Monday, March 31, 2008

"Dancing With the Stars" 3/31

The odd-numbered teams got the Jive while the even-numbered teams got the Tango.

First were Maree Matlin and Fabian Sanchez. Everyone, including me, gave a 7.

Second were Steve Guttenberg and Anna Trebunskaya. For their Tango, I only gave this a 3 because I felt it was very sloppy. All three judges gave 7s.

Third were Cristian de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke. I gave them a 9 for their Jive! Only Bruno agreed with me, while the other two gave 8s, for a total of 25.

Fourth were Mario and Karina Smirnoff. For their Tango, I gave it a 5 because I felt most of the dancing was stiff. Len gave a 6, Carrie Ann had a 7 and Bruno gave an 8, for a total of 21.

At the halfway mark, Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough took their shot at the Jive. Everyone including me gave an 8 for their performance, putting them in second place for the moment.

Up sixth were Adam Carolla and Julianne Hough with their Tango. The judges and I agreed that this got a 7.

In the lucky seven spot were Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani. They danced to "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne. I gave a 6, and everyone agreed except for Len, who gave a 7.

Next were Priscilla Presley and Louis Van Amstel. I gave this a 7, but the judges all gave higher scores. Carrie Ann had an 8, while the men each had 9s, for a total of 26! She's now one of the favorites!

Ninth were Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska with the last Jive of the night. They danced to "Gold Digger" by Kanye West. I gave this a 9. Len gave a 7 while everyone else had 8s, for a total of 23.

Going last were Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas with their Tango. Jeff Probst of "Survivor" fame introduced this team! The judges and I all gave a 9! Add this team to the favorites teams list!

Marissa Jaret Winokur's team is in deep trouble Tuesday, as they were in the bottom two last week.

3/31/2008 Results- "Bingo America" debuts!

Temptation: Today, we have Kristi, Chudney and Nicole. After the first Speed Round...

Kristi: $30
Chudney: $20
Nicole: $35

...Nicole is tempted with some designer sunglasses and some diamond stud earrings, a total value of $1,009 for $10. The final offer is an $8 sale price. Going once...SOLD! Fame Game board:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _

Category: On the Map.

1. I was named for a farm in Massachussetts.
2. Native Americans considered me a sacred site.
3. In the 1800s, my land sold for over $4,000.
4. By the 1900s, people were building masons here.
5. My current residents include Tom Cruise and David Beckham.

Chubney rings in...

_ E _ E R _ Y

_ I L L S

...she gets BEVERLY HILLS to take over the lead for now with $35.

Knock Off category: Disneyland Attractions.

Jungle Cruise
Splash Mountain
Mad Tea Party
Timerline Twister
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
King Arthur Carrousel
Star Tours
Astro Orbiter
Peter Pan's Flight
Chip n' Dale Treehouse
Woody's Wild West
Mickey's Magic Carpet Wild Ride

Nicole: Splash Mountain- $5 ($32)
Kristi: Mr. Toad's Wild Ride- $2 ($32)
Chudney: Jungle Cruise- $2 ($37)

Nicole: King Arthur Carousel- $5 ($37)
Kristi: Mad Tea Party- $3 ($35)
Chudney: Star Tours- $5 ($42)

Nicole: Peter Pan's Flight- $3 ($40)
Kristi: Mickey's Magic Carpet Ride
Chudney: Astro Orbiter- $10 ($52)

Nicole: Chip n' Dale's Treehouse- $15 ($55)

With a $3 lead, Nicole is now offered Nike running shoes, an iPod Nano and a $500 gift certificate from Home Bistro, a total of $829 for $11. The final offer is a $7 sale price and a $200 bonus. Going once...going twice...SOLD!

Speed Round #2 dealt with groups of people with members who are either family related or are just friends. After that...

Kristi: $30
Chudney: $57
Nicole: $63

...Nicole gets a chance at $3,500 in today's Instant Ca$h. She goes for it and chooses the red wallet...she's got all the money!

Speed Round #3: After this, our new champion is...

Kristi: $60
Chudney: $57
Nicole: $77

...Nicole! The other two head to the ZONK Clubhouse.

This week in Shopper's Paradise, we have:

$98: Handygirl Organizers visit ($2,000)
$200: Bag, Borrow and Steal membership ($3,300)
$355: Home theatre package ($5,597)
$604: T@B trailer ($18,460)
$825: African Safari ($22,000)

Super Knock Off category: Grammy Award winners.

Eddie Murphy
Bill Clinton
Jane Fonda
Patrick Stewart
Sally Field
Paris Hilton
Johnny Depp
Adam Sandler
Barack Obama
Jack Nicholson
Jason Alexander
Joaquin Phoenix

1. Bill Clinton- $25
2. Eddie Murphy- $25
3. Patrick Stewart- $25

She stops at $75. But she could've gotten another $100 had she gone on with Barack Obama. The $50 answer was Jack Nicholson and the last correct answer was Joaquin Phoenix.

With $152 in her bank account, she'll return tomorrow! So far, she's won $5,538 in cash and prizes.

WWTBAM: First up today is Jessica Cocchiara from Chandler, AZ. She had no job and had a wedding coming up at the time of this taping. More importantly, she had no cash with her. $2,000 question:

If a woman making $50,000 a year receives a 20% pay raise, what's her new annual salary?

A: $55,000
B: $60,000
C: $70,000
D: $75,000

She asks the audience and 93% said $60,000. She agrees and is right. Next:

In 2007, Jeremy Piven won a second Emmy for his role as uber-agent Ari Gold on what TV series?

A: "Entourage"
B: "Extras"
C: "The Sopranos"
D: "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

She calls Jim, who immediately says "Entourage". She agrees and is right. Next, for $8,000:

What month's name is also an adjective meaning "awe-inspiring"?

A: May
B: March
C: June
D: August

The 50:50 leaves May and August. She then says August...right to go to $8,000! For $16,000:

In 1780, England's General Cornwallis called what city a "hornet's nest of rebellion"?

A: Charlotte, NC
B: Annapolis, MD
C: Trenton, NJ
D: Richmond, VA (!!!)

She immediately says Charlotte...

A: Charlotte, NC
B: Annapolis, MD
C: Trenton, NJ
D: Richmond, VA

...she's right to go to $16,000! She stops after she's not sure enough of this:

What part of the human eye has no blood vessels?

A: Retina
B: Cornea
C: Iris
D: Sclera

She would've said cornea and would've gotten to $25,000.

Next is Tom Stigi from Bayside, NY. For $4,000:

What Olympic event requires competitors to lie on a sled and hurtle headfirst down an icy track?

A: Giant slalom
B: Skeleton
C: Curling
D: Biathlon

He says giant slalom...

A: Giant slalom
B: Skeleton
C: Curling
D: Biathlon

...NO. It was skeleton, so he leaves with $1,000 and a DVD game.

Don Rommel from Pocatello, ID is next. Last question of the day, for $4,000:

The U.S. government issues federal Stafford loans to help borrowers pay for what?

A: Starting a business
B: Medical expenses
C: Buying a home
D: Education

He asks the audience. 86% said medical expenses while 12% said starting a business. He agrees with the audience on medical expenses and will return tomorrow!

Cash Cab: First up today, trying to get to the Chelsea Hotel, were Tippy and Shawn. They had to survive 41 blocks.

$50 round:
Q1: Inspiring the headline "A Czar is Born", who was Time's 2007 Person of the Year?
Guess: Vladimir Putin- RIGHT ($50)
Q2: In 1995, the city of Jerusalem rejected a replica of what famed statue because of its exposed privates?
Guess: David- RIGHT ($100)
Q3: What tropical fruit contains a sweet, sterile fluid that was used as an emergency IV solution during WWII?
Guess: Papaya- STRIKE ONE (A: Coconut)
Q4: Named for their inventor, the Rings of Hendrick are circular ridges that stablize the flight of what iconic toy?
Guess: Frisbee- RIGHT ($150)

$100 round:
Q1: A bicentennial celebrates the 200th anniversary of something. What anniversary is marked by a semi-centennial?
MOBILE SHOUT-OUT: Tippy called Louise, who said their gut of 50.
Guess: 50- RIGHT ($250)
Q2: In 2007, what East Coast state became the first state in 30 years to abolish the Death Penalty?
Guess: New Jersey- RIGHT ($350)
Q3: Named for a mischevious creature of legend, what AMC sedan was America's first sub-compact car?
Guess: Gremlin- RIGHT ($450)
Q4: Designed to withstand extreme enviroment(s), what rugged Panasonic laptop is popular with the troops in Iraq?
STREET SHOUT-OUT: While in Chelsea, their partner said Toughbook.
Guess: Toughbook- RIGHT ($550)

$200 round:
Q1: Sitting in the permanent collection of Moma, the Aeron is a type of chair from what furniture company?
NO GUESS (A: Herman Miller)
Final question: The sight of the first atomic weapons test, White Sands is a 3,000 square mile U.S. military installation located in what state?
Guess: New Mexico- WIN ($750)

They took their money and ran.

Sheldon tried to get to a spot on 3rd between 44th and 45th. Playing this game on your own is not that good of an idea, but he was one of the lucky few solo players to go all the way, winning $650.

That meant the day's losers were Ned, Megan and Kevin. They couldn't survive a 45-block trip to the library.

WOF: Tonight's contestants are Garry Baines, Jr. from Inglewood, CA (who just graduated from UCLA and is a admissions analyzer for a private university; originally from Pittsburgh), Jillian Coolis from Springhill, KS (who is a full-time registered nurse) and Pam Hancock from Denver (who just got her Master's Degree in social work from the Univ. of Denver).

Tonight's male contestant gets SPANNING THE GLOBE for $1,000 (Jillian totally blew this one with SPANNING THE BIBLE, which is a ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK nominee) and then PAPERBACK WRITER to go to $3,000 (Hancock was incorrect with PAPERBACK WRAPPER).

Round 1 category is Food & Drink and out on the wheel now is a trip to Paris worth $5,400. After Jillian buys the A's, we have...

_ _ E _ _ A/S A _ S A _ E S/_ _/

T _ _ T _ _ _ _ _ S

...she calls an $800 G and buys the U and three O's. I know this now. She calls the N's for another $1,500 and solves VIENNA SAUSAGES ON TOOTHPICKS for $3,900.

(All week long, clips from foreign versions of this show will be shown. Tonight, a clip from the France version is shown!)

Campbell's Soup Jackpot Round category is Before & After. Hancock calls two N's for the Wild Card. At that point, we have...

_ N S _ _ T

S _ R A _


...I've got it, and I have this bad feeling somebody will mess up the solve. She calls a dud in L. The man calls a $450 C and buys the E, but then calls D for dud. Jillian calls the P for a $1,000 gift certificate from and solves INSECT SPRAY TAN to win that and go to $4,900.

ActivOn Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Thing. Early on, Jillian hits a Mystery Wedge. She calls two M's and takes $2,000 (the right thing to do, because a Bankrupt was there). She then calls the F for another $300 and the Free Spin. Later on, after she calls two D's for another $1,600, we have...


D E _ A _ T _ _ E

...and she solves ESTIMATED TIME OF DEPARTURE for another $3,400 and a trip to St. Maarten, making her new total $15,700!


The man then solves FISH & GAME WARDEN to go to $6,000. Next category is Around the House. Jillian uses her Free Spin after calling a dud, but loses her turn a few turns later after repeating a dud of N. After the man buys the O's, we have...

S O L _ _/_ O O _/_ O _ _ _ _/

T _ _ L _

...he calls two D's for $1,000 and a W for another $500. After buying the I, he calls a $600 C and buys the E's. After he calls the F's, Speed-Up Mode commences and the remaining consonant is worth $1,300. He calls the B and solves SOLID WOOD COFFEE TABLE to finish with $10,250. Hancock gets the $1,000 consolation check and Jillian is our champion with $15,700.

Cars this week are a Toyota 4Runner and a Volvo C70 Convertible. She spins the first zero and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

T _ _ _ _

T _

_ _ _ _ _

I think it's TOUGH TO _____. She calls M, D, C and O and gets...

T O _ _ _


_ _ O _ D

...she can't get TOUGH TO AVOID, and she's the latest one on the season's $100,000 loser list.

Bingo America: Our first two contestants are Clifford and Christine. Here are the rules. A Bingo ball comes out of the hopper and a question is asked. Each correct answer lights up the letter on that ball and the number on that ball is added to the pot, which starts at $500. The first player to spell out BINGO wins the game. The first player to win two games wins the match, the money in the pot and faces the Bingo Bonus Board for a possible $100,000! If time runs short during any game, each question will have two answer choices given. An incorrect answers gives credit of the question to the other player.

1. (N44)- Before retiring in 2005, what athlete won seven straight Tour de France titles?
2. (I23)- "The Hunt For Red October" and "Clear and Present Danger" were both written by whom?
3. (O61)- During U.S. presidential elections, the first primary is traditionally conducted in what state?
4. (B15)- Prince Philip awakens Princess Aurora with a kiss in what Disney classic film?
CHRISTINE GOES WITH "Sleeping Beauty"- RIGHT (BIN--; $643)
5. (N43)- What word is Japanese for "empty orchestra" and is a leisure activity for an aspiring singer?
6. (G47)- In Atlantic City, it's a good bet for stores to sell salt water what?
7. (O62)- The infamous St. Valentine's Day Massacre occurred in what city?
8. (N39)- Computer binary code consists of what two numbers?
9. (B7)- The Thanksgiving dish, The Turducken, is a combination of what three birds?
10. (I29)- Early helicopter drawings were drawn by what Renaissance artist?
11. (G56)- Patrick Henry said "Give me liberty or give me" what?
12. (I28)- Who was the creator and host of "The Gong Show"?


13. (O68)- Stratus or Cirrus; which cloud floats the highest in the sky?

$979 is in the pot after the first game. GSN viewers, if you made a bingo on your card (s), you could win $50.

1. (N31)- In morse code, ...---... means what three emergency letters?
CLIFFORD SAYS SOS- YES (--N--; $1,010)
2. (N44)- What word meaning smart and fashionable might better be known as a nickname for Victoria Beckham?
3. (O67)- The first 10 Amendments of the U.S. Constitution make up the what?
4. (G49)- In 2005, what actress started and ended her marriage to Kenny Chesney?
5. (G56)- The word "facts" is short for what other word?
6. (B6)- The clash between the Montagues and the Capulets was depicted in what Shakespearean tragedy?
CHRISTINE GOES WITH "Romeo & Juliet"- RIGHT (B-NGO; $1,176)
7. (B11)- What scientist developed his theories of evolution while aboard the H.M.S. Beagle?
8. (O66)- The rice dish paella gets its yellow coloring from what golden spice?
9. (I21)- Your cranium surround and protects what organ?

That means Christine is our first champion with $1,208!

BBB: There are 75 numbers. Each number has a prize. Whatever is matched first is what the player wins. And for you folks at home, at the bottom of each online Bingo card are two bonus numbers. Should she call both of yours, you win a prize.

1. #13- Mazatlan
2. #8- $2,500
3. #18- $5,000
4. #6- $5,000- WINS $5,000

That means she's going home with $6,208!

My Dad is Better Than Your Dad: Tonight's teams are Team De Benedetto (Roberto and Sophia), Team Walewski (Andre and Cory), Team Trevino (Joseph and Joey) and Team Escalante (Mike and Cameron). This was the first episode taped.

My Dad is Faster: Alphabet Soup is the game. The answer is a fruit or vegetable...and it was EGGPLANT. The standings:

1. Team Trevino
2. Team Escalante
3. Team Di Benedetto
LAST: Team Walewski

My Dad is Faster #2: The bullseye game comes into play. Team Walewski only gets 1:45 this round since they finished last in the first round.

Team Escalante: 190
Team Walewski: 325
Team Trevino: 105
Team Di Benedetto: 145

My Dad is Smarter: Team Escalante and Team Di Benedetto make it to the finals.

My Dad is Braver: It's that famous window-breaking game! Team Di Benedetto scored 3,000...

...while Team Escalante scored just 2,400, so Team Di Benedetto wins!

My Dad Knows Me Better: Roberto only manages one correct answer for $10,000. The last chance to give away the $50,000 is next week.

Deal or No Deal: Our player tonight is Todd Ranck originally from Wilmington, DE. He's a waiter and has been going through about 40 jobs for his dream job. His case of destiny is #17.

1. #24- $5,000
2. #11- $500,000
3. #14- $25,000
4. #1- $5
5. #6- $50
6. #26- $400


1. #25- $200
2. #4- $750
3. #15- $300,000
4. #2- $500
5. #12- PENNY


1. #7- $50,000
2. #3- $300
3. #10- $75
4. #8- $10,000


1. #9- $100,000
2. #16- BUCK
3. #13- $100


1. #18- $25
2. #21- $400,000


Next pick is #23....$200,000, and he's now in the Danger Zone. New offer: $246,000...NO DEAL! Next pick is #19...ONE MILLION DOLLARS FOR STRIKE ONE. The next offer he turns down is $139,000. Next pick is #22...$10! That means he can't leave with less than $1,000! New offer: $198,000...

...DEAL! Has he GARFED at all in the end?...

...YES, BECAUSE HE WOULD'VE SWITCHED WITH #5 AND WOULD'VE WON THE $750,000. GARF OF THE CENTURY. Had he continued with #20, he would've knocked out $1,000 and had been given an offer of $454,000.

This Week in Game Shows: March 31-April 6

This week is a big one, for the following reasons:

-"WWTBAM" retuns from a three-week hiatus! Also, "Duel" begins its second season this week!

-"Bingo America" makes its debut on GSN!

-"Hell's Kitchen", my mother's favorite cooking game show, makes its Game Show Kingdom debut!

-"The Ultimate Fighter" begins season seven with a new format!

All this, plus two hours worth of "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" and more!

The Week in Review: March 24-30

The Big Winners List:

PLAYERS OF THE WEEK- TIE: Gabriel Canape ("Pros vs. Joes")($100,000) and Mary Beth Holtzheimer ("Deal or No Deal")($341,000)
RUNNERS-UP: Shawn Debney and Steve Airola ("Cash Cab")(New all-time winners with $4,100)
2ND RUNNER-UP: Jamie Christensen ("Wheel of Fortune")($114,700)

Other Big Winners:
Jonathan Little- $1,091,795 ("World Poker Tour")
Saima Shah- $120,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Paul Schon- $100,000 ("The Moment of Truth")
Tim McCoy- $45,000 ("Amne$ia")
Judson Jones- $39,988 ("TPIR")

ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK: Giving SCUBA-DOOS on a clue about "Scooby-Doo" on the March 28th episode of "Merv Griffin's Crosswords"

Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Celebrity Fit Club VI" Episode 4

Dustin Diamond was AWOL at the start of this episode. He was at it again, apparently.

Fitness Challenge: While on a beach, each team had to go through a field of debris and rescue a 150-pound dummy and then bring it back to the starting line. Along the way, they had to endure the spraying of a big water cannon by Harvey Walden, IV. The team that did this the fastest won everybody a beach getaway.

The Blue Team had to sit Erin Moran out so that it could be three-on-three with DD's absence.

By a final score of 5:06 to 4:37...

...the Newbies won!

Dead Weight Penalty: Willie Aames had to carry the bulk of the debris left on the beach course. The team's morale continued to breakdown as Aames managed to tick Toccara off.

Midway in the show, the exercise routine everybody did this week came from Moni, the founder of the Commando Krav Maga. These were life-saving techniques.

Everyone then had to climb that big wall from that Week 1 obstacle course in order to collect their dog tags. Sommore was the only one who couldn't get to them because she didn't have the strength to get all the way to the top.

Now, for the weigh-ins. Last time, the Newbies had a person down. This time, it was the Second Chancers' turn in this situation.

Brian Dunkleman: 159 pounds (1.2% of weight lost this season); 9.6% of body fat lost this season; next week's target was three pounds

Sommore: 177 pounds (2.2% of weight lost this season); 2.3% of body fat GAINED this season; next week's target was three pounds

Tina Yothers: 176 pounds (6.9% of weight lost this season); 9.9% of body fat lost this season; next week's target was two pounds

A.J. Benza: 210 pounds (NO weight lost this season); 8.7% of body fat lost this season; next week's target was three pounds

Willie Aames: 178 pounds (6.8% of weight lost this season); 12.9% of body fat lost this season; next week's target was two pounds

Erin Moran: 123 pounds (3.2% of weight lost this season); 1.3% of body fat lost this season; next week's target was two pounds

Toccara: 175 pounds (6.4% of weight lost this season); 5.4% of body fat lost this season; next week's target was two pounds. Additionally, she wound up taking Dustin Diamond's title as the captain of her team.

Second Chancers:
Weight Loss: 24.3%
Body Fat: 40.8%

Weight Loss: 6.6%
Body Fat: 17.3%

Willie Aames had the best individual Fit Factor so far this season with 20.

Important schedule note about "Celebrity Fit Club 6"

Starting tonight and for the remainder of the season, new episodes of the current season of "Celebrity Fit Club" will air Sundays at 8 PM.

"Top Chef: Chicago" Episode 3

This week's guest judge was Rick Bayless, the chef/owner of Frontera Grill and Topolobampo.

Quickfire: Everyone had to create an updated version of the taco. Winner advanced to the next episode.

Manuel: Chorizo tacos with picante verde, cilantro and goat cheese

Lisa: Grilled skirt steak tacos with caramelized onions, pineapple and cabbage slaw. Rick had a hard time eating the taco's rare steak, so she pretty much was out.

Andrew: Duck breast tacos with plantain jam and Cotija cheese

Erik: Chipotle-braised chicken taco with avocado, pomegranate salsa and guacamole

Spike: Ground pork tacos with tomatillo sauce. This may have been too cheap.

Ryan: Grilled squash tacos with stewed chickpeas. Another recipe that might've been too cheap.

