Monday, June 30, 2008


Just several minutes ago, I have learned from several sources that starting in their 26th season, "Wheel of Fortune" WILL BE OFFERING A $1,000,000 GRAND PRIZE IN THE BONUS ROUND IN SOME WAY NEXT SEASON!!!!!

I knew this show would offer a million some day. I hope the format for the million isn't the same as the one the now-defunct Austrailian version did.

For additional proof, here's a video promo that aired during tonight's "Wheel" rerun.

"American Gladiators" 6/30

Tonight, we have four contestants that have recently lost a lot of weight.

The two guys hoping to break into semifinal contention are James Ruggiero from Yucca Valley, CA (an English teacher who's lost 65 pounds) and Sean Hetherington from West Hollywood, CA (a bartender who's lost over a hundred pounds). The first event for them in Powerball and challenging both of them are Hurricane, Titan and Wolf.

James: 2
Sean: 1

Our female contestants are Jessica Garcia from the Bronx (a cheerleading coach who's lost over 60 pounds) and Leesburg, VA native Patricia Franklin (who has also lost more than 60 pounds). The first female event is Joust and on the Gladiator platform right now is Gina "Crush" Carano.
Garcia goes first...she goes the distance for 5. As for Franklin...she can only manage about ten seconds on her platform.

Event #2 for the men is Joust. This time, Toa will try to knock out some people here. Hetherington's first...but falls in 10.8. Toa for another 10 and a 12-1 lead!

The women's second event is Hit and Run. The Gladiators in play this time are Jet, Hellga, Siren and Venom.

Jessie: 8 (KOed with 13.2 remaining)
Patti: 8

Therefore, Garcia keeps a five-point lead, 13-8.

The men next try to Hang Tough. Wolf's on the rings this time. Hetherington gets the first chance...but he fails once again, this time in about twenty seconds. Does Ruggiero gain a bigger lead as a result of this event...thanks to Wolf falling in just 14 seconds, yes with another 10! He now leads by 21 (22-1)!

Event #3 on the female menu is Rocketball. The Gladiators taking it to the sky are Phoenix and another newbie, Panther!

Jessie: 4
Patti: 1

Garcia's lead now swells to 17-9.

Rocketball is also the fourth event for the men. Challenging the contestants now are Militia and Zen.

James: 9
Sean: 4

Ruggeiro's lead just got even bigger- 31-5!

They both lost to Titan during Earthquake, so that's the score heading into the last male event- Snapback. Trying to limit James is Toa and attempting to pull Sean away from a lot of important points is Hurricane. Ruggiero gets the 10 in just ten seconds, while Hetherington's struggles continue here, because he scores NOTHING. By a final score of 41-5, Ruggiero will have a record 18 second head start in the Eliminator!

The women got shut out in both Tilt (against Steel) and Skytrack (against Crush and Siren), so their score is still 17-9 heading into Snapback. Controlling Jessica is Phoenix and trying to keep the Virginian behind is Hellga. Garcia gets 4....while Franklin gets 2, so by a final score of 21-11, Garcia has a five second advantage in the Eliminator.

Male Eliminator: The only drama here is whether or not James Ruggiero will post an Eliminator time good enough to get into the top six. Remember, the sixth-place time to beat in the male division is 3:03...

...and he does it in 2:07.5! Gerry Garcia has been eliminated. The new male standings:

1. Jeff Davidson- 1:34.5
2. Mike Gamble- 1:58.9
3. Randee Haynes- 2:06
4. James Ruggiero- 2:07.5
5. Brick Reilly- 2:10
6. Tony Tolbert- 3:03

Female Eliminator: The sixth place time to beat for the women is 3:49.3. Garcia takes the lead after the ropes, although she falls while on the handbike. By the time they get to the Pyramid, it's even. Franklin has a slight lead after the zip line. The winner is...

...Franklin, but in what time?...

...4:32, so neither woman advances.

"Million Dollar Password" rating

The gameplay on "Million Dollar Password" last night might not have been that good. but the rating was OK. It scored a 5.7 Fast Nielsen with a 10 share, up from last week.

Source: The Futon Critic

"Dance Machine" not off to impressive start

I don't know the Fast Nielsen rating for the "Dance Machine" premiere episode, but I can tell you that the 18-49 rating for it was the same as "Duel", and that's not good news. It was a 1, resulting in a DEAD LAST finish.

Source: The Futon Critic

TPIR 6/30

Our first players today are Richard Hollingsworth, Marylou Ontavo, Linda and Daniel Surro. The first IUFB is surfing/body boarding equipment (Stephanie).

