C _/_ F/T H _/_ C T _ _ N

...and she solves A PIECE OF THE ACTION to seal her deal with $33,300! MM has $7,900 and the Navy guy gets the $1,000 consolation.

Tonight's cars are a Chevrolet Equinox and a Saab 9-3. She spins the first zero and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ T ' S

_ _ _ R

_ _ _ E

IT'S YOUR ______ is what they're looking for tonight. Bohannon-Stewart calls C, H, M and O and gets...

_ T ' S

_ O _ R

M O _ E

...she's saying IT'S YOUR MOVE to the bank vault, $30,000 to be exact! With that now in her pocket, her grand total is $63,300 in cash and trip!

$25,000-WINNING ID #2: TS05534

How Much is Enough?: Our players tonight are Loren (an insurance salesperson from Santa Barbara), Sean (an advertiser from Mission Viejo, CA), Paul (an engineer from Irvine, CA) and Monique (a writer from Waukegan, IL).

Loren: $551
Sean: $545
Paul: $541
Monique: $259

Loren: $999
Sean: $942
Paul: $1,152
Monique: $1,343

Paul: $1,693
Sean: $1,487
Loren: $999
Monique: $259

Loren: $1,303
Sean: $1,620
Paul: $1,550
Monique: $1,248

Paul: $3,243
Loren: $2,302
Monique: $1,507
Sean: $1,487

Loren: $2,200
Sean: $2,625
Paul: $1,800
Monique: $2,087

Paul: $5,043
Loren: $4,502
Monique: $3,594
Sean: $1,487

Loren: $1,549
Sean: $3,002
Paul: $2,743
Monique: $2,817

Paul: $7,786
Monique: $6,411
Loren: $4,502
Sean: $1,487

Final Face-Off: Out of $14,197...Monique's your winner with $4,189 of it.

Last night's "The Moment of Truth" a rough one for Mark

According to a radio show I was listening to this morning, Mark L. Wahlberg said that last night's episode of "The Moment of Truth" was the most uncomfortable time he's ever experienced while on national TV.

Monday, February 25, 2008

2/25/2008 Results

Tempation: Ladies and gentlemen, as I pick up the action today, we may have our third grand champion of the season after today. The man I'm talking about is Shiron, with nothing but 6's in his bank account after just two outings- $666! He passed up $10,000 for the chance to possibly win the Nissan Altima Hybrid today. And this will be his last chance to win that particular grand prize, because the prizes will change tomorrow. Hoping to stop him from winning anything from Shopper's Paradise are Tiffany and Ariana. After Speed Round #1, we have...

Shiron: $25
Tiffany: $25
Ariana: $20

...both Shiron and Tiffany being offered a nine-piece Ashley bedroom group plus a pair of desktop video phones, all worth $2,211 for just $10. When the price gets lowered to $8, the champ buys! He's out of the lead for now, though. Fame Game board:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Category: Singer.

1. I appeared on "Star Search" (I got it after this clue, BTW).
2. At age 10, I sang the national anthem at a Pittsburgh Pirates game.

Shiron then rings in...

_ _ R _ _ _ I _ _

_ _ U _ _ E _ _

...he gets the lead back at $32 with CHRISTINA AGUILERA!

Knock Off category: Quotes that appeared on AFI's list of Top 100 Movie Quotes.

"May the force be with you"
"Go ahead, make my day"
"I'll have what she's having"
"E.T., phone home"
"Someday, my prince will come"
"You talking to me?"
"Don't stop believin'"
"I see dead people"
"We were on a break!"
"I'll be back"
"Show me the money!"

Ariana: "May the force be with you"- $2 ($22)
Tiffany: "Show me the money!"- $2 ($27)
Shiron: "Rosebud"- $15 ($47)

Ariana: "Go ahead, make my day"- $2 ($24)
Tiffany: "You talking to me?"- $5 ($32)
Shiron: "I'll have what she's having"- $10 ($57)

Ariana: "I'll be back"- $5 ($29)
Tiffany: "E.T., phone home"- $5 ($37)
Shiron: "Someday my prince will come"

Ariana: "I see dead people"- $2 ($31)

Now with a $20 lead, Shiron is now offered a $2,500 gift certificate from Talbeta for $15. Going once...going twice...he wisely says NO SALE.

Speed Round #2 dealt with celebrities' baby names. After that...

Shiron: $82
Tiffany: $47
Ariana: $46

...he thankfully declines the chance at $2,500 in Instant Ca$h. He would've won the money, though, had he followed through with his pick of the white wallet. He goes on to retain the title with $92. Tiffany ($77) and Ariana ($56) visit the clubhouse and just go on their own way.

He now has $758 in his bank account. To win the car today, he must earn at least $125 in Super Knock Off.

His category: Things on "The Tonight Show".

Tiny Tim marries Miss Vicki
Top Ten List
Hugh Grant apologizes for arrest
"Stupid Pet Tricks"
Fred Thompson announces he's running for U.S. President
Bandleader is Paul Shaffer
"Stump the Band"
Steve Allen was a host
Drew Barrymore flashes the host
Sonny & Cher reunion
"Wish You Were Here" segment

1. Hugh Grant arrest- $25
2. Fred Thompson- $25
3. "Headlines"- $25
4. Steve Allen was a past host- $50

HE WON THE CAR!!! The $100 answer was the Tiny Tim-Miss Vicki marriage and the other right answer was "Stump the Band" (while it's been done a few times on "Late Show", it was a regular fixture on the "Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson).

I don't think he was as dominant on the buzzer in comparison to Mark, but in the recap (s) I've seen with him previously on the show, he kicked some major butt with the Knock Off and Super Knock Off boards! His girlfriend, Shauna, came out to celebrate with him! Altogether, he is now the second-highest winner on the show so far with $29,825 in prizes!

Merv Griffin's Crosswords: Our first players today are John Lysight (an in-salesman from Nevada; he also taught some NBA and WNBA Rookies of the Year!) and Tara Tyson (a writer from Alabama).

At the day's first Extra, the lady's in control with a Benjamin to the man's -$50. She tries to double up with a three-letter answer. The clue:

Famous saying, "You dirty ___!"

She says DOG...but it's RAT, so she's back at zero. At the end of the round, the man has a $50 lead, $100-$50.

Today's Spoilers are Dawn Jolson (a Wisconsin research scientist), Bob Tuttleman (a retired NY engineer) and Jacquelyn Eberly (a Wisconsin dietician). No Califonria players today.

1. (D _ _ _)- "Come Back to the 5 and ___, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean". The man says DIME...right to triple up.
2. (_ _ I _ _)- Cover story? At the last second, the guy rings in with ALIBI...good guess, because he's right to go to $500!
3. (_ _ M _ _)- The entire range. For the first spoil of the day, Robert says GAMUT...he has $700 and the lead!
4. (Three letters)($100)- Fish sticks fish. TT this time is in with COD...and she triples to $150.
5. (C _ _ _ _)- Word with "juvenile" or "kangaroo". Bob says COURT...he now has $900!
6. (_ _ _ U _)- Refute by evidence. To go over the century mark, he goes with REBUT...right for $1,100!
7. (_ E _ _ _)- It may be constructed from sandbags. He says LEVEE...$1,300! And he gets a shot at the first Extra of the round. He wagers $1,000:

_ E _

A golf ball is driven off it. He knows for sure it's TEE to go to $2,300!

9. (Five-letter word)- Barely burn. He says SINGE...and that takes him to $2,500!
10. (_ _ E)($100)- Noted 1973 plaintiff. He goes with ROE from "Roe vs. Wade"...correct to go to $2,600!
11. (S _ _)($100)- Fall from grace. He goes with a SIN...not a bad guess, he's up to $2,700!
12. (Five-letter word)- Bermuda in the kitchen? He says ONION...that's it to to to $2,900!
13. (_ _ O _ _)- Not in a whisper. He says it ALOUD to go to $3,100!
14. (A _ _)($100)- Switzerland's Eiger, for one. He says that's an ALP mountain...sure is! He now has $3,200!
15. (_ U _ _ _ _)- Subtle difference. He's in once more with NUANCE...and he continues his winning ways, as he's at $3,400!
16. (Four-letter word)- Cast a ballot. He knows that's to VOTE and he now has $3,600!
17. (_ T _ _ _)- Do a make-up job? To rain on Robert's parade, Jolson says STYLE...NO. It was ATONE.
18. (Four-letter word)- Get the wrinkles out of. Bob says IRON...that's right to hit the other Extra of this round with $3,800! He bets $2,000 of it on this:

_ _ N _ _

Clue: Postulation. He says TENET...


...and he's now at $5,800!

20. (_ _ R _ _)- Ethical standards. To score a $6,000 steal, Lysight says MORAL...good guess, but WRONG. Answer was actually MORAY. That's all for this round.

BTW, make sure you check out the online tournament at You could win some nice prizes while you're at it.


1. (Eight letters)($300)- Any small, pleasing picture. Bob says POSTCARD...incorrect. The answer was VIGNETTE, and he's down to $5,500.
2. (Three letters)($100)- A borrower-a-lender link. For the spoil, Eberly says NOR...right for $5,600!
3. (_ _ _ _ _ N)- Role for Kilmer or Clooney. Tyson says BATMAN to go to $350.
4. (_ _ A _ _)- Cockamamie. At the last second, Tyson says CRAZY...incorrect. Bob could've intentionally missed this one, but he gets INANE to steal her $350.
5. (_ _ _ _ N _)- Speak with a singing voice. He says INTONE to go to $550.
6. (Five letters)- Elevator operator's query. He goes with the FLOOR...he's right again to go to $750.
7. (Three letters)($100)- Pin near a gutter. He says ACE...incorrect, dropping him to $650. Eberly then says nothing, so her lead is now at risk. Jolson then says TEN...right to steal her $5,600!
8. (Five letters)- "Still Me" memoirist Christopher. She says REEVE to go to $5,800.
9. (Three letters)($100)- Wahine's chaplet. Bob says LEI...he's back at $750.
10. (_ I _ _ _ _)- A few Zs in Zaragoza, e.g. He says that's a SIESTA...and it is to go to $950.
11. (Five letters)- Opposite of svelte. Bob says TUBBY...good move in intentionally missing that, because he now has a chance to go back to Spoiler's Row if one of two spoilers gets this one right. Tyson says THICK...I don't think so. Last chance goes to Lysight, who says HEAVY...NO! It was OBESE, so Bob goes back to $750.
12. (Three letters)($100)- Beatles lyric, "It was twenty years ___ today". He gets AGO to go back to $850 and hit the last Extra of the game. He naturally bets $2,000 on a six-letter answer. The clue:

Chief ore of lead.

He says GALENA...he now has $2,850!


14. (Five-letter word)- Bedsheet material, often. He gets LINEN to go to $3,050.
15. (Five-letter word)- Religious composition without accompaniment. Eberly has a free chance to spoil and take the lead back with CHANT...NO. It was MOTET.
16. (Five-letter word)- Cartographic closeup. He says INSET to go to $3,250, but I believe he's screwed at this point in the game thanks to his ill-advised move of stealing the trailer's podium.
Final clue (five letters)- Chip-off-the-old-block factor? He gets GENE just for fun to finish with $3,450, but that's all going to waste, as Jolson wins her $5,800.

Crossfire: If she can somehow fill in the remaining 17 blanks, she's taking home $10,800 and a trip to St. Lucia...yes she does!

WWTBAM: Our first player today is Helen Pinkston from Kansas City. She's wearing some kinky boots as a good luck charm. She's on a roll heading into this $16,000 question:

Located on the Patapsco River, the Inner Harbor is a popular tourist destination in what major U.S. city?

A: Baltimore
B: Philadelphia
C: Savannah
D: Boston

Since geography is her worst subject, she asks the audience. 71% said Baltimore while 20% said Savannah. She goes with Baltimore...

A: Baltimore
B: Philadelphia
C: Savannah
D: Boston

...right! For $25,000:

"French vanilla" ice cream, as opposed to regular "vanilla", is required by law to contain at least 1.4% what?

A: Butter
B: Heavy cream
C: Egg yolk
D: Organic milk

She calls Renee, a respiratory therapist, who's not so sure it's butter. She then uses her 50:50...and that choice is out of play. Heavy cream and egg yolk are left. She then goes for it with egg yolk...

B: Heavy cream
C: Egg yolk it for $25,000! Unfortunately, the $50,000 doesn't happen for her, so the $25,000 is what she takes home.

Joanna Walker from Queen Creek, AZ is next. Last question of the day, for $4,000:

John Hinckley claimed that he shot Reagan to impress Jodie Foster, with whom he had grown obsessed after viewing what film?

A: "Chinatown"
B: "Apocalypse Now"
C: "The Godfather"
D: "Taxi Driver"

She asks the audience and 88% said "Taxi Driver". She agrees and will return tomorrow!

WOF: Time to begin the last week of the "Thanks a Million!" Sweepstakes. Tonight's players are Alana Cooper (in the blue) from Chicago (who works as a hand model for commercials and catalogs), Shannon Parvast from Brighton, Mass. (who is a preschool teacher) and Dennis Miavos from Castle Rock, CO (who is self-employed).

Cooper wins $1,000 with the Little Richard classic GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY, while the other lady gets SECTIONAL SOFA for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Before & After, and a $5,000 Tahiti trip is now on the wheel. At the start, the Massachussetts lady calls two R's for $5,000, but she then loses the money right back to a Bankrupt. After Cooper later buys the E's, we have...

_ _ _ T _ R

S T R _ _ _

_ _ E E S E

...I don't know the top word. She then calls the H for $300 and the Free Spin. Next, she calls the N for the trip. After she buys the I's, we now have...

_ _ I T _ R

S T R I N _

_ H E E S E

...and she solves GUITAR STRING CHEESE for another $400 and the trip, for a new total of $6,400.

$25,000-WINNING ID #1: SP08224

IHOP Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Author/Title. After she calls the R's, we have...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _/S _ _ _ E S _ E _ R E ' S/

_ _ _ _ _ S/_ _ E S _ R

...I know it already. After calling a dud in R, she uses her Free Spin and buys the A's. That's enough for her to solve WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S JULIUS CAESAR for another $3,600 and a trip to Rome, for a new total of $15,900!


ActivOn Big Money Round category is Fictional Character. Early on, Parvast calls two H's for $25,000 from the Big Money Wedge! But she then buys a dud vowel in A. The man then lands on a Mystery Wedge and calls an S. He flips...Bankrupt. After she gets her turn back and calls the L's for another $800, we have...


_ _ L L S _ _ R _

_ _ _ _ H _ _ _

...but she then calls a dud in C. The man then calls another dud in F. Cooper then calls the Y's for $600 and then solves THE PILLSBURY DOUGHBOY for another $1,850 and $17,750 total!

The man in the middle then gets his first $3,000 with HOWLING WOLF. Next category is On the Map. After Cooper buys the E's, we have...

_ E _ _ R _

_ E _

_ E R _ E _

...I know it now, but she hits Lose a Turn. Parvast calls the N's for $600, the W's for another $1,600 and then solves NEWARK NEW JERSEY for another $2,200 and $4,200 altogether.

Speed-Up Round category is Phrase and consonants are worth $1,400 apiece. After the man in the middle calls the T's, we have...

N _ T _ _ N _

_ _ S T S

_ _ R _ _ _ R

...and he solves NOTHING LASTS FOREVER to finish with $5,800. The lady from Massachussetts has $4,200 and Cooper wins tonight with $17,750!

Cars tonight are a Mitshubishi Eclipse Spyder and a Jeep Grand Cherokee. She spins the big B and the category is Thing. Starting with:

E _ _ _

S _ _ _

Cooper calls D, M, W and A and gets...

E _ _ _

S A _ A's ____ SAGA. She wants to say EVIL SAGA...but that's wrong. It was EPIC SAGA, and she doesn't win $50,000.

$25,000-WINNING ID #2: BM06121

TPIR: As a result of last Friday night's million-dollar win, Roger may be mean on the Pricing Game setups for the rest of the season. Let's hope I'm wrong about that at several points for the remainder of the season.

Today's opening players were Marco, Sharon Cooke, Elizabeth Eskanero and Justine Mayer. The first IUFB was a computer system.

Justine: $899 (STUPID BID)
Elizabeth: $1,250 (Drew heard $1,200 instead.)
Sharon: $1,650
Marco: $900

ARP: $2,507, so Cooke got a shot at a GEM car in Flip. Board:


I said $7,995, and after some heavy thought, she agreed and won!

Next to "Come on Down" was Penny Casba and the second IUFB was luggage. The winner also got a $40 supply of breathing mist.

Penny: $891
Marco: $2,250 (STAGE WILLY)
Justine: $950
Elizabeth: $951

ARP: $1,130, so EE got a shot at a Chevy Cobalt (Std., AT) in Let Em' Roll worth $15,510. She got past the groceries for her three rolls. First roll yielded three cars and $1,500. Second roll gave her $2,500. She went for her last car, but she lost just $1,000, so she finished with $1,500.

Next player was Asher Hoffman and the third IUFB was a gas range.

Asher: $1,300
Penny: $1,780
Marco: $1,750
Justine: $2,000

ARP: $1,599, so since he was the only one not to overbid, Hoffman played the season's first playing of Take Two for golf clubs, a guitar, a heart-shaped crib and an eliptical trainer. The target was $4,549. First pick was the gold clubs...$1,353. Next was the trainer...$2,500, for a total of only $3,853. He swapped the golf stuff for the guitar. If it cost $2,049, he won...but it was $1,069 only. The crib was the one that cost $2,049.

The $1,500 winner got to the Showcase.

Next to leave the audience was Carlos from the U.S. Marine Corps and the next IUFB was a selection of language books. The winner also got a $40 supply of Energizer batteries.

Carlos: $750
Penny: $820
Marco: $675
Justine: $826

ARP: $869, which meant Mayer played Balance Game for a hot tub. The last three numbers were 0, 9 and 4. The amounts available were $2,000, $3,000 and $5,000. Her guess was $7,094...both of us were wrong- THAT'S TOO MUCH! ARP: $5,094.

Next player was Jewel Whacker (!!) and the next IUFB was a dinette.

Jewel: $750
Carlos: $1,500
Penny: $1,501
Marco: $1,502

ARP: $833, so we hope Whacker won't be whacking Drew in the face. And she won't, if she happened to win a PT Cruiser in One Away. Wrong price was $28,326. First guess:

$ 1 7, 4 1 5

That was a very good guess, but just four were right. She changed to...

$ 1 7, 4 3 5

...and she won, and she jumped on Drew in celebration!

The last player was Ruben Ruez and the final IUFB was an area rug.

Ruben: $1,000
Carlos: $900
Penny: $702
Marco: $1,100

ARP: $2,498, so Marco escaped the First Four Breakfast Club! He then got to play Barker's Bargain Bar for a pinball machine marked at $3,295 and a motorcycle marked at $3,199. I thought the pinball machine was the bigger bargain, but he disagreed. ARP for the machine: $4,595. Was that motorcycle at least $4,599? It was $4,199. But he did get to the Showcase.

First Showcase showed how Peter Pan and the gang matured in the later years of their life. First, his back was so tired, that he decided to take a plane to Las Vegas. Second, he realized that he's lost his youthfulness, and the only chance that he could get it back is if he went to a spa while on a trip to Switzerland. Finally, in order to bring back those lost memories of sailing on a pirate ship, he needs to take to the water a new Reinell 20" LSE ski boat. Marco got all of this and bid $15,927, which was a GARF OF THE CENTURY. Double E looked at some unique buisness cards. First, Blits Photography is about those people who need to pay for a new digital camera. Second, Great Pilots is about watching pilot episodes of your favorite TV shows on a new plasma HDTV. Finally, Personal Chauffeur is about those chauffeurs who obviously want to take patient passangers to where they need to go in a new Pontiac Grand Prix (Std., Stereo). She bid $17,444, which was a SUPER GARF, but she still had a reasonable chance to win.

ARP for her: $25,649, a difference of $8,205. ARP for him: $38,776, so he left with consolation prizes while the lady won the day and $28,319 in cash and prizes.

The Moment of Truth: Tonight's contestant is Lauren Cleri, a hair salon assistant from New York.

Q1: As an employee of a hair salon, have you ever told a customer you liked their hairstyle when in fact, you didn't?

My guess: YES
Lauren: NO- TRUE

Q2: Have you ever flashed a stranger just for laughs?

My guess: YES
Lauren: YES- TRUE

Q3: Would you give food to a stray dog before you would give it to a homeless person?

My guess: YES
Lauren: YES- TRUE

Q4: Have you ever derived pleasure when one of your siblings has gotten into trouble?

My guess: NO
Lauren: YES- TRUE

Q5: Have you ever been fired from a job for stealing money?

My guess: NO
Lauren: YES- TRUE

Q6: If you knew you wouldn't get caught, would you steal money from your place of employment?

My guess: YES
Lauren: NO- $10,000

Q7: Since you've been married, have you ever pretended to be asleep in order to avoid having sex with your husband Frank?

My guess: YES
Lauren: YES- TRUE

Q8: Do you blame your husband for your lack of close friends?

My guess: NO
Lauren: YES- TRUE

Q9: Would you ever be a surrogate mother for your sister if she were unable to have children?

My guess: NO
Lauren: YES- TRUE

Q10: Do you think your parents are proud of you?

My guess: YES
Lauren: NO- TRUE

Q11: Do you know things about your father that you keep secret from your mother?

My guess: YES
Lauren: YES- $25,000

Q12: Do you secretly stay in touch with any boyfriends that your husband doesn't know about?

My guess: YES
Lauren: NO- TRUE

Q13: Have you ever taken off your wedding ring to appear as if you were single?

My guess: YES
Lauren: YES- TRUE

Q14: Do you believe you might have been in love with a former boyfriend on your wedding day?

My guess: YES
Lauren: YES- TRUE

The next question, asked by her ex-boyfriend, Frank: If I wanted to get back together with you, would you leave your husband?

This gets swapped out by Monica. The question she must take, no ifs, ands or buts:

Do you believe I'm the man you should be married to?

My guess: NO
Lauren: YES- $100,000!

Her husband is not happy with her right now. She decides to go on. She must get the remainder of the questions asked tonight to return the next time.

Q16: Since you've been married, have you ever had sexual relations with someone other than your husband?

My guess: YES
Lauren: YES- TRUE

Q17: Do you think you're a good person?

My guess: NO
Lauren: YES- OOPS!!!

The "Deal or No Deal" syndrome got her big time, in more ways than one. After what happened with her husband, I felt she should've taken the $100,000 and gone home. Instead, she won't be back and leaves with nothing.

My Dad is Better Than Your Dad: This is the first episode that I'm covering. Your host is Dan Cortese. Tonight's teams:

Team Stephenson
Team Sass
Team Li
Team Kabat

Each team on the show consists of a kid and their father.

The first challenge is called Alphabet Soup. Here, each dad has to get the eight letters of an eight-letter word out of a big bowl of alphabet soup to their kid. The kids then had to unscramble that word. The last team that figured out that word will be penalized during the second challenge. To make things a bit more fun at home, here's the clue for the word:

A people mover.

The word was ELEVATOR, and Team Li are the winners of this challenge. Other standings:

2nd: Team Stephenson
3rd: Team Kabat
LAST: Team Sass

The second challenge tonight is called Out on a Limb. Here, the dads have to climb up a tree and find nests with some eggs in them. The higher a nest is on the tree, the more eggs it will have. Their objective is to toss those eggs down to their kids in the hopes that they will catch them. The team who catches the least amount of eggs will be eliminated. Each team had 2:00 on the clock, except for Team Sass, who had 1:45 on their clock. Here are the scores:

Team Kabat: 8
Team Stephenson: 8
Team Sass: 3
Team Li: 5

Round 3 is a trivia round. Each question has four choices. The first two teams to answer three correctly go on to the finals. The kids have to buzz in, in order to allow their dads to answer. First up:

What is the first name of SpongeBob SquarePants' squirrel girlfriend?

A: Sandy
B: Rocky
C: Shelley
D: Dory

Team Kabat says Sandy to get on the board. Second question:

At sea level, water freezes at what temperature?

A: 0 degrees Fahrenheit
B: 32 degrees Fahrenheit
C: -32 degrees Fahrenheit
D: 32 degrees Celsius

Team Kabat goes with 0...incorrect. Team Li then says 32 degrees Fahrenheit...right.
Third question:

What's the name of the East High basketball team in "High School Musical"?

A: Bobcats
B: Tigers
C: Unicorns
D: Wildcats

Team Li guesses the Wildcats...yes! Next:

On a standard Monopoly board, what's the face value of Park Place?

A: $450
B: $400
C: $350
D: $500

Team Kabat tries again for their second point with a guess of $400...I don't think so. Team Stephenson tries for their first point with $450...THAT'S TOO MUCH! To move on to the final round, Team Li says $350...yes indeed! Next:

Which of the following is not a popular brand of perfume?

A: Chanel
B: Obsession
C: Charlie
D: Odione

Team Kabat says Charlie...but that is a kind of perfume. To get on the board, Team Stephenson thinks the dud is Odione...yes! Next:

Who is the main hero in the video game Halo?

A: Grand Master Flash
B: Adams
C: Master Chief
D: Ford Prefect

Team Kabat's the first one in with Master Chief...right! This next question could do it for them:

If you're lactose intolerant, which of the following will you be the most likely to make you sick?

A: Parmigiano
B: Hard boiled eggs
C: Red grapes
D: Shrimp cocktails

Team Stephenson ties it up with Parmigiano. This next question should decide it:

What's dry ice?

A: Carbon Dioxide
B: Hydrochloric acid
C: Water
D: A-1 steak sauce

For the win, Team Kabat says Hydrochloric acid...NO. Team Stephenson then goes with Carbon Dioxide...that's it to go to the finals!

The final challenge is called "The Scorpion King". Inside a truck are tons of African scorpions. Both of the remaining dads have to move as many scorpions ten feet away from a conveyor belt as they can. The one who moves the most wins the game for his team, a prize package and a chance at the $50,000 top prize in the endgame.

Team Stephenson captured 46, and Team Li captured...47, so they're the champions tonight! Team Stephenson leaves with an XBOX 360, while Team Li also gets a mountain bike.

The bonus round is called My Son Knows Me Better. Here, the dad has to answer questions about his son. Each match is worth $10,000. The game ends when he reaches the $50,000 mark or when he messes up twice.

Q1: Who did Christopher say was his favorite band?

A: The Beatles
B: The Doors
C: The Jonas Brothers Band
D: The Wiggles

He says The Beatles...he's on the board.

Q2: According to Christopher, what is the first name of his current teacher?

A: Sally
B: Julie
C: Diane
D: Mustafa

He knows it's a first aid teacher, Julie!

Q3: What's the funniest movie Christopher says he's ever seen?

A: "The Simpsons Movie"
B: "Ratatouille"
C: "Surf's Up"
D: "Shrek the Third"

He takes a guess with "The Simpson Movie"...$30,000!

Q4: What did Christopher tell us he wanted to be when he grows up?

A: A doctor
B: A fireman
C: A writer
D: An engineer

He wants to say fireman, but he says doctor...should've gone with his gut.

Q5: According to Christopher, how much did the Tooth Fairy pay him for his third tooth?

A: $5
B: $10
C: $20
D: $50

He says $20...he now has 2,000 times that, $40,000! For all the marbles:

What did Christopher say was the scariest animal in the world?

A: Rattlesnake
B: Tarantula
C: Tiger
D: Mountain lion

He goes with tarantula...NO. It was rattlesnake. But they're still leaving with a little over $40,000 in cash and prizes!

Deal or No Deal: No matter what happens, this will be the last game in this current Million Dollar Mission. Tonight's players are Nate and Sarah Harrison from Pasadena, CA. Their case choice is #5.

ROUND 1 (Controlled by Nate):
1. #6- $10
2. #13- $400
3. #16- $300
4. #25
5. #26- $25
6. #1


1. #2- $50
2. #7
3. #23
4. #8- $1
5. #4


1. #3
2. #22- $500
3. #12- $200
4. #20


1. #21- $75
2. #9- PENNY
3. #19- $5

They're two away from $1,000,000!


ROUND 5: Both picks are $1,000,000 KOs- #17 and #14.


Next pick is #18...DANGER ZONE TIME. The next offer they turn down is $298,000. Next pick is #24...STRIKE ONE. New offer they turn down: $273,000. Next pick is #11...STRIKE TWO. New offer is $209,000...

...DEAL! So another Million Dollar Mission ends without a $1,000,000 winner. At least their case wasn't one of the 13 lucky cases- they had $750. They would've knocked out the last $1,000,000 case at #15.