Richard: Jicama tacos with avocado, papaya and and cilantro stems

The winner was...

...Richard Blais!

Elimination Challenge: The remaining 14 contestants were divided into two teams of seven- red and blue. Both teams had to serve food at a block party that was sponsored by They couldn't go shopping at grocery stores unlike the other challenges; they had to get the supplies while going door-to-door down the neighborhood. The teams:

Red: Dale Talde, Erik Hopfinger, Andrew D'Ambrosi, Ryan Scott, Spike Mendelsohn, Jennifer Biesty, Zoi Antonitsas

Blue: Richard Blais, Nikki Cascone, Stephanie Izard, Antonia Lofaso, Mark Simmons, Manuel Trevino and Lisa Fernandes

Blue Team:
1. Paella with clams, oysters, sausage and shrimp
2. BBQ pulled pork and chicken sandwich
3. Ribs with mexican chocolate BBQ sauce
4. Mixed fruit crumble with cinnamon sugar wontons
5. Macaroni and cheese with bacon and breadcrumbs
6. Cookie in a Cookie
7. "Sexy Drink" with citrus, pineapple, mint, lavender and soda water

Red Team:
1. Taco salad with chorizo, avocado, shrimp, jalapeno, cabbage and lime dressing
2. Mini sliders with bacon and provolone cheese sauce
3. Grilled pork skewers with pineapple and smoked red curry BBQ sauce
4. S'more lollipops
5. Waldorf chicken salad
6. Corn dogs with pomegranate ketchup and spicy mustard
7. "Dip Bar" with chips, veggies, pasta, etc.

The Red Team was confident that they won. Did they?...

...NO. The Blue Team's "Sexy Drink" was their key to victory, as they won by a slim margin. Stephanie Izard was the individual winner of this challenge.

Erik Hopfinger's corn dogs were said to have been too soggy. He even sensed it early on in the challenge. The waldorf salad by Andrew D'Ambrosi was also said to have been too soggy because too much chicken was used. Zoi Antonitsas' pasta was too oily and bland.

One of the two people who created an overly soggy dish was eliminated. And that person was...

Andrew D'Ambrosi
Erik Hopfinger

...Erik Hopfinger. Apparently, he was too lazy and selfish like me here.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Celebrity Fit Club VI" Episode 3

Fitness Challenge: Each team had to navigate an aged military vehicle through a maze. Along the way, they would hit obstacles. When they did, they had to get that object into the back of their vehicle. If they moved a bale of hay, a one-minute penalty was assessed. The team with the best time won.

Tina Yothers (Second Chancers) and Erin Moran (Newbies) were the drivers. Willie Aames continued to endure his knee injury.

The winners were...

...for the first time this season, the all-stars! They all won a three-night trip to the Montecito Inn, which was built by Charlie Chaplin.

Dead Weight Penalty: Brian Dunkleman got the penalty, which turned out to be carrying twelve heavy logs a half mile. Unlike the previous weeks, his team partners were not allowed to help him out here.

He was not happy about doing the penalty task, as his wedding took place on the week this episode was taped.

Toccara later apologized to Dr. Ian Smith and Co. for her outburst at them last week while outside the mess houses.

But Dunkleman had the most trouble this week, as he was heavily criticized by Harvey Walden IV for being a smart-ass. He later pulled a Dustin Diamond and left the set for a little while.


A.J. Benza: 205 pounds (2.4% of weight lost so far this season); 29.7% body fat; next week's target was three pounds

Willie Aames: 182 pounds (4.7% of weight lost this season); 12.1% body fat; next week's target was three pounds

Tina Yothers: 178 pounds (5.8% of weight lost this season); 38.7% body fat; next week's target was two pounds

Sommore: 178 pounds (1.7% of weight lost this season); 44% body fat; next week's target was three pounds

Dustin Diamond: 208 pounds (4.2% of weight lost this season); 14.4% body fat; next week's target was two pounds

Erin Moran: 124 pounds (2.4% of weight lost this season); 34.4% body fat; next week's target was two pounds

Toccara: 176 pounds (5.9% of weight lost this season); 34.1% body fat; next week's target was two pounds

Now, for the team standings:

Second Chancers:
Weight Loss: 20.6%
Body Fat: 40.2%

Newbies (including the weight Brian Dunkleman lost just right before he left):
Weight Loss: 8.9%
Body Fat: 2.9%

"America's Next Top Model" 3/26

To start, Tyra taught the remaining contestants to pose while faking pain. Then, one at a time, each lady. attempted to do so.

First up was Anya. She was asked to fake pain in the shoulderblades. Great job!

Second was Stacy-Ann, whom had to fake burning in the inner thighs. Good.

Whitney was third, and she had to look like her lips were burning. Great job!

Aimee was #4 with having to fake injured fingers. Decent.

Fifth was Fatima, and she needed to act as if she had bad weave tracks in her head. Very good!

Monique then had to act as if she had bad calves. Very good!

Claire then had to fake having her neck strangled. Very good, although Tyra said she sometimes lost her face during the shots.

Katarzyna then needed to act as if she had injured her quads. Decent.

Last was Lauren, who needed to act as if her hands were swollen after a game of Patty Cake...terrible job.

The winner was Anya! The announcement was revealed on the Tyra Mail readerboard. She won a one-on-one photo shoot with Nigel Barker.

Photo Shoot: Each lady had to pose in a way that was related to a genre of music. Russell James helped out with the photography.

Fatima was first with Heavy Metal. She was just OK.

Second was Katarzyna with Emo. Very good!

Third was Lauren with Pop. If she did badly here, she was in deep trouble...she looked average here.

Fourth was Claire with Country, and she looked like Christina Aguilera during this shoot! As for her performance, she was just OK.

Fifth was Dominique, and she had Folk to work with. Very good!

Anya then tried the Punk style of music. Average.

Stacy-Ann got the House style of music. Also average.

Aimee got R & B. She was terrible.

Last up was Whitney with Grunge, and she looked like Avril Lavigne! And her performance was top-notch too!

The bottom two were...

...Aimee and Claire. Claire being in the bottom two surprised me, as I felt she hasn't done anything too horrible this season. The final decision on her this week...

...sure enough, she was safe! Aimee was eliminated.


Up until now, I’ve only done one poker recap that I know of, the 2006 Three Card Poker National Championship that aired in 2007. But the World Poker Tour is the real deal, folks. The first WPT event that aired on GSN was the Mirage Poker Showdown with the following six finalists and their chip counts heading into the final table:

Phil Ivey: $1,395,000
Cory Carroll: $1,235,000
Darrell Dicken: $1,203,000
Jonathan Little: $956,000
Richard Kirsch: $810,000
Amnon Filippi: $571,000

Phil Ivey was the only poker veteran in this final table. Here was the first hand, with players needing to put in $24,000 in order to call:

Cory: (KH)(4C)(Opening bet: $57,000)
Phil: (AD)(5H)(Opening bet: $33,000)

OPENING POT: $132,000 (including blinds)

No help to either player. CC then made an $80,000 bet, and Ivey folded, so CC won the night’s first pot at $212,000 and took over the lead!

For the second hand, only Ivey, Carroll and Filippi remained with the following:

Phil: (AS)(JC)
Cory: (AH)(7H)
Amnon: (AC)(QS)

OPENING POT: $252,000

CC had a flush possibility here, as well as a straight! But Filippi already made the highest straight possible! Ivey checked, Filippi bet $135,000, and CC raised to $355,000! Ivey immediately folded, and Filippi went ALL IN! Carroll then called the $140,000, so here was the deal. If either one of the next two cards was a Heart, Filippi was out of here.

1. SIX OF DIAMONDS- At this point, if a Queen came up, the two would split the pot of $1,242,000. A Heart, as I said before, would KO Filippi, and anything else meant he continued…

2. TWO OF HEARTS- GAME OVER for Filippi. That big risk didn’t pay off. He left with $100,865.

That also meant Carroll’s lead was now a monster one! Incidentally, this was Ivey’s seventh final table, and he has NEVER won one. Maybe this event would finally get rid of that drought?

A few hands later, these were the standings:

Cory: $1,902,000
Darrell: $1,333,000
Phil: $1,304,000
Richard: $916,000
Jonathan: $715,000

On the next hand, only two players remained when the flop was revealed. The board:

Phil: (10S)(9H)
Jonathan: (QH)(JD)

OPENING POT: $167,000
FLOP: (QC)(3H)(JC)

That meant an instant two pair for Little, but Ivey had an open-ended straight draw. After both threw in another $120,000, the next card was a worthless Deuce of Clubs. Little then made a $200,000 bet and Ivey folded, so Little won the big $607,000 pot. After the break, the standings read as follows:

Cory: $2,242,000
Darrell: $1,158,000
Phil: $1,034,000
Jonathan: $871,000
Richard: $865,000

Now, for the payouts of this event:

CHAMPION: $1,091,795
RUNNER-UP: $561,966
3rd: $259,369
4th: $172,912
5th: $129,684


For the next hand, Phil was again in a head-to-head situation, but his opponent this time was Dicken. Here was everything up to this point:

Phil: (JC)(7C)
Darrell: (6C)(4C)

OPENING POT: $177,000
THE FLOP: (9S)(8H)(3S)

No Clubs to be found, but Ivey still had a gut-shot straight draw. Both then bet $100,000, and the turn card was a King of Spades- a dud for both players. DD then threw in $150,000…and Ivey folded, meaning double D won the $527,000 pot. Ivey’s wheels were starting to come off here.

After more big-loss folds, Ivey went into an all-in situation on a later hand against Little. Here were the basics:

Phil: (QC)(2C)
Jonathan: (AD)(8D)

OPENING POT: $285,000
THE FLOP: (3C)(8S)(8C)

That gave Ivey a flush draw, but also gave Little three 8s, with a chance at a Full House. Both players checked and the turn card was a Jack of Clubs to give Ivey a flush! This is what prompted Ivey to go all in. The pot stood at $1,125,000. If the river card was not a 3, an Ace, a Jack or the last 8, he stayed in the game…

IT WAS THE ACE OF HEARTS TO BREAK IVEY’S HEART AGAIN!! Darn. That sent him home with $129,684.

After the break, here was the new chip count:

Cory: $2,180,000
Darrell: $1,975,000
Jonathan: $1,515,000
Richard: $505,000

Kirsch decided to bet it all against Little. Here was the preliminary stuff:

Jonathan: (AD)(JC)
Richard: (AS)(10D)

BASE POT: $1,060,000
FLOP: (2C)(KC)(9D)

This meant Kirsch needed another 10 or else…

…but it was a NINE OF HEARTS and he was sent packing with $172,912. After the break, the new chip count:

Jonathan: $2,350,000
Darrell: $2,295,000
Cory: $1,530,000

Little was involved in another all-in situation, this time with Carroll’s life on the line. Basics:

Jonathan: (JH)(8H)
Cory: (AH)(5S)

POT: $3,105,000
FLOP: (5D)(AD)(5H)

INSTANT FULL HOUSE BY CC!! It wasn’t beaten, so he doubled up and took over the lead! The final two cards were a King of Clubs and a 9 of Diamonds.

A few hands later, DD and Little had these openers:

Darrell: (7H)(5C)
Jonathan: (10C)(8D)

BASE POT: $150,000
FLOP: (6S)(8H)(6H)

After both bet $80,000 each, the turn card was a 7 of Spades. Both had two pair, but since Little had a pair of 8s, he had the lead at this point. DD had an open-ended straight draw at this point, while Little could make his own straight with a 9, and create possible disaster for DD, who later called all in and Little pushed all in. The pot was $1,380,000. To stay alive, Little had to avoid another 7 or a 4…

…but it was a King of Clubs, so Little stayed alive. After the break, the new chip count:

Cory: $2,785,000
Darrell: $2,050,000
Jonathan: $1,340,000

Little went ALL IN AGAIN on the next hand against Carroll. The particulars:

Jonathan: (AH)(JS)
Cory: (KD)(QH)

POT: $2,750,000
FLOP: (8C)(10S)(5C)

The flop was a dud. The turn was another 5, in Hearts. Little needed to dodge another King or Queen…

…and the river card was a Deuce of Clubs, so Little doubled up again and took back the lead with $2.75 million!

Later on, double C and double D had all of this:

Cory: (KD)(JD)
Darrell: (3D)(5D)

BASE POT: $150,000
FLOP: (2C)(KC)(4S)

DD immediately went all in after the flop was revealed and CC called. The pot was worth $1.8 million here. The turn was a 9 of Diamonds. At this point, DD needed an Ace or 6 to stay alive…

…it was a 7 of Clubs, so he was sent home with $259,369.

This meant Carroll and Little were the final two.


When this final got underway, CC led $3,175,000 to Little’s $3M.

With just 15 minutes left in the show, here was the chip count:

Cory: $3,845,000
Jonathan: $2,330,000

Now, for the next hand:

Cory: (QH)(9C)
Jonathan: (JC)(6S)

BASE POT: $520,000
FLOP: (8S)(7C)(9S)

Little had an open-ended straight draw while CC paired the 9. After Little bet $400K, Carroll went all in and Little folded, so Carroll took the lead with $4,505,000. Did he hang on for the win?...

NO, so Little won big to the tune of $1,091,795!! Here was the winning hand, just for the record:

Jonathan: (AS)(2S)
Cory: (AH)(7D)

CC went all in prior to the flop being shown.

FLOP: (9D)(5C)(2H)
TURN: DEUCE OF CLUBS (Jonathan clinched the victory here)

He won the championship with triple deuces, after he doubled up two hands before this one and tied on the other. With this win, he gained a $25,000 seat at the end-of-season WPT Championship at Bellagio, where a record-breaking amount of money was on the line!

Next week: The colorful and foul-mouthed Mike Matusow appears!

"Amne$ia" rating

Last night's episode of "Amne$ia" scored a 3.5 Fast Nielsen with a 7 share, the same as last week's rating.


Friday, March 28, 2008

CBS TV Distribution names new president

CBS Television Distribution has named co-president and COO John Nogawski its new president. He takes over for the late Roger King, who died several months ago.

Various sources contributed to this report.

Trump wins in Thurday's ratings

The season finale of "The Celebrity Apprentice" proved to be the night's most watched show Thursday night with a 7.7 Fast Nielsen with a 13 share.

The episode of "Deal or No Deal" that preceded it scored a 7.1/12.

Source: The Futon Critic

"The Celebrity Apprentice"- Season Finale

This episode aired from NBC Studios in NYC.

Early on, Piers Morgan called legendary playwright Andrew Lloyd Webber for help. He later officially apologized to Stephen Baldwin for his previous behavior.

Trace Adkins continued to have bad luck when it came to finding wheat grass juice.

On one item during the auction, Simon Cowell called in to get in on the bidding!!! Trace Adkins didn't look too happy about the whole ordeal.

Speaking of him, his Backstreet Boys concert went very well, and the wheat juice wasn't really necessary.

At the boardroom, it was revealed that Morgan beat up Adkins in the auction money count, $376,000-$64,000! But Adkins was said to have done a better job raising money for the ticket sales, $38,000-$12,000. Morgan allegedly wanted more people to drink rather than eat at the party. While he was in the boardroom, he was sweating a lot.

It was later revealed that Omarosa hated Piers Morgan's guts because he allegedly didn't floss.

Gene Simmons showed up via satelite from Tokyo while he's shooting a movie there. He was behind Trace Adkins, whom later performed his new #1 hit, "You're Gonna Miss This".

Donald Trump, Jr. said Adkins was the most likeable guy out of all the seasons he's been helping Mr. Trump on the show. Did he get his way in the final verdict?...

...OH H&$% NO- PIERS MORGAN WON!!! And confetti cannons went off for the first time in the history of the show!!

$250,000 more will be going to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. Trace Adkins' charity was FAAN- the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network.

3/28/2008 Results- Possible J! WIPEOUT?

Crosswords: For the 179th taped episode, we begin today with Mel McAaron (a retired teacher from New Mexico) and Veronique Ashby (a homemaker from California).

At the first Extra, the woman's in control with $400 to the other's $150, and she wagers the full $500 on a four-letter answer with this clue:

Having necessary power.

She has nothing, dropping her to a hundred in the hole. Answer: ABLE. At the end of the round, the guy has a hundred while she's now $250 in the red.

Today's Spoilers are Arlo Hampill (an ocean conservationist from California), Pat Manso (a computer network administrator from Pennsylvania) and Bruce Graham (a school administrator from Canada).

1. (Nine letters)($300)- Ballet whirl. For the first spoil of the day, Manso says PIROUETTE...that's right for $400!
2. (T _ _)($100)- Chi preceder. Ashby rings in with TAI...and she's now at -$150.
3. (_ I _ _)- Native Americans from Arizona, or a type of cotton. She again rings in with PIMA...and she's now $50 on the good side!
4. (_ A _ _)- Pulitzer-winning San Francisco columnist Herb. For the spoil, our Canadian says CAEN...yes to go to $600!
5. (_ M _ _)- Ruler in a robe. He says EMIR...that's $800! He now hits the first Extra of the round and bets the thousand on this:

_ P _ _ _ _ _

Clue: Kia model, or light arrays. He'd better get this...but he says SPECTRUM, which is a letter too many. That was a previous Chevrolet model. The right Kia model we were looking for was SPECTRA, and he drops to $200 in the red as a result.

7. (Five-letter word)- Flummexed on the water? For her second spoil of the day, Manso says ATSEA...right to go to $250.
8. (E _ _ _ _)- Most baked goods, eventually? The Canada guy gets back to zero with EATEN.
9. (Five letters)- As such. She says PER SE...that's $450.
10. (Five letters)- "This is _____ of the Emergency...". To get back to the bottom row in front, MM says STATE, which is wrong. It was A TEST, as in the usual message you guys hear from the Emergency Broadcast System in your area. Nowadays, it's called the EAS test, I do believe.
11. (Four-letter word)- Be a good soldier. To spoil, Hampill says That means Ashby gets a free chance to take the lead back, and she says OBEY...she's right to go to $650! And she hits the round's other Extra and bets $500:

_ _ _ E _

Clue: Four-time Austrailian Open champ, Monica. She's also one of the stars on the current season of "Dancing With the Stars".

She gets SELES to break the four-figure mark with $1,150!

13. (_ _ _ _ S _)- Most crafty. The Canadian says To take his podium, Manso says ARTIEST, which is also so wrong, so the man goes back to -$200. It was SLYEST.
14. (Four-letter word)- Threes, in poker. He says TRIPS...NO! I can't believe that's wrong! MM blows his spoil chance with TREES. It was actually spelled TREYS.
15. (Ten letters)($300)- Critter seen with Daphne and Velma. Hampill gets a free shot, but can't take advantage, as he says SCUBA-DOOS, a ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE. It was SCOOBY-DOO. That ends the round.


1. (Four-letter word)- Traffic pylon. The Canada man says CONE to go to-$200.
2. (_ N _ _)- One side, in a debate. Ashby says ANTI...she's up to $1,350!
3. (_ _ _ _ _ _ _ T _)($300)- "Another 48 Hrs." star. Graham says Nick Nolte to get out of the hole and be at positive $100.
4. (N _ _ _ _)- Writer Zora ____ Hurston. Menso tries again to spoil with NEALE...this time, she's right to steal the lead with $1,550!
5. (_ _ C _ _)- Mexican snacks. Graham triples up with TACOS.
6. (_ _ A _)- Aoki of golf. He says ISAO to move to $500.
7. (_ O K _ _ _)- Gertrude Stein book, "The Autobiography of Alice B. ____". Manso says TOKLAS...right to take her to $1,750!
8. (_ I N _ _ _ _ _ _)($300)- Largest venomous snake. The Canadian says KING COBRA to go to $800.
9. (Five letters)- 1,053 in Roman numerals. Manso rings in first but takes too long. Graham then says MLIII...NOT ACCEPTABLE, because he didn't say it twice properly, so he drops to $600. Hampill is then incorrect with MDIII. MM then says MLIII twice to take the lead.
10. (_ _ _ _ _ _ G)($300)- Detective Drummond. Graham says BULLDOG...he's right to go to $900.
11. (O _ _ _ _)- Alternative to "in a bottle". MM says ON TAP...right to be within $50 of the two grand mark!
12. (Five letters)- Arabian Peninsula capital. Hampill says DUBAI...incorrect. Manso then says SINAI...also incorrect. That means Ashby has a free shot at it, but she blanks out. It was SANAA.
13. (Six letters)- Sneaker brand in a Run-D.M.C. song. The teacher rings in with ADIDAS...and he now has $2,150! He hits the last Extra of the game and wagers $850 to go to three grand if he's right on this:

He played Paul Drake, Jr.

The answer is four letters long. He says nothing. It was CATT and he drops to $1,300.


15. (Four-letter word)- Come closer too. Graham says NEAR...right to be within $200 of the leader!
Final clue (five-letter word)- Draped dress. For the win, Manso says ALINE...but it was SAARI, so the New Mexico teacher is the winner with $1,300.

Crossfire: If he can somehow fill in the remaining 14 blanks, he'll take home $6,300 and a trip to Puerto Vallarta...yes with just two seconds left!

WOF: Tonight's players are Kourtney Pogue (in the yellow) from Chesterton, IN (who is a sophomore at IUPUI majoring in Psychology), Julie Lester from Forton, CO (who is a health care financial analyst) and Bryce Merdall from Costa Mesa, CA (who works for the home inspector buisness).

Kourtney got the $1,000 Toss-Up and then the $2,000 Toss-Up PAROLE OFFICER (the other lady was incorrect with POLICE OFFICER).

Round 1 category is On the Map. After she buys the A's, we have...

_ A R _ _ N

_ _ T _

N E _ A _ A

...I know this, but she calls a dud in M. Lester calls a $500 D, a $400 V, the C's for another $1,200 and she solves CARSON CITY NEVADA for $2,100.

Campbell's Soup Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is What Are You Doing? After Lester buys the E, we have...

_ I G G I N G/I N _ O/_/_ O _ _/

O _/G _ _ _ _ _ O _ E

...I know everything this round. She hits Lose a Turn. Tonight's male player calls a $600 D, a $600 T, but then a dud of P. Kourtney gets a Bankrupt. Lester then loses her turn with S. Back to the man on the left, who calls a $600 F but then hits Lose a Turn. Kourtney calls the L's for $7,000, a $600 B and buys the A's. After a $500 W, she solves DIGGING INTO A BOWL OF GUACAMOLE for the trip to Baja, Mexico and another $8,050, bringing her total to $17,550!


NCL Big Money Round category is Fictional Character. Early on, Lester picks up the trip. A little later, Kourtney hits a Mystery Wedge. She calls a D and flips...Bankrupt. Lester then calls a $300 C for the Free Spin. She uses it a few turns later after calling a dud. The man then hits the Big Money Wedge...but with Lose a Turn on it. After Lester calls the K's, we have...


...and after tripping up on the solve for a second, she manages to solve QUIRKY TV DETECTIVE MONK for another $1,350 and the Hawaii trip, a new total of $8,450.

Kourtney then solves PET GERBILS to break 20 grand with $20,550! Speed-Up Round category is Place and consonants are worth $1,600 apiece. After she calls the N's, we have...

G _ _ _ _ N _ _ ' S

_ _ N S _ _ N guess. Lester calls two R's both at the top and solves GOVERNOR'S MANSION to finish up with $11,650. The man gets the $1,000 consolation check and Kourtney wins with $20,550!

She spins the S in BONUS and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ R

_ _

_ _ R _ S

I think I know this already, and if it's right, I believe it was previously used during Season 21. She calls M, D, P and A and gets...

_ A R

_ _

_ _ R D S

...she says BAR OF CARDS- NO WAY. It was WAR OF WORDS and she doesn't win another $30,000. Had she called the O as her vowel, she might've had a slightly better chance; she definitely would've won had she called the W's.

Jeopardy!: Well, folks, this show is in danger of a WIPEOUT for the second time this season. Ann Drourr (a rare bookseller from Mt. Laurel, NJ), with $31,200 after Day 1, will try to be the week's hero as she faces Kathleen Meriwether (an attorney and risk consultant from Yardley, PA) and Bryan Johnson (a teacher and doctoral student from L.A.). Opening categories:


Meriwether hits the Daily Double under the middle clue in McCartney. She has $2,200 and trails the man in the middle for the lead by $400. The champ has $1,400. She risks $1,200, risking a trip to last place if she misses:

The two singers Paul had No. 1 duets with in the 1980s.

"Who are Michael Jackson and Elton John?"...only MJ is right. The other was Stevie Wonder, and she's now in last with a grand. At the first break, the leader's score stays the same, the champ is up to $2,200 and Meriwether's post Daily Double score stays the same. After the break, Drourr makes a few mistakes in the ships category and falls below four figures. After that category gets cleared out, Science and Lenin are left. We begin the Science category with this clue told by Kelly:

A ball of clay inside the can is enough to reposition the can's natural center of this, so the can rolls uphill.

The man says "What is gravity?"...and he now has $5,200! Drourr is currently at $800 and the other lady still has a thousand. Moving on in Science:

Every second, fusion reactions in the sun covert about 600 million tons of this element into Helium.

He says "What is Hydrogen?"...right again to go to $5,600! Middle clue:

Edward Doisy won a 1943 Nobel Prize for synthesizing this hemorrhage-inhibiting vitamin; isn't that "special"?

He's in again with "What is Vitamin K?"...$6,200! $800 clue:

Of the three basic rock types, the type that was once one form but has changed to another due to heat and pressure.

He goes with "What is metamorphic?" grand! To sweep the category, this clue was told by John from the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico:

Because it's water soluable, this form of calcium sulfate is rarely found in sand; but here in New Mexico's Tularosa Basin, there are no rivers to carry it away, so it forms the famed white sand.

Triple Stumper, so no sweep. Correct: What is gypsum? First clue in the other category:

For his subversive activities, Lenin was banished to this region in 1897.

He says "What is Siberia?"...right again; he now has $7,200! Next:

Lenin returned to Russia from Europe following the overthrow of the czar in this year.

Meriwether's in this time with "What is 1917?"...she's right to go to $1,400. Next:

Lenin led this "majority" revolutionary faction to power in the October Revolution.

The champ finally rings in with "Who are the Bolsheviks?"...that's $1,400. Next:

Following the establishment of a dictatorship, Lenin changed his political party's name to this.

Triple Stumper- it was the Communist party. Final clue of the round:

After Lenin's death in 1924, this man began purging rivals and eventually took over the top spot.

The champ says "Who is Stalin?" to take second place all by herself with $2,400.

DJ! categories:


Meriwether hits the Daily Double under the last calendar clue. She has $2,200 while the champ has $1,600 and the big man has $7,200. She risks $2,000:

In 2007 the Fourth of July was a Wednesday; in 2008, it will fall on this day.

"What is Friday?" right to go to $4,200! Not too long after that, the leader hits the Daily Double under the $2,000 clue in "I" on the World. With $8,000, he bets two grand:

Appropriately, this Swiss town takes its name from its position between Lake Brienz in the east and Lake Thun in the west.

"What is Interlak?"...NOT ACCEPTABLE. It was Interlaken, so he drops to $6,800 there. At the end of the round, he's back at $12,400. The champ has eight grand and Meriwether has $5,000.

FJ! category: Pros and Cons in History.

The two three-letter words applied to those for and against the 18th Amendment and states with differing laws on the issue.

Meriwether wrote down nothing, so she drops to $500. The champ had "What is dry and wet?"...

"What is dry and wet?"

...RIGHT! She wagered $7,500 to go to $15,500. The man had...

...THAT AS WELL, AND WINS WITH $16,001, SO FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS SEASON, WE HAVE A WIPEOUT! Darn. The champ leaves with $33,200.

Amne$ia: Tim McCoy from Cathedral City, CA is our player tonight.

You in 60 Seconds: He wins $5,000 here.

Before we get Round 1 underway, his wife Missy comes out. It was learned that during the Thanksgiving holidays, when he was seen in the airport walking around with another woman, Missy was about to break up with him, but she declined later.

1. Six photos of Missy in a 1980s outfit were shown. He has to pick the one that she was wearing when she picked him up in the airport.
Guess: #4- YES ($5,000)
2. Name the dance club you were in.
Guess: The Rockery- RIGHT ($10,000)
3. During the hotel incident where a jacuzzi appeared in the room and the champaigne never showed up, what was the name of the hotel he stayed in?
Guess: St. Louis Heifweisen Hotel- NO WAY (A: King Henry VIII Hotel)
4. While he just started playing baseball, his wife felt underappreciated. So, he wrote her a poem. Here it is, which he has to complete:

Melissa Melissa,
I'm so glad your not my sista.
For days like these,
Would be sheer un-ease.
With-out a chance to kiss ya.
Valentines day, a day for _____,
Lord tomorrow, let me give up my ______
Come rain or shine,
I'll hope you'll always be mine.
My love for you will never _____.

Guess: Love, runs, die- NO WAY (A: Couples, doubles, crumble)

Prior to Round 2, Paul and Paula, his in-laws, come out.

1. What is Paul's official USGA handicap?
Guess: 18- NO (A: 16)
2. Based on the day he started each job, he needs to arrange the following jobs in order from most recent to least: short order cook, construction worker, house painter, taxi cab driver, snow plow driver, retail car manager, bus-boy, ice cream scooper and waiter. Here's his guess:

1. Retail car manager
2. Construction worker
3. Taxi cab driver
4. House painter
5. Snowplow driver
6. Waiter
7. Short order cook
8. Ice cream scooper
9. Bus-boy

He is...

1. Retail car manager
2. Construction worker
3. Taxi cab driver
4. House painter
5. Snowplow driver
6. Waiter
7. Short order cook
8. Ice cream scooper
9. Bus-boy

...WRONG. Correct order:

1. Retail car manager
2. Taxi cab driver
3. Construction worker
4. Snowplow driver
5. House painter
6. Waiter
7. Bus-boy
8. Short order cook
9. Ice cream scooper

3. The McCoy family tree gets brought out. Tim and Missy have Morgan, Timmy and Lucy related to them. He has to fill in the rest of the other four groups. Mike and Lulu and Dave and Jon have two people each, while Tracy and Craig and Lin and Kate have three apiece. The people he needs to fill are Delora, Annie, Billy, Ruthie, Noah, Audrey, Chelsea, Hannah, Aaron, Zack, Mickey, Rachel, Jessica and Leisha. Here's his guess:

Mike and Lulu: Chelsea and Mickey
Tracy and Craig: Hannah, Delora and Billy
Dave and Jon: Audrey and Ruthie
Lin and Kate: Zack, Noah and Aaron

He is...RIGHT to double to $20,000!

Morgan, the daugher, then comes out as Round 3's about to get underway.

1. Joe wrote two songs for Morgan- "My Girl" and what else?
Guess: "Conscious Love"- NO (A: "Madrigal")
2. What was the name of Morgan's fourth-grade softball team?
Guess: Blue Sox- YES ($40,000)
Final question: Five Christmas photos of Tim's family are shown. He needs to pick the one that was taken six years ago.
Guess: #1- NO (A: #3)

Total Amnesia never happens, because he calls it quits after Round 3. He's taking home $45,000.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Pros vs. Joes"- THE $100,000 FINALS

Well folks, this is it. This is the finals to determine who will be the Last Joe Standing and who will get $100,000. Over the past year or so since I've started covering game shows, I've been contacted by some contestants from several different game shows. But I've never talked to a really big winner. That might change after tonight, as Gabe Canape is still in the running. Also in the mix are Virginia native Donnie Frazier, Derek Schaefer and Joe Goodwin.

The final three Joes that they had to get past are Jamal Anderson (NFL), Allen Houston (NBA) and Bob Sapp (NFL and MMA).

All four finalists competed in each of the night's three sporting events. The winner of each went to the championship Overtime. The winner of that Overtime won the championship and the money.

The first sport was football. Both Bob Sapp and Jamal Anderson participated in this. Each player had to get by Sapp in order to tackle Anderson. Each player got three downs; the one who gave up fewer yards won.

1. 8 yards
TOTAL: 48 yards

1. TOUCHDOWN (20 yards)
3. 4 yards
TOTAL: 44 yards

TOTAL: MAX OUT (60 yards)

2. 7 yards
TOTAL: 47 yards

The second event was basketball. Each of the three remaining went one on one with Allan Houston. When Houston scored his 15 point, the player's turn was over. The player who scored more points against him won.


Donnie: 6

Gabe: 7

At the last possible moment, Gabe scored a three for the win, sending him to Overtime!!
Frazier apparently injured his ribs.

MMA was last. Both Frazier and Goodwin tried to last three minutes in the ring with Bob Sapp. If neither went the distance, whoever lasted the longest got the last Overtime spot.

Donnie: 1:01

Joe: 1:52

Donnie, you gave it your best with all of those injuries. I hope you're 100% better now at home, and I wish you the best of luck in your future!

Overtime: First, they had to stop Jamal Anderson. Second, they had to score a basket from four marked spots against Allen Houston before Houston made shots from six different spots. Finally, they had to move Bob Sapp out of the senter of the fighting ring. Only the one with the best time won the $100,000.

Since he qualified for the championship Overtime last, Joe Goodwin went first. He got drilled while trying to take Anderson down, and never really recovered from that as he MAXED OUT in the first part. He got to the basketball court at 1:32...and Houston scored six before Goodwin made his shots, so that was a TECHNICAL MAX OUT. He got into the big ring at 3:28...and got Sapp out of the center in about 20 seconds, finishing with a time of 3:55.

Now, Gabe Canape is up. He also MAXED OUT against Jamal Anderson...and then scored ZERO against Houston! He got into the MMA ring at 3:25. If he got Sapp out and crossed the finish line in less than thirty seconds, he was still alive...

...HE GOT THE BIG MAN OUT IN AN AMAZING THREE SECONDS!!! He took over the lead with a time of 3:40!

His fate rested in the hands of Derek Schaefer. He MAXED OUT against Anderson, and then got a TECHNICAL MAX OUT against Houston by also scoring ZERO! He got into the MMA ring at 3:25, like Gabe. Was there a miracle for Schaefer?...

NOPE- GABE, YOU DID IT!!!!! YOU WON $100,000!!!

I am so happy for you, man. You are another example of why size sometimes just doesn't matter in this world, much less game shows and sports! If you haven't done so already, I would like to hear what your plans are with the money and what the future holds for you. Again, much congratulations to you! Godspeed.

3/27/2008 Results

WOF: Since last Monday's $100,000 win, things have taken a downward spiral, espescially last night's show. Will things really get back on track? Let's find out.

Sandra Lee did a shout out at the top of the show. Tonight's players are:

Manuel Hernandez (Lakeside, CA; a major in the U.S. National Guard and an ROTC teacher)
Tracy Easlach (Taveres, FL; a 7th Grade World History teacher)
Raina Barnerd (Dravosburg, PA; restaurant manager)

The teacher gets A WHOLE NEW WORLD for $1,000, while tonight's male player gets ASPIRING ARTIST (Raina blanked out) for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Thing and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! Remember, all week long at the start of the first round, the $5,000 Hawaii trip appears on the wheel. Midway in the round, Barnerd calls the F for $300 and the Free Spin. When the man calls the D, we have...

THE/S _ _ N D/_ F/_ A _ _ _ _ E S

...I don't know the last word. He calls a dud in C. Easlach calls another dud in W. Barnerd calls a $300 G in the bottom word and I know this now. After buying the O's, she solves THE SOUND OF BAGPIPES for a trip to Scotland and $350 for a total of $5,350.


Campbell's Soup Jackpot Round category is On the Map. Early on, the man calls a T for the Wild Card. After he calls the N's, we have...

_ R A N _

_ _ N C T _ _ N

C _ L _ R A _ _

...I know it, but he hits Bankrupt next to lose his Wild Card. Easlach calls the D's for $1,800, the G for another $400 and solves GRAND JUNCTION COLORADO to go to five grand.

NCL Big Money Round category is Before & After. Barnerd uses her Free Spin right off the bat after calling a dud, but she then promptly hits a Bankrupt. The man then calls three R's for the Hawaii trip. A little later, Easlach hits a Mystery Wedge. She calls a P and flips...Bankrupt. After Barnerd calls the C, we have...

S _ C _ _ L

L _ _ _

P R _ S _ R _ _ R

...I think I know it, but I'm not totally sure. She buys the E's but then hits Bankrupt again. Manuel calls a $700 V and buys the A, but then repeats the P. Easlach then calls the F and solves SOCIAL LIFE PRESERVER to take a slight lead with $6,000.

She then solves LILY OF THE VALLEY to go to $9,000. Speed-Up Round category is Around the House and consonants are worth $1,600 apiece. We've got another low-scoring pitcher's duel here. After Barnerd calls the D's, we have...

S T _ _ _ _ D - _ L _ S S

L _ _ _ S _ _ D _

...and she solves STAINED-GLASS LAMPSHADE for game, set and match with $11,750. Easlach has $6,000 and Manuel has $2,000.

She spins the A in CASH and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ E E _

S _ _ _

I believe it's KEEP _____. Barnerd calls B, D, H and O and gets...

D E E _

S _ _ H

...I think it's DEEP SIGH...but she can only get the first word. She doesn't win an Audi TT Roadster. I thought that Audi was the A4 instead.

Don't Forget the Lyrics!: Our second celebrity episode featured Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon. His charity was Music Cares. His potential backup partners were Shelley (friend) and Walter (tour manager for his band). Categories:

R & B

He chose Rock first. The song choices were "Brass in Pocket (I'm Special)" by the Pretenders and "Jungle Love" by the Steve Miller Band. He chose "Brass in Pocket" and had to fill in the three missing words to this:

"Gonna make you, make you, ____ ___ _____"

He sang "...make you notice" and locked that in to get on the board.

1960s was next for him. The choices were "Respect" by Aretha Franklin and "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis. He chose "Respect" and again had a three-word target:

"Is for _ ____ _____"

He got "...a little respect" to go to $5,000.

He went for a love song next. The song choices were "Angel of the Morning" by Juice Newton and "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" by Looking Glass. He chose "Angel of the Morning" and had a four word target this time:

"Just touch my cheek before ___ _____ ___ ____"

He nails " leave me baby" for $10,000.

Next up was Pop, and his choices were "Sara Smile" by Hall & Oates and "Don't You (Forget About Me)". He chose "Don't You" and again needed to fill in four words:

"Rain keeps falling, ____ ____ ____ ____"

He said "...rain keeps falling down" for $25,000.

The fifth category of his choosing was Party Songs. Up for grabs were "Freeze-Frame" by the J. Geils Band and "Boogie Shoes" by KC & The Sunshine Band. His choice was "Freeze-Frame" and the target was up to six words. They followed after "There were no defects to be found", but he had nothing. His three choices were:

A: "Snapshot picture froze it all around"
B: "Snapshot image froze without a sound"
C: "Snapshot photo caught some lovely town"

He then made a guess of A, but to further check himself, he used the two words backup. He then filled in the second and fourth missing words, "image" and "without", and locked the rest in to go to $50,000.

He decided to go with an REO Speedwagon song next. The choices were "Keep On Loving You" and "Can't Fight This Feeling". He chose "Keep On Loving You" and again had to fill in six missing words:

"Cause it's __ ___ _____ _ ____ __"

Needless to say, he got "...the only thing I wanna do" no problem to go to $100,000.

Next was R & B. The choices were "Higher Ground" by Stevie Wonder and "Just the Two of Us" by Grover Washington, Jr. (with Bill Withers). He chose "Higher Ground" and again had to get past a six-word target:

"World, keep on turnin', ____ __ ____ __ ___ ___"

He sung "...'cause it won't be too long" and locked that in for $200,000!

His next-to-last category was In the Movies. Choices were "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker, Jr. and "Almost Paradise" by Ann Wilson and Mark Reno. He went with "Ghostbusters" and needed to fill in nine words. They followed after "If there's something weird", and after a little delay, he sang "...and it don't look good, who you gonna call?" and locked that in...$350,000!

Thus, Disco was last. The choices were "Play That Funky Music" by Wild Cherry and "Last Dance" by Donna Summer. He went with "Last Dance" and had to fill in nine missing words. He brought up Shelly for help. They followed after "By me, beside me" and they sang " guide me, hold me..." but that was it. They couldn't come up with this, so Kevin took home $350,000 for his charity. Answer: " guide me, to hold me, to scold me".

DOND: Tonight's contestant was Saima Shah from Tempe, AZ, but originally from Pakistan. The case she wanted was #17. Just before the game started, she posed as a model for a second or two!

1. #7- $50
2. #5- $300,000
3. #16- BUCK
4. #15- $100,000
5. #9- $300
6. #21- $1,000


1. #12- $200
2. #14- $500
3. #20- $750
4. #6- $10,000


1. #25- $400
2. #11- $75
3. #2- $10
4. #19- PENNY


1. #18- $75,000
2. #1- $25
3. #26- $100


1. #13- $750,000
2. #4- $200,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)


Tyra Banks then made an apperance and invited her to be on a future episode of her talk show!

Her next pick was #22...STRIKE ONE- $400,000. The next offer she turned down was $77,000. Next pick was #10...$5! That meant she couldn't leave with less than $5,000! She then took the next offer of $120,000...

...and found the $5,000 minimum in her case, so she made a good deal! However, she still GARFED, because of the following playout:

#23- $25,000 (Offer: $203,000)
#24- $50,000 (Offer: $277,000)

"Beauty and the Geek" Episode 3

To start, one member of each team was chosen to go to the other team. The Geeks got Jillian while the Beauties got Chris.

Let me explain what was going on being traded to the opposing team, Jillian and Chris were marked for elimination. If the team they just got traded to lost the next challenge, they would be eliminated on the spot.

There was no elimination quiz this week. This flag football game took place at the legendary Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, home of the USC Trojans football team.

The Beauties got on the board first with about four minutes left in the first quarter. They then recovered a fumble from the Geeks. The score remained the same at halftime. The Geeks tied it up with 9:55 to go in the third quarter. The Beauties then took the lead back with 3:27 in the same quarter. The Beauties then scored again with 6:14 left in the final quarter. A little later, Chris got injured and had to be taken to the doctor. The Geeks then scored with 2:19 to go to keep their hopes alive...

...but the Beauties sealed the game when Chris scored on a kickoff return with just two seconds left. That meant Jillian was the first contestant eliminated this night.

Also, Chris was sent back to the Geeks team. But now, the rules of this season's game are going back to the show's original rules- the remaining contestants were paired into seven Beauty/Geek duos. One Geek would remain unchosen and therefore would be the second contestant eliminated. Here were the seven twosomes:

Cara and Chris
Amanda and Greggy
Leticia and Matt
Randi and Tommy
Christina and Jason
Tiffany and Jim

Wanna know why the seven team wasn't revealed? Because time ran out on the episode. It appears the next episode will be a TRIPLE ELIMINATION EPISODE.

"The Biggest Loser" 3/25

To start, the six remaining contestants participated in a health quiz. Those who answered correctly stayed in the challenge; those who were incorrect were out. Last one standing won a mystery prize. First question:

How many calories do you need to burn to equal a pound?

Answer: 3,500, which everybody said. Next:

When he returned to campus a few weeks ago, how much weight had Curtis lost?

Answer: 100 pounds, and Kelly Fields (104), Allison Vincent (88) and Mark Kruger (101) were eliminated. This next question was the last one, and the one who was closest without going over won:

How many calories are in one cup of fat-free strawberry yogurt?

Dan: 100
Jay: 60
Roger: 60

Answer: 200, so Dan Evans won...a piece of cake?!?!? But he had to bring it to the next challenge.

Roger Shultz later on played a practical joke on Dan by stealing the dish with the cake inside and writing a note with Kelly's name on it!

Challenge: $10,000 was on the line here. Each player was given a table inside a basketball arena. Around the arena were several different foods you'd expect to see at sporting events- French Fries, popcorn, pizza, ice cream, pretzels, hot dogs, peanuts and cotton candy. Each player had 20 minutes to grab one food item at a time and place it on somebody else's table. The player's food table with the least calories accumulated won.

Since Dan still had his piece of cake intact, it came into play for this challenge.

Here were the final standings:

Kelly: 15,061
Allison: 14,327
Dan: 5,736
Mark: 5,612

And the winner, by a score of 4,480-4,895, was...

...Jay! BUT, he was then given the option of keeping that money or give it back for a one-pound pass to use at the next weigh-in. He decided to...

...give up the money and take the pass! And he weighed in first!

Jay Kruger: 201 pounds, 6 pounds lost (with bonus), 2.91%

Roger Shultz: 236 pounds, 6 pounds lost, 2.48%

Dan Evans: 198 pounds, one pound lost, .05%

Mark Kruger: 181 pounds, 4 pounds lost, 2.16%

Allison Vincent: 149 pounds, 6 pounds lost, 3.87%

Kelly Fields needed to have lost at least five pounds, thus going down to at least 194, to move on to the next round...

...192 will do it! That's a percentage of 3.52%! That meant Dan and Roger went to the elimination room.

By a unanimous vote...

...DAN EVANS HAS FINALLY BEEN ELIMINATED. Given the message I got from somebody after I posted the season premiere recap, he lasted much longer than I thought he would. I thought he was going to be eliminated along with Jackie early on in the season.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"American Idol" 3/26

The first three definitely in the next round:

Ramiele Malubay
Jason Castro
Syesha Mercado
Chikezie Eze
Brooke White
Michael Johns
Carly Smithson
David Archuleta
Kristy Lee Cook
David Cook

The next three safe:

Ramiele Malubay
Jason Castro
Syesha Mercado
Chikezie Eze
Michael Johns
Kristy Lee Cook
David Cook

The last one to escape the bottom three is...

Jason Castro
Syesha Mercado
Chikezie Eze
Kristy Lee Cook

...the lady in the bottom two the past two weeks! That means that Mercado's bad luck from two weeks ago has come back to haunt her.

Kimberly Locke, who recently was on "Celebrity Fit Club" last season, performed "Fall".

The next one safe is...

Jason Castro
Syesha Mercado
Chikezie Eze

...El Cheapo Castro! That means Chikezie Eze and Syesha Mercado are left. The third finalist eliminated this season is...

Syesha Mercado
Chikezie Eze

...Chikezie. He was doing so well up until last week, and the wheels came off for him.

3/26/2008 Results

TPIR: Starting this episode off are Myles Rowe, Gerri Levanka, Clint Carlton and Lara Menard. The first IUFB this day is a BBQ.

Lara: $1,250
Clint: $450 (STAGE GARF)
Gerri: $1,900
Myles: $4,000 (STAGE WILLY)

ARP: $1,399, so Menard from Branson, MO will play One Right Price for a bar set and a motorscooter. Today's ORP is $3,690 and she thinks that's the price of the bar set...sure is! The motorscooter was $2,549.

Karen Kaiser then enters Contestant's Row and the second IUFB is a home theater sound system.

Karen: $1,100
Clint: $899
Gerri: $2,000
Myles: $1,101

ARP: $1,597, so Rowe, the first player to get called today, will play Tempation for a Dodge Nitro (Std., AT, Mats, Heater). This is going to be a toughie, I think. First number in the price is 2. The first gift is $2,444 in cash, and he says the second number is 4. The second gift is dinnerware marked at $771 and he picks 7 as the middle number. The third gift is a chest marked at $499 and he picks 9 as the fourth number. The last gift is a foot/body massager marked at $500 and he picks 5 as the last number. Needless to say, with a guess of $24,795, he goes for it and loses and I was hoping he would get everything wrong...well, he only got the last number right. ARP of the car: $22,145. I could understand him missing the third and fourth digits, but not the second.
In any event, this was a forced loss.

Next player is Lisa Feers and the third IUFB is a sapphire pendant necklace.

Lisa: $1,475
Karen: $1,900
Clint: $1,500
Gerri: $1,700

All are over.

Lisa: $1,395
Karen: $695
Clint: $1,200
Gerri: BUCK

ARP: $726, so KK will play Cliff Hangers for a bedroom worth $5,500. First item is a desk lamp, and her guess is $21...but it's just $13. Second is a universal remote control and her bid there is $18...$25. She needs to get the price of the soccer ball humidifier within $10 to win. Her guess is $35, which is on the nose for the win!

SSD1: The only loser this half goes over, so he only gets the gifts backstage. KK spins 50...and 35 for 85 cents. Our first winner of the day spins 80...and falls a space short of the nickel for a tie, so KK is off to the Showcase.

Wilburn Kenney then leaves the audience and the fourth IUFB is a bookcase.

Wilburn: $900
Clint: $1,000
Gerri: $500
Lisa: $1,001

ARP: $1,100, so Lisa plays for $10,000 in the Grand Game. Target is $7 and the products are Hot Pockets, V8 juice, caplets, Aspercreme patches, Ziploc bags and nasal spray. First pick is the Hot Pockets at $2.49. Second is the juice at $3.15. Third is the bags at $2.99. I hope she picks the caplets last...but she picks the nasal spray instead ($9.99) and wins no money here. The caplets were $5.49 and the patches were $8.95.

Next player is Gloria Stobey and the next IUFB is a digital camera.

Gloria: $1,500
Wilburn: $1,200
Clint: $850
Gerri: $695

ARP: $1,310, so Kenney plays Most Expensive for golf equipment, a floor clock and a treadmill. The golf stuff was $1,353. The treadmill was $1,999...and the clock is $3,785 for the win!

The last player to "Come on Down" is Teneal Carol and the final IUFB is a sofa.

Teneal: $1,100
Clint: $950
Gerri: $1,101 (SUICIDE BID)
Gloria: $1,102

ARP: $1,099, so Levanka is sent to the First Four Breakfast Club while CC escapes it and will play Cover Up for a Chrysler PT Cruiser (Std., AT, Mats, Heater). Board:

First number: 1 or 3?
Second number: 2, 4 or 8?
Third number: 3, 6, 7 or 9?
Fourth number: 2, 4, 6, 8 or 9?
Last number: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 or 8?

First guess is $18,945, and the third and fourth digits are wrong. Second is $18,395 and he only has the fourth number to work with now. It's basically a tossup between $18,325 and $18,365...but he picks the latter and he loses. At least he didn't max out (which IMO is losing in two tries and picking high numbers all the time in this game).

The first loser this half gets to the Showcase.

First Showcase features nothing but license plates. First, 5DEMAYO means you could be celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Mexico City. Second, Q BALL belongs to a pool player who obviously uses a new pool table. Finally, C ME SKI means not to ski down the slopes, but instead on the waves with a new jet ski. Lisa bids $18,075. For Kaiser, we have some ideas to save some moolah. First, wash both your clothes and veggies in a new washer/dryer. Second, instead of blowing your hair with a hair dryer, stay in the Windy City of Chicago. Finally, lay out your clothes and run them down with a new Pontiac Vibe (Std., AT, Cover). She bids $25,000, and I'm fearing a Double Overbid here.

ARP for Lisa: $16,945, so she's over. Let's reveal everything but the second number for Kaiser's Showcase:

$ 2 _ , 4 9 2

If that second number is 5 or higher, she's won...

$ 2 6, 4 9 2

...6 will do it! Grand total for her: $32,791.

Crosswords: The 105th taped episode begins with Evan Benair (a financial analyst from California) and Sheldon Mentz (a retired event producer from Illinois).

The Crossword Getaway goes unclaimed in the opening round, and Mentz hits the first Extra of the game with $500. He tries to double it on this:

S _ _ _

Clue: More than just a few. He says SOME...he's got a grand! That's his score at the end of the round while the other man is $400 in the hole.

Today's Spoilers are Scott Hewitt (Connecticut), Petey Andrews (California) and Bob Bridges (Ohio).

1. (_ N _ _ _ _ _ _ _)($300)- Ignorant. Mentz says UNINTELLIGENT, which is too many letters, dropping him to $700. Answer: UNLEARNED.
2. (Four-letter word)- Place for a knot you can't untie. For the day's first spoil and $900, Hewitt says TREE...right! He also puts a trip to La Jolla, CA in his bank.
3. (_ _ T _)- Butterfly's night-flying cousin. Evan says MOTH...and he cuts his debt in half.
4. (_ _ R _)- Prefix with "bond" or "dollar". Evan's in again with EURO...and he's back at zero!
5. (Five-letter word)- Featherbrain. To get his podium and lead back, Mentz says IDIOT...and he sure ain't one to go to $1,100!
6. (_ I _ _ _ _)- Small tavern. Andrews tries to spoil with BISTRO...he does for $1,300!
7. (T _ _)($100)- Man who serves as a sailor. Andrews says TAR...right again, taking him to $1,400!
8. (_ _ _ _ _ R _)($300)- Sermonizer's desk. To get his podium back again, Mentz says ROSTRUM- oops. It was LECTERN.
9. (Four-letter word)- Chisel or gouge, e.g. Evan says TOOL...he's on the board!
10. (Four-letter word)- In certain parks, it can be a thriller. Andrews says RIDE...that's right to go to $1,600!
11. (Eight letters)($300)- Type of microscope. Andrews takes a shot at this with ELECTRON...that's right to hit $1,900!
12. (_ _ O _ _)- Create a canyon. To double up, Evan says ERODE...right!
13. (Four letters)- It's somewhere in "The Greatest Story Told"? Evan's in once more with EVER...that's another $200, taking him to $600! And he hits the game's second Extra, and decides to bet the full thousand on the following:

_ _ _ R _

Clue: Quiescent. He says AWARE...incorrect. It was INERT, meaning he goes back to where he started this round- $400 in the hole.

15. (Nine letters)($300)- Expressionless visage when the chips are down? He then says POKER FACE...he's back to negative $100.
16. (F _ _)($100)- Start of a "jolly" congratulatory song. Evan says FAH...I don't think so. BB steals his podium with FOR.
17. (Seven letters)($300)- Not figurative. BB says LITERAL...he takes that podium back out of the hole, and it's now at $200 as this round concludes.


1. (_ A _ _ _ _)- Meeting of party leaders. BB says CAUCUS to double to $400.
2. (_ R _ _ _ _)- Debonair and sophisticated, like 007. Total Stumper- it was URBAIN.
3. (Five-letter word)- Pesto or aioli. Andrews says PASTA- oops. Mentz says SAUCE to get his podium and lead back!
4. (_ _ A _)- Glasgow hillside. Andrews says BRAE...he spoils again to go to $2,100!
5. (_ _ _ _ _ _ R)($300)- Suffocate. Bridges rings in with SMOTHER...right to go to $700!
6. (B _ _ _)- Imposing ice structure. Andrews goes with BERG...and he goes to $2,300!
7. (_ _ _ R)- Movie bigwig. Andrews says STAR...NO. Evan has the same thing, Mentz blanks and Hewitt says It was TSAR, and Andrews goes back to $2,100.
8. (Four-letter word)- Safecracker, in jargon. Andrews goes with YEGG...he gets the lost $200 back!
9. (Four-letter word)- Have some fine provisions. BB says DINE...and he goes to $900 and hits that crucial last Extra of the game. Needless to say, he bets $1,000 on a three-letter answer, and here's the clue he needs to get right to stay very much in this:

Party brewer.

He says ALE...NO. It was URN.


11. (Four-letter word)- Smell like skunk cabbage? Andrews says REEK...he's reeking of decent playing, as he's now up to $2,500!
12. (Five-letter word)- Pound division. He says OUNCE and goes to $2,700!
13. (Three letters)($100)- Corvine comment. Nobody rings in with CAW.
14. (Three-letter word)($100)- Portable mortar trough. Andrews says it to go to $2,800!
15. (Five letters)- Slogan writer. Andrews says that's an is to hit three grand!
Final clue (three letters for $100)- Cataract site. Andrews says EYE...WIN at $3,100!

Crossfire: If he can fill in the remaining twelve blanks, in addition to $5,100 and a trip to La Jolla, CA, he'll also win a trip to Puerto Rico...yes!

WOF: Tonight's players are Rick Welch (in the blue) from Newport Beach, CA, Cristina Goudierez from Atlanta (who is a grad student at Emory University trying to become a physician assistant and was a former hip-hop dancer) and Amy Waits from Surprise, AZ.

The man in the middle gets ROLLING LUGGAGE for $1,000 and then LET'S TALK TURKEY to triple up (he got the latter Toss-Up with just three letters revealed!).

Round 1 is tonight's Prize Puzzle Round, and the category is Movie Title. Remember, at this point in the game all week long, the $5,000 Hawaii trip goes out on the wheel. After he calls the R, we have...

N _ _ _ _ N _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ ' S

_ _ R _ _ _ _ N

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ N

...I know it already. After buying the E's and the A's, he calls the T's for $800 but then calls a dud in H. Goudierez calls the L's for $600, the M for $900, the P for the Wild Card and she then solves NATIONAL LAMPOON'S EUROPEAN VACATION for $1,500 and a tour of Bohemia, for a total of $8,100.


(Flashback moment from 2001 during Family Week in Hawaii: A contestant makes a noise so oddball that Pat fakes like he wants to close the show on the spot.)

Campbell's Soup Jackpot Round category is Same Name. Early on, the other lady calls an R for the 25 prize- 25 months of gourmet gift baskets. A little later, Goudierez loses the Wild Card to a Bankrupt, and then Amy loses her 25 prize to a Bankrupt as well. After Welch calls the L's, we have...

_ _ L L/&/_ R _ N N _/S M _ T _

...and he nails WILL & GRANNY SMITH for another $1,200 and $4,200 total.

NCL Big Money Round category is What Are You Doing? After the current leader calls the S's, we have...

S _ A S _ _ N G/_ N/A/_ O _ N _ A _ N

...I believe I've got it, but she buys the only dud vowel on this board- E. Amy calls a $900 H and buys three I's. Then, she calls a $450 P and an $800 L before buying the U to clear out the vowels. She then solves SPLASHING IN A FOUNTAIN for $3,650.

She then gets STEEL MILL to close in on the lead with $6,650. Speed-Up Round category is People and consonants are worth $1,450 a pop. With this being a low-scoring pitcher's duel, this will decide the match. After Amy calls the S's, we have...

A _ S _ _ _ T E

_ E _ _ _ _ E R S

...I believe I've got it, but not her. Rick calls only one L at the top, making my guess invalid, and he unsurprisingly draws a blank. Goudierez calls the N's, both at the bottom, and I know now, but she doesn't. Amy calls the I but again has nothing to say. Rick calls the B's and solves ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS for the championship by $450 at $8,550! Goudierez has $8,100 and Amy has $6,650.

Let's see if he can make up for that overall sub-par maingame. He spins the quad star and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ R _ _ _

_ _ _ _ T

_ _ _

He calls M, P, H and O and gets...

_ R _ _ _

_ _ O _ T

_ O _

...I believe that last word is YOU, but he has nothing. It was CRAZY ABOUT YOU, and not only does he not win another $40,000, he is now the lowest-winning champion of the season.

Jeopardy!: Andy Catsimanes is here for his second time (with $26,001 thus far) against Debbie Howell and Dave. Opening categories:


Dave finds the Daily Double under the $800 clue in Last Wills & Testaments. He leads with $2,400 while the lady in the middle has $1,000 and the champ is $400 in the hole. His wager is $600:

This "Commodore" willed $90M to his son William, $7.5M to his four grandsons and to his eight daughters...well, not as much.

"Who was Vanderbuilt?"...right to go to $3,000 heading into the first break. After the round ends, he's still in front with $5,400. Howell has $3,800 and the champ has $200 less than her.

DJ! categories:


On just the third clue of the round, Howell finds the Daily Double under the middle clue in Police & Thieves. She has $4,600 and trails Dave by $1,200, while the champ has $3,600. Her wager is a grand:

This naval hero thought up his surname to hide from the British, who tried to arrest him as a pirate.

"Who was Matt Anthony Wayne?"...uh, no. It was John Paul Jones, so she drops to a tie for second place at $4,600. A little later, he finds the other Daily Double under the $1,600 clue in Somebody Wrote That. She now has $5,600 and now trails Dave by a grand, while the champ still has $3,600. She wagers $1,000 again, this time on this:

"Harlot's Ghost", "Why Are We in Vietnam?"

"Who was Carno?"...sorry. It was Norman Mailer, so she only leads the champ by a grand for second place at this point. Shortly thereafter, Dave's the first to hit five figures. The last two categories remaining later on are Science Stuff and French Buisness. At this point, the champ is at eight grand and trails Dave by just $200. The lady has $6,200. First French Buisness clue:

In 1977, General Mills acquired the U.S. licensing rights to this French "yo" gurt brand.

The champ goes with "What is Yoplait?"...he now leads with $8,400! $800 clue:

Lancome sells this, Maquillage in French.

He says "What is perfume?"...incorrect, meaning he loses the lead just like that, and he's down to $7,600. Dave then says "What is cosmetics?"...that's right to go to nine grand. Middle clue:

Jean-Marie Messier changed a water company's name to this, which he put before the U.S. movie studio Universal.

The champ tries "What is Berriere?"...wrong again, dropping him this time to $6,400. Dave then says "What is Vivendi?"...that's correct to put him back in five figures with $10,200! $1,600 clue:

This auto company's logo seen here eagerly embraced the automobile around 1890.

The champ says "What is Rolls-Royce?"...I don't think so, and he's now down to $4,800. Dave then says "What is Peugeot?"...right to go to $11,800! Final clue there:

An eastern French city inspired the name of potatoes with onions and the baking company called "Credit" this.

The champ says "What is Swiss?"...WRONG AGAIN!! That's the fourth miss in a row for him, and now he's in bad shape at $2,800. Dave then goes with "What is Lyonnaise?"...right to go to $13,800! Middle science clue, as told by the host himself from the Sony heafquarters in Japan:

These razor-thin TV screens of the future are made with OLED technology, or Organic Lighting Emitting this, which allows the current to pass in only one direction.

Our sole female player tonight says "What are diodes?"...right to go to $7,400. She needs to prevent Dave from doing very well in this category or this game will be over before FJ!. $400 clue:

You see this produced by a lily.

The champ tries to stop his slide with "What is pollen?"...this time, he's right to move to $3,200.
$1,600 clue:

A banana will ripen quicker in a bag because the etholine gas produced by the fruit can't escape, and the etholine gas is one of these growth regulators, Greek for "set in motion".

Nobody gets horomone, and time expires before we get to the last two clues.

FJ! category: Academy Awards.

In 1954 he won a record four Oscars, including one for "Best Documentary Feature" for a film set in the American desert.

Our champ wrote down "Who is John Ford?"...incorrect. He drops to an even three grand and is pretty much out of this. The lady wrote down the same thing and drops to two grand. Dave wrote down "Who is Walt Disney?"...right to seal his victory at $15,000! The champ leaves with $28,001.

Moment of Truth: We've got an interesting player tonight- Paul Schon, a 23-year-old fight promoter from San Diego. He's a former wrestler.

Q1: Have you ever ignored a friend that you know needed your help?

My guess: YES

Q2: Do you have a mullet because you think it attracts women?

My guess: YES

Q3: Have you ever lied to a woman about the fact that you live with your mother?

My guess: NO

Q4: Have you ever borrowed money from a family member and spent it on something illegal?

Paul: NO- TRUE

Q5: Have you ever told your parents you quit gambling when, in fact, you hadn't?

My guess: YES

Q6: Have you ever lost more than $10,000 gambling in one day?

My guess: YES
Paul: YES- $10,000

This next question got swapped out by Jackie and Federico:

Have you told your parents that you had made a lot of money in your business when, in fact, you won it gambling?

Q7: Have you ever had sex with someone and kept her underwear as a trophy?

My guess: YES

Q8: Have you ever had sexual relations with someone you would be embarassed to introduce to your mother?

My guess: YES

Q9: Are there things in your sexual history that you keep secret from Maria (his girlfriend)?


Q10: Do you think you would like to have children with Maria someday?

My guess: NO
Paul: NO- TRUE

Q11: Do you keep a spreadsheet of all the women that you've had sexual relations with?

My guess: YES
Paul: YES- $25,000

Q12: Have you ever thought you were a disappointment to your father?

My guess: YES

Q13: Do you think your could ever be faithful to just one woman?

Paul: NO- TRUE

Q14: Have you had sexual relations with over 100 women?

My guess: NO

This next question is for $100,000:

Have you ever been paid for sex?

I would say ABSOLUTELY YES to that. His response is YES too...

...he's going home with $100,000!

Returning on next week's winter finale is Angela Ciemny from Tahala, CA. She's an interior designer. In her peanut gallery are David (husband), Lucille (mother) and Eva (best friend).

Q1: Do you believe that most women are jealous of your beauty?

My guess: YES
Angela: YES- TRUE

Q2: Would it bother you if your future children inherited your husband's red hair?

My guess: NO
Angela: YES- TRUE

Q3: Would you respect your husband more if he made more money?

My guess: NO
Angela: YES- TRUE

Q4: Before you were married, did you ever have sexual relations with a married man?

My guess: YES
Angela: YES- TRUE

Q5: Would you says it's sometimes a struggle to stay faithful to your husband?

(WOF Time's Up Signal)

But we'll have to wait to hear how she responds to this, as time's up for tonight.