Daniel: $450
Linda: $850
Marylou: $950
Richard: $1,100

ARP: $1,096

Marylou Ontavo from Rancho Cukamanga plays Switch? for trips to Aspen (marked at $3,387)(Brandi) and Atlanta (marked at $4,428)(Lanisha). Like I would have, she switches…and wins!

Coming on down next is Roland Hanold and the second IUFB is a dinette (Brandi).

Roland: $800
Richard: $1,025
Daniel: $1,250
Linda: $1,300

ARP: $899

Roland Hanold, who served in the Korean War for 21 years, will try to get this nice reward for fighting for America’s pride- a Ford Focus (Std., AT, ALB/Traction, Prot, Cargo)(Stephanie) during Dice Game. The dice are brought up by Brandi and Lanisha. The first number in the price of the car is 1. For the second number, he rolls a 6, which is right. For the third number, he rolls a 2, which is incorrect, but he says higher and is right. On the fourth digit, he rolls a, and he says lower. On the last number, he rolls yet another five, which is not it, and he says lower. He’s in pretty good shape, IMO. The last number is 2. The third number is 5. I hope that fourth number isn’t 6...BUT IT IS!! Tough luck, son.

Next to leave their seat is Melissa Price and the third IUFB is a set of digital cameras (Lanisha and Stephanie).

Melissa: $1,250
Richard: $975
Daniel: $1,000
Linda: $700

ARP: $810

Linda plays Credit Card for stemware, a guitar, a BBQ, an exercise bike and a tool/CD player set (Brandi and Lanisha). Her credit limit today is $2,200.

1. Tools/CD- $533
2. Stemware- $1,344 (Uh oh)
3. BBQ- $462 (LOSS)

The guitar was $1,889 and the bike was $700.

Linda ($810): 30 + 90 = OVER
Roland ($899): $.95
Marylou ($8,911): 30 + 40 = $.70

Roland’s in the Showcase! After what happened to him in Dice Game, he certainly deserves to be there.

Next to “Come on Down” is Roderick Sheedhy and the fourth IUFB is a Playstation 3 game system with games (Brandi).

Roderick: $670
Melissa: $600
Richard: $725
Daniel: $700

ARP: $710

Because he got very lucky bidding $700, Daniel Surro from Arizona plays Side by Side for a spa (Lanisha and Stephanie).


He goes with $7,985...NO.

Coming on down the next time is Shirley Johnson and the next IUFB is a man’s watch.

Shirley: $895
Roderick: $1,000
Melissa: $950
Richard: $550

ARP: $2,330

Roderick from San Lejandro, CA plays Bullseye for a bedroom (Stephanie) worth $3,599.

Products today are water, peanut butter, coffee, syrup and peperoncini.

1. 4 Peperoncinis: $2.15 X 4 = $8.60
2. 6 Syrups: $2.25 X 6 = $13.50 (DOH)
3. 5 Waters: $1.59 X 5 = $7.95

The hidden bullseye is attached to…the water, so he wins!

Our last called down person is David Osuna and the final IUFB is an outdoor electric fireplace (Lanisha). Winner tries for a car.

David: $1,350
Melissa: $1,500
Richard: $1,225
Shirley: $1,501 (she originally wanted to say $1,251)

ARP: $1,599, so Richard’s in the First Four Breakfast Club.

Meanwhile, thanks to that wise last-second change of her bid, Shirley Johnson plays Cover Up for a Chrysler PT Cruiser (Std., AC)(Brandi). Board:

First number: 1 or 3?
Second number: 3, 6 or 8?
Third number: 4, 5, 6 or 9?
Fourth number: 3, 6, 7, 8 or 9?
Last number: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 8?

First guess is $16,492...the 1 and the 4 are right. Second guess is $18,465...only the 6 is wrong now. Final guess is $18,475...but it’s $18,435.

The second Showcase Showdown ends in a spinoff at 70 cents apiece between Shirley and Daniel. I’m sure Roland is hoping that Daniel wins this. Daniel spins 65...but Shirley gets 85 to go to the Showcase.

The first Showcase has a living room, a GPS and a pair of motorcycles. Roland gets this stuff.

ROLAND BIDS $19,000 ON ROOM/MOTORCYCLES- STAGE GARF (Only covers the motorcycles)

For Shirley, we have some weird plants. First, the Discanthymum grows CDs made for use with a new stereo system (Brandi). Second, the Cuedenia grows some pool balls that should be placed on a new pool table (Stephanie). Finally, the Fobocarpus grows sets of keys to start a Ford Escape Hybrid (Std., Outlet). The plants were controlled by Lanisha.


BID: $29,000
ARP: $31,844

BID: $19,000
ARP: $18,878 (WTF?)

Roland just had no luck today- first Dice Game, then a WSD on his Showcase that so looked like it cost at least $21K. He leaves with parting gifts while Shirley is the champion today with $33,443 in stuff.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Next Week in Game Shows: ALL-AMERICAN WEEK (June 30-July 6)

This week, we celebrate Independence Day with a week I call All-American Week! On tap:

Million Dollar Password: The past few shows after Betty White's appearance have been difficult to watch. But can they end the season strong?

The Moment of Truth: This week, it returns for its first of two last episodes for this summer.

Hell's Kitchen: Part 1 of the finals!

World Poker Tour: For the second time this season, we finish some unfinished buisness.

All this plus some possible fireworks on shows like "TPIR", "Jeopardy!" and much more.

The Week in Review: June 23-29

Players of the Week:
WINNERS: Jeff & Ally Davidson (set season highs in both departments)("American Gladiators")
RUNNER-UP: Jeff Kelley (first $100,000 winner)("Dance Machine")
3RD PLACE: Dorothy Farrell ($66,401 as three-day champ)("Jeopardy!")

Other Big Winners and Notables:
Christina Machamer and Louis Petrozza- FINALISTS ("Hell's Kitchen")
Arthur Sevick- First $50,000 winner ("Wipeout")
Kathleen Donion- $50,000 ("WWTBAM")
T.K. Coleman- $50,000 ("Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?")
Gerald Webb and Erin Vernon- $40,000 each ("Duel")

ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK: In this case, it doesn't come from a contestant; it comes from a game show announcer! Watch Rich Fields' BIG blunder here.

Dishonorable Mentions:
1. Ice-T's "Captain Winky" response ("Celebrity Family Feud")
2. Joan Rivers' hooker response to a question about stuff that older women buy ("Celebrity Family Feud")

"Your Place or Mine?" presumbaly doomed

For the second time now, TLC has changed the regular time slot for "Your Place or Mine?". It is now Sundays at noon. Just remove the show altogether from the schedule, guys, if you know it ain't doing that well.

Personally, if this had been a daily show and they had picked a more toned down host, things might have worked out better for this show.

"Million Dollar Password" 6/29

As a reminder, our guests tonight are Steve Schirrippa of "The Sopranos" fame (and also a former guest on Donny Osmond's "Pyramid") and country singer Sara Evans (a former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant).

In our opening game, Steve gets Ochi Scobie (who is said to be a daredevil) and partnering with Sara is Jesse Green from Brooklyn (who is a security guard).



1. Cat- DOG
2. Sound- MEOW (1; :27)

1. Quiet- LOUD

PASS (:18)

1. Computer- SOFTWARE
3. Pants- WINDOWS
4. Computer- GAME



1. Fire- ROCKY
2. Dungeon- DRAGON (1; :23)

1. Real- FAKE (2; :18)

1. Wedding- MARRIAGE
2. Suit- TUXEDO (3; :12)

1. Found- LOST (4; :08)

1. Colors- RED
2. Rain



1. Ocean- RIVER
2. Sand- BEACH (1; :26)

1. Fly- GNAT
2. Jeans- ZIPPER (2; :18)

1. Leaves- TREE
2. Tool- RAKE (3; :13)

1. Holistic- HEALTH
2. Doctor- NATURAL
3. Needles- TIME EXPIRES


1. Doctor- NURSE (1; :27)

1. Wrap- SEE
2. Neck- SCARF (2; :19)

1. Celebrity- ACTOR
2. Photographer- PAPARAZZI (3; :10)

1. Santa- CLAUS
2. Helper- ELF (4; :05)



Jesse: 4
Ochi: 8



1. Game- SHOW

PASS (:25)

2. Engineer- CONDUCTOR (1; :19)

1. Breasts- CLEVAGE

PASS (:09)

1. Sleep- AWAKE
2. Noise- SNORE (2; :04)


OCHI & SARA (a SWEEP will win the game for them):

1. Pastor- MINISTER
2. Rabbi- PRIEST (1; :26)

1. Clap- HANDS
2. Clap- NOISE
3. Cheer- SALUTE
4. Clap- PASS (:13)

1. Grass- LAWN (2; :09)

1. Senior- ELDER
2. Sophomore- FRESHMAN (3; :03)



Ochi: 11
Jesse: 7


JESSE & STEVE (need at least four to stay in the game):

1. Hawaii- BEACH
2. Skirt- HULA (1; :24)

1. Hell- HEAVEN (2; :21)

1. Witch- CRAFT
2. Broadway- PASS (:14)

1. Vote- ELECTION (3; :08)

1. Paris- FRANCE
2. Hilton- HOTEL


Endgame #1 (contestants are still giving the clues)

$10,000: Ochi and Steve have a TERRIBLE start, missing PORCUPINE, BEGIN, YOGURT, TRAPEZE, but they manage to get SPLINTER, MUTT, CLOUD, TAP and AUTHOR with just three seconds left! Whew!

$25,000: They get CAESAR, miss CANYON, nail CONDITIONER, miss HALFTIME and FLEXIBLE, get TURBULENCE and BAPTISM...BUT THEY CAN'T GET FUTON IN TIME!!! I knew this day would come eventually- Ochi's the first champion not to win a cent on this show. Maybe Steve should stick to "Pyramid".

Steve will try to have much better luck with his new partner of Krystal Marshall from Atlanta (who is a nanny and a former college graduate). And now teaming up with Sara is Brandon Fake from Reading, PA (who wants to be the next great movie director).



1. Fraternity- SORORITY (1; :27)

1. Animals- ZOO (2; :23)

1. Plus- MINUS (3; :20)

1. Cologne- PERFUME (4; :16)

1. Vinegar- DRESSING
2. Vinegar- OIL
4. Vinegar and sweet


1. Cab- TAXI (1; :28)

1. Thunder- LIGHTNING (2; :25)

1. Double- TRIPLE (3; :21)

1. Own- OWN
2. Monthly- CALENDAR
3. Monthly- PAYMENT
4. Apartment- RENT (4; :04)





1. Zombie- MUMMY (1; :25)


1. United- STATES
2. Of- AMERICA (2; :17)

1. Jacket- COAT
2. Motorcycle- LEATHER (3; :11)

1. Conservative- CRAZY


1. Peanut- BUTTER
2. And- JELLY (1; :24)

1. Shave- CREAM
2. Tool- RAZOR (2; :18)


1. Calf- COW
2. Leg- ANKLE (3; :08)

1. Erase- PENCIL
2. Computer- DELETE (4; :03)



Brandon: 8
Krystal: 7

Because of severe weather coverage, I missed the remainder of the game. But I can tell you that it went to a tiebreaker for only the second time ever. The tiebreaking word was KAZOO...and the winners were Brandon & Steve.

Endgame #2: Sure enough, Brandon gets to the $25,000 mark with ease...but no $50,000 for him while playing with Sara.

I am very surprised Steve bombed out the way he did in the money round. Again, maybe Steve should stick with playing "Pyramid". Hopefully we'll end the first season on a good note next week.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

"America's Got Talent III"- Episode 2

This week's audition episode began at the Orphean Theatre in L.A.

First up was Victoria, The Singing Fairy. She decided to sing the Jiminy Cricket classic, "When You Wish Upon a Star". She got scared to death when Piers buzzed her almost immedately...and she didn't make it. She sparked a cold streak to start the auditions.

The second person of note was Eli Mattson, who sung "Walking in Memphis" while standing on stage playing a keyboard. I thought his voice sounded too flat, but the judges thought otherwise, as they sent him to the next round.

Third was Cassie, aka "Miss Pussykatt". She did a grinding act...and everybody was impressed, so she went through!

A pair of Hurrican Katrina survivors went up next- Lil Countrie and Page 1ne. They were street dance performers. They kicked some major butt on stage and advanced! Piers thought they were one of the front-runners to win this season. That closed out the L.A. auditions.

The auditions then returned to the Manhattan Center in NYC.

The first performer in this NYC batch of auditions was a man with a drum act called Drumtazia. Unfortunately, despite a cool smoke part, the performance didn't click with the judges.

Next was a singing/dancing group called Next II None. In this case, they danced to "Bye, Bye, Bye". Despite the fact they had no lead singer, we won't be saying goodbye to them; they moved on to Vegas!

Next were an acrobat group called the Russian Bar Trio, who actually came all the way from Canada to audition in The Big Apple. Host Jerry Springer thought it was the most exciting act he's seen so far as the host of this show! As you might've guessed, they advanced!

I hoped Sharon payed very close attention to the next act- an Ozzy Osbourne impersonator called The Ozzman! Alas, she was the first one to hit her buzzer, which meant that wasn't a good sign...despite Piers liking it, he lost. While Piers was giving his review on the act, Sharon hit him several times!

A musical family called the Taubls were next. They did a selection from "The Sound of Music". Piers buzzed the act fairly early...but the others liked them, so they would be singing a happy tune all the way to Vegas!

Another big family was next, but this time of the dancing variety- the DC Cowboys. They danced to the Big & Rich classic "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy". The judges decided to save them for Vegas! That act wrapped up this edition of the NYC auditions.

The last city on tap for this week was Chicago.

Up next was "Big K" Kevin Taylor with one of the most dangerous acts in the show's history- breaking a thousand pounds of cement...with a vast majority of the bricks on fire!!! And he was on fire too, because he advanced to Vegas as well!

Chellena Black-Harris then attempted to sing "Blow By the River". While I thought she sounded like Christina Aguilera in some way, I didn't thing she was anything special. But the judges thought otherwise, so she moved on.

Notables who didn't advance from here were magicians: John Olshavsky (aka Johnny O), Dan Stapleton, Dorian and Dennis Keith.

The last act of the episode was an Elvis impersonator named Joseph Hall. He sung "You Ain't Nothing Like a Hound Dog"...and the next thing he sung afterwards was "Viva Las Vegas", because he advanced.

Friday, June 27, 2008

What I didn't see on "Millionaire" this week

Up until Friday's episode, I hadn't been missing much. "WWTBAM" came into its last episode of the season having only given away $32,000 on the week with Leeza Gibbons guest hosting. The show was not only in danger of setting a new weekly season low, it also was in danger of a WIPEOUT (this is when nobody makes it to at least $25K during a week) for the first time in about two and a half years. Well, on the Friday episode...

 the returning contestant on that episode, Kathleen Onion salvaged the week by winning $50,000! Not a bad way to end the season! The season's last contestant won $8,000.

On GSN this weekend

This Sunday, beginning at 11 AM, GSN will air a six hour "Family Feud" marathon featuring episodes from all of the show's hosts except for Louie Anderson's.

Thursday ratings notes

As of right now, repeats of "Million Dollar Password" can be seen Thursdays at 8 PM on CBS. The repeat of the series premiere scored a 4.7 Fast Nielsen with a 9 share, beating a first-run episode of "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?", which scored a 4.4/8.

The "So You Think You Can Dance" results show was still the night's highest-rated show, scoring a 5.2/9.

Source: The Futon Critic

Duel 6/27

On the last episode, Gabriel Reilich became $500,000 richer. Tonight, Shelley Asarito, with $5,000 in her bank thus far, continues her quest towards duplicating the feat. Here are the first three contestants up for grabs:

Jack (Moreno Valley, CA)- Auto repair shop manager
Gerald Webb (Sicklerville, NJ)- DJ
Courtney (Indianapolis)- Stylist

Shelley decides to go against Gerald. Opening question:

How many stars are featured on the official state flag of Texas?

A: 0
B: 1
C: 2
D: 3

Shelley uses her Pressure Button after maxing out. Gerald covers up everything but 0...and the answer's 1, so Gerald has the early lead, 8-7. Second question:

What did the Polaroid company announce it would no longer produce after this year?

A: TVs
B: Instant film
C: Printers
D: Digital cameras

Gerald originally had instant film and printers covered, but he removes printers and locks in instant film, then uses his Pressure Button. Shelley only leaves digital cameras uncovered. If the answer's instant film, we keep on going; otherwise, Shelley retains her title or we have a draw...

A: TVs
B: Instant film
C: Printers
D: Digital cameras's instant film, meaning Gerald now has an 8-5 lead. Third question:

Of her seven husbands, which of these has actress Elizabeth Taylor not been married to?

A: Chess champion
B: Construction worker
C: Hotel heir
D: U.S. Senator

We have a Double Max Out, meaning Gerald leads 5-2. Answer: Chess champion. Next:

In Securian Dental's 2008 Tooth Fairy Poll, an average kid in the U.S. got how much per lost tooth?

A: $.90
B: $2.09
C: $4.35
D: $19.78

Gerald maxes out again, while Shelley guesses $2.09 or $4.35. If $2.09 or $4.35 is correct, we keep playing; otherwise, Gerald wins the championship and gets his first $10,000...

A: $.90
B: $2.09
C: $4.35
D: $19.78's $2.09, so Gerald's lead is down to 2-1. Next:

What happened to O.J. Simpson's Brentwood mansion three years after the infamous murder trial?

A: It became a church
B: It was bulldozed
C: It became a Bed & Breakfast
D: Danny Devito bought it

Both say the mansion was bulldozed...sure it is. Next up:

In 2005, which country was the world's largest producer of apples?

A: China
B: United States
C: France
D: Iceland

Both say U.S., while Gerald also locks in China. If our country is the answer, we'll be tied at a chip apiece. Otherwise, we'll either have a new champion or a draw...

A: China
B: United States
C: France
D: Iceland

...China means Gerald Webb wins the championship and his first 20 grand! Shelley just goes home. Gerald's first Max Question:

Which of these is known to cannibalize its siblings while still in the womb?

A: Black widows
B: Polar bears
C: Nile crocodiles
D: Nurse sharks

He has it down to crocodiles and sharks. He eventually settles on the sharks...

A: Black widows
B: Polar bears
C: Nile crocodiles
D: Nurse sharks

...and he now has 40 grand! He decides to...take all that money home!

Jack and Courtney then come on down for the second game of the night. The first question:

In which of these sports would you use a "shuttlecock"?

A: Tennis
B: Badminton
C: Jai-Alai
D: Shuffleboard

Double Max Out. Answer: Badminton. New question:

In 1964, Congress made which alcohol the "offical native spirit" of the U.S.?

A: Vodka
B: Bourbon
C: Gin
D: Rum

Courtney locks in Bourbon and then uses her Pressure Button. Jack locks in Vodka and Gin. For $2,500, the answer is...

A: Vodka
B: Bourbon
C: Gin
D: Rum

...Bourbon, giving Courtney the win. Her first Max Question:

Of the following, who has never been named an honorary member of the Harlem Globetrotters?

A: Pope John Paul II
B: Henry Kissinger
C: Whoopi Goldberg
D: Jack Nicholson

She goes with the Whoopster...

A: Pope John Paul II
B: Henry Kissinger
C: Whoopi Goldberg
D: Jack Nicholson

...but it was Jack Nicholson.

She will play on against one of these three players:

Erin Vernon (Westminster, CA)- Stay-at-home mom
Pete Chasee (Dallas)- Casino manager
Paul Draper (Las Vegas)- Magician

Courtney chooses to battle Paul the Magician. First question:

Balls have been clocked at over 180 miles per hour during the playing of what sport?

A: Tennis
B: Lacrosse
C: Croquet
D: Jai-alai

Both lock in everything but Croquet...Jai-alai's the right answer, so we're even at 8 apiece. Second question:

What was the most watched broadcast in American TV history?

A: Final episode of "M*A*S*H"
B: This year's Super Bowl
C: 50th Academy Awards
D: Final episode of "Friends"

Both lock in the last episodes of "M*A*S*H" and "Friends", with "M*A*S*H" being the right answer, so we're now even at 7 apiece. The third question:

Who won a Grammy Award for "The Audacity of Hope"?

A: Barack Obama
B: John Mayer
C: Kanye West
D: Bill Clinton

After locking in Obama, Courtney uses her Pressure Button. In addition to Obama, Paul also locks in West...Obama's the right answer, so Courtney now has a two chip lead, 7-6. Next:

The word "souffle" is derived from the French for what?

A: To pull up
B: Little cake
C: Hot air
D: To fall

Paul maxes out while Courtney leaves just little cake pull up's the answer, meaning Courtney now leads 5-3. Next:

Which world figure is a 6th degree Black Belt in Judo?

A: Fidel Castro
B: George W. Bush
C: Vladimir Putin
D: Tony Blair

After locking in Putin and Blair, Paul goes with the Pressure Button. In addition to those two choices, Courtney also locks in Castro...the right man is Putin, so Courtney's down to a 3-2 lead as we now head to this:

According to the Department of Labor, what job had the highest fatiality rate per 100,000 in 2006?

A: Loggers
B: Roofers
C: Fishermen
D: Taxi drivers

Paul says loggers and fishermen, while Courtney says loggers and rollers. If the answer's loggers, we keep going. If the answer's roofers, Courtney adds another $20K; if it's fishermen, Paul becomes the new champ and puts that money into his own bank. The right kind of people is...

A: Loggers
B: Roofers
C: Fishermen
D: Taxi drivers

...the fishermen, meaning Paul takes over the champion's throne. Now, for his Max Question:

What's the only state capital that doesn't share at least one letter with its state name?

A: Olympia
B: Pierre
C: Augusta
D: Des Moines

He goes with Olympia, but it's Pierre (which is in South Dakota). He decides to go on.

Taking his place in the contestant gallery is Jill Tamata, a sales executive from Monrovia, CA. He decides to play Vernon in the night's last duel. The duel ends with this question:

What was used to clean a 2007 San Francisco Bay oil spill?

A: Sea sponges
B: Human hair
C: Tea bags
D: Sourdough bread

At this point, no Pressure Buttons are left. Erin leads 5-4. Erin maxes out while Paul only leaves human hair uncovered...unfortunately for him, human hair IS the right answer, so he loses the $20K he just won to Erin.

The last Max Question of the night:

What do the letters stand for in the celebrity gossip TV show "TMZ"?

A: Total Media Zoo
B: Thirty Mile Zone
C: The Mighty Zoom
D: Try Mom's Ziti

It's either Total Media Zoo or Thirty Mile Zone. She picks Thirty Mile Zone...yes to go to $40K! Does she walk away with $40K like Gerald Webb did...yes!

DEBUT: "Dance Machine"

Ever imagined a dancing competition where you can win big money in just one episode, unlike "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dancing With the Stars"? Well, "Dancing Machine" is the show for you. Each week's champion takes home 100 grand, and your host is Jason Kennedy of E! network fame. To start us off, our contestants are:

Elvis Tognia, 31, a cashier from Cameroon, Africa
Michelle Garcia, 28, a fashion designer from Inglewood, CA
Vinny Cardinale, 25, a circus acrobat from Monterey, CA
Jeff Kelley, 23, a mixed martial artist from Las Vegas, NV
Sandra Purpuro, 38, a student from Clifton, NJ
Dan Nier, 33, a PE teacher from Rochester, NY

This was the second episode taped.

In Round 1, there will be three head-to-head matchups. The winner of each dance-off advances to the next round, while the loser gets eliminated. Also, each matchup has an assigned category. Here are the categories:

Garth Brooks

Before each matchup is revealed, one of the dancers is designated the "Power Dancer"; that person gets to pick the category, his/her opponent, and gets to go first in that matchup. After both contestants dance, the studio audience votes on who should be the winner.

The first Power Dancer is Jeff, and he decides to face Elvis in the category of Hip-Hop. Both must dance to "Run It" by Virginia's own Chris Brown. Winner: Jeff!

Our second Power Dancer is Vinny, and he goes up against Michelle with a Garth Brooks song. The title is "I Ain't Going Down Until the Sun Comes Up", and the winner is...sure enough, Vinny!

The last first-round contest will have Sandra battling Dan to a Disco song. Sandra goes first because she's the Power Dancer (although in this last matchup, she got the choice of dancing first or second). The song is "That's The Way (Uh Huh, Uh Huh) I Like It" by KC & the Sunshine Band. Is Sandra the only female to make it to the next, so Dan goes to the next round!

In Round 2, the three remaining contestants each choose their own song to dance freestyle to. Along the way, they must use one prop in the second part of their freestyle dance.

Vinny is once again the Power Dancer, and he decides to go last, make Dan go first and Jeff go second.

Dan's song is "It Takes Two" by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock. He uses a baton during the performance. IMO, he didn't use the baton that well in his performance.

Jeff dances to "Beat It" by Michael Jackson, and the prop of his choice is the pair of maracas.

Vinny then performs to "I Will Survive" by Gloria Glaynor, and he decides to incorporate the boa into his performance.

Did the audience agree with me that Dan should be eliminated next?...

...YES, so Jeff and Vinny will be dancing for the money!

In the final round, the two dancers will be dancing to two songs- "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin and "Crazy In Love" by Beyonce. Vinny has been chosen to go first. He will keep going until he hears a special sound, at which point Jeff gets his turn to dance on the current song. They keep doing this on both songs until the round is over. After that, the one who gets the most votes from the audience wins the cash.

Tonight's Dance Machine and $100,000 winner is...

...Jeff Kelley!

J! 6/27

Champion Dorothy Farrell defends this time against Michael Arjona (an Economics teacher from Kenasaw, GA) and Jean Whitcomb (a teller supervisor from Kalamazoo, MI). Here are the first set of categories:

SHAKESPEAREAN NAME ROUNDUP (both the first and last names have to be IDed in each correct response)

Whitcomb goes for a sweep of Singers’ Signature Songs with this $1,000 clue:

“Day-O” (The Banana Boat Song)

She says “Who is Harry Balafonte?”…SWEEP! She now has $3,200. The champ finds the Daily Double under the $600 Shakespeare clue. With only $400 at this point, she wagers $1,000:

This “king” of the sitcom based Archie Bunker on his father and Maude on his wife.

“Who is Norman Lear?”…correct to go to $1,400. At the first break, Whitcomb still has $3,200 but is still ahead, while the champ has $2,000 and Arjona has $1,200. When the round is over…

Dorothy: $5,600
Jean: $3,600
Michael: $4,200

…since Whitcomb couldn’t keep her momentum going after sweeping the singing category, the champ has the lead back.


DJ! Categories:


Themed board- most categories are related to Mr. Steinbeck’s works.

Whitcomb gets some of her momentum back from early in the game, as she regains the lead heading into the first Daily Double of the round under the $2,000 East clue. She’s at $9,200 while Arjona’s at $7,400 and Farrell’s at six grand. Whitcomb’s wager is $1,800:

It’s from the Old French for “wild creature”.

“What is a beast?”…is right to go to 11 thou! Let’s fast forward to the point where only The Pearl and The Grapes of Wrath are left. The scores at this point:

Dorothy: $10,800
Jean: $11,400
Michael: $9,000

Whitcomb’s in control as she chooses the $400 clue in The Grapes of Wrath:

This is a white wine flavored with herbs; add it to gin and you’ve got a martini.

Michael: “What is vermouth?”- CORRECT ($9,400); $800, SAME CATEGORY

Brought to California in the 1850s, this alphabetically late grape is used as a base for sparkling wines.



Red grapes’ skins are removed easily on to give the pink color to this type of wine, such as Tavel.

Michael: “What is a roset?”- RIGHT ($10,600); $1,600, SAME TOPIC

Called the world’s premier red wine grape, it’s dominant in the Bordeaux region.

TRIPLE STUMPER: Cabernet Sauvignon


Any of this fortified wine “in a storm”; to make it, a neutral grape alcohol is added partway through fermentation.

Jean: “What is port?”- RIGHT ($13,400)


A knotted strand of this material is the traditional cord on which pearls are strung.

Dorothy: “What is silk?”- CORRECT ($11,200)


“La Peregrina” is a famous pearl bought by this man in 1969 and given to Elizabeth Taylor.

Jean: “Who is Richard Burton?”- RIGHT ($14,200)


In early China, cultured pearls were created by placing a lead object shaped like this religious figure in a mussel.

Jean: “What is Buddha?”- RIGHT AGAIN ($15,400)


This five-letter substance is secreted by the mollusk to create a pearl.

Dorothy: “What is nigre?”- RIGHT FOR A CHANCE AT THE OTHER DAILY DOUBLE! ($12,800)

Her wager on the last clue of the round is $3,000. For a $400 lead heading into the final:

This adjective for pearls of irregular shape also describes artists such as Hyacinthe Rigaud.

“What is culture?”…don’t think so. Correct: What is baroque? She ends the round now in last place with $9,800.



Dorothy: $9,800
Jean: $15,400
Michael: $10,600


Dorothy: $13,200
Jean: $15,600
Michael: $10,600

FJ! CATEGORY: The U.S. Population.

With about five people per square mile, it’s the most sparsely populated of the lower 48 states.

We start with the champ, who had a response of “What is Wyoming?”…

“What is Wyoming?”

…right, but she didn’t wager anything. Arjona…had Montana, so he loses $9,001 and ends up at $1,599. As for Whitcomb…

…she’s right and she’s the new champ with $21,201 (and she looks like she‘s in tears)! Farrell leaves with $66,401 and maybe we’ll see her again.

"So You Think You Can Dance"- Elimination Show III

The opening performance by the remaining 16 was done to "The Dance" by Charlotte Martin.

This week's bottom three teams were Chelsea & Thayne, Comfort & Chris and Kourtni & Matt. IMO, America got it right this week. This is the second bottom three placement in a row for both Chelsea & Thayne and Comfort & Chris.

A special dance was then done featuring three former "So You Think You Can Dance" contestants.

The order of solos:

1. Chelsea ("A Song For You" by Donny Hathaway)
2. Thayne ("Always" by Bon Jovi)
3. Comfort ("Just Fine" by Mary J. Blige)
4. Chris ("After Tonight" by Justin Nozuka)
5. Kourtni ("Fire Door" by Ani Difranco)
6. Matt ("I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz)

Jordin Sparks then did her latest single, "One Step At a Time".

After the final judges deliberations...

...this time, one person from two different teams was eliminated this week. The next male eliminated was...


...Chris. The unlucky female was...


...Chelsea Triel.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

"So You Think You Can Dance"- Top 16

This week's guest judge was Adam Shankman.

We began with Kherington and Twitch with a Hip-Hop routine to "Don't Touch Me" by Busta Rhymes. Nigel thought it was very good. Mary did her famous scream. Adam suggested to Kherington that Twitch teach her some more on Hip-Hop in the event they get this type of dance again. I gave them a 9.

Up second were Courtney and Gev with the Rumba to "Wishing On a Star" by Rose Royce. Nigel finally sensed the passion with this team. Mary agreed, although she thought the melting could've been better. Adam said that Gev needed to work on his hands, while Courtney's aerovest attitude wasn't brought up all the way. I gave them an 8.

Team #3 consisted of Chris and Comfort. For this week's routine, they danced Jazz to "Beautiful People" by Marilyn Mansion. Nigel thought the performance was too soft. Mary thought the performance got off to a good start, but declined from there because it wasn't animalistic. Adam said it was a hit and miss performance. