Friday, May 30, 2008

More ratings notes

A rerun of the TPIR MDS where Michael Haynes won the $1,000,000 scored a decent 5.2 Fast Nielsen with a 9 share.

Wednesday's episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" scored a 5.8 Fast Nielsen with a 10 share. The Thursday "Dance" episode scored a 5.9.

Source: The Futon Critic

Weekend reminder

Coming this Sunday:

-The premiere of "Million Dollar Password" at 8 PM on CBS! The first two celebrities playing will be Neil Patrick Harris and Rachael Ray.
-The season premiere of "The Next Food Network Star" at 10 PM.

"So You Think You Can Dance" 5/29

For this episode, the auditions began in Charleston, S.C.

Sheila Kaiser (18, Atlanta)
Jeremiah Hughes (19, Toronto)
Courtney Galiano (19, Dix Hills, N.Y.)

John Tabakian (23, Charleston)
Erin Mansour (30, Greenville, S.C.)
Syiddah King (25, Charleston)
Anthony Hart (20, Linden, N.C.)
Abigail Thurman (18, Acworth, GA)
Jason Looney (21, Charleston- horrible dancing, makeup, and was way too obnoxious)

Anthony and Antwain Hart (20 (both), Linden, N.C.- Anthony was originally rejected while he was dancing on his own)(BOTH IN)
BJ Harris (23, Brooklyn)(OUT)
Claire Callaway (20, Huntsville, AL- previously auditioned in Season 2)(IN)

About 35 others from the Charleston area made it through.

The next stop on the audition tour was our nation's capital, Washington, D.C.

Megan Campbell (18, Muncie, IN)
Brandon Bryant (18, Miami, FL- he previously auditioned during the very first season)

Derrick Bradley (23, Holley, NY- has previously auditioned)
Mariya Priymak (26, Houston, TX)

Markus Shields (23, Grand Rapids, MI)(IN)
Deonna Ball (23, Washington, D.C.)(OUT)
Markus Smith (25, Hyattsville, MD)(OUT)
Phudcat Ngyuen (25, Jessup, MD)(OUT)
Anthony Bryant (23, NYC- previously auditioned during very first season)(OUT)

18 others made it through from here.

Schedule notes

After disappointing ratings the first few weeks into its second season premiere with a two-hour season premiere and a couple 90-minute episodes. "American Gladiators" will be condensed to an hour each week for now Mondays at 8 PM starting June 9th.

On that same day, "Nashville Star" begins its new season with a two-hour season premiere at 9 PM. On June 16th, "Nashville Star" airs a 90-minute episode at the same time. After that week, it will air for an hour Mondays at 9 PM.

The third episode of "Million Dollar Password" will air Thursday, June 12th at 8 PM, so that CBS can air the Tony Awards in the Sunday at 8 PM time slot.

Source: The Futon Critic

Sydnicated "Deal or No Deal" details revealed

Buzerblog and Hollywood Junket has revealed the following details about the upcoming sydnicated version of "Deal or No Deal" coming this fall:

22 contestants will start out each week of shows each holding a case. The models on this version are Patricia and Tameka. A Deal Wheel is spun with numbers from 1 to 22, and whatever number the ball lands on determines the contestant for that day's game. On the next day, another contestant replaces him/her with that same case. Those contestants who don't get a chance to play after a week get their profiles put into the show's computer, and they may get used again on this version or even on the NBC version.

The top prize on sydnicated "Deal" is $500,000, up from the originally planned $250K. The money chain:


5 cases are chosen in each of the first two rounds. In Round 3, 4 cases are eliminated. In Rounds 4 and 5, two cases are eliminated. For the rest of the way out, only one case is KOed at a time.

5/30/2008 Results

TPIR: We start our Friday show with Sandra Small, Dale Hunsinger, Sharon Walton and Jeannie. The first IUFB is a portable spa.

Jeannie: $799
Sharon: $1,599
Dale: $400
Sandra: $4,000 (STAGE WILLY)

ARP: $1,499

Jeannie from Chattanooga, TN will play Freeze Frame for a pair of motorcycles. They're either $1,187 (NO WAY), $1,463 (NO WAY), $2,214 (NO WAY), $3,522 (NO WAY), $6,398, $7,211, $8,735 or $9,872. $6,398 or $9,872 are the only sensible possibilities on the board. She goes with my gut of $6,398...she wins!

The next contestant is Margaret Wisdom and the second IUFB is a dinette.

Margaret: $6,000 (STAGE WILLY)
Sharon: $999
Dale: $800
Sandra: $2,000

ARP: $995

Dale Hunsinger plays Lucky Seven for a Ford Explorer (Std., Sensor). First number is 2. His second number guess is 5...

$ 2 6 , _ _ _

...a buck gone. Third number guess is 4...

$ 2 6 , 7 _ _

...he's down to $3. He says 4 again...

$ 2 6, 7 8 _

...he's broke. If he had said 5 every time, he would've won, because the ARP was $26,785.

Next player is Andrew and the third IUFB is a karaoke machine.

Andrew: $350
Sandra: $349 (STUPID BID)
Margaret: $550
Sharon: $600

ARP: $960

Sharon Walton plays Make Your Move for a shower dock, flatware and a jet ski. Board:


Her guess, after HEAVY thought...


...I would've said $92 for the shower dock, $750 for the flatware and $9,830 for the jet ski...both of us are wrong. The shower dock only cost $30, the flatware was $750 as I thought and the jet ski was actually $9,298.

Sharon ($960): 20 + 85 = DOH
Dale ($995): 20 + 60 = $.80
Jeannie ($7,897): $.80

Dale: $.95
Jeannie: Dime

Dale goes to the Showcase!

The next person to have their name called to exit the crowd is Ken Fitchman and the fourth IUFB is garden tools.

Ken: $525
Andrew: $750
Sandra: $600
Margaret: $300

ARP: $869

Andrew, obviously not the one in my house, plays Grocery Game for a $4,748 bed. The products today are ranch dressing, a bag of jellybeans, Mrs. Dash, Nesquik and Gold Bond cream.

1. 2 Gold Bond Creams: $4.56 X 2 = $9.12
2. 3 Dressings: $2.99 X 3 = $8.97 ($18.09)
3. 1 bag of jellybeans: $1.49 = $19.58
Final purchase: 1 Mrs. Dash- $2.79 = DOH ($22.37)

If he had taken the Mrs. Dash on his third purchase instead of the jellybeans, he would've won.

The next contestant is Charna Toliver and the next IUFB is a computer system.

Charna: $2,692
Sandra: $3,500
Margaret: $1,369
Ken: $2,699

ARP: $1,457

Margaret Wisdom will hopefully have the "wisdom" to get the one SP correct that matters the most in Bonus Game to win a Ford Focus (Std., AT) worth $15,810. First SP is a pizza maker marked at $85 and she says lower, but that's $100. Second is a record turntable marked at $200 and she says higher...NO WAY-$150. Third is a drink buggy marked at $90 and she guesses lower...$50 and she's on the board. Finally, we have a room sanitzer marked at $120 and she says higher...$150. The car keys are attached to...the turntable which she should've gotten! Darn!

The last contestant is Jason Ortiz and the final IUFB is a wine cabinet.

Jason: $1,250
Ken: $1,499
Charna: BUCK (OOPS)

ARP: $1,365, so Sandra's off to the First Four Breakfast Club.

Jason Ortiz meanwhile plays Check Game for cash and a trip to Caramel. He writes the check for $2,450. ARP of the trip...$3,969, so he loses as well. He should've stuck with a flat two grand.
But he does win $1,000 off the Big Wheel and gets into the Showcase. In his Bonus Spin...80 cents, just missing an extra $5,000.

In the first Showcase, we visit a shoe advice shop. First, somebody brings in shoes on fire. The clerk says to the customer it's because she's been running way too fast on a new treadmill. Second, a customers brings some shoes with the heels broken off of them, and the clerk says it's because she tried way too hard to imitate the flamingo dancers while she was on her trip to Spain. Finally, another customers brings in some shoes covered in dirt, and the clerk easily knows why- she's been driving too much in her new ATV.

KYLE BIDS $14,000 ON SHOWCASE #1- STAGE GARF (Only covers the ATV and the treadmill, I think)

For Jason, we have things with twists and turns. First, there are quite a few plot twists with a selection of novels. Second, you can twist your body in many ways with a new home gym. Finally, you can pull off a lot of twists and turns on the road with a new Pontiac Solstice (Std., AC)!


BID: $14,000
ARP: $22,436

BID: $28,500
ARP: $27,297

Jason just went over by a bit, so he's leaving with $1,000 and a fine gift while Kyle wins his Showcase and $23,431 in prizes.

Family Feud: This should be the ninth season finale. As a reminder, this episode mistakenly was aired yesterday in my area.

The Goldsons, with $20,890 thus far, try to make it three in a row against the Weller family, led by Heidi and joined by Steffanie, Ron, Angela and Jim.

First question: Name something an investigator might discover as a clue to a crime. Starting with:

1. Fingerprints (43, Heidi)

The Wellers will play. Starting with Steffanie, her first answer is a weapon...#2 (13)! Ron's opening answer is blood...#5 (7)! Angela is next with footprints...bottom answer (4)! We then go to the end of the line to Jim, who next says dead Back to Heidi, whose next guess is a witness...nope to that too. Steffanie then tries clothing...STRIKEOUT. The first steal of the day is worth 67 points and Rashida says DNA...#4 (9) to give the champs the points! #3 was hair (10).

Second question: Name something a woman finds about her fiancee that causes her to call off the wedding. Starting as follows:

1. Affairs (66, Gigi)

The champions will play this time. Suzette starts off with other wives...#3 (8)! Next is Thomas with Rick tries to do better with bad credit...bottom answer (3)! Back over to Rashida, who next says the other Gig tries to stop a steal attempt by the challengers with being out of area...three strikes. For 77 and a 10 point lead, Heidi's response is lying to, so the Goldsons go to 144! Not said:

2. He's gay (14, LOL!)
4. He was a she (3, WTF?)

Double: Famous comedians who earn the most for being funny. Starting with:

5. Eddie Murphy (6, Suzette)

Ron gave a dud with Chris Rock, so the Goldsons will play again. This time, we begin with Thomas, and he says Bill Cosby...I don't think so, because he doesn't do comedy that much nowadays. Rick then says Dave Chappelle...sorry, Dave's been out of the media ever since his disappearing act a few years ago. Rashida tries to save the team with the next guess of George Lopez...INSTANT STRIKEOUT. For a whopping 12 points, Heidi says Jerry Seinfeld...#1 (21)! Rest of board:

2. Robin Williams (14)
3. Jay Leno (8)
4. Jeff Foxworthy (7)

I'm surprised Adam Sandler wasn't there, because he runs his own production company (Happy Madison).

Triple: Things people do in their cars when nobody is watching them. Angela's first with picking your nose, my type of answer...and that's NUMBER ONE (61) for control! Jim is next up with running a red Heidi's next answer is singing...#3 (6)! Steffanie's next with Ron then tries putting on makeup...STRIKEOUT. For 201 and the game, Rashida says making love...#2 (21) to win at 345! The bottom answer was kissing (3).

In the season's last Fast Money (let's try that again), Thomas and Suzette earn $575, meaning they'll take $21,465 into the next time.

WOF: Our first ever "Dads & Grads Week" comes to a close. Tonight's teams are Ken and Lauren Kaplan from Mission Viejo, CA (Lauren is a graduate of SDSU with a Bachelor's Degree in communications and advertising and also minored in religion; Ken is a motorhome seller), Sara and Subbu Subaramen from The Valley, CA (Sara graduated from UC-Davis by majoring in technical drill studies while Subbu said he's as much as a rocket scientist as his wife) and Larry and Evan Wohrman from Mission Viejo, CA (Evan is a high school graduate and is planning on attending Irvine Valley College this fall and is also interested in animation; Larry is a police fleet coordinator).

Ken and Lauren get ECUADOR & PERU for $1,000 while the $2,000 Toss-Up goes to Larry and Evan with NEWBORN BABIES.

Our first round category is Fun & Games and out on the wheel now are a pair of Razor gift certificates worth $6,000. Larry and Evan begin by calling a pair of T's for $5,000. Later on, they call a pair of N's for the Wild Card, but they lose their turn by repeating the T. After Ken and Lauren call the C's, we have...

C _ E E _ _ E _ _ _ N _

C O _ _ E T _ T _ O N

...I've got it. After a $300 H and an $800 R, they solve CHEERLEADING COMPETITION for another $2,300 and $3,300 total.

V8 Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Rhyme Time. Early on, Sara and Subbu call a T for $300 and the Free Spin. After they call the N's, we have...

_ _ N/_ N/THE/_ _ N

...this has been the title of a past theme week on this show. They then hit Bankrupt, so they use their Free Spin, and then call a dud in M. Evan and Larry call the F for $900 and solve FUN IN THE SUN to win that amount plus a pair of trips to St. Maarten, a new total of $14,100 in cash and trips.


ActivOn Big Money Round category is Fictional Family and this is a pretty big puzzle, so Evan and Larry's Wild Card might come into good use this round. Early on, Sara and Subbu call a T while on a Mystery Wedge. They flip...10 grand! Later, after Evan and Larry call the M's, we have...

_ _ M E R/M _ R _ E/_ _ R T/_ I _ _/&/

M _ _ _ I E/_ I M _ _ _ _

...they solve HOMER, MARGE, BART, LISA & MAGGIE SIMPSON for another $3,600 and $17,700 total!

They then solve TRADING CARDS (the other two teams gave incorrect responses; Sara and Subbu said TRAINING CARDS while Ken and Lauren said TRAINING CLASS) to go to $20,700. Next category is Phrase. After Ken and Lauren call the F's, we have...

THE/BEST/_ E A _ S/_ F/

_ _ _ _/LIFE

...I've got it. After buying the O's, they're incorrect for the second puzzle in a row with THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIFE. Sara and Subbu hit Bankrupt. Evan and Larry then steal THE BEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE to go to $22,700.

Speed-Up Round category is Place and consonants are worth $1,600 each. After Ken and Lauren call the C's, we have...

_ C E/C R E _ M/_ _ C T _ R _

...they still can't solve for $9,600. Sara and Subbu call the F and solve ICE CREAM FACTORY to take home $2,000. Ken and Lauren leave with $3,300 and Evan and Larry will take the Wild Card to the bonus round with $22,700!

Evan and Larry spin the quad star and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ T/_ R _ _ S/_ N/_ _ _

Their first picks are C, H, M and A. Their final pick is D and they get...NOTHING, so the game is over. It was IT GROWS ON YOU and they don't win another $30,000. They needed at least the G and the O's.

Jeopardy!: Alison Becker is challenged by Susan Keller (an English teacher from Philadelphia) and Winter Mead (a high school drama teacher from Oakland, CA). Opening categories:


Susan finds the Daily Double just before the break in How Touching. She has $2,800 and the early lead while Alison has $1,800 and Winter has $1,600. Susan's wager is $1,000:

It's good luck to touch a bronze statue of a turtle named Testudo at this east coast school.

"What is Harvard?" It was the University of Maryland, as I first thought. When the round ends, the champ's now ahead with $6,000. Susan is back to $3,800 and Winter has $2,400.


DJ! Categories:

NAME THAT ACTOR (some of each actor's lines are given and the correct actor must be IDed)

Winter goes Daily Double Hunting right off the bat. After the Literature and Actor categories get cleared out, here are the scores now:

Alison: $9,200
Winter: $6,400
Susan: $3,000

Winter has the control and chooses "P" Country for $400:

In the late 18th century, it was divided among Prussia, Russia and Austria.

Winter: "What is Poland?"- CORRECT ($6,800); $800 "P" CLUE

King Afonso I's 57-year reign from 1128-85 was an important factor in this country's independence from a larger neighbor.

Winter: "What is Portugal?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($7,600); MIDDLE "P" CLUE

It's the three-word name for the eastern half of the island of New Guinea.

Alison: "What is Papa New Guinea?"- RIGHT ($10,400); $1,600 CLUE, SAME CATEGORY


Its national unit of currency is the Balboa.

"What is Paraguay?"...incorrect. It was Panama, so she's down to $8,400. Final clue in the "P" Country category:

This nation has a city named for one of its first presidents, Manuel Luis Quezon.

Alison: "What is the Philippines?"- RIGHT TO GET THE $2,000 BACK ($10,400); CHOOSES $400 CAPTURE THE FLAG CLUE

In 1984, Egypt replaced the hawk on its flag with this other bird of prey.

Winter: "What is the eagle?"- CORRECT ($8,000); $800 CLUE, SAME CATEGORY

Afghanistan's flag has a mosque in a wreath made of stalks of this grain.

Alison: "What is wheat?"- RIGHT ($11,200); $400 CHEMISTRY CLUE TOLD BY SARAH:

The juice from blackberries can make ordinary construction paper into this testing type of scientific paper.

Winter: "What is litmus paper?"- YES INDEED ($8,400); $1,200 CAPTURE THE FLAG CLUE

A tapering flag that ends in two points is named for its resemblance to this bird's "tail".

Susan: "What is a swallow?"- RIGHT ($4,200); $400 CLUE IN THE HOMOPHONICS GAME

A howitzer that fires a list of all the saints acknowledged by the church.

Alison: "What is a canon...cannon?"- RIGHT ($11,600); $800 HOMOPHONICS CLUE

This beach-mounted clamp holds a bad habit.

Winter: "What is a vise vice?"- RIGHT ($9,200); $1,200 HOMOPHONE CLUE

Donkey noises while cooking meat in liquid in a covered pot.

Alison: "What is a brays braise?"- RIGHT ($12,800); $1,600, SAME SUBJECT

A siamese dead heat.

Susan: "What is a thai tie?"- CORRECT ($5,800); FINAL CLUE IN THE HOMOPHONICS GAME

To elevate mantas.

Winter: "What is to pray prey?"- INCORRECT ($7,200)
Alison: "What is to raise rays?"- RIGHT ($14,800); $800 CHEMISTRY CLUE

Good news! Ilya Prigogine showed that the Second Law of this doesn't doom the universe to a slow "heat death".

Winter: "What is thermodynamics?"- RIGHT ($8,000); $1,600 CLUE IN CAPTURE THE FLAG

A flagpole is also called a staff or this nautical term.

Winter: What is a mast?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($9,600); $2,000 CAPTURE THE FLAG CLUE


This word for the upper left part of a flag is a place name on maps of China and Ohio.

"What is a canton?" right to go to $12,100!


A free radical is an atom or molecule that has an unpaired one of these.

Alison: "What is a bond?"- NO ($13,600)
Winter: "Whatis an electron?"- RIGHT ONCE MORE ($13,300)


Putting dry ice in water shows a solid transforming directly into a gas, a process called this.


FINAL CLUE THIS ROUND ($2,000 clue in Chemistry):

Bromine and Chlorine are in a group of elements known by this name, from the Greek for "salt-forming".

Alison: "What are haylides?"- NO ($11,600)




Alison: $11,600
Winter: $13,300
Susan: $5,800


Alison: $14,600
Winter: $12,800
Susan: $5,800


FDR liked to rest near water, but because of fears after Pearl Harbor, this inland place was created for him.

Response: "What is Camp David?"
Wager: $2,200
Final score: $8,000

Response: "What is Warm Springs?"
Wager: $11,599
Final score: BUCK

Alison leaves with $18,000.

Response: Not much of anything
Wager: $10,000
Final score: $3,300

Susan steals the championship with $8,000.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Harvey Korman passes away

Former "The Carol Burnett Show" regular Harvey Korman died earlier today at the age of 81. He was on game shows such as "Super Password" and "Hollywood Squares", and even appeared on pilots such as "Hot Numbers" and "Secrets and Rumors" (the latter of which he hosted).

"So You Think You Can Dance" 5/28

Auditions this episode started in Salt Lake City. Just for those of you who wanted to know how the auditions worked, the rules are that each contestant danced for a minute. After that, either he/she was automatically sent to Las Vegas to compete for a Top 20 berth, be sent home or be asked to stick around later in that city's auditions for some choreography evaluations before a final decision was made on if he/she advanced to Vegas.

Here, I will list the key people who either got an instant ticket to Vegas, a ticket home or were forced to sweat it out.

Chelsie Hightower (18, Pleasant Grove, UT)
Lindsey Junkins (22, Odgen, UT)
Kelly Baker (18, Salt Lake City)
Matt Dorame (21, Salt Lake City- he wore AWFUL shorts!)
Thayne Jasperson (27, Mapleton, UT)

Brett Banford (25, Salt Lake City- he was part of Special Olympics)
Michael Moore (26, Orem, UT)
Nicole Downer (27, Pleasant Grove, UT)
Naomie Christensen (31, Salt Lake City)

Gev Manoukian (21, Centerville, UT- he previously auditioned in Season 2)(IN)
Ryann Race (26, Salt Lake City)(IN)
Kortney Pearson (25, Lindon, UT- prior to this, she hadn't been dancing for five years)(IN)
Michelle Stringham (25, Salt Lake City)(IN)

During the two days in Utah, 34 other contestants made it through.

Next stop on the audition tour- Dallas.

Arielle Coker (18, Corpus Christi, TX)

Brian Davidson (30, Dallas)
Chad Agnor (29, McKinney, TX; he was working with an injured hamstring)
Cassidy Corder (22, Fort Worth, TX)
Brianna Gardner (18, Dallas)
Stephen Arner (19, Forest Hill, TX)

Paige Jones (19, Dallas)(IN)
Joshua Allen (18, Fort Worth)(IN)
John Dix (23, Corpus Christi, TX)(OUT)

38 others from Dallas advanced.

5/29/2008 Results

TPIR: Opening players today are April Little, Jeffrey, Sarah Unger from UCLA and Ronald. The first IUFB is a drum set.

Ronald: $2,000
Sarah: $5,000 (STAGE WILLY)
Jeffrey: $2,001
April: BUCK

ARP: $1,464

April's one buck bid means she'll play Switcheroo for a Honda Accord LX-S Coupe (Std., AT, Mats, WLock). Board:

Car: $ 2 3 , 4 _ 2
Pocket translator: $ _ 9
Laptop package: $ _ 0
Soccer ball humidifier: $ _ 5
Candy carousel: $ _ 0

NUMBERS AVAILABLE: 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9

My guesses:

Car: $23,452
Pocket translator: $49
Laptop package: $90
Soccer ball humidifer: $35
Candy carousel: $70

Her opening guesses:

Car: $23,452
Pocket translator: $79
Laptop package: $90
Humidifer: $35
Candy carousel: $40

Three are right! She switches the carousel to $30 and the humidifier to $45...just one right. Does she win a Honda worth $23,452...

...NO! I thought she had it! She instead wins a $79 translator. Wait until you see what the other prices were:

Car: $23,492
Laptop package: $50
Humidifier: $35
Candy carousel: $40

Roger must've wanted a win here today, but he didn't get it, unfortunately.

The next player is Augustina Piso and the second IUFB is a floor clock.

Augustina: $1,400
Ronald: $999
Sarah: $1,050
Jeffrey: $1,401

ARP: $2,785

Jeffrey then plays Balance Game for a trip to Cancun. The last three numbers in the price are 0, 4 and 6. The dollar values available are $1,000, $2,000 and $3,000. He places the $1,000 and $3,000 bags on, for a guess of $4,046...but I was right with $3,046.

Next to "Come on Down" is Michael McZeal and the third IUFB is a game table.

Michael: $575
Augustina: $580
Ronald: $400
Sarah: $401

ARP: $587

Augustina Piso then plays Buy or Sell for a tea set marked at $2,025, an electric fireplace marked at $2,099 and an eliptical trainer marked at $3,199. BTW, the Buy or Sell scoreboard is broken! Here are her guesses for each prize:

Tea set: BUY
Fireplace: BUY
Trainer: SELL

The ARPs:

Tea set: $1,425; -$600
Fireplace: $1,899; -$200 (-$800)
Trainer: $2,599; $600 (-$200)

It was an All-Sell edition of this game. Tough luck for her.

Augustina ($587): $.80
April ($1,543): Nickel + 80 = $.85
Jeffrey ($2,785): 30 + 95 = DOH

April gets into the Showcase! After that tough Switcheroo loss, I hope she wins that boat Showcase today.

Next contestant is Theresa and the fourth IUFB is a pair of surfboards. The winner also gets a $40 supply of Gold Bond Cream.

Theresa: $9,000 (WILLY OF THE CENTURY; she's trying to re-create the infamous $9,000 bid moment on the EXACT SAME PRIZE from the Bob Barker days!)
Ronald: $1,500
Sarah: $1,200
Michael: BUCK

ARP: $1,330

Sarah, our UCLA student, plays Double Prices for a piano, which is either $4,895 or $3,985. She chooses $4,895...first winner today!

Next to leave the audience is Tiffany Haron and the next IUFB is a chandelier.

Tiffany: $599
Michael: $1,000
Theresa: $1,300
Ronald: $1,090

ARP: $1,042

Michael McZeal, who must be a Batman fan based on his shirt, plays Card Game for a Honda Civic LX Sedan. Range is $2,000. Starting with $15,000, he draws a 5 of Clubs, a 9 of Diamonds, a King of Diamonds...and he stops at $17,400 for the win (second one in a row)! ARP: $18,395. He didn't want to look at anything until after he won!

(Drew didn't say the ARP on TV, but the big display showed the difference of this player's final car guess, so we can do the math.)

Our last contestant is Jacob Beauman and the final IUFB today is a diamond wedding ring.

Jacob: $2,000
Theresa: $2,400
Ronald: $2,020
Tiffany: $2,520

ARP: $2,100

Ronald escapes the First Four Breakfast Club! He'll try to make it a perfect second half when he plays Pick a Pair for a living room and a globe, all worth $5,799. The products today are mouth rinse, Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away, Hot Pockets, Citrucel, Toaster Strudels and olive oil. His first pick is the olive oil, which is $7.99. He thinks the other $7.99 item is the Freeze Away stuff, but that's $13.99. He tries again to find the other $7.99 item, and he chooses the Citrucel, but that's the other $13.99 item. The mouth rinse was the other $7.99 item and the Toaster Strudels and the Hot Pockets were both $2.49.

Ronald ($2,100): 55 + Nickel = $.60
Sarah ($6,265): 30 + $1 = OVER
Michael ($19,437): $.95

Michael ran wild on the stage once more, beacuse he's in the Showcase! And he even picked his Showcase opponent up in the air (April)!

The first Showcase has a dining room, a year's supply of It's-It Ice Cream and a spa.


For Big Mike, we hear about Trudy the Trucker. First, she moves around so much that she wants to be in a green Ireland. Second, she's sick of eating fast food while she's on the road that she wants to cook her own food at home on a new range. Finally, she's tired of driving, so she wants to relax sailing away on her new Santa Belle sailboat!

MICHAEL BIDS $25,000 ON SHOWCASE #2- STAGE GARF (Doesn't quite cover the boat.)

BID: $25,000
ARP: $31,851

BID: $15,500
ARP: $17,413

April takes home $18,956 in prizes and redeems herself from Switcheroo! Don't feel too bad for Michael- he's still the day's big winner with $19,437 in stuff!

WOF: We start out with a shout-out from "Survivor" host Jeff Probst. Tonight's teams are Bill and Brittany Peters from Newport Beach, CA (Brittany recently graduated from Isuzu Pacific University majoring in Global Studies and is set to work for a non-profit organization in Seattle, while Bill is a housing architect), Alex and Arden Taber from Mancini Valley, CA (Alex is a high school graduate and has earned three black belts in karate and wants to be an actor) and Alicia and Steven Oxner from Huntington Beach, CA (Alicia is a high school graduate and will attend Tulane University in the fall and she's a musician; Steven is an aerospace technician).

Bill and Brittany get LIKE FATHER LIKE SON for $1,000, then Alex and Arden get CHURCHILL DOWNS for $2,000.

Round 1 is tonight's Prize Puzzle Round and the category is Person. Out on the wheel now are some Sony Blu-Ray prize packages worth $5,321. Early on, Alicia and Steven call a pair of H's for that prize. After they buy the E's, we have...

H _ _/_ _ _ E _ T _/THE/

_ _ N _

...they say HIS MAJESTY THE KING...RIGHT for $350, the entertainment stuff and a pair of trips to Spain, a total of $14,471 in cash and prizes!


V8 Jackpot Round category is Before & After. After the winners of the last round call four S's, we have...

R _ S _ _

_ _ S _ N E S S


...they solve RISKY BUSINESS DEGREE for another $2,000 and $16,471 total!

ActivOn Big Money Round category is Event. Early on, Alex and Arden land on a Mystery Wedge and call two T's. They flip...Bankrupt. Later on, after they buy the E's, we have...

A/_ _ N _/_ H A T/_ N/THE/

_ H _ N E

...I've got it, after some thought. But they get the regular Bankrupt space this time. Alicia and Steven call the C for $300 and the Free Spin, the L for another $400, and buy the O's. They then solve A LONG CHAT ON THE PHONE to go to $18,471.

They then solve TUG OF WAR to go to $21,471. Next category is Things. They use their Free Spin after their initial call this round of S proves to be a dud, but they then hit Lose a Turn. A little later, Brittany and Bill call an R for the Wild Card, but they repeat the previous dud of S next after buying the E's. A little later, we head to Speed-Up Mode with the remaining consonants being worth $1,300 each. After Alicia and Steven call the L, we have...

D _ _ T _ _ N _ R _/&/

E N _ _ _ L _ _ E D _ _

...I know, but they don't. Brittany and Bill do, after calling the C's, with DICTIONARY & ENCYCLOPEDIA for $4,050 and a final total of $5,050. Alex and Arden get $2,000 and Alicia and Steven are our champions with $21,471!

Alicia and Steven are pretty good players. They spin the O in BONUS and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ _ _/_ _ _/_ _ _ R/

S _ _ E S

I think it's _____ OFF YOUR SHOES. They call Y, C, G and A and get...

_ _ C _/_ _ _/Y _ _ R/

S _ _ E S

...they make a mistake by saying the first word was LACE. It was KICK OFF YOUR SHOES and they don't win another $25,000. They needed at least the K's.

Jeopardy!: Will Pat Roche go by the way of the other people who have defeated a superchampion like Larissa Kelly yesterday, or will he be luckier/as lucky as Kevin Marshall? We'll find out as he defends his crown against Alison Becker (an L.A. researcher) and Steve Frappier (a high school counselor from Miami, FL). The categories to start us off:


At the first break, Becker has a strong lead at $5,200. The champ has $600 and Frappier's at zip. The three remaining categories at halftime are Fabrics, Numbers and Famililar Phrases. She goes with the $200 Familiar Phrase:

It's said that this implement "is mightier than the sword".

Pat: "What is the pen?"- RIGHT ($800); $400 CLUE, SAME CATEGORY

It's what you're actually doing if you're just out of school and "pounding the pavement".

Pat: "What is looking for work?"- RIGHT ($1,200); $600 CLUE, SAME SUBJECT

In "A Psalm of Life", Longfellow tells of leaving these behind "on the sands of time".

Pat: "What are footprints?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($1,800); $800, SAME CATEGORY

Meaning "in trouble", the expression "in" this presumably refers to the briny liquid it's made in.

Alison: "What is a pickle?"- YOU BET ($6,000); FINAL FAMILIAR PHRASE

Meaning "a greater return for your investment", it reportedly came from military expenditures in the 1950s.

Pat: "What is more bang for your buck?"- RIGHT ($2,800); $200 NUMBERS CLUE

States in present-day New England.

Pat: "What is 6?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($3,000); $400 NUMBERS CLUE

Total number of royal flushes that can be dealt out of one deck of 52 cards.

Pat: "What is 4?"- YOU BET ($3,400); MIDDLE NUMBERS CLUE

In the U.S., the difference between a million and a billion is this many zeros.

Steve: "What is 3?- OF COURSE IT IS ($600); $800, SAME CATEGORY

JFK was this number in presidential sequence, also the minimum age to become president.

Steve: "What is 35?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($1,400); FINAL NUMBERS CLUE

Syllables in a line of standard iambic pentameter.

Alison: "What is 5?"- NO ($5,000- that was my guess too.)
Steve: "What is 10?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($2,400)


Open-mesh fabric style used in stockings and on trawlers.

Pat: "What is fish net?"- CORRECT ($3,600); $400

It's a fluffy type of pie or a sheer, fluffy silk fabric for blouses.

Alison: "What is Chiffon?"- CORRECT ($5,400); $600

DAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLYYYY DOUBLE! Her wager is $2,500, putting her lead at risk:

Gregory Peck's title gray suit was made of this.

"What is flannel?"...happens to be right to go to $7,900! For $800:

Pannne, cut and crushed are types of this thick pile fabric.

Alison: "What is velvet?"- RIGHT ONCE MORE ($8,700)


Pashmina is a fashionable type of this luxurious fabric made from the hair of a wild goat native to India and Tibet.

Steve: "What is cashmere?"- CORRECT ($3,400)


DJ! Categories:


Steve finds the first Daily Double under the $1,600 What "A" Country clue. He's at $4,600, while the champ has $4,800 and Alison has $9,500. Steve's wager is four grand:

It has an Atlantic coastline of about 1,000 miles and Bantu is its largest language group.

"What is Angola?" right to go to $8,600! Late in the round, these are the scores:

Pat: $8,800
Steve: $8,600
Allison: $16,300

Here's what's left, with one Daily Double still in play:

Broadway Before & After: $1,600 and $2,000
Architecture: $1,600 and $2,000
We're In Buisness: $1,200, $1,600 and $2,000

Allison's in control, and she picks the $1,200 business clue:

One in nine Americans has this type of insurance through Wellpoint.

Steve: "What is life insurance?"- WRONG ($7,400)
Alison: "What is health insurance?"- RIGHT ($17,500); PICKS $1,600 BUSINESS CLUE


What was once the Anglo-Persian and Anglo-Iranian Oil Company later took this name, still reflecting its English roots.

"What is Amoco?" wrong. Correct: What is BP? She's down to $15,500 and chooses the $1,600 Broadway Before & After clue:

"How are things in Glocca Morra?"; well, Og the Leprechaun wants his gold and some "multi-colored" fish for a start.

TRIPLE STUMPER: Finian's Rainbow Trout


Pointillist Seurat sings, dances and writes "Animal Farm".

Alison: "What is Sunday in the Park with George Orwell?"- CORRECT ($17,500)


Here's some energy info: this company serves almost nine million residents of NYC and Westchester County.





Pat: $8,800
Steve: $7,400
Alison: $17,500


Pat: $8,800
Steve: $4,400
Alison: $17,600

FJ! CATEGORY: Annual Sporting Events.

With an estimated sellout crowd of 267,925, it claims to be the best-attended single-day sporting event in the U.S.

I think it's the Indianapolis 500.

Response: "What is the Daytona 500?"
Wager: $3,000
Final score: $4,400 (his Coryat Score on the day)

Response: "What is the Daytona 500?"
Wager: ALL IN

Pat Roche leaves with $14,700.

Response: "What is the Rose Bowl?"
Wager: $500
Winning score: $17,000

And I was right with the Indianapolis 500! Anyway, the only lady on tonight's panel will be back tomorrow.

Family Feud: Before I start this day's "Feud" recap, I would like to note that because of technical difficulties, today's episode instead aired on Friday while Friday's episode aired today in my area. Here's what realy happened on Thursday.

The Goldsons defended their title for the first time against the Demontes, captained by Bob and joined by Rose, Sylvia, Eric and Theresa.

First question: Name something a man might do while watching a chick flick with his date. Starting with:

2. Kiss/move at her (20, Rashida)
4. Eat/throw popcorn (5, Bob)

The Goldsons played. Starting with Gigi, she said getting bored...#3 (8)! Suzette then said falling asleep...NUMBER ONE (50)! Thomas was next with crying...bottom answer (2)! Next was Rick with acting Back to Rashida, who next said acting like the man doesn't care about the movie...#5 (5)! Gigi then blanked on her next turn. Suzette then tried leaving to sweep...STRIKEOUT. For 90 points, Bob thought the #6 answer was complaining...but it was drinking alcohol (3), so the champions got on the board first.

Second question: Things that are easy to get and hard to get rid of. Starting with:

1. Illnesses/ailments (37, Gigi)

The champions passed to the Demontes this time. Starting this time with Sylvia, she went with a man...that or spouse was #4 (6)! Eric's first answer today was Theresa was next with Back to Bob, who next said a sunburn...three strikes in a row. For another 43 points, Rashida said habits...the passing strategy didn't work out this round, because the challengers got the 43 points. Unsaid:

2. Weight/pounds (21)
3. Bugs/lice (11)
5. Debt (5)
6. Pets (4)

Double: Places where strangers can become friends rather quickly. Beginning with:

1. Bar (52, Suzette)

Sylvia's answer of park was a dud. The Goldsons played this time. Thomas next responded with school...nope. Rick then said airplane...that or airport was #4 (5)! Next was Rashida with church...#3 (6)! Gigi's next answer was work...#2 (6)! Back to Suzette, whose next response was a Thomas tried to avert a steal attempt with a social event...three strikes. For another 138 and the lead, Bob answered train...not there either, so the Goldsons went to 228! The remaining answers:

5. Restaurant (4)
6. Hospital (3)

Triple: Name something a man brags that his wife is better at than most women. Eric rung in with making love...#2 (37). Thomas then tried a better cook as the top answer...that was it (49) for control! Rick then answered with being the best mother...bottom answer (2)! Rashida had the first chance to sweep and win with being the best housekeeper...not #3. Gigi then tried the wife making her husband look good...I don't think so. Suzette got the last chance for the sweep and the victory with the wife looking good...WIN (8) at 516!

Fast Money: Thomas and Suzette tried it again after falling a bit short their first time.

1. How many years does the average wife outlive the average husband?
2. A part of the baby that parents love to kiss.
3. Name the best way to pass a lonely night.
4. A food you crack before you eat it.
5. Name something you know about bees.

My guesses:
1. 10 (20 and 0 were my other guesses)
2. Tummy (Face was my other guess)
3. Watch TV (Reading and sleeping were my other guesses)
4. Peanuts
5. They buzz (Stinging was my other guess)

Suzette said 10, cheeks, a book, crab legs and stinging you for 150! Thomas' first answer was 7...11. His baby answer was face, but that was a dud with cheeks already up there. For a boring night, he said sleeping...10 said that. He then said nuts for a food you crack open before you eat it, which was #1...and said by 49 for $20,000! That's the third Fast Money win this week, and we're already out of tournament play! That doesn't happen very often around here! Their two-day total was $20,890! The #1 answer for the last question was making honey.

"The Ultimate Fighter VII" 5/28- The quarterfinals begin!

QUARTERFINAL FIGHT #1: Jesse Taylor vs. Dante Rivera
Referee: Josh Rosenthal

Round 1: The opening takedown was scored by Taylor, who was in the camouflage trunks (Rivera was in the red). Rivera got beaten down on the ground for the next two minutes or so. Although Rivera did lock Taylor's chest with his legs at about halfway through the round, Rivera did NOTHING significant this round. My score this round: 10-8, Taylor.

Taylor dominated in the same fashion as Round 1, so needless to say, he won and advanced to the semi-finals, whether it was entertaining to us or not. He's now up to $15,000. Rivera left with $5,000.

QUARTERFINAL FIGHT #2: Amir Sadollah vs. Matt Brown
Referee: Josh Rosenthal

Round 1: Brown scored some decent shots in the first minute. Later in that same minute, Sadollah, the Richmond native, started to fire away with his kicks. Early on in the second minute, both took turns kneeing each other in the chest while they were near one of the octagon's edges! Sadollah tried twice to take Brown down during the second minute, but he couldn't quite do it. Early on in the third minute, Brown tried a takedown of his own but he also failed, but he followed with a decent barrage of shots. At about 1:13 left in the round, Brown was starting to get stronger with his punches, but Sadollah responded by nearly tripping Brown with one of his kicks, followed by another one to the face. They took each other down with less than twenty seconds to go in the round. Tight round, but I scored it 10-9 in Brown's favor.

Round 2: Brown got off to a good start this round with a strong showing of punches/kicks. Sadollah then hit a kick to the face, but it wasn't that strong. After more decent shots by Brown, Sadollah took Brown down with 3:42 to go! At 2:14, Sadollah managed to trap Brown on the ground with some punches for a little while, but he couldn't score the TKO. After trying an armbar for a second or two, he went with the triangle choke...AND SADOLLAH LOCKED IT IN FOR THE SUMBISSION WIN WITH 51 SECONDS TO SPARE!!! Amir, you're now up to 20 grand and you're a semi-finalist! Way to go!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ratings notes

This week's "American Gladiators" improved to a 3.1 Fast Nielsen with a 5 share, thanks largely to the fact that "Dancing With the Stars" is now over. NBC finished tied for third on the night with FOX (which re-ran the season premiere of "So You Think You Can Dance").

The return of "The Moment of Truth" kinda disappointed in the ratings. It scored a 4.6 Fast Nielsen with an 8 share, getting beat by an NCIS rerun on CBS.

However, "Hell's Kitchen" built on the "Truth" rating and scored a 5.6/9. It was the night's highest-rated program in the 18-49 demographic.

Source: The Futon Critic

Notes about Larissa

Here are some notes about now-outgoing champion Larissa Kelly:

-In her seven appearances on the show, she NEVER got a FJ! clue wrong.
-Another member of her family, Jeff, appeared on the show in 2004, but he had to face the famous Ken Jennings during that time. Meanwhile, another member of the family, Arianna, will appear on the show July 8th.

The second part of the notes are courtesy of the press release about Kelly shortly after her final episode had finished airing. You can see the press release while reading the day's comments on Wednesday's game at the Sony Pictures Message Boards' Jeopardy! section.

"Top Chef: Chicago" 5/28

After this episode, only four chefs will make it to next week's episode in Puerto Rico. This week's guest judge was Rick Tramonto, the chef/owner of Tru & Tramanto's Steak and Seafood.

Quickfire: The remaining five went to a butcher shop called Allen Bros. While having their butcher outfits on, everyone had to cut enough small pieces of their slab of meat so that the bones were cleaned. After that, they had to go back to the Top Chef Kitchen and cook and butcher a perfect steak (aka Tomahawk Chop). Tramonto loved steaks that were medium rare.

The ones with the worst steaks were Stephanie Izard and Richard Blais. The winner was...

...El Cheapo, Spike Mendelsohn!

Elimination Challenge: Everyone had to run the guest judge's steak restaurant for a night. They each had to do an appetizer and an entree, and could only use the ingredients they found in Rick's kitchen.

Spike won this week's Quickfire, so he got to choose the first protein for his appetizer and entree. He chose the tomahawk steaks and the frozen scallops.

Overseeing the action were the three past champions of this show- Harold Dieterle (Season 1), Ilan Hall (Season 2) and the most recent one, Hung Hunyh.

Appetizer: Grilled and chilled prawns, lemon zest and tomato salad with crostini
Entree: NY Strip Steak with apple caramel sauce and peanut butter mashed potatoes

Appetizer: Hamachi with crispy sweetbreads, radish, avocado and yuzu
Entree: Beef filet with potato puree, turnips and pickeled brussels sprouts

Appetizer: Seared scallops with hearts of palm and oyster mushrooms
Entree: Tomahawk chop with sweet potato puree, brussels sprouts and cipollins

Appetizer: Sweetbreads with golden raisins and pine nuts
Entree: Beef tenderloin with wild mushrooms and applesauce

Appetizer: Mushroom and artichoke salad, poached egg and bacon vinaigrette
Entree: Bone-in ribeye with fennel and cipollins plus shallot and potato gratin

According to the comments I heard on all the dishes, Lisa, Spike and Antonia did the worst. The winner was...

...for the THIRD TIME IN A ROW AND FIFTH TIME OVERALL, Stephanie Izard! She got a cookbook from Rick as a prize, as well as an array of GE kitchen Monogram appliances that were similar to the ones used inside the Top Chef Kitchen.

In addition to her, Richard Blais joined her in the final four (because he had the best appetizer this week). The third person in...

...Antonia Lofaso (she had the best entree of the night)! Thus, it comes down to El Cheapo and Lisa Fernandes. Whether David Dust likes it or not, the last entrant into this season's final four is...

Lisa Fernandes
Spike Mendelsohn


But Spike should be back on the two-part season finale that begins next week, where he and a few other eliminated contestants would probably help out the remaining contestants. In the end, only one will win over $100,000 in cash and prizes.

Dick Martin tribute scheduled for June 2nd "GSN Live"

On Monday, June 2, it will be Dick Martin Day on GSN Live. Here, all episodes from the game shows shown in the GSN Live block will feature Dick Martin as a celebrity guest.

Source: Buzzerblog

5/28/2008 Results- Unlucky 7th Day for Larissa?

TPIR: Today's first four are Patricia Pasquale, Joseph Debacco, Angela Gabrides and Pierre Dowles. The first IUFB is a motorcycle.

Patricia: $3,500
Joseph: $3,420
Angela: $3,421
Pierre: $2,850

ARP: $3,199

Pierre from the state of Louisana will walk the Golden Road! Starting with a can of rainbow sprinkles, he can win a digital piano, a sleeper sofa and worth more than $94,000...a Winnebago Vista 32K Motorhome!!! The sprinkles cost 93 cents. Piano setup:

$ _ 6 0

He says $960 and of course is right. Sofa price:

$ 1 , _ 7 9

He says $1,679...of course, he's right! Now, for that motorhome:

$ 9 4 , _ 3 5

He's going with 6 again, making his guess $94,635. If he's right, he's the biggest daytime TPIR winner of the season...

$ 9 4 , 6 3 5

...NO. It was my guess of $94,135.

Next player is Kalee Taylor and the second IUFB is a selection of beach chairs.

Kalee: $1,500
Patricia: $1,250
Joseph: $1,220
Angela: BUCK

ARP: $810

Angela plays Flip Flop for a barrel sauna. Board:


She flops to $5,245, which sounds right to me...

$ 5 2 4 5

...and it is!

The next person to leave the crowd is Angel Figaroa and the third IUFB is a clock.

Angel: $250
Kalee: $1,000
Patricia: $150 (STUPID BID)
Joseph: $140 (STUPID BID)

ARP: $1,600

Almost by default, Kalee Taylor (whose mom won a car on this show 30 years ago!) plays Grand Game. Today's target is $7.25 and the products are Gold Bond Cream, Hot Pockets, Clorox wipes, Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away, Aspercreme Heat and mouth rinse.

1. Hot Pockets- $2.49
2. Wipes- $5.49
3. Mouth rinse- $7.99

The Dr. Scholl's was the other bad item on the board, even though the other prices weren't revealed. She wins $100.

Kalee ($1,700): 30 + 30 = $.60
Pierre ($5,838): 30 + 45 = $.75
Angela ($6,055): Dime + 90 = WINS $1,000 AND SHOWCASE BERTH!

In Angela's Bonus Spin...60 cents for nothing extra.

The next player to exit the audience is Ysobell Stevens and the fourth IUFB is tailgating equipment.

Ysobell: $600
Patricia: $3,000
Joseph: $800
Angel: $2,000

ARP: $890

Joseph from Cleveland plays One Wrong Price for...

Dinette: $1,238
Ice wagon: $4,105
Golf equipment: $1,170

...I say the ice wagon costs too much and he agrees...$3,428!

The next contestant to "Come on Down" is John and the next IUFB is a table tennis package.

John: $650
Angel: $651 (STUPID BID)
Ysobell: $300
Patricia: $652

ARP: $678

Thanks to that extra buck, Patricia Pasquale, the last of today's first four, will play Range Game for a snowmobile. Range is $7,800-$8,400. She stops at about $8,008-$8,158. I think she went over by a bit...and she did, because it was $7,999.

The last player called down today is Harvey Yall and the final IUFB (Drew mistakenly called it the FIRST IUFB) is a washer/dryer.

Harvey: $3,500 (STAGE WILLY)
John: $1,950
Angel: $2,500
Ysobell: $3,600 (STAGE WILLY)

ARP: $2,598

Angel, a flight attendant, now gets to play Cover Up for a Chevrolet HHR (Std., AT/Remote, EBH). Board:

First number: 1 or 3?
Second number: 4, 8 or 9?
Third number: 0, 2, 8 or 9?
Fourth number: 0, 1, 2, 7 or 8?
Last number: 0, 1, 2, 3, 5 or 6?

This isn't too bad of a setup. First guess is $18,285...first three numbers right. Second is $18,270...the 0 is now right. His final guess is...$18,220 and he totally blew it! It was $18,210. But he does win $1,000 off the Big Wheel and gets into the Showcase. In his Bonus Spin...nothing.

In the first Showcase, we meet a lady named Nessy who's been having a nose problem. First, she tries to cover up her face with a selection of cowboy hats. Second, she tries to avoid those friends that try to take pictures of her face with a new digital camera. Third, Nessy's nose seems to get in the way of her being able to watch her new LCD TV. Finally, she just got a movie role because of her nose, and she decides to show off her nose to everyone while having the top down of her new Chrysler Sebring Convertible (Std., Paint, Lamps)! Believe it or not, Angela passes to Angel.


Angela goes for a bedroom, luggage and a trip to Italy.


That means Angel lucks out and wins $35,632 in cash and prizes. Just for the record, here were the Showcase prices:

BID: $23,300
ARP: $32,034

BID: $40,000
ARP: $18,437

Family Feud: The Reeves ladies defend their crown for the first time against the Goldsons, led by Rashida and accompanied by Gigi, Suzette, Thomas and Rick.

First question: Things that a wife might not let a husband bring in the house. Starting with:

2. Animals (14, Rashida)
7. Tools (6, Stacey)

The challengers will play. Starting with Gigi, she says cigarette smoke...cigars/cigarettes are #5 (7)! Suzette's first answer is pornography...#4 (9)! Thomas next says a lot of Rick is next with another answer (29)! Back to Rashida, who next says a gun...#3 (9)! Gigi's next response is Suzette tries to hold off a steal attempt for now with her next guess of family...STRIKEOUT. The first steal of the day is worth 74 points, and Stacey tries to get those points for her championship team with a guess of dirty shoes...bottom answer (5) for the points! #6 was motorcycle (7).

Second question: Occupations where you get to hear a lot of good gossip. Starting with:

1. Hairdresser (27, Michelle)

The champions will play this time. We start this time with Kathy, who says police Jennifer tries to do better with secretary...#4 (10)! Over to Teri, who now says doctor...nope. Stacey then tries to save the team with nail salon...oops. For 37 points, Rashida says teacher...not there either, so the Reeves family goes to 111. Unsaid:

2. Nurse (12)
3. The clergy (10)
5. Reporter (7)

Double: Things you wouldn't need if you were bald. Starting with:

1. Comb/brush (62, Suzette)

The Goldsons will play. Thomas' next answer is Rick next says a hair dryer...NO. Rashida tries to fare better with her next guess of hair...INSTANT STRIKEOUT. For another 124, Stacey goes with a haircut...#4 (4) to go to 235! Remaining answers:

2. Shampoo (16)
3. Hairspray (8)
5. Hair gel/cream (4)
6. Barrette/hair tie (3)

Triple: Things Pamela Anderson is known for. Thomas rings in with boobies...NUMBER ONE (63) to give the Goldsons control! Rick's next guess is "Baywatch", which is #2 (17)! Rashida then says porn movies...#3 (10)! Gigi goes for the sweep with the marriage to Kid Suzette says the relationship with Tommy Lee...NO. I thought for sure one of her marriages would be the bottom answer. Thomas has the last chance to sweep with her apperance (s) in Playboy...STRIKEOUT. To win, Stacey says the bottom answer is her tattoo (s)...but it's the fact that she's beautiful (3), so the Goldsons get 270.

Sudden Death: Rick and Teri are asked this:

Name something you might find at a wedding that you might also find at a funeral.

Rick beats Teri to the punch with flowers (69) for the win at 477.

Fast Money: It's just way too much work to extend the winning streak to three days in a row for regular play, as Suzette and Thomas learned, so they settle for $890 today.

WOF: Our teams tonight are James and Peter Vega (in the yellow) from North Hollywood, CA (James is a graduate from St. Mary's College of California with a degree in politics and is going to work in the broadcasting department for a professional football team in the Bay Area), Joel- Steven and Kate Hammond (Kate graduated from Miller Park High School while Joel-Steven is a DJ and a radio artist) and Michelle and Rob DeBuck from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (Michelle graduated from USC with a buisness degree).

(Hey James and Joel-Steven, I wish I could have either one of your jobs, because I'm having a VERY hard time coming up with an internship that I need to fulfill in order to graduate from VCU.)

James and Peter get CAP AND GOWN for $1,000 while Kate and Joel-Steven get BUFFALO HERD for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Show Biz and out on the wheel now are a pair of trips to NYC with tickets to "Monty Python's Spamalot" worth $8,446. After Kate and Joel-Steven buy the O's, we have...

_ E _ E _ _ S _ O _

_ O _ _ E R _ _ _ _ S

...they call a $450 N and then a pair of L's for the NYC trips. After a trio of I's, they hit Lose a Turn. Michelle and Rob call a pair of M's for $800, a $300 T, the C's for another $1,600 and solve TELEVISION COMMERCIALS for $2,700.

(Flashback moments from this millennium: Pat's many jokes while looking at the big video screen behind the contestants.)

V8 Jackpot Round category is Same Name. After James and Peter buy the O's, we have...

_ _ _ _ _ _/&/G _ N _/

_ O O L

...I've got the idea. They call an $800 P but call a dud in H. Joel-Steven and Kate call a pair of D's for $1,000 while on Jackpot, both of which are located back-to-back at the top. They then buy three E's and solve KIDDIE & GENE POOL to double their winnings to four grand.

ActivOn Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Food & Drink. In the middle of the round, James and Peter call the T for $300 and the Free Spin. The first word is SHREDDED. James and Peter immediately use it after hitting a Lose a Turn on their next spin. After they call the N for $450, we have...


_ _ _ _ N _ T

...they call a dud in P while on the $3,500 space. Kate and Joel-Steven call the C's for $600 (just missing $7,500 on the Big Money Wedge) and solve SHREDDED COCONUT to add that amount to their total plus a pair of trips to Hawaii, a new total of $14,200 in cash and trips.


Michelle and Rob solve COLLEGE ROCK BAND (Kate and Joel-Steven were incorrect with COLLEGE ROAD BAND) to go to $5,700. Next category is On the Map. After a little bit of work, we go to Speed-Up Mode. Consonants are worth $1,900 a pop. Board at this point:

_ E R _ _ E _

P E N N _ _ _ _ _ N _ _

Michelle and Rob are first, calling the S's, and solve HERSHEY PENNSYLVANIA to finish with $12,250. James and Peter get $2,000 and Kate and Joel-Steven hang on for the win at $14,200.

Kate and Joel-Steven spin the next-to-last zero and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ S _ _ _ T _

_ _ T E

They call H, M, K and A and get...

M _ S _ _ _ T _

_ _ T E

...I think it's a DATE...but it wasn't, and they don't come up with much of anything. It was MOSQUITO BITE and they don't win another $30,000. They needed the O's.

Jeopardy!: This is Day #7 for Larissa Kelly, and since she's beaten every sort of record imaginable so far on the show, I want her run to end ASAP. Trying to make that happen tonight are Nan Reiner (an attorney from Alexandria, VA) and Pat Roche (a New York trainer). Opening categories:

WORDS IN ALEX TREBEK (each correct response will contain some of the letters of said host's name)

Pat Roche's going for a sweep of the Football Coaches category with this $1,000 clue:

This team's Marv Levy is the only coach to lead his team to four straight Super Bowl appearances.

Pat: "Who are the Buffalo Bills?"- SWEEP! ($3,200)

At the first break, he's lost a bit, but he's still ahead at $2,400. The ladies (including Larissa) each have $800. Left on the board at the break:

First Names: $400-$1,000
Celebrities' Favorite Books: $1,000
Ranks & Titles: ALL
Words in Alex Trebek: ALL

Nan resumes gameplay with this $200 clue in Words in Alex Trebek:

A hatchet is a small one.

Pat: "What is an axe?"- RIGHT ($2,600); $400 ALEX TREBEK CLUE

Cenozoic, for example.

Nan: "What is era?"- YOU BET ($1,200); $600 ALEX TREBEK CLUE

French visorless cap.

Nan: "What is a beret?"- RIGHT ($1,800); $800 CLUE, SAME CATEGORY

The shaft around which a wheel rotates.

Pat: "What is an axle?"- RIGHT ($3,400); FINAL CLUE IN ALEX TREBEK CATEGORY:

Bird bill.

Larissa: "What is beak?"- RIGHT ($1,800); CLOSES OUT CELEBRITIES' FAVORITE BOOKS

R.L. Stine said the works of this author, including "Dandelion Wine", changed his life.

Larissa: "Who is Ray Bradbury?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($2,800); CHOOSES $400 FIRST NAMES CLUE NEXT

Barack, related to the Hebrew Baruch, means this.

Nan: "What is blessed?"- CORRECT ($2,200); MIDDLE FIRST NAMES CLUE

Chancellor Dollfuss and composer Humperdinck shared this name.

Nan: "What is Engelbert?"- RIGHT AGAIN TO TIE FOR SECOND ($2,800); $800 CLUE, SAME CATEGORY

This name means "illustrious", as lawyer Darrow was.

Pat: "What is Clarence?"- CORRECT ($4,200); FINAL FIRST NAMES CLUE

19th century English illustrator Greenway, or 19th century American author Chopin.

Nan: "What is Kate?"- RIGHT ($3,800)


It's the two-word title for the head of a parliamentary government.

Larissa: "What is Prime Minister?"- YOU BET ($3,000); $400 CLUE

Going down the ranks of the Royal Navy, remember your three C's: Commodore, Captain, this.

Larissa: "What is Commander?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($3,400); $600 CLUE

These high-ranking counselors to the pope must also be bishops.

Nan: "What are cadinals?"- CORRECT FOR THE LEAD ($4,400); $800 CLUE

As one of these enlisted ranks in the Army, your grade is E-1 or E-2; as a first class one, it's E-3.

Larissa: "What is private?"- RIGHT TO GET A SHOT AT THE DAILY DOUBLE IN THIS CATEGORY! ($4,200)

Her Daily Double wager is $4,000:

It's a member of the lowest rank of the French Legion of Honor; just ask Maurice.

She says NOTHING. Correct: What is Chevalier? She ends the round with third place and just $200 to her credit.


DJ! Categories:

HEY, J.J.!

After a couple categories get cleared out, we have Thunderbirds, Hey, J.J., Dutch Royalty and The "PH" Factor left. The scores at this point:

Larissa: $4,200
Pat: $8,600
Nan: $4,400

Pat chooses the $400 Thunderbirds clue, told by Sarah from the said headquarters in Las Vegas:

The Thunderbirds are the elite demonstration team of this armed service and were created just six years after the service came into being.

Pat: "What is the Air Force?"- THAT'S IT ($9,000); $800 THUNDERBIRDS CLUE, ALSO TOLD BY SARAH:

We won't go there today, but the Thunderbirds can reach ceilings of above 50,000 feet and fly 1,500 mph, roughly two on this scale.

Pat: "What is MACH?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($9,800); $1,200 CLUE, SAME CATEGORY

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLYYYYY DOUBLE #1! His wager is $3,000 on another Sarah-told clue:

Not as easy as it sounds, while making a complete rotation on our longitudinal axis, we're executing this type of roll.

"What is a barrel roll?"...IS RIGHT to go to $12,800! $1,600 Thunderbirds clue, also told by Sarah:

Abbreviated HUD, this type of display projects vital avionomics information at I level in front of the pilot of an F-16 for easy viewing.

TRIPLE STUMPER: Head-up display


Holding up to 7.5 G's, a popular solar move by the Thunderbirds, is a reverse one of these turns, named for a German WWI flying ace.

Pat: "Who was the Red Baron?"- INCORRECT ($10,800)

I couldn't understand Nan's response, but I do know that was wrong as well, taking her down to $2,400.

TRIPLE STUMPER: Immelmann Turn


He's given eulogies for Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks and Lou Rawls.

Nan: "Who was Jesse Jackson?"- RIGHT ($2,800); $800 J.J. CLUE

She belted out "Ball and Chain" at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival and was launched to stardom.

Pat: "Who was Janice Joplin?"- CORRECT ($11,600); $1,200 J.J. CLUE

He became friends with another innovative, alliterative artist, Robert Rauschenberg.

Nan: "Who was Jasper Johns?"- RIGHT ($4,000); $1,600 J.J. CLUE

In 2001, his change of political affiliation tipped the balance of power in the Senate.

Pat: "Who is Jim Jeffords?"- RIGHT ($13,200); FINAL J.J. CLUE

"Down by Law" and "Broken Flowers" are features by this independent-minded movie director.

Larissa: "Who is Jim Jarmusch?"- RIGHT ($6,200); $1,600 DUTCH ROYALTY CLUE

Don't cry for Princess Maxima, wife of the heir to the Dutch throne; she was born in this South American country.

Nan: "What is Argentina?"- RIGHT ($5,600); $400 "PH" CLUE

This ancient people's territory included the cities of Ekron and Gath.

Larissa: "Who are the Philistines?"- RIGHT ($6,600); $1,600 "PH" CLUE

Artificial female ones of these are used to bait traps to capture male beetles.

Pat: "What are pheromones?"- CORRECT ($14,800); $400 CLUE IN DUTCH ROYALTY

On November 2, 1997, Prince Maurits and his future wife ran in this famed Manhattan race.

Larissa: "What is the New York Marathon?"- YOU BET ($7,000); $2,000 "PH" CLUE

To Wittgenstein, the problems of this field for which he's best known are largely confusions of language.

Pat: "What are phonetics?"- NO ($12,800)
Larissa: "What is philosophy?"- RIGHT ($9,000); $2,000 DUTCH ROYALTY CLUE

The Queen's official birthday is still celebrated on April 30, the birthday of this predecessor of Queen Beatrix.

Nan: "Who is Wilhelmina?"- NO ($3,600)


$1,200 "PH" CLUE:

In gas station names, Union is 76; this is 66.

Nan: "What is Phillips?"- YOU BET ($4,800); $800 "PH" CLUE

Usually, this five-inch body part is open to allow passage of air to and from the lungs.

Nan: "What is the pharanyx?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($5,600); $800 DUTCH ROYALTY CLUE

The wife of young Prince Bernhard shares this first name with one of the original Mouseketeers.

Larissa: "What is Annette?"- RIGHT FOR A CHANCE AT THE OTHER DAILY DOUBLE! ($9,800)

This is the second round in a row Ms. Kelly has ended a round with a Daily Double attempt, and this clue will either make her or break her. She bets....$8,000. If she's right, she has the lead going into final. Otherwise, it's all over. Here's the all-important clue:

Since 1984, the Queen's place of work has been Noordeinde Palace in this city.

"What is Amsterdam?"...

"What is Amsterdam?"

...NO!!!! Correct: What is Hague? That means Pat Roche will become our new champion!

Larissa: $1,800
Pat: $12,800
Nan: $5,600


Larissa: $13,600
Pat: $11,000
Nan: $5,600

Wow, those are some interesting Coryats for ya. A lot of you knew that those Daily Doubles and her big wagers on them would come back to kill her sooner or later, and that was the case tonight.

FJ! CATEGORY: 20th Century Leaders.

He said, "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last".

Response: "Who is Churchill?"
Final score: $1,800

Response: "Who was Winston Churchill?"
Wager: $1,999
Final score: $7,599

Response: "Who is W. Churchill?"
Wager: $900
Winning total: $13,700

Pat Roche will take $13,700 into next time!

Larissa Kelly, I want to say thank you for giving us a lot of thrills and fun over the past several shows. I'm so glad you became the first female to win at least six games and broke several records in the process. You leave with lots of love from the studio and many game show sites and $223,597! We'll see you in next year's Tournament of Champions.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Hell's Kitchen" 5/28

The challenge tonight was a relay race. Here, one contestant from each team had to cook one of three dishes- scallops, jondori and chicken. Each chef had six minutes to cook; after time expired, the next pair of chefs picked up from where they left off. Louross Edralin decided to sit this challenge out for the blue team. The contestant order for both teams:

1. Matt Sigel (El Cheapo)
2. Christina Machamer
3. Corey Earling

1. Louis Petrozza
2. Bobby Anderson (he got lost early on.)
3. Jen Gavin

The winners...

...were on the red team! That team won a day on the beach, while the blue team was forced to clean up the restaurant!

For this week's dinner service, each team had to create their own dinner menu- three foods in each of these three categories: Appetizers, Entrees and Desserts. Prior to cooking their food, each team had one hour to plan and come up with their menu. Here were the menus. First, here's most of the menu for the Red Team:

1. Heirloom tomato soup with warm basil and spicy jumbo prawns
2. Fresh-made pasta
3. A flat truffle

1. Pork chop
2. NY Strip Steak with sun-dried tomato compound butter

DESSERT: Strawberry Shortcake

Now, for some of the blue items:

1. Balsamic strawberry salad with feta cheese and a toasted brioche
2. Halibut wrapped with zucchini and squash

Louross Edralin wasn't happy with the menu himself, thus making Chef Ramsay unhappy. In fact, Ramsay thought the blue menu as a whole was hideous, and he called for the blue team to adjust the menu. Bobby added a crab and shrimp martini cocktail to the appetizer section. The blue team's dessert was a pineapple upside down cake.

Matt Sigel's pasta at first was too salty, while the blue team got the early lead. Petrozza's appetizer section proved to be a mess early on, allowing the red team to catch up a bit. Alas, after a few tries, Sigel's pasta was still too salty. Eventually, Christina Machamer took over Sigel's appetizer station.

The blue team was the first to get to their entrees, but their filet mignon steak initally was undercooked. Louross Edralin was running the meat section on the blue side. He continued to have bad luck with the steaks, forcing Chef Ramsay to warn the blue team that their kitchen would be shut down for the remainder of the night if they couldn't get back on track.

Back to the red kitchen, Sigel moved over to the veggie department, but he continued to frequently mess up, making most people think he was a quitter. He wound up being removed as leader of that section, marking the second department on the night that he's gotten yanked working on.

Edralin finally got his steak done, but his customers decided to walk out, so he decided to leave his station in the blue kitchen. Jennifer Gavin had a shouting match with her teammates late in the service.

Despite the problems on both teams, the entire dinner service was completed.

Tonight's losing team was...

...the Blue Team. Petrozza was the best on that team, so he nominated Jennifer and Louross. By the power of mostly Petrozza....

...Louross Edralin was eliminated.

This was the last episode this season to feature teams; solo competion begins sometime next week. Before that happened, at the end of the episode, Jen was placed back on the red team while Matt was put back on the blue team.

5/27/2008 Results

TPIR: Opening the show with us today are Judith Jenkins, Carol Spargo, Joshua Hayes and Lora Lee. The first IUFB is a 42" plasma TV with Drew Carey's face already on it!

Judith: $1,500
Carol: $2,450
Joshua: $1,501
Lora: $1,100

ARP: $1,598

That extra buck gives Toronto native Joshua Hayes, the first man called down today, the chance to play Credit Card for a home theater system, a cat tree, picnic baskets, a dinette and an exerciser. The cat tree and dinette are located on the top row. Joshua must pick the three prizes that combine for a total of $1,500 or less.

1. Cat tree- $599
2. Picnic baskets- $460

His last purchase must cost $441 or less.

Final purchase: Exerciser (the audience groaned)- $399; WINNER!

That last reveal was awkward.

Next player is Kimberly Finch and the second IUFB is a gumball machine.

Kimberly: $399 (STUPID BID)
Lora: $400
Judith: $600
Carol: $601

ARP: $999

Carol Spargo then plays It's In the Bag. Products today are Hot Pockets, Gold Bond Powder, index cards, nasal strips, Phillips Caplets and Oreos. The first bag contains a 69 cent item, and she picks the cards. The second bag is worth $12.99, and she chooses the nasal strips. The middle bag holds a $2.49 item and she goes with the Hot Pockets. Bag #4 has a $3.89 item and she chooses the cookies. The $16,000 item costs $7.20 and she chooses the powder.

The cards are right...the nasal strips are are the Hot Pockets and the cookies. I hope she went on for $16,000, because I know that powder's right...

...NO. But $8,000 ain't bad.

Next to leave the crowd is Betty Puckett and the third IUFB is a gas grill.

Betty: $699 (STUPID BID)
Kimberly: $700
Lora: $750
Judith: $751

ARP: $1,490

Judith Jenkins then plays Dice Game (which hasn't appeared in a while) for a Dodge Caliber (Std., AC, Stereo, SRadio). First number is 1. She rolls a 1 on the second digit, which of course is wrong, but it's a freebie. The second number is 6. For the middle digit, she rolls a 6 after a few dud rolls (resulting in the crowd booing!), also not right, but we have another freebie. The middle number is 1. For the fourth number, she rolls a 3 and says higher...oops. ARP: $16,125. She rolled a 2 on the last number and said higher.

Joshua, the first winner today, wins the first Showcase Showdown with 95 cents.

The next contestant is Garrit Opton and the fourth IUFB is a laptop computer.

Garrit: $1,200
Betty: $1,400
Kimberly: BUCK
Lora: $900

Kimberly's lucky Lora didn't bid TWO BUCKS after her.

ARP: $1,034

Lora Lee then tries to win a day sailer in Squeeze Play. Board:


This looks like a $7,500+ boat to me. Her guess is $7,986...

$ 7 9 8 6

...THAT'S TOO MUCH! ARP: $7,596. And her boyfriend talked her into $7,986. Their relationship may be in jeopardy after this episode.

The next contestant is Robin Whitman and the next IUFB is a sofa. The winner also gets a $40 supply of Little Debbie chocolate chip muffins.

Robin: $799
Garrit: $1,400
Betty: $1,000
Kimberly: $1,401

ARP: $1,801

Kimberly Finch then plays Money Game for a Pontiac G6 (Std., Prots, EBH). Board:


MIDDLE NUMBER: 8 ($ _ _ , 8 _ _)

She nails 20 as the first two digits right off the bat ($ 2 0 , 8 _ _)! She then picks 74 for $74. Next is 86 to go to $160. She then picks 53 for another $53. Her last pick is 61...she wins the $20,861 car and $213 in gas money! Well played!

The final contestant is Willie Burgo and the final IUFB is a pair of ladies' bikes.

Willie: $1,000
Robin: $750
Garrit: $499
Betty: $800

ARP: $600

Garrit plays Switch? for a bar set marked at $3,690 and SCUBA gear marked at $4,475. He switches those prices...and loses.

Garrit ($600): $.75
Lora ($1,034): 50 + 65 = DOH
Kimberly ($22,915): $.80- WINNER!

Kimberly goes to the Showcase to face the Canadian!

I believe somebody will try for either a Showcase including a boat or a trailer today. First, we visit Little Phire's Treehouse. This treehouse enjoys stuffing all the sodas it can fit in a new refrigerator. Second, this treehouse wants to give its visitors as much fun as possible playing a new electronic jump rope game. Finally, Phire realizes this treehouse ain't that popular, so she decides to try again, but this time, inside a new Red Line trailer! Finch decides that this Showcase may be too difficult for her, so she passes to Hayes.


Finch visits the Train Depot to try and win an organ, a day bed and a Yamaha Rhino off-road vehicle.


BID: $21,256
ARP: $41,204

BID: $15,000
ARP: $23,948
DIFFERENCE: $8,948- WINNER BY $11,000!

Kimberly Finch is today's champion with $46,863 in cash and prizes!

Family Feud: Back for a third time are the Schiros, with $20,715 thus far. Their latest batch of challengers are the Reeves girls, led by Stacey and joined by Michelle, Kathy, Jennifer and Teri.

First question: Name something every good pirate should know how to do. Starting with:

1. Sailing/commanding a ship (41, Stacey)

The Reeves team will play. Starting with Michelle, she says sword fighting...that and gun fighting are #2 (17)! Kathy then responds with putting a rope around the neck...can't find that. Jennifer is next with saying "Arrrrrrr!!!"...not there either. Teri tries to stop a steal attempt by the champs with her guess of wearing an eye patch...NO. For 58 points, Mike says stealing treasures...#5 (7) to put the champs on the board! Remaining answers:

3. Swim (8)
4. Find/bury treasure (8)
6. Navigate/read map (5)

Second question: Words or phrases with "sponge" in them. Starting with:

1. Spongebob Squarepants (65, Megan)

The Schiros will play this time. Starting this time with Melissa, she says sponge mop...#5 (2). Jenny next says sponge bath...#2 (11)! Kathy then tries the sponge Over to Mike, who now says a sponge in sponging off people, that's #4 (6)! Megan's next answer is sponge fish...nope. Melissa now tries to save the team with sponge head...STRIKEOUT. For 84 points and the lead, Stacey says sponge cake, which is #3 (11)! The bottom answer was kitchen sponge (2).

Double: Things that Texas are famous for. Starting with:

1. Food (22, Melissa)

The champs will play again. This time, we start with Jenny, and she says football...bottom answer (5). Kathy then says to "Remember the Alamo"...but this survey doesn't. Mike next says cattle...#2 (19)! Megan then tries the old-fashioned cowboys...that and hats are #3 (16)! Melissa's next reply is belt Jenny's next response is rodeo...STRIKEOUT. This steal is worth 124 points. Stacey tries to give her team a bigger lead with oil...that's #4 (11) to send the Reeves clan to 208! #5 was saloons (5).

Triple: Name something people do while they're sick that causes a lot of noise. Jennifer starts off with coughing...NUMBER ONE (58) for control! Teri is next with sneezing...#2 (10)! Stacey's next with moaning...bottom answer (9)! Michelle then tries to sweep and win with blowing your nose...I don't think so. Kathy then comes up with throwing up (9) for the championship at 466!

Fast Money: Teri and Michelle get the job done in only seven answers for $20,000!

WOF: We start with a shout out from Joey Fatone. Tonight's teams are John and Taylor Smith (in the blue) from Rancho Cucamonga, CA (Taylor is a graduate from Los Osos High School and has been a musician for eight years, while John is a real estate appraiser), Paul and Megan Grossman from Deveson Ranch, CA (Megan graduated from West Orange High School and is attending UCLA this fall, while Paul works for retail mangement) and Roger and Leif Johnson (Leif is from Huntington Beach, CA and just graduated from Cal State Long Beach, while Roger works for an L.A. airport).

John and Taylor get GRILLING BURGERS for $1,000, while Paul and Megan get RESEARCH LABORATORY for $2,000.

Round 1 category is On the Map and out on the wheel now are a pair of golf resort trips to Orlando, FL worth $9,372. After Paul and Megan call the H's, we have...

THE/_ R E _ _ H/_ E _ T/_ _ _ _ E _

...I've got it. Too bad this isn't a Prize Puzzle. They call the N's for the $10,000 but then call a dud vowel in A. Darn. Roger and Leif call a $300 F, a $400 C, but then a dud in M. John and Taylor also call a dud in L, giving the all-important control back to Paul and Megan! They call the S's for another $1,600 but then call a dud consonant in G. Darn. Roger and Leif call a $300 D and solve THE FRENCH WEST INDIES for their first $2,000.

V8 Jackpot Round category is Rock On! At the start, Roger and Leif call a T for the Wild Card. A little later, they call a pair of K's for $7,000, but don't use their Wild Card at the moment and buy the I's. After they call an $800 D, we have...

_ I _ K/_ A _ _ _ _/&/

K _ I T _/_ I _ _ A _ D S

...these two are part of the Rolling Stones. They call the C's for another $1,800 but call a dud in P. John and Taylor hit Bankrupt. Paul and Megan call the H's for $600, the R's for another $1,800, and buy the E's to clean out the vowels, but then miss with the N. Roger and Leif then say "It's MICK JAGGER & KEITH RICHARDS", which scared me, because I thought the judges would buzz them for including the word "It's"...but it's accepted to multiply their winnings by six to $12,000!

ActivOn Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Thing. At the start, John and Taylor call the R for $300 and the Free Spin (one almost picked up the nearby Mystery Wedge instead of the Free Spin). They use it a few turns later after hitting a Bankrupt, but then hit Bankrupt again. A little later, after Paul and Megan called a dud in M while on the same Mystery Wedge that was almost picked up by mistake, Roger and Leif call a C on the other Mystery Wedge and flip...that's the Bankrupt one, so they lose their Wild Card. After John and Taylor call the L's, we have...

L E _ R E C _ A _ N ' S/_ _ _ _ E N/_ _ T/

_ _/_ _ L _

...they call the P's for $1,100, three D's for another $1,650 but repeat the A. Paul and Megan call a $500 G and solve LEPRECHAUN'S HIDDEN POT OF GOLD to win that amount plus a pair of trips to Ireland, a new total of $13,226 in cash and prizes and the lead!


After the leaders blank out, Roger and Leif solve TOUGH ENOUGH to take the lead back with $15,000. Speed-Up Round category is Around the House and consonants are worth $1,600 apiece. After Roger and Leif call the M's, we have...

_ R M _ _ _ _ R/_ N _/_ T T _ M _ N

...they solve ARMCHAIR AND OTTOMAN to lock up the match with $21,400! Paul and Megan leave with $13,226 in cash and prizes and John and Taylor get $2,000.

The Johnsons spin the A in CASH and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ N _ L

_ L _ _ _

It's FINAL _____, I'm sure. Picks are C, M, F and I and they get...

_ I N _ L

_ L _ _ M

...after a few seconds, I knew it was VINYL ALBUM. Do they? Nope, they only got the first word with their guess of VINYL BLOOM. They don't win another $25,000.

Jeopardy!: Larissa Kelly goes for that elusive sixth victory when she faces Dan Maggin (a construction manager from Rockville, MD) and Jennifer Goldberg (a journalist from Tempe, AZ). Honest to God, I just don't have that much faith that Larissa's going to become the first-ever female six-time champion, because in her past two victories, she needed somebody else to mess up in order for her to win. Someday, her luck is going to run out in FJ! Opening categories:


At the first break, the champion has $2,200. Goldberg has $1,800 and Maggin has $1,000. Left on the board after the first break, in full: 5-Letter Words, Getting There and Orson. She goes with the $200 Orson clue:

Bizarrely, Orson Welles played Captain Ahab, Starbuck and Ishmael in a 1971 experimental film version of this.

Jennifer: "What is Moby Dick?"- YOU BET ($2,000); $400 ORSON CLUE

This 1938 Orson Welles broadcast scared millions into thinking that a martian invasion was happening.

Dan: "What is War of the Worlds?"- RIGHT ($1,400); MIDDLE ORSON CLUE

Orson Welles provided the voice of wealthy author Robin Masters on this TV detective series set in Hawaii.

TRIPLE STUMPER #1: "Magnum P.I."


Arrrrrr! In 1972, Orson Welles was back aboard ship as the evil Long John Silver in this tale.

Larissa: "What is Treasure Island?"- YES INDEED ($3,000); WRAPS UP ORSON CATEGORY

You might have the right touch if you know in 1958 Orson Welles starred in the cult classic film "Touch of" this.

Jennifer: "What is Touch of Evil?"- TIE GAME ($3,000); STARTS GETTING THERE WITH THIS $200 CLUE

By definition, this type of automobile has a top that can be removed or folded back.

Dan: "What is a convertible?"- YOU BET ($1,600); $800 CLUE IN 5-LETTER WORDS

It's a glass bottle used to hold vinegar or oil for salad dressing.

Jennifer: "What is a pruit?"- RIGHT ($3,800); $600 FIVE-LETTER WORDS CLUE

This part of the face can mean "impudence" or "sass".

Dan: "What is cheek?"- RIGHT ($2,200); $800 GETTING THERE CLUE

It's the country that gave us the term for a three-horse-drawn sled known as a troika.

Larissa: "What is Russia?"- TIED AGAIN ($3,800); $1,000 CLUE, SAME CATEGORY

From the Dutch for "small, fast ship", the name of this type of frigate sounds like a popular sports car.



This diminutive of Bridget usually refers to a fussy old woman.

Larissa: "What is Biddy?"- RIGHT ($4,800); CHOOSES $600 CLUE IN GETTING THERE


Glasgow residents call this transport the "Clockwork Orange" and you follow the "U" signs to get to it.

"What is the Underground?"...YES IT IS to go to $7,800! Final remaining clue in Getting There, for $400:

A boat that transports passengers across a river, it's a homonym for a tiny imaginary creature.

Dan: "What is a ferry?"- CORRECT ($2,600); $200 5-LETTER WORDS CLUE

To skip school, or the furrow on the side of the road.

Jennifer: "What is ditch?"- RIGHT ($4,000)

FINAL CLUE THIS ROUND ($400 clue in 5-Letter Words):

A superlative form of little, it's an antonym of utmost.

Larissa: "What is least?"- RIGHT ($8,200)


DJ! Categories:


Goldberg finds the first Daily Double under the $1,200 clue in Poets & Poetry. She now has $4,800, while the champ's still at $8,200 and Maggin now has three grand. Goldberg's wager is $4,000. For the lead back:

"Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink" comes from this poem first published in 1798.

"What is Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner?"...she's got the lead back at $8,800! She then hits the other Daily Double under the $2,000 clue in All Things British. She has $12,800 while the champ has $10,200 and Dan is still at $3,000. Her wager this time is $5,000:

One of the two crowned English kings since 1066 whose royal name is not followed by a number.

"Who was John?"...IS RIGHT to go to $15,200! She's been watching her, apparently. Alas, at the end of the round, Kelly gets the lead back. This could be an explosive finale, as shown by these standings after DJ!:

Larissa: $21,800
Jennifer: $20,200
Dan: $11,800



Larissa: $19,400
Jennifer: $14,400
Dan: $11,800

FJ! CATEGORY: Films of the 1950s.

The action in this film begins at 10:30 A.M. and plays out in almost-real time until 12:15.

Response: NOTHING
Wager: $7,200
Final score: $4,600

Jennifer Goldberg's response was "What is High Noon?"...

"What is High Noon?"

...RIGHT TO GO TO $40,399 (she risked everything but a buck)! The champ had...




As of right now, everything else during her run on the show is just gravy!

The Moment of Truth: The summer part of this show's first season begins with Curtis Frank from Fountain Hills, AZ. He's a gold broker and was born in Wisconsin. His peanut gallery consists of Marie (mother), Aurora, Cody (brother) and John (friend).

1. When walking past a mirror, do you usually stop and check yourself out?

My guess: YES
Curtis: YES- TRUE

2. As an adult, have you ever put on make-up before going out for the night?

My guess: YES
Curtis: YES- TRUE

3. Have you ever watched more than a single minute of gay pornography?

My guess: YES
Curtis: YES- TRUE

4. Have you ever been attracted to one of your male friends?

My guess: YES
Curtis: NO- TRUE

5. Have you ever attended a church function solely to pick up a woman?

My guess: YES
Curtis: YES- TRUE

6. Do you tell your friends intimate details about the women you date?

My guess: YES
Curtis: YES- $10,000

7. Would you be able to pay your mortgage if your mother cut off your allowance?

My guess: NO
Curtis: NO- TRUE

8. Have you ever felt like you were a burden to your family?

Curtis: YES- TRUE

9. Have you ever knowingly passed a counterfeit bill?

Curtis: YES- TRUE

10. Have you ever had sexual relations with a woman inside your family's furniture store?

My guess: NO
Curtis: YES- TRUE

11. Have you ever told someone you'd been tested for a sexually transmitted disease, when, in fact, you hadn't?

Curtis: YES- $25,000

12. Have you ever suspected your friend John of making a pass at your former girlfriend Aurora?

Curtis: YES- TRUE

This next question got swapped out by John:

Have you ever stolen money from the family buisness?

The next question Curtis must take:

13. Did you ever purchase alcohol for your brother Cody when he was under the drinking age?

My guess: YES
Curtis: YES- TRUE

14. Do you secretly want to get back together with your girlfriend Aurora?

My guess: NO
Curtis: YES- TRUE

FOR $100,000: While you were dating your former girlfriend Aurora, did you ever cheat on her?

I said ABSOLUTELY YES, and he agrees...