Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"American Idol" 4/30- This year's Top 4 Revealed

Syesha Mercado's luck might run out after tonight. Let's hope that's not the case.

The first person definitely moving on is...

Jason Castro
David Cook
Brooke White
David Archuleta
Syesha Mercado

...Archuleta! Second to move on is...

Jason Castro
David Cook
Brooke White
Syesha Mercado

...El Cheapo! I had a feeling he wouldn't be in the bottom two, and I was right.

We then see a preview of the upcoming season of "So You Think You Can Dance". The ones in the bottom two...

David Cook
Brooke White
Syesha Mercado

...La Cheapa and Mercado.

Natasha Bedingfield then performs her new hit single "Pocketful of Sunshine". My mother really likes this song.

Neil Diamond then sings "Pretty Amazing Grace" from his new album.

The final result...


GS Emmy Nominations revealed

Broadcasting and Cable has reported the following nominations for the game show-related Daytime Emmys:

-Drew Carey DID NOT receive a nomination for his work on "TPIR". However, "Price" was nominated for Best Game Show. The other nominees are "Jeopardy!" and "Cash Cab".
-The hosts from two of the above three listed shows are also nominated for Best Game Show Host- Alex Trebek and Ben Bailey (second year in a row he's been nominated in this category). The other host nominated is Pat Sajak.

Last day of April 2008 Results

WWTBAM: Our first player today is Andrew Parks, a Columbia University student from St. Charles, IL. He's studying video game design. He has some trouble on this $500 question:

In a 1978 love song, Eric Clapton sings "And then she asks me, 'Do I look alright' and I say 'Yes, you look'" what?

A: "terrific tonight"
B: "fantastic tonight"
C: "marvelous tonight"
D: "wonderful tonight"

After polling the audience, 87% said "wonderful tonight". He agrees and is right. He then gets the $1,000 question no problem. Later on, for $8,000:

In 2007, Orbit released Mint Mojito chewing gum, which pairs mint with what other flavor?

A: Cranberry
B: Lime
C: Coconut
D: Cherry

He doesn't like this gum, but he knows the right answer of lime. For $16,000:

Which of the folllowing are the names of "families" used by scientists to classify seals?

A: Tailed and tailless
B: Finned and finless
C: Eared and earless
D: Whiskered and whiskerless

He takes a risk by saying whiskered and whiskerless without using a lifeline...

A: Tailed and tailless
B: Finned and finless
C: Eared and earless
D: Whiskered and whiskerless

...oops. It was eared and earless, so he leaves with $1,000 and a DVD game.

Next is Katie Surber from Canton, OH. She's an English competition instructor. For $2,000:

Famous for its opulent turn-of-the-century mansions, Newport is a port town in which of these U.S. states?

A: Louisiana
B: Florida
C: South Carolina
D: Rhode Island

She has some problems, so she asks the audience and 88% said Rhode Island. She agrees and is right. Next:

The sixteenth-century Italian scientist Gabriel Falloplus is famous for his work in what field?

A: Astronomy
B: Chemistry
C: Anatomy
D: Geology

The 50:50 leaves Chemistry and Anatomy. She then goes with Anatomy...

B: Chemistry
C: Anatomy

...she keeps going. Next, for $8K:

Published in 2007, "My First Book of Tagalog Words" introduces preschool kids to the language and culture of what country?

A: Cuba
B: The Philippines (the answer to the season's only Million Dollar Question)
C: Venezuela
D: Peru

She's pretty sure it's The Philippines...

A: Cuba
B: The Philippines
C: Venezuela
D: Peru is. For $16K:

The real-life Internet blogs "Creed Thoughts" and "Schtute-Space" are "written" by characters from what TV show?

A: "My Name is Earl"
B: "How I Met Your Mother"
C: "Ugly Betty"
D: "The Office"

She calls her brother DJ, who immediately knows it's "The Office". She agrees with him for 16 grand! To get to the $25K mark:

In his hit "Live Like You Were Dying", country star Tim McGraw sings, "I went two-point-seven seconds on a bull named" what?

A: Shock and Awe
B: Cajun King
C: Crown of Thorns
D: Fu Manchu

She nails Fu Manchu for $25,000! Unfortunately, she doesn't get either $50,000 question. This was her final question:

Founded in 1964, the restaurant chain Benihana takes its name from a Japanese phrase meaning what?

A: Red flower
B: Happy family
C: Tall mountain
D: Warm house

She said warm house. Correct: Red flower.

Vic Rubin from Scottsdale, AZ will be back tomorrow.

Temptation: Jodi is $239 away from becoming the sixth grand prize winner of the season. Before she even worries about her last Super Knock Off, she must beat Wendy and Kimberly first. After the first Speed Round...

Jodi: $35
Wendy: $20
Kimberly: $20

...Jodi can buy for her current lead a bath/aromatherapy package worth $1,149. The final offer is a $300 bonus. Going once...going twice...NO SALE. Fame Game board:

_ _ _ _ _/_ _/_ _ _ _

Category: Fun & Games.

1. I'm usually played in a group.
2. I can be very innocent or very naughty.
3. I start with a question.
4. If you don't want to answer, there's always a second option, but it might be worse than the first.

Jodi then buzzes in...

_ R _ T H/O _/_ A _ E

...she nails TRUTH OR DARE to go to $50!

Knock Off category: Actresses who co-starred in films with Kevin Bacon.

Diane Lane
Elisabeth Shue
Demi Moore
Julia Roberts
Neve Campbell
Meryl Streep
Hilary Swank
Michelle Pfeiffer
Minnie Driver
Halle Berry
Queen Latifah
Kyra Sedgwick

Wendy: Kyra Sedgwick- $2 ($22)
Kimberly: Diane Lane- $10 ($30)
Jodi: Elisabeth Shue- $5 ($55)

Wendy: Michelle Pfeiffer
Kimberly: Julia Roberts- $2 ($32)
Jodi: Demi Moore- $2 ($57)

Kimberly: Hilary Swank
Jodi: Halle Berry

The champ couldn't take advantage of Kimberly's error. The $15 was behind Minnie Driver. $5 was behind both Neve Campbell and Meryl Streep and the last correct answer was Queen Latifah.

With a $25 lead, Jodi could now buy a pearl necklace and earrings worth $752 for $15. A $500 bonus is thrown in. Going once...going twice...NO SALE.

Speed Round #2 dealt with facts about NY and L.A. After that...

Jodi: $92
Wendy: $22
Kimberly: $32

...she's pretty good in these Speed Rounds. She obviously doesn't want the chance at the $1,500 Instant Ca$h. The jackpot was in the red wallet.

She wins with...$122!

She now needs $125 from Super Knock Off to keep the hot streak going on this show. The category: Brad Pitt facts.

Born in Oklahoma
Is 36 years old
Never went to college
Plays guitar
Gave George Clooney a pet pig
Appeared on "Growing Pains"
Won an Oscar
Is a vegetarian
Tom Cruise's best man
Banned from China
Never took acting lessons
Dated Gwyneth Paltrow

1. Dated Gwyneth Paltrow- $25

If she can find that $100 answer from here on out, the car is hers. Her next pick is born in Oklahoma...right. Is that worth $100?..., that's $25 as well. Next pick is never went to college...

...NO! The $100 answer was his apperance on "Growing Pains", the $50 was behind vegetarian, and the other two right answers were being banned from China and playing the guitar.

She decides to buy...the living room furniture! Her final total in cash and prizes: $17,665!

TPIR: Opening the show were Christina Licciardi, Janice Holbert, Colin Simson and Paul Higgins. The first IUFB was camping equipment.

Paul: $1,150
Colin: $750
Janice: $795
Christina: $1,300

ARP: $960, so Holbert from Houston went to a Shopping Spree to try and win a dinette, a tennis ball machine, a collection of board games and a sink. The target was $3,300. First pick was the dinette...$1,238. Second was the vanity sink...$1,028. For her final choice, she thought the remaining prize that cost at least $1,034 was the tennis ball machine...WIN at $1,049! The games were $403. She took advantage of a very easy setup.

The next player was Alister Sherazi and the second IUFB was a home theater sound system.

Alister: $159 (STUPID BID)
Christina: $650
Paul: $700
Colin: $435

ARP: $1,000, so Higgins from Oceanside, CA played Squeeeeeeeeeeeeze Play for a barrel sauna. Board:


He removed the 2 for a guess of $5,495...

$ 5 4 9 5

...he totally missed it. It was $5,245. I wouldn't have won either- I would've said $5,295.

The next player to leave a seat was Shawn Goolsby and the third IUFB was a sofa. The winner tried for a car.

Shawn: $1,750
Colin: $1,335
Alister: $899
Christina: $1,850

ARP: $2,899, so Licciardi from Atlanta tried to win a Chrysler PT Cruiser. The first number was a 1 and the remaining numbers in play were 2, 5, 7, 8 and 9. Her second number guess was 8...right. Third number guess was She then tried 2...right! She then tried the 9 for the fourth digit...right again! She then got the 5 as the last number to complete the ARP of $18,295, and the car only sold for 50 cents today! As it turned out, that tricky middle digit didn't really matter, because the first envelope had $2 for the win!

SSD1: The only loser this half spun 50...and went over, so parting gifts were headed his way. The first winner of the day got 60 cents. The big-winning lady this half spun 15...and 65 to go to the Showcase with $.80!

Next to leave the crowd was Glenna Thompson and the fourth IUFB was a set of bongo drums.

Glenna: $922
Shawn: $850
Colin: $499
Alister: $600

ARP: $600, so Sherazi from San Diego got a $500 bonus! He then played Barker's Bargain Bar for a plasma HDTV marked at $1,499 and a motorcycle marked at $1,899. He thought the bigger bargain was the HDTV. ARP of the motorcycle: $2,599. ARP of the HDTV: $2,499, so he won!

Next player was Nicholas Klinefelter and the next IUFB was a desk and hutch.

Nicholas: $750
Glenna: $951
Shawn: $751
Colin: $699

ARP: $849, so Goolsby from Queens, NY played Switcheroo for a Jeep Wrangler (when he saw the Jeep revealed, he fainted!!). Board:

Jeep: $ 2 1, 5 _ 4
CD player: $ _ 5
Cookie jar: $ _ 0
Smoothie maker: $ _ 9
Candy carousel: $ _ 0

Numbers available: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7

He said $21,554 for the Jeep (he had $21,534 late, but he changed it back), $45 for the CD player, $70 for the cookie jar, $39 for the smoothie maker and $20 for the carousel. No way that Jeep is $21, a matter of fact, he had everything wrong on his first turn. His final guesses:

Jeep: $21,574
CD player: $55
Cookie jar: $20
Smoothie maker: $49
Candy carousel: $30

End result: WIPEOUT. And to make matters worse, had he stayed with his late guess of $21,534 for the Jeep during his first turn all the way out, he would've won it! Darn. The other prices:

CD player: $25
Cookie jar: $50
Smoothie maker: $79
Candy carousel: $40

Roger didn't beat this guy here today- Shawn beat Shawn.

The last player was Tracey Mase and the final IUFB was a freezer.

Tracey: $895
Colin: $1,700
Nicholas: $1,800
Glenna: $725

ARP: $1,599, so Simson got dragged to the First Four Breakfast Club whether he liked it or not and Mase played Hi-Lo for a bedroom worth $6,599. The products were Hot Pockets, Clorox spray, Gold Bond Lotion, AZO, Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away and Russell Stover sugar-free candy. First pick was the lotion...$9.12. Second was the Dr. Scholl's stuff...$13.99. Final pick was the AZO...$6.99. The Hot Pockets were $2.49, the Clorox was $3.39 and the candy was...$7.99, so she lost at the last second.

The man who totally blew Switcheroo went to the Showcase and won $1,000 from the Big Wheel. He gave a DUD Bonus Spin.

First Showcase had a home gym and a hovercraft, and the man bid $25,500. For our big winner so far today, we had special greeting cards from Gallmark Cards. First, "You're a friend for life and that's really cool" means you'll soon have to return to this friend new garden tools. Second, for mom and dad, "All these years you've been loving and sane" means that you may soon realize that they're actually trying to control your life too much at the house; therefore, you might want to move to Spain. Finally, a graduation-themed card says "Why, you've come very far", because you might've very well have been driving a lot in your new Ford Mustang. She bid $23,000, which was a GARF, since that only covered the Mustang and the tools, but I wasn't sure if that was going to matter.

ARP for her: $29,511, a difference of $6,511. ARP for him: $19,839, so he overbid and left with $1,000 while the lady became the second $50K+ daytime winner in a row with a grand total of $50,705!

WOF: Tonight's players are Andy Kravis from Farmington Hills, Michigan (who is a junior at the University of Michigan studying English and women's studies), Sabrina Stevenson from St. Cloud, MN (who is a junior at Marquette studying political science) and Sonya Roberts from Flossmoor, IL (who is a freshman at Northwestern majoring in theatre).

Tonight's male player gets REFERENCE LIBRARY for $1,000 and then quickly gets TOPEKA, KANSAS to triple his money.

Round 1 category is Thing and out on the wheel now is $5,000 courtesy of! After he calls the S's for $5,000 (he was on the $2,500 space at the time), we have...

_ I _ I T _ _

S _ _ _ O _ N _

S O _ N _

...most movies at theatres today are equipped with this. After he buys the U's, he solves DIGITAL SURROUND SOUND for another $5,600 and $8,600 total.

Eggland's Best Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is What Are You Doing? Midway in the round, Roberts calls the D for $300 and the Free Spin. After SS buys the A's, we have...

_ I _ _ I N G/_ A _ _/AND/

_ _ _ A _ I N G's one of two possibilities- KICKING BACK AND RELAXING or SITTING BACK AND RELAXING. She then calls a dud in F. Roberts calls the R for the 25 prize- 25 Bath & Body Works gift certificates. After buying the E to clean out the vowels, she calls a $600 L but calls a dud in T and decides to use her Free Spin. She then calls a pair of C's for another $1,600 but is incorrect with SINKING BACK AND RELAXING. The man then steals KICKING BACK AND RELAXING for a trip to the Bahamas, taking him to $15,600!


V8 Big Money Round category is College Life. After he buys some vowels, we have...

_ T _ _ E _ T

_ _ T I _ I T I E _

_ O _ _ I T T E E

...even though I don't know it, a lot of you college people should know it by now. This man does with STUDENT ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE for another $4,050 and $19,650 total!

He then solves DESERT CACTUS to go to $22,650. Next category is Proper Name. After SS calls the T's for ten grand, we have...

T _ _ _/S _ _ _/_ _ S T/

_ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _

...I think I know this one already. She buys two I's next and we now have...

T _ _ _/S _ _ _/_ _ S T

_ I _ _ _/_ I _ _ _ _ guess of TALK SHOW HOST MAURY POVICH is now dead. She then calls the H's for another $10,000! After the man buys the E, we now have...


_ I _ _ _/_ I _ _ E L, I've got it, but he hits Bankrupt. SS then steals TALK SHOW HOST JIMMY KIMMEL for $20,350!

Speed-Up Round category is Food & Drink and consonants are worth $1,450 a pop. SS calls the S at the beginning of the puzzle and says SMOULDERING FISH...good guess, but incorrect. After the man calls the L's, we have...

S _ _ R _ _ _ _ H

R _ L L

...he solves SOURDOUGH ROLL for $2,900 and seals the match win with $25,550! SS has $20,350 from that one big solve and Roberts gets the $1,000 consolation check.

Kravis is a very good player, so we have a decent shot at a bonus round win tonight. BTW, both cars on offers this week are Pontiacs- according to my Sony Pictures Message Board buddy, Andy Nguyen, the other car besides the Solstice is the G6 Convertible. He spins the B for Bobby and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ R L _

_ _ _

My gut is CURLY BOW. He calls W, D, P and O, thinking he's onto something...


_ _ P

...we see one in almost every school classroom- WORLD MAP! That wins him another $25,000, for a final total of $50,550! Well done!

Bingo America: Tonight's players are Emily from Las Vegas (who works as a high school counselor) and Chris originally from Springfield, VA (his family hails from Chile and Cuba). Here's the scoreboard at this point after seven questions:

Emily: B----
Chris: B-NGO
BANK: $878

8. (I21)- What fancy pattern has a tear-dropped shape?
9. (N40)- What pasta is Italian for "ribbon" and is often served with Alfredo sauce?


10. (N41)- Amazon or Nile- if a school of pirhana swims towards you, what river are you in?
11. (N33)- Cuba (uh oh) or Florida- the Daiquiri cocktail is thought to have originated where?
12. (I22)- T or F: Flamingos are born in red and then their color eventually matures to pink.

1. (I17)- Peter Parker, Spider-Man's alter ego, works for what fictional newspaper?
2. (I29)- What Spanish queen sponsored Columbus' voyage?
3. (B3)- What does a philatelist collect?
4. (O63)- What "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" author has her own line of greeting cards?
5. (B2)- Three looping arrows in a triangle shape is the symbol for what eco-friendly process?
6. (N38)- What U.S. President said the now-famous line "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall"?
7. (G49)- What 1997 movie was "king of the world", becoming the highest-grossing film ever?
8. (N35)- Celiac disease suffers can't tolerate what protein found in wheat and other grains?
9. (G50)- The Hindu god Vishnu is depicted as having four of what?
10. (B7)- What's the world's largest chain of fast-food restaurants?


11. (O66)- Batman or Robin- which one is a real city in Eastern Turkey?

1. #28- $5,000
2. #7- Diamonds
Final pick: #51- WINS DIAMONDS

Total in cash and prizes: $3,894.

TPIR MDS: We start with the first three $1,000,000 winners on this show announcing their names along with showing off their own big, fake million dollar check. Will somebody join that elite club tonight? Let's find out.

Our first four players are Yolanda Comer, Clayton Sober, Denise Danchich and James Boswell (call me crazy, but is that the same one that got called on down on a daytime episode not too long ago?!?!). The opening IUFB is a spa.

James: $8,050 (WILLY OF THE CENTURY)
Denise: $4,500
Clayton: $5,200
Yolanda: $5,600

ARP: $5,175, so DD plays Switcheroo for a Cadillac CTS (Std., PI V6, Trim, Sunroof, Seat Adjustor, Hard Drive, LCollection)! Board:

Cadillac: $ 4 0, 4 _ 5
CD Cabinet: $ _ 6
Duffle bag: $ _ 9
Soccer ball: $ _ 5
Wine cooler: $ _ 0

Numbers available: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8

THIS IS THE MILLION DOLLAR GAME!!! An EXACTA on the first try wins the $1,000,000 and all the prizes.

My guesses:

Cadillac: $40,435
CD cabinet: $56
Duffle bag: $49
Soccer ball: $25
Wine cooler: $80

Her $1M guesses:

Cadillac: $40,485
CD cabinet: $36
Duffle bag: $49
Soccer ball: $25
Wine cooler: $50

She has...

 right. Her final guesses:

Cadillac: $40,445
CD cabinet: $26
Duffle bag: $59
Soccer ball: $35
Wine cooler: $80

Final result: Two right. And she wins...

Cadillac: $ 4 0 , 4 4 5
CD cabinet: $ 2 6
Duffle bag: $ 5 9
Soccer ball: $ 3 5
Wine cooler: $ 8 0

...the duffle bag and the wine cooler. I was right about the car- it was $40,435. The soccer ball was $25 (she had that right on her first turn) and the CD cabinet was $46.

Khamamile Sandaford then comes on down and the second IUFB is a pool table.

Khamamile: $4,139
Clayton: $3,500
Yolanda: $3,700
James: BUCK

ARP: $4,995, so Khamamile plays Range Game for a trip to the Galapagos Islands. Range is $9,400-$10,000. Her guess is $9,566-$9,716...winner! ARP: $9,666.

Next player is Christopher Wolfe and the third IUFB is a BBQ island.

Christopher: $3,650
Clayton: $2,500
Yolanda: $1,800
James: $3,651

ARP: $4,914, so that extra dollar gives the U.S. Navy's Boswell a chance to play Pathfinder for a Chrysler Sebring Convertible (Fairly loaded). Board:


First number is 2. He steps to the second number of 8 and he's on his way ($ 2 8, _ _ _). He then steps to the 4 as the middle number...right
($ 2 8, 4 _ _)! His fourth number guess is 1...right again ($ 2 8, 4 1 _)! He then goes with 0 as the last number...BULLSEYE!! He wins the $28,410 convertible! Too bad this wasn't the Million Dollar Game, because he played this like a pro!

SSD1: The only loser this half spins a dime...and 90 cents for $5,000! Nobody else matches it, so she's in the Showcase. In her Bonus Spin...too much.

Next player is Brenda Jarvis and the fourth IUFB is a treadmill.

Brenda: $2,800
Christopher: $4,600
Clayton: $1,800
Yolanda: $1,600

ARP: $2,999, so Jarvis plays That's Too Much for a Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Extended Cab (Std., LT1, Tailgate, Power Pack Plus). First price is $20,841. Second is $22,780. Third is $24,615. Fourth is $25,191. Fifth is $29,921. Sixth is $32,850. Seventh is $35,780 and she says the magic words...she's over. She should've stopped at the fifth price, because the ARP was $28,300.

Next player is Warren Bostwick and the next IUFB is a diamond pendant and ring.

Warren: $3,300
Christopher: $3,700
Clayton: $4,750
Yolanda: BUCK

ARP: $4,625, so Wolfe from Randy Orton country (St. Louis, MO) will play Super Grand Game. Target is $6 and the products are Lanacane, granola bars, cold sore treatment, CLR cleaner, Alka-Seltzer Plus and pasta sauce.

1. Pasta sauce- $1.99
2. Granola bars- $3.29
3. Cold sore treatment- $5.30

He goes with the cleaner last...that's $4.19 for the $20,000!

Timothy Walsh is last and the final IUFB is a hybrid go-cart.

Timothy: $3,900
Clayton: $6,100 (SUICIDE WILLY)
Yolanda: $5,300
Warren: $5,301

ARP: $4,598, so Clayton and Yolanda go to Heartbreak Hotel at Jabroni Drive, wherever that might be, while Walsh visits Barker's Bargain Bar and tries to win an arcade game marked at $3,395 and a floor clock marked at $1,820. I say the arcade game is the bigger bargain and he disagrees. ARP of the game: $5,395. ARP of the clock: $4,820, so I'm wrong and he wins!

SSD2: The only loser this half spins the dollar right away for $5,000! Like the first Showcase Showdown, nobody else matches that, so she's in the Showcase. In Jarvis' Bonus Spin...too little.

I would like to point out that you now have to come within $500 of the ARP of your Showcase to win the $1,000,000 and both Showcases. To begin our battle of losers in tonight's Million Dollar Showcase Round, the first Showcase has very hi-tech stuff: A pair of remote control helicopters, an Apple computer system, a Wii game system, an HDTV and a Chaparral 22" Sinesta Extreme ski boat. Jarvis bids $28,950, which is a GARF OF THE CENTURY, but she could still win if her luck holds up. For our Million Dollar Switcheroo player, we have new versions of old-fashioned prizes: A Heartland range, a Colorado whitewater rafting trip, a baby grand piano and a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Coupe (Std, Trim, Stereo, Lamps). She bids $60,240.

ARP for Jarvis: $89,920, a difference of $60,970. ARP for the other lady...

...$72,118, so she's tonight's champion with $82,432 in cash and prizes! Jarvis leaves with $7,999.

DOND: Tonight's first contestant is Richard Ramierez from Miami, FL. He keeps case #10.

1. #26- WIPEOUT ($1,000,000)
2. #8- $750
3. #15- $300
4. #18- $25,000
5. #23- $50
6. #19- BUCK


Tonight's model contestants are Lindsay, Krista and Amy.

1. #9- $200
2. #24- $10,000
3. #5- PENNY
4. #16- $750,000
5. #6- $100,000


1. #3- $400,000
2. #21- $5
3. #12- $25
4. #4- $10


1. #7- $5,000
2. #11- $100
3. #1- $75


1. #25- $300,000
2. #14- $1,000


RR's next pick is #17...$200,000, so he's in the Danger Zone. New offer: $101,000...DEAL, AND IT'S A PERFECT ONE! His next pick of #2 had the $500K. His case had $400. The other cases:

#13- $75,000
#20- $500
#22- $50,000

Our next player tonight is Kate Albarelli from NYC. She's a professional ballet dancer. Her case of destiny is #14.

1. #2- $200
2. #8- $500
3. #1- $100,000
4. #5- $75,000
5. #25- $200,000
6. #17- $25


1. #18- $750,000
2. #3- $5,000
3. #13- ONE MILLION DOLLARS (she was ONE OFF THE BIG ONE- the second time this week that's happened!)
4. #7- $10
5. #15- PENNY


1. #23- BUCK
2, #19- $50,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)
3. #22- $400,000 (STRIKE ONE)
4. #5- $25,000


1. #21- $750
2. #4- $300
3. #6- $75


1. #11- $500,000 (STRIKE TWO!!)

She leaves with $100. The other cases:

#10- $1,000
#16- $400
#26- $5
#24- $10,000
#20- $50

Our last player is Norman Tyree, who is a retired area manager for a tire company (he worked there for 30 years). He holds on to case #14.

1. #3- $200
2. #8- $300,000
3. #19- $200,000
4. #23- $10
5. #11- $25,000
6. #5- $50


1. #4- $100
3. #17- $5,000
4. #22- $50,000
5. #2- $300


(At this point, the American Gladiators appear via satelite to damage the Banker's car!)

ROUND 3 (the American Gladiators are now in the studio at this point):
1. #12- $5
2. #18- BUCK
3. #21- $10,000
4. #7- $75


1. #6- $75,000
2. #25- $1,000
3. #15- $25


Tonight's model winner is Lindsay.

1. #26- PENNY
2. #9- $100,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)


His next pick is #1...STRIKE ONE- $400,000. New offer: $180,000...NO DEAL. Next selection is #20...STRIKE TWO- $500,000. Next offer: $151,000...DEAL! He had $750 in his case, but he still commited a GARF OF THE CENTURY as a result of this playout:

#13- $400 (Offer: $260,000)
#24- $500 (Offer: $407,000)
#16- $750,000 (STRIKEOUT)

Next week, the world tour begins!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Beauty and the Geek V" Episode 7

The five remaining teams were sent to Big Bear, California's premier ski resort.

Only one challenge was done this week. This was a sled-building challenge. The Beauties had to build the actual sleds while the Geeks got snowmen, tools and parts to work with. The Beauties had to make their sleds using the materials from the snowmen, but they had to ask their Geeks to borrow them from their snowmen. They could only bring one item at a time. Once a team completed their sled, they had to take it up the hill, and they had to ride down the hill all the way down to the finish line. If at any point somebody fell off, they had to start over. The first team that crossed the finish line on their sled won.

Jason and Kristina were the first ones to try their sled out on the course...

...but Jason prematurely stopped their sled! Oops. They tried it again and did worse than the first time.

Chris and Cara then took their shot...

...but they WIPED OUT early. Jason and Kristina then tried their sled out for the third time...

...but they failed yet again. Next to try the course out was Tommy and Amanda...

...they won!

Instead of a quiz to eliminate somebody, a Tribal Council-like vote was held. The team who got the most votes was eliminated. Tommy and Amanda had immunity since they won the challenge, and would hold the tiebreaking vote in the event the vote in the event of a tie.

First vote: Joe and Tara

Second vote: Jason and Kristina

Third vote: Matt and Leticia

Fourth vote: Chris and Cara

Tommy and Amanda therefore had to break the tie. By their power, the next team eliminated was...

...Jason and Kristina.

"Dancing With the Stars" Elimination VII

The encore dance of the night was the Quick Step from Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska.

Dancecenter then did its occasional appearance on the results show.

Def Leppard performed "Pour Some Sugar On Me", a theme that was once used for wrestling diva Christy Hemme. They later peformed a single from their new album.

There was no kids' segment tonight.

Now, for the results. The first one safe:

Marissa Jaret Winokur
Cristian de la Fuente
Kristi Yamaguchi
Shannon Elizabeth
Jason Taylor


Marissa Jaret Winokur
Cristian de la Fuente
Shannon Elizabeth
Jason Taylor

So much for my bottom two projection.

We now learned that Cristian de la Fuente's actual injury from last night was a ruptured tendon in one of his biceps. OUCH. He wants to have surgery on it sometime, but he wants to keep going for the time being. The bottom two...

Marissa Jaret Winokur
Cristian de la Fuente
Shannon Elizabeth
Jason Taylor

...Marissa Jaret Winokur and Shannon Elizabeth. Leaving us tonight...

Marissa Jaret Winokur
Shannon Elizabeth


"American Idol" 4/29

Remember, each contestant will have to sing twice tonight, and will only be judged after their second song. The topic is Neil Diamond.

First up is this year's El Cheapo, Jason Castro. His first song is "Forever in Blue Jeans". I gave him a 6.

Second is David Cook with "I'm Alive". My score was 7.

In the middle spot is La Cheapa, Brooke White, with "I'm a Believer". She uses the guitar to perform with this song. I gave her a 6.

Fourth is David Archuleta with the song "Sweet Caroline". I gave him an 8.

Last in tonight's lineup is Syesha Mercado. Based on the past few weeks, she'd better give two virtually-perfect performances tonight or else. For her first song, she does "Hello, Again". I also gave her an 8.

Castro's second song is "September Morn". I gave him another 6. Everyone thought his song choices were too safe.

Cook's second song is "All I Really Need is You". I gave him an 8 for an average of 7.5. Everybody thought the second song was better than his first one.

White then uses the piano to assist her in peforming "I Am I Said". Since everybody thought this song was much better than her first, I also gave her an 8, meaning her average is 7.

Next is Archuleta with "America". I gave him a 9, for an average of 8.5! Everybody thought that was a clever song choice.

Mercado has the night's last song, "Thank the Lord for the Night Time". I gave her a 9, for an average of 8.5. But I'm not sure if that's going to matter for her.

Unless she gets lucky like White last week, Mercado will be eliminated tomorrow.

4/29/2008 Results

WWTBAM: La Tanya Hall returns. She's a singer and once performed with Aretha Franklin. Let's see if this $25,000 question will be music to her ears:

In April 2007, scientists made headlines when they reportedly found an Earth-like planet located 20.5 light years away in what constellation?

A: Orion
B: Canis Minor
C: Ursa Major
D: Libra

Astronomy is not her cup of tea, so she calls Dan, who's pretty sure it's Libra. She agrees...

A: Orion
B: Canis Major
C: Ursa Major
D: Libra

...that's $25,000! After switching, here's her $50,000 question:

Which of the following isn't one of the money royal titles held by Prince Charles?

A: Earl of Chester
B: Baron of Renfrew
C: Lord of the Isles
D: Duke of Edinburgh

The 50:50 leaves the Earl and the Duke. She says the Duke...

A: Earl of Chester
D: Duke of Edinburgh

...bam! For $100K:

Laid to rest in the National Cathedral, who is the only U.S. President bured in Washington, D.C.?

A: Martin Van Buren
B: Woodrow Wilson
C: James Madison
D: William Taft

She takes home $50,000! It was Wilson.

Next player is Valerie Hanley from Lafayette, CO. She's a registered nurse. For $4,000:

On the hospital drama "Grey's Anatomy", what's the first name of the title character, Dr. Grey?

A: Meredith (!)
B: Izzie
C: Miranda
D: Cristina

This lady was very afraid that a "Grey's Anatomy" question would pop up, because she's never watched that show. Therefore, she asks the audience...and do you believe it, 83% said Meredith! She agrees and is right! Next, for eight grand:

"Fledermaus" is the German word for what creature?

A: Swan
B: Parrot
C: Bat
D: Mosquito

She quickly gets bat for $8,000. For 16:

A popular brunch cocktail, the Bellini is typically made by mixing champagne with a puree of what fruit?

A: Orange
B: Tomato
C: Cranberry
D: Peach

The 50:50 leaves tomato and peach, and it's a good thing she used that lifeline, because her gut of orange is now gone. She then says peach...

B: Tomato
D: Peach

...right for $16K! To hit the $25K mark:

Francis Ford Coppola won his first Academy Award for co-writing the screenplay for what film?

A: "Cool Hand Luke"
B: "Five Easy Pieces"
C: "Patton"
D: "In the Heat of the Night"

She decides to phone Chuck, who says nothing, so she quits with the $16,000. The answer was "Patton".

Our last player today is Beckie Magnuson from San Diego. For $4,000:

Which of these U.S. states doesn't lie entirely within a single time zone?

A: Pennsylvania
B: Missouri
C: Texas
D: Nevada

She asks the audience. 40% said Texas, 30% said Nevada, 22% said Missouri and 8% said Pennsylvania. The 50:50 leaves Texas and Missouri. She then goes with Texas...

B: Missouri
C: Texas

...she's still alive! Last question of the day, for $8,000:

A collection of Sanskrit hymns and verses known as the Vedas are sacred texts in what religion?

A: Buddhism
B: Taoism
C: Judaism
D: Hinduism

She calls her uncle Lee, who doesn't say much of anything, so she takes home the $4,000 as we call it a day. It was Hinduism.

Temptation: For Jodi's fourth day, she's facing Molly and Keli. So far, Jodi has won $6,470 in cash and prizes. After the first Speed Round...

Jodi: $30
Molly: $20
Keli: $25

...with $5 separating everyone, Jodi could buy a Pilates exercise package worth $1,009 for $10. The final offer is a $7 price. Going once...going twice...NO SALE. Fame Game board:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _

Category: TV Title.

1. I premiered in the 1970s.
2. I had many guests, including a young Michelle Phiefer.
3. One of my main characters was under four feet tall.
4. They remade me in the 1990s, but that revival didn't last long.

Keli rings in...

_ A _ T A _ Y

_ _ L A N _

...she gets FANTASY ISLAND for the early lead with $40.

Knock Off category: Original 13 Colonies.

Rhode Island
New Jersey
New York
New Hampshire
South Carolina
North Carolina

Molly: New Hampshire- $2 ($22)
Jodi: Maryland- $2 ($32)
Keli: Maine

Molly: New Jersey- $10 ($32)
Jodi: Delaware- $2 ($34)

Molly: New York- $5 ($37)
Jodi: South Carolina- $5 ($39)

Molly: North Carolina- $5 ($42)
Jodi: Georgia- $15 ($54)

Molly: Rhode Island- $2 ($44)

Now with a $10 lead, Jodi could buy an at-home message therapy session plus a collection of Hobo skin care products, all worth $850 for $12. The final offer is her current lead. Going once...going twice...FORGET IT.

Speed Round #2 dealt with celebrities who turned either 30 or 40 last year. After that...

Jodi: $94
Molly: $39
Keli: $40

...Jodi doesn't want the $1,000 Instant Ca$h. The one grand check was in the white wallet today.

She goes on to win with $114! She now has $496 in her bank account. There are five new prizes at Shopper's Paradise, and as Jim Lange might say, "And heeeeeeeeeeeeere they are".

$86: Novori Jewelry ($2,000)
$200: Trip to Hollywood, FL ($4,276)
$385: Wurlitzer jukebox ($7,995)
$560: Living room ($11,195)
$860: Nissan Altima Hybrid ($25,115)

If she bombs out for the third time in a row at Super Knock Off, the car will be all but out of play for her. The category today: U.S. Magazines.

All You
Bridal Style
Buttons and Bows
Knit Simple
American Baby
Gal Pal
In Style
Bride 2 Be
Hey Girl!

1. Redbook- $25
2. Self- $25
3. In Style- $25
4. American Baby- $50

She would've bombed out with her next pick of Bridal Style. The $100 was behind Knit Simple and the other $25 answer was All You.

She now has $621 in her bank account...but she will return for her last day!

TPIR: Those of you in the Eastern/Central time zones had to watch this show in full on the Internet only because of a President Bush News Conference airing on TV. The first four players were Michelle Boudreaux, Joseph Hooson, Frank Gabb and Sylvia Rodriguez. The first IUFB was an LCD TV.

Michelle: $380 (STUPID BID)
Joseph: $675
Frank: $525 (GARF)
Sylvia: $2,500

ARP: $1,595, so Hooson played Easy as 1-2-3 for luggage, a coffee urn and a BBQ. He placed #1 on the urn, #2 on the luggage and #3 on the BBQ. The urn was $750 (the price reveal got stuck for that), the luggage was $1,000, and the grill was $1,603 for the victory!

The next player was Jennifer Schwann and the second IUFB was a dinette.

Jennifer: $1,250
Frank: $1,425
Sylvia: $1,525
Michelle: $1,526

All were over.

Jennifer: $850
Frank: $1,020
Sylvia: $975
Michelle: BUCK

ARP: $899, so by changing her bid from about $900 to $850, Schwann from Salt Lake City got to play Spelling Bee for a $15,810 Ford Focus. Her free picks were #25 and #8. The first item was kitchen utensils, and her guess was $20...BULLSEYE! That meant she automatically won the $40 mouse pad, the $25 electronic recipe guide and three more cards! She then picked #10, #4 and #21. She then tried for the car. First card had CAR on it for an instant win! The other cards alternated between C's and A's.

Next player was James Blackburn and the third IUFB was a camcorder.

James: $650
Frank: $425
Sylvia: $620
Michelle: $651

ARP: $950, so Boudreaux, the first player called down on the day, played One Right Price for SCUBA gear and a bar set. Today's One Right Price was $2,250, and she said that was the price of the bar set...NO! It was actually $3,099. I thought for sure that SCUBA gear was about $4K.

SSD1: The only loser this half spun 55...and went over, so she left with parting gifts. Hooson spun 80 cents. Schwann spun 85 cents to go to the Showcase! She was on fire so far today!

Next to "Come on Down" was Cornelia Limones and the next IUFB was an electric fireplace. The winner also got $40 of Gold Bond Powder.

Cornelia: $1,199
James: $1,295
Frank: $950
Sylvia: $975

All were over.

Cornelia: $900
James: $795
Frank: $725
Sylvia: $790

ARP: $899, so Blackburn from Florida played That's Too Much for a Ford Ranger (Std., AC, Cruise/Tilt, Stereo, Prot, SRadio). First price was $14,560. Second was $15,206. Third was $16,005. Fourth was $18,990 and he said the magic words...GOT IT! ARP was $16,737, meaning for the first time in a while on the daytime show, both car games were won in the same episode!

Next player was George Calhoun and the next IUFB was a set of water inflatables.

George: $999
Frank: $1,225
Sylvia: $950
Cornelia: $700

ARP: $820, so Limones played Grocery Game for a trip to Venice worth $7,794. The products today were Clorox wipes, hair spray, seasoned potatoes, Chips Ahoy! and Aspercreme. Her first purchase was six wipe bottles. Each one was $2.99, for a total of $17.94. She then bought five Chips Ahoy! packages, after she originally wanted to buy six. Each one was 55 cents, for a total of...$20.69 and the win! Good thing she held back a little!

The last player was Yolanda Stout and the final IUFB today was a dishwasher.

Yolanda: $575
George: $899
Frank: $825
Sylvia: $1,050

ARP: $1,159, so Gabb went to the First Four Breakfast Club while Rodriguez played Coming or Going for a pair of motorcycles. If she was coming, the guess would be $4,368. If she was going, the guess would be $8,634. She said $4,368...winner!

SSD2: Rodriguez spun a nickel...and 75 for 80 cents. Limones tied it up. The truck winner spun 55...and went way over. In the spin-off, Rodriguez spun 85...while the other lady got 55, so Rodriguez went to the Showcase!

I believe either a trailer or a boat was on offer in today's featured Showcase. The first Showcase went into the future...2050 to be exact, to see a 12-year old girl named Tiffany being the President of the United States! First, she hates broccoli, so she calls on a year supply of chocolate to satisfy her. Second, she signs the 53rd Amendment, which disallows those children like her from cleaning their rooms unless they first played their favorite games on their new laptop computer. Finally, she wants to end the war with her neighbors/best friends, so she decides to make her new home a Red Line Trailer! Schwann bid $27,000, which was a GARF, since that didn't cover the trailer. Rodriguez went for a living room, maid service for a year and a spa, and she bid $23,000, which sounded like a WILLY.

ARP for Schwann: $34,384, a difference of $7,384. ARP for Rodriguez: $17,908, so she did indeed WILLY and Schwann became the champion in a big way with a grand total of $51,178 in prizes! The other lady left with $5,527 in stuff.

WOF: For those of you, like me, who missed Monday's episode, you didn't miss anything too significant, except for the fact that the champ on that episode said the correct answer to last night's bonus puzzle A SECOND TOO LATE (MYTHOLOGY).

As for tonight, we're in the middle of College Week, the first week in this three week road trip from the Navy Pier in Chicago. Tonight's players are Mark Garato (in the blue) from Wheaton, IL (who is a sophomore at the University of Illinois-Chicago majoring in political science), Laura Hubert from Mt. Prospect, IL (who is a sophomore at Loyola University majoring in nursing) and Kelly Clinton-Scirocco from Neunert, IL (who is a junior at the University of Wisconsin majoring in biology; she's also a part of the school's ROTC).

Mark gets A SEMESTER ABROAD for $1,000 and then CHAMELEONS to triple his money.

Round 1 category is College Life and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! A $5,000 trip to Hawaii is now on the wheel. After he buys the I's, we have...

_ _ _ _ _ I N _/IN/I T _ _ I _ N

...I think I know this, but he hits Bankrupt. Laura calls a $300 G and after buying the A's, we now have...

_ A _ _ _ I N G/IN/I T A _ I A N I know it. My guess of SPEAKING IN ITALIAN is now gone. She then calls the L for the Wild Card and solves MAJORING IN ITALIAN for $50 and a trip to Venice, a total of $7,150.


Eggland's Best Jackpot Round category is Thing. At the start, the winner of the last round calls two T's for $600 and the Free Spin. She then calls the R's for the trip to Hawaii, but then hits Bankrupt to lose that, the cash and the Wild Card. She then uses her Free Spin. After she buys the E's, we have...

_ _ R E _ E S S

_ _ T E R _ E T

A _ _ E S S

...if you don't have this in your house, you're probably living a boring life. She buys the I's, calls the N's for another $600 and solves WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS for another $3,700 and $10,850 total.

V8 Big Money Round category is Before & After. Early on, the man hits a Mystery Wedge. He calls three N's and flips...Bankrupt-oops. Later on, though, he calls a G for the $25,000 from the Big Money Wedge! After he buys the A's, we have...

_ A _ N _ R _/_ A _/O _/

R _ _ _ O N I N G

...he then buys the E. Next, he calls a $300 C and after calling the U, we now have...

_ A U N _ R _/_ A _/O _/

R E C _ O N I N G, I think I've got it. Hope he does. He calls a $400 L and the D's for another $2,000. He then calls the Y's and solves LAUNDRY DAY OF RECKONING for another $27,650 and $30,650 total!

He then solves DRESSER DRAWERS to go to $33,650. Speed-Up Round category is Place and consonants are worth $1,600 apiece. After he calls the L's, we have...

S _ L _ - _ _ T

_ _ N _ _ R T

_ _ L L

...I know it, but he doesn't. Laura calls the H and solves SOLD-OUT CONCERT HALL for another $3,200 and a final total of $14,050 in cash and prizes. Kelly gets the $1,000 consolation and Mark is our champion with $33,650 thanks to that profitable Big Money Round!

One of the cars on offer this week, I do believe, is a Pontiac Solstice. He spins the double star and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ _ E T

_ _ _ N

He calls C, G, H and A and gets zip, so the game is over. It was QUIET DOWN and he doesn't win a Pontiac Solstice. But he could still buy one and so much more with $33,650!

Jeopardy!: The next College Championship for the show begins on Monday. In the meantime, Ric Leach hopes to make it three wins in a row. So far, this training director from Miami has $32,800 to his credit. Tonight, he's facing Gilah Pomeranz and Tom Morris. Opening categories:


Leach gets off to a good start by getting the first four "B" clues for $2,000. At the first break, he's still ahead with $4,400. The man in the middle has three grand and the only woman on this panel has one grand. When we pick things up, Diaries & Journals, International Food & Drink and Branded. First Branded clue:

Elsie the Cow's "husband", his face is plastered on glue bottles.

Leach says "Who is Elmer?" to go to $4,600. $400:

It's "The Quicker Picker Upper".

Leach is incorrect with "What is Downy?", dropping him to $4,200. The lady then gets "What is Bounty?" to go to $1,400. Middle clue:

In 1986, this company introduced its Dockers line of men's casual wear.

Leach goes with "What is Levi's?"...he's right to jump to $4,800. $800 clue is as follows:

Brother began by making sewing machines; it made its first portable one of these in 1961.

He says "What is a typewriter?"...I said printer, but he's right to go to $5,600! Wrapping up the category:

This cross-country skiing simulator wasn't invented in Scandinavia; it's from Minnesota.

He then says "What is a Nordic?"...NOT ACCEPTABLE, dropping him back to $4,600. The other man responds with "What is NordiTrak?"...that's right to go to four large. Opening clue in Food & Drink:

A modern Greek word for "bread" gave us the name of this bread that's often stuffed with delicious fillings.

She says "What is a pita?"...right for $1,600. Next:

In a traditional Chinese dish, hard-cooked eggs get a marbled appearance by being simmered in this beverage.

The male challenger says "What is beer?"...sorry. He drops to $3,600. The lady then says "What is tea?"...she's now at the $2,000 mark. Middle clue:

The name of the popular pudding arroz con leche is Spanish for this "with milk".

Morris says "What is rice?"...back to $4,200 he goes. $800 clue:

Virtually Brazil's national drink, caipirinha is an icy concoction with fresh lime, and cachaca, a liquor distilled mainly from this sweet crop.

Leach says "What is molasses?", dropping him out of the lead for now with $3,800. Morris then responds "What is sugar cane?"...five grand! Wrappping that up:

If you see "lumache" on an Italian menu, find out if they're these gastropods or the pasta shaped like them.

Morris' response is "What are snails?"...right again to go to six large! Let's start the last category with this $200 clue:

On June 20, 1942, she wrote that no one would be "interested in the unbosomings of a thirteen-year-old schoolgirl".

Here comes Leach with a guess of "Who was Anne Frank?" bet to go back to four grand! $400 clue:

Julie Powell's book about mastering Julia Child's recipes began as this type of online journal.

Leach says "What is a blog?", which is what my site is...and he's right again to go to $4,400! Middle clue:

In describing a species of tortoise of this island group, Darwin wrote that "some grow to an immense size".

The woman rings in with "What are the Galapagos?"...$2,200. $800 clue is the Daily Double, and she wagers $1,600:

An 1855 entry in this Scottish missionary's African journal mentions the discovery of Victoria Falls.

"Who was Livingston?"...Dr. Livingston, I presume that you just helped her jump to $4,200! To wrap up the round:

This "Life of Samuel Johnson" author also wrote "Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides", an early travel diary.

She says "Who was Peeps?"...NO WAY, dropping her to $3,200. Triple Stumper- it was actually James Boswell.

DJ! categories:

MOVIE TAGLINES (the movie has to be IDed in each correct response)
INSIDE THE COUNTRY (in each clue, one word will be highlighted because it contains some of the letters of a country)

Early on, the champ ties it up, but Morris quickly takes the lead back by himself. These two continue to have a tight battle for the lead, until Morris catches fire in Aviation and tries for a sweep of that category with this $2,000 clue:

In May 1987, a plane built by this Wichita, KS company landed in Red Square.

He rings in first with "What is Cessna?"...SWEEP! He now has $14,800! Left now are Composers, The Good Old, Old Days and Inside the Country. Time to ID the countries. The first clue:

There's a lot of "love" (Rossi Morreale not included, so sorry) inside this country that borders Croatia.

The champ says "What is Slovenia?"...right to go to $11,200! For $800:

All "hail" this country and its beautiful Buddhist temples.

The woman responds with "What is Thailand?"...she now has $5,600. Opening composer clue:

In 1867, Edward Grieg founded the Norwegian Academy of Music in this city, then known as Christiania.

The champ says "What is Oslo?"...he's at $11,600! Middle country clue:

I could live simply in a "hut" in this Himalayan country.

He agrees with me on "What is Bhutan?"...$12,800! $1,600:

"Our" trip to Europe won't be complete without a visit to this small grand duchy.

The lady at the end replies with "What is Luxembourg?"...right for $7,200. $800 composer clue:

Robert Schumann died age 46 in an asylum near Bonn, the city where this musical titan was born in 1770.

Morris says "Who was Mozart?"...NO, so he's down to $14,000. Leach then says "Who was Beethoven?"...right to be within $400 of getting the lead back ($13,600)! Final country clue:

I could "dive" and swim all day in this island republic in the Indian ocean.

Morris goes with "What are the Maldives?"...he's now at sweet 16! First clue in The Good Old, Old Days:

This student of Plato recognized four types of cause: Material, efficient, formal and final.

Leach says "Who was Aristotle?"...he's now at 14! $800 clue, same category:

Around 480 B.C., this North African city-state controlled most of the Western Mediterranean.

He says "What is Carthage?"...$14,800! Middle clue, again, same category:

Lycia, like Nicaea, was in what's now this Eurasian country.

To keep his outright lead, Morris says "What is Turkey?"...correct for $17,200! $1,600 clue...DAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLYYY DOUBLE! He wagers $2,500 and the lead on this:

He tamed Bucephalus and cut the Gordian Knot.

"Who was Hercules?"...incorrect. Correct: Who was Alexander the Great? He's $100 out of the lead at $14,700. Final clue in the same category:

A major goddess of this first great Cretan civilization was often depicted holding snakes.

Leach says "Who are the Myceaneans?"...NO, so he gives the lead back to Morris for now, as he's down to $12,800. Speaking of the male challenger, he then says "Who are the Minoans?"...he's back to $16,700! Middle composer clue...THE OTHER DAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIILLLLLLLYYY DOUBLE! He bets just $1,000 this time:

In 1863, he became music director of the Court Balls in Vienna.

He blanks. It was Strauss, dropping him to $15,700. $1,600 clue:

This composer of the ballet "Rodeo" scored an Oscar for his score from "The Heiress".

Triple Stumper- Aaron Copeland. Wrapping up DJ!:

In 1927, the Baldwin Piano Company sponsored this Hungarian composer's first visit to the U.S.

Triple Stumper- Bartok.

FJ! category: Baseball Terms. I like that subject! Here's the clue:

Hall of Famer Willie Stargell called it "a butterfly with hiccups".

I thought either a spitball or a balk. The woman wrote down "What is a sacrifice?", so she drops to a dollar. The champ's reponse was "What is a fly ball?"...NO, and he also drops to a buck. He's leaving with $34,800 unless Morris did something very stupid. He wrote down "What is a knuckleball?"...WINNER at $25,601!

Bingo America: Tonight's players are Matthew Mugford from Phoenix (who is a musician) and Becky Pensilin, born in Lubbock, TX (who became a grandmother at 36 and now has five grandkids before she's even 50). When we pick up the action after 6-7 questions, MM leads Becky 4-0, needing only the O to win the first game. The jackpot stands at $678.

(O71)- When it is deep in the Earth, what's lava called?
(N36)- What's the main vegetable commonly used in cole slaw?
(O64)- In the film "Good Will Hunting", who played Will Hunting?
(G51)- What color is 00 on a Las Vegas roulette wheel?
(O75)- In musical scales, what follows "la"?
(O73)- Who was the first U.S. President to live in the White House?

1. (N45)- In a standard Karate class, beginning students wear what colored belt?
2. (G49)- In Shakespeare's play, Julius Caesar is warned to beware of the 15th day of what month?
3. (I29)- What candy girl went from pop star to movie star with "A Walk to Remember"?
4. (N40)- Robert James Waller wrote a best-selling novel that takes place near the bridges of what county?
5. (WILD; now sponsored by MoneyGram)- Explorer Marco Polo was from what country?
6. (G56)- On the TV show "Lost", what's the name of the fictional airline that crashed on the mysterious island?
7. (I26)- While campaigning for the U.S. presidency, on what national TV show did Bill Clinton play his saxophone for the first time?
MATTHEW NAILS "The Aresenio Hall Show" ($1,273)
8. (B5)- In the "Spider-Man" films, what's the name of Peter Parker's long-time love interest?
9. (O75)- What hungry African mammal is the star of his own marble munching game?

1. #24- $10,000
2. #25- Cabo San Lucas
3. #5- $4,000
4. #75- $100,000

This next pick will be his last one. He goes with #15. Is he the second $100,000 winner on this show?...

...NO, but he gets the $10,000! He's now the second highest winner to date with $11,353!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Merrill Heatter project expected to debut on GSN this summer

A few years ago, veteran game show producer Merrill Heatter pitched "Casino" to GSN, a new version of "Gambit" hosted by former "Shopping Spree" host Ron Pearson. That didn't sell. According to Buzzerblog today, it has been reported that it has been retooled as "Catch-21" and if the reports are true, will debut on GSN in July 2008. The top prize is $25,000.

"Dancing With the Stars" 4/28

Remember, each remaining couple will be dancing twice.

First in line are Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani with the Tango. I gave it a 7, but the judges all have 9s!

Second are Cristian de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke with the V. Waltz. I also gave this a 7. Carrie Ann and Len hand out 8s, while Bruno gives a 9, for a total of 25.

#3 are Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas with the V. Waltz. They danced to "I'm With You" by Avril Lavigne. Yamaguchi used an umbrella as a prop during the performance. I gave this a 9. Only Len disagreed, as he gave an 8, for a total of 26.

Fourth is the team who really needs to step it up this week, Mario and Karina Smirnoff. They're doing the Fox Trot. The judges and I all gave 8s.

Next are Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough with the Tango. I gave this an 8, while the judges gave a triple 9!

Last in tonight's lineup are Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska with the Quick Step. I gave this a 10! Only Len disagreed, as he gave a 9. That's a total of 29!

The Latin round now begins. Winokur and Dovolani do the Rumba. My score was a 9, and Len was the only one to disagree, as he showed an 8. That's a grand total tonight of 53 for them.

Cristian and Burke then do the Samba. Sadly, late in the performance, Cristian apparently pulled a muscle. I gave this a performance an 8. All three judges gave 7s, making a final total of 46. I guaran-damn-tee that they will get enough sympathy votes to advance to the next round.

Next are Yamaguchi and Ballas with the Cha Cha Cha. The background song is "Don't Stop the Music" by Rihanna. I gave this a 9 like their first performance. Len only gave an 8 while the others gave a 10, for 28 this dance and a final total of 54.

Mario and Smirnoff are next to try the Mambo. I also gave them a 9, and the judges all agreed, meaning they have a final total tonight of 51.

Derek and Elizabeth are next, also doing the Mambo. Another 9 from me. All three judges, meanwhile, gave 8s, meaning they have the same grand total as the team before them (51).

Taylor and Sliwinska then have the night's last performance- the Paso Doble. Believe it or not, they danced to the "Monday Night Football" theme song! Makes sense because the man's a football player. I gave this an 8. Only Len agreed with me, while the others gave 9s, for a final total tonight of 55 and the lead!

I have a feeling Shannon Elizabeth and Mario will be in tomorrow's bottom two.

4/28/2008 Results

WWTBAM: Believe it or not, there is a carryover contestant from Billy Bush Week. And that person is Michael Kearney from Nashville. He holds the Guiness World Record for being the youngest person ever to graduate from college at the age of 10. He also got his Master's Degree at the age of 14. He has all his lifelines left as we pick it up with this $8,000 question:

Since the 1950s, an original version of what bird has become an international symbol of peace and disarmament?

A: Canary
B: Eagle
C: Crane
D: Bluebird

His gut answer, which wasn't mentioned on the air, is nowhere to be found. He then guesses crane...

A: Canary
B: Eagle
C: Crane
D: Bluebird

...yes! For $16K:

What's the name for the unit of length based on the average distance between the Earth and the Sun?

A: Planetary unit
B: Celestial unit
C: Interstellar unit
D: Astronomical unit

He's smiling, because he figures out it's astronomical unit for $16,000! For $25K:

The Rodgers & Hammerstein musical "South Pacific" is based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning book by what author?

A: James Jones
B: Norman Mailer
C: Herman Wouk
D: James Michener

He finally decides to ask the audience. 59% said Michener, 22% said Mailer, 14% said Wouk and 5% said Jones. He then calls Charlie, a trivia mentor of his, who's quite sure it's Michener. He then agrees for $25,000! After switching, here's his $50,000 question:

According to the CIA's "World Factbook", what's the only country in the world with no official capital city?

A: Andorra
B: Nauru
C: Seychelles
D: Palau

The 50:50 leaves Nauru and Palau. He goes with the "Survivor" city, Palau...

B: Nauru
D: Palau more money for him.

La Tanya Hall from NYC is next. Last question of the day for $16,000, with all lifelines remaining:

Which of these movies features a scene in which Brad Pitt's character wrestles a bear?

A: "12 Monkeys"
B: "Legends of the Fall"
C: "Seven Years in Tibet"
D: "A River Runs Through It"

She polls the audience. 64% said "Legends of the Fall", 23% said "A River Runs Through It" and 11% said "Seven Years in Tibet". To return tomorrow, she says "Legends of the Fall"...

A: "12 Monkeys"
B: "Legends of the Fall"
C: "Seven Years in Tibet"
D: "A River Runs Through It"


Temptation: Jodi is here on her third day with $300 in her bank account. The prize collection at Shopper's Paradise is the same as the one where Jennifer won her Toyota Prius from last week. Her challengers today are Leticia and Erin. After the first Speed Round...

Jodi: $35
Leticia: $15
Erin: $25

With $10 seperating everybody, Jodi can buy a collection of Godiva chocolates and diamond stud earrings from Michael C. Fina, a total of $1,205 for a base price of $15. The final offer is a $12 price. Going once...going twice...NO SALE. Fame Game board:

_ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Category: Singer.

1. My friends call me "Butter & Curly".
2. I made my TV debut on "Star Search".

Shortly after the second clue, the champ rings in...

_ _ _ T I _

_ _ M _ E _ L _ _ _

...she says JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE...right to go to $50!

Knock Off category: "Brady Bunch" song lyrics.


Leticia: Story- $2 ($17)
Erin: Youngest- $5 ($30)
Jodi: Gold- $2 ($52)

Leticia: Men- $5 ($22)
Erin: Braids
Jodi: Lovely- $2 ($54)

Leticia: Alone- $5 ($27)
Jodi: Lady- $2 ($56)

Leticia: Fellow- $10 ($37)
Jodi: Maid

Leticia: Family- $15 ($52)

Now with just a $4 lead, Jodi's offered a supply of Victoria's Secret stuff and a $500 gift card from there, a total of $1,092 for $12. The final offer is a $10 price and a $100 bonus. Going once...SOLD! She now trails by $6.

Speed Round #2 dealt with types of Crayola colors that are either red or blue. After that...

Jodi: $56
Leticia: $52
Erin: $45

...Jodi's offered a chance at $500 in Instant Ca$h, since she won $3,000 here last Friday. She goes for it and chooses the brown...$100. The $500 was in the red.

After the last Speed Round...

Jodi: $82
Leticia: $62
Erin: $55

...that strong start here early on allows Jodi to retain her title! The other ladies just have to hope that they're in a Tourney of Losers someday.

Jodi now has $382 in her bank account. If she doesn't screw up in today's Super Knock Off (she did on Friday's), she'll move up to the jewelry. If she earns $225 or $250, she'll move up to the home makeover package.

The category for today: Famous Valedictorians.

Ben Stein
Britney Spears
Emmylou Harris
"Weird Al" Yankovic
Sean Connery
Michael J. Fox
Kevin Spacey
Cindy Crawford
Jim Carrey
Jodie Foster
Avril Lavigne
Hilary Swank

1. Jodie Foster- $25
2. Avril Lavigne

The $100 was behind Cindy Crawford, $50 was behind Weird Al and the other right answers were Ben Stein, Emmylou Harris and Kevin Spacey. She will return tomorrow.

TPIR: Our opening players were Autumn Harris, Elena Iturriaga, Thomas McLean and Sharon Babkhan. The first IUFB was a treadmill.

Autumn: $1,899
Elena: $1,970
Thomas: $1,250
Sharon: $1,251

ARP: $1,999, so Iturriaga played Clock Game for $1,000, a pair of patio heaters and a sofa. Before the prizes were revealed, Drew Carey mistakened an image on the contestant's shirt as Spongebob Squarepants and said some of the character's song lyrics! ARP of the heaters was $518. She started with $799, then $650, $430, $510, $550, $540, $530, $525, $522, then back to $510, $512, and she one-upped from there. She had only seven seconds to get the ARP of the sofa, which was $969...she didn't make it.

The next player was Andrew Boraza and the second IUFB was a chandelier.

Andrew: $785
Thomas: $1,000
Sharon: $1,001
Autumn: $875

ARP: $1,035, so that extra dollar meant Babkhan played Master Key for a Chevy Cobalt plus a cradle and some clocks. The first SP was a Wizard of Oz Barbie doll marked at either $25 or $57, and she was right with $25, and she chose key #1 (most of the audience wanted her to pick #2). The other item was a soccer ball humidifier marked at either $35 or $50, and she was wrong with $50. Key #1...won her the car!

Next player was Erin Feldman and the third IUFB was a wine cooler.

Erin: $1,250
Autumn: $299
Andrew: $2,500
Thomas: $1,100

ARP: $999, so by being the only one to underbid, Harris played Balance Game for an entertainment center. The last three numbers were 6, 2 and 8. The available dollar values were $1,000, $2,000 and $3,000. She chose the $1,000 and $3,000 bags for a guess of $4,628, after she wanted to say $3,628...winner!

But the only loser this half went to the Showcase.

Next player was Arlene Thibodeaux and the fourth IUFB was a set of guitars. The winner also got a $40 supply of Energizer hearing aid batteries.

Arlene: $1,200
Andrew: $1,250
Thomas: $1,251
Erin: $1,252

ARP: $1,976, so Feldman played Grand Game. Target was $8.50 and the products were Hot Pockets, a can of cat food, Gold Bond Lotion, Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away, Clorox and Mylanta. This should've been easy...she got the cat food ($.79), the Hot Pockets ($2.49), the Clorox ($6.29) and the Mylanta ($7.99) for the $10,000!

(The green $10K graphic is apparently no more as of right now.)

Next player was Christine Sharp and the next IUFB was a water scooter.

Christine: $800
Arlene: $1,300
Andrew: $1,200
Thomas: $1,301

All were over.

Christine: $450
Arlene: $675
Andrew: $720
Thomas: $721

ARP: $496, so we hope this lady really lived up to her last name when she played 2 For the Price of One for a Dodge Caliber and dinnerware, a total of $16,485. She chose the last digit for free, a 5. The first number was either 5 or 8 and the second number in the price of the dinnerware was either 7 or 9. She said $595 for the dinnerware...

$ 5 9 5

...she thought Roger would be very evil on this setup...not so much. It was actually $875.

The last player was Shannon Earl and the final IUFB was a set of digital camera frames.

Shannon: $170 (SUICIDE BID)
Arlene: $775
Andrew: $475
Thomas: $250 (STUPID BID)

ARP: $630, so McLean was sent to the First Four Breakfast Club while Boraza played Side by Side for a trip to Sedona, AZ. It was either $3,640 or $4,036. I said $4,036 while he disagreed...he should've agreed with me. But he did get to the Showcase.

The first Showcase featured perfect products for the right situations. First, Gunk Be Gone is for those women who always want to have a squeaky clean new BBQ. Second, Boogie is a spray for those who obviously want to do just that with a new jukebox. Finally, Conk You Out is for those who want to go to sleep, and make them dream so much about going to this place so much that they would magically be there after they wake up- New Zealand! McLean bid $2,900 instead of 29 grand, which was a GARF OF THE CENTURY AND A ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE. For the lady, we had $1,000, a diamond ring and a Ford Fusion, and she bid $16,500 for the victory and $24,926 in prizes! The Showcase prices, just for the record:

Trip: $22,498
Car: $22,409

DOND: It's Winner Take All time! Since this show is "Star Wars" themed, some characters from the said movie franchise appeared on set, including Chewbacca, Princess Leia (played by Carrie Fisher) and R2D2, PLUS Darth Vader is the banker for the night! Also, the models are in stormtrooper outfits!

Our first contestant tonight is Elyse McCrillis, all the way from Saigon, Vietnam! Her case of destiny is #6.

1. #11- $75,000
2. #16- $50,000
3. #26- $10,000
4. #3- $50
5. #12- $100,000
6. #1- $75


Tonight's model contestants are Casey, Ravyn and Roxanne.

1. #21- $10
2. #15- $400
3. #19- $200
4. #10- BUCK
5. #17- $500,000


1. #14- $750
2. #5- ONE MILLION DOLLARS (she was ONE OFF the big one!!!)
3. #8- $1,000
4. #22- $500


1. #24- $300,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)
2. #9- $400,000 (STRIKE ONE!)
3. #4- PENNY


1. #25- $100
2. #20- $750,000 (STRIKE TWO!!)


Next pick is #13...$5! Next offer: $41,000, and she says NO DEAL. Next pick is #23...$1,000! New offer: $59,000...NO DEAL! Next pick is #7....STRIKEOUT!! That means the best she can do is earn $25,000 in her game. She turns down the next offer of $8,000. Next pick is #2...$300. Final offer is $13,000...DEAL. Her case had the 15 grand.

Our other player tonight is Brad Flinchum from Noblesville, Indiana. His case of destiny is #8.

1. #21- $50
2. #20- BUCK
3. #7- $25,000
4. #13- $500,000
5. #24- $100,000
6. #26- $400


1. #22- $400,000
2. #12- $5
3. #9- $100
4. #3- $75,000
5. #11- PENNY


1. #10- $5,000
2. #16- $1,000
3. #18- $25


1. #1- $750
2. #25- $10
3. #14- $200


1. #19- $10,000
2. #17- $300


Next pick is #2...$75! New offer: $207,000...

...NO DEAL! Next pick is #5...$300,000, so he is now in the Danger Zone. New offer: $196,000...

...DEAL, so he's tonight's winner with $209,000! His case had $50,000, so he made a great deal! If he had gone on one more time with #6, he would've knocked out $200K and had taken the offer to $285,000. The remainder of the cases:

#15- $750,000
#23- $500

Tonight's model winner was Ravyn, I think.

(Note: "Wheel of Fortune" and "Jeopardy!" were both pre-empted tonight in my area due to severe weather coverage. We apologize for the inconvience.)

This Week in Game Shows: April 28-May 4

For the first full week of May Sweeps, here's what's on tap:

Wheel of Fortune: This week, it begins a three-week stay in Chicago, Pat Sajak's hometown, at the Navy Pier!

Deal or No Deal: This week, a Winner Take All episode will be held, "Star Wars" style!

American Idol: Who will make it to this year's final four after this week? Will it include David Archuleta? Find out on Neil Diamond Week. I believe at this point, each remaining contestant will have to perform two songs.

Dancing With the Stars: From now on, each team will now have to dance at least twice each round.

Survivor: The past three weeks now, somebody has lost this game because they didn't play the Immunity Idol correctly. Will somebody finally wisen up this week, espescially James Clement?

Don't Forget the Lyrics!: Reality show star Bret Michaels stops by to play the game for charity.

TPIR: Another set of $1,000,000 Spectaculars begins!

Also, check out new episodes of "Jeopardy!", "Millionaire", "Temptation" and more.

The Week in Review: April 20-27, 2008

Player of the Week:
WINNER: Jennifer ("Temptation")
RUNNER-UP: Kurt Cannoll ($500,000)("Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?")
3RD PLACE: Ashley King ($175,000)("5th Grader")

(Had the red team hung on for the victory last night on "Celebrity Fit Club", they would've split the top player honors with Jennifer.)

Other Big Winners and Notables:
Dustin Diamond, Brian Dunkleman, Tina Yothers and Sommore- WINNERS ("Celebrity Fit Club")
Scott Clements- $1,387,224 ("World Poker Tour")
Joseph Kobes- $78,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Jenna Steinhoff- $59,500 ("DOND")
Kathryn Barbin- $50,000 ("WWTBAM")

ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK: Two players blank out on a question about GS superchamp Ken Jennings on Wednesday's episode of "Bingo America"!

Dishonorable Mentions:
$18,995 Temptation car guess ("TPIR")
$34,000 bid on Showcase with just furniture and a GEM car ("TPIR")

Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Celebrity Fit Club VI"- SEASON FINALE

Everyone tried the same obstacle course they did at the start of the season. Like before, any obstacle not completed by a team resulted in a one-minute penalty. This time, the winning team here won five bonus Fit Factor points.

Sommore dropped off the monkey bars, giving her blue team a penalty. I believe the same thing happened to her when the season began. Toccara almost skipped the obstacle where they had to crawl under a net through a section of mud. Shortly thereafter, Sommore blew the monkey bars again. She then skipped the log obstacle. After Brian Dunkleman skipped a different obstacle, his team's current penalty time doubled to six minutes. The red team then got their first penalty on the same obstacle Dunkleman skipped.

All in all, the blue team was penalized for seven minutes, for a total time of 31:13. The red team was penalized just a single minute...

...BUT THEY STILL LOST TO THE BLUE TEAM BY A MERE 24 SECONDS (31:37)!! The blue team scored a critical victory there!

For their last challenge, everybody was dared to walk on their bare feet through a field of broken glass. Michael Morena, a master at this, did a demonstration. Everybody completed it. Sommore was the most afraid of this challenge.

The last workout involved boxing equipment. And now, the final weigh-ins.

Sommore: 170 pounds (6.1% of weight lost this season; 4% of body fat lost this season)

A.J. Benza: 198 pounds (5.7% of weight lost this season; 13.1% of body fat lost this season)

Tina Yothers: 155 pounds- 11 pounds lost this week (18% of weight lost this season; 15.2% of body fat lost this season)

Brian Dunkleman: 146 pounds (9.3% of weight lost this season; 22.1% of body fat lost this season)

Willie Aames: 165 pounds (13.6% of weight lost this season; 35.7% of body fat lost this season)

Dustin Diamond: 194 pounds (10.6% of weight lost this season; 11.5% of body fat lost this season)

Erin Moran: 124 pounds (2.4% of weight lost this season; 9.2% of body fat lost this season)

Toccara: 166 pounds (11.2% of weight lost this season; 9.6% of body fat lost this season)

Now, for the final results. Based on the final weigh-ins, the blue team might've very well stolen the victory. The solo competition came down to Willie Aames and Tina Yothers. By a final tally of 49.3 to 33.3, the winner was...

...Aames! He won a $30K+ prize package that included a trip to Ixtapa, a golf resort vacation in Palm Springs, diamonds, healthy meals from Susan's Healthy Gourmet, and a home gym.

Now, for the team results.

Weight Loss: 44%
Body Fat: 52.8%
Bonus: 5%

The red team lost 32.9% of their combined weight for the season. If their final body fat percentage loss was 69% or more, they won. Their final body fat loss percentage was...



Here's what they each won: A Carribean vacation, a digital camera, a BBQ cart, non-stick cookware, cutlery, a fitness club membership. a home gym, and $10,000!

"Top Chef: Chicago" Episode 5

The guest judge this time around was Ming Tsai, the chef and owner of the Blue Oyster Restaurant in Boston.

Quickfire: Each person was blindfolded and a pair of items was placed on the table on each turn. One dish was made of high-quality ingredients while the other wasn't. On each turn, he/she had twenty seconds to ID which of the two plates of each dish was made of high-quality gourmet ingredients. The one who got more correct out of 15 automatically advanced to the next round.

The worst contestant was Stephanie Izard, who only got six right. Tying for second with 11 apiece were Jennifer Biesty and Ryan Scott. The winner, with 12 correct answers, was Antonia Lofaso.

Elimination Challenge: They had to cook the first course for the Chicago Celebrity Chef Ball that supported Meals on Wheels. There were four teams of three- one for Earth, one for Water, one for Fire and one for Air. With their given theme, each team had to make their first course based on that theme. The budget for this challenge was $500.

Earth: Spike Mendelsohn, Antonia Lofaso and Zoi Antonitsas
Water: Richard Blais, Andrew D'Ambrosi and Mark Simmons
Fire: Lisa Fernandes, Stephanie Izard and Dale Talde
Air: Jen Biesty, Ryan Scott and Nikki Cascone

The dishes:

Earth: Beef carpaccio with mushroom salad and sunchoke aioli
Water: Poached salmon with faux caviar, parsnip puree and watercress salad
Fire: Grilled shrimp with pickled chili salad deviled aioli and miso-smoked bacon
Air: Duck breast with citrus salad and pomegranate prosecco aperitif

The winning team was...

...Team Fire! The individual winner was Lisa Fernandes, and she won a bonus prize- a five-night trip to Italy!

The worst two teams were...

...Earth and Water. The last team safe was...

...Team Water. Had the worst team been that one, Richard Blais could've been in deep trouble as he was said to have been overconfident while he was cooking in the kitchen. With Lofaso being safe on Team Earth, it came down to Antonitsas and Spike. Spike was...

...SAFE AGAIN!! Antonitsas therefore was eliminated.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

"World Poker Tour" 4/21

On the debut of the World Poker Tour on GSN, Jonathan Little won big. Could he do it again at this event and add another $1.3M+ to his winnings? Let's see how he did in the North American Poker Championship, held from Canada. Everybody who played in this tourney had to pay $10,000 in Canadian dollars. He faced Barry Greenstein, Davd Cloutier, Jeff Garza, Kofi Farkye and Scott Clements. He even led the opening chip count:

1. Jonathan: $2,716,000
2. Scott: $2,483,000
3. Dave: $1,614,000
4. Kofi: $1,504,000
5. Jeff: $1,320,000
IN DEEP DOO-DOO ALREADY- Barry: $447,000

Farkye won the opening hand for $279,000. The first hand totally played out was against Little and Cloutier. The setup:

Jonathan: (JC)(10C)
Dave: (KS)(10S)

BASE POT: $128,000
THE FLOP: (AC)(5S)(10H)- DUD

After both checked, the turn was a Deuce of Hearts. The last card was a 10 of Diamonds, setting up a possible huge loss by Little if he wasn't careful. Little bet $125,000 but the other raised to $376,000, and Little bet the other $251,000, so Cloutier won the first big pot of the night at $880,000. The new chip count after the first break:

1. Scott: $2,741,000
2. Jonathan: $2,599,000
3. Dave: $2,075,000
4. Kofi: $1,354,000
5. Jeff: $989,000
6. Barry: $346,000

Greenstein then went all in on the next hand but Farkye folded, giving him a $75,000 gain. On the next hand, Clements faced Garza with all of this:

Scott: (KS)(JD)
Jeff: (AD)(QH)

BASE POT: $204,000
THE FLOP: (4C)(KH)(5D)

Clements had top pair. After both bet $120,000, the turn was a 10 of Hearts, giving Garza a top gutshot straight draw. Clements then bet $225,000 and forced Garza to fold, winning him the $669,000 pot. They faced each other again on this next hand:

Jeff: (10D)(9D)
Scott: (AS)(9S)

BASE POT: $176,000
THE FLOP: (7S)(8H)(2S)

Clements had a flush draw while Garza had an open-ended straight draw. Clements bet $150,000 and Garza then went all in, and Clements bet the other $588,000. The turn was...a 3 of Spades, meaning Garza automatically lost; the last card was also a Spade, an 8. He left with $170,216 in Canadian currency. After the break, the new chip count:

1. Scott: $3,973,000
2. Jonathan: $2,562,000
3. Dave: $1,998,000
4. Kofi: $1,124,000
5. Barry: $487,000

Cloutier then went all in on the next hand and forced the other players to fold, winning him a $2,316,000 pot and got closer to second place. On the next hand, Clements faced Farkye with this to start:

Kofi: (6C)(5D)
Scott: (10C)(8D)

BASE POT: $180,000
THE FLOP: (8S)(10S)(7S)

Farkye had an open ended straight draw while Clements had two pair. The turn...a King of Clubs. This hand was for $1,796,000. The river card was...a 7 of Clubs, so Farkye was sent packing with $218,849. Mr. Greenstein was very lucky to have made it to the final four with the short chip stack he had to start the night.

Speaking of that, he went all in on the next hand against Cloutier, and he made him fold, taking him to $663,000 at that point. He was successful again in the same situation on the next hand against Little, making his new total $757,000. Next, he faced Clements with this to start:

Scott: (QC)(9C)
Barry: (9D)(8S)

BASE POT: $156,000
THE FLOP: (7C)(3D)(6S)

Greenstein had an open-ended straight draw. After both bet $90,000, the turn was a 7 of Spades. After Clements bet $110,000, Greenstein went all in again and made Clements fold, putting him over the million mark with $1,183,000! The new chip count after the break:

1. Scott: $4,265,000
2. Jonathan: $2,664,000
3. Dave: $1,996,000
4. Barry: $1,159,000

To be exact, the champion got $1,387,224 and the runner-up got $680,862. Third place was worth $355,021 and fourth was worth $291,798. All money was paid in Candian dollars.

Cloutier then pulled a Greenstein and moved to $2,364,000 when he went all in and made Clements fold on the next hand. Back to Greenstein, he then went up against Cloutier with all of this to begin:

Dave: (KH)(9C)
Barry: (AD)(4S)

BASE POT: $168,000
THE FLOP: (AC)(6S)(6H)

Instant two pair for Greenstein. Greenstein bet $90,000, then Cloutier raised to $225,000...but Greenstein folded, so somebody got bluffed out for the first time this episode and Cloutier won a $483,000 pot. Greenstein then rebounded by defeating him with a straight for a $608,000 pot.

Little then made a big move by going all in on the next hand against Greenstein, but the latter folded, taking Little to $3,044,000. Greenstein finally then went all in and played a hand out againt Clements. Here was the setup:

Scott: (QH)(10S)
Barry: (KH)(KD)

POT: $1,411,000

Triple Kings! Greenstein then clinched the hand after the turn card, a 7 of Diamonds, proved to be a dud. The last card was a 10 of Hearts.

The chip count to start the second half of the show:

1. Scott: $4,340,000
2. Jonathan: $2,710,000
3. Dave: $1,870,000
4. Barry: $1,165,000

A couple of hands later, Clements and Cloutier battled it out:

Scott: (JS)(9C)
Dave: (QC)(JH)

POT: $150,000
THE FLOP: (2S)(JC)(10S)

Clements bet $40,000, but Cloutier raised to $150,000. After Clements bet the additional $110,000, the turn was an 8 of Diamonds, giving Clements an open-ended straight draw. Cloutier then went all in and Clements bet the necessary $1.07 million to try and knock him out. If that last card was a 7 or a Queen, Cloutier was eliminated...but it was a 4 of Diamonds, so DC stayed alive and won the $2.57 million pot. After the break, the chip count read as follows:

1. Scott: $3.25 million
2. Dave: $2.98 million
3. Jonathan: $2.35 million
4. Barry: $1,435,000

The next hand saw Greenstein and Cloutier go one-on-one with this setup:

Barry: (9D)(7D)
Dave: DOUBLE DEUCES (Spades and Clubs)

BASE POT: $230,000
FLOP: (7H)(AH)(AS)

Both made two pair, but Greenstein had the higher non-Ace pair with the 7s at this point, so Cloutier had to play with caution. Cloutier bet $150K, but Greenstein raised to double that amount. Cloutier then pushed all in and forced Greenstein to fold, sending him to $3.46 million and the lead.

A couple of hands later, Greenstein was in danger of being eliminated against Cloutier. To start:

Barry: (AD)(9D)
Dave: (KH)(9C)

POT: $1.37 million
THE FLOP: (7D)(10C)(QS)

That gave Cloutier a gutshot straight draw. The turn was...a King of Spades, putting Cloutier in the driver's seat. For Greenstein to have survived, he needed an Ace or a Jack...

...sadly, it was the 5 of Hearts, meaning Greenstein's luck finally ran out. He left with $291,798.

Later on, Little pushed Clements all in on this setup with a $2.88 million pot on the line:

Scott: (JC)(8D)
Jonathan: (AS)(8S)

FLOP: (6H)(6D)(JD)

If that last card was an Ace, Clements was eliminated...

...but it was a 4 of Clubs.

On the next hand, it was Little's turn to face danger when he put his tourney life on the line against Cloutier. To start:

Dave: DOUBLE 8s (Diamonds and Clubs)
Jonathan: (AS)(JC)

POT: $2,465,000
FLOP: (AC)(QC)(7S)

The only thing that could go wrong for Little was for another 8 to show up... was the Queen of Hearts!

Little then faced Clements in the next hand with all of this to begin:

Scott: (AD)(8S)
Jonathan: (8D)(6H)

BASE POT: $360,000
FLOP: (4C)(6C)(JD)

With that 7, both had a gutshot straight draw. Both bet $135,000, then the river card turned out to 8 of Hearts, giving Little two pair. Both then bet $200,000, so Little won the $1.03 million pot.

The same two were featured in the next hand. Just before the turn card, here was the layout:

Scott: (10S)(6S)
Jonathan: (5S)(4D)

POT: $510,000
FLOP: (7H)(8S)(6H)

As it turned out, Little flopped the nuts with a straight! But Clements had a chance to steal the lead on this hand if a 9 showed up. The turn card was...a 3 of Spades, so Clements now had a flush draw. After Little made a $400K bet, Clements matched it...and that river card was a King of Spades, so Clements made his spade flush and immediately went all in and Little called, so Clements won a $3.64 million pot! The chip count after the break:

1. Dave: $5,135,000
2. Scott: $3.55 million
3. Jonathan: $1.4 million

Clements then won both hands in the next segment, and he now had the lead with this new chip count:

1. Scott: $5.67 million
2. Dave: $2.78 million
3. Jonathan: $1,635,000

Two hands later, Little faced Cloutier. To begin:

Dave: (QS)(9D)
Jonathan: (QC)(10C)

BASE POT: $390,000
FLOP: (10D)(AD)(7H)

Little didn't fold, so he won the $690,000 pot.

He then put Cloutier all in on the next hand. Here's where we began:

Dave: (JH)(9H)
Jonathan: (AS)(10S)

POT: $3.39 million
THE FLOP: (6S)(3S)(8D)

The turn was...a Jack of Spades, giving Little his spade flush and eliminating Cloutier with $355,021! Last card was a 3 of Clubs.


Entering heads-up, the chip count:

1. Scott: $7.08 million
2. Jonathan: $3.005 million

Jonathan: (7S)(6H)
Scott: (KC)(10D)

BASE POT: $320,000
FLOP: (8D)(8H)(6C)

Instant two pair for Little! Both bet $200K, and the turn was a 5 of Clubs, giving Little an open-ended straight draw. Both checked, and the river card was a 10 of Spades, giving Clements the lead and making him bet $400K. Little just simply matched it, so Clements won the $1.52 million pot.

He then beat Little for the championship on this next hand, denying Little the chance to be the ninth player in WPT history to win at least two tournaments:

Jonathan: (KC)(4H)
Scott: (QD)(5D)

POT: $4.46 million
FLOP: (7S)(5C)(5H)
TURN: 4 OF SPADES (the victory was clinched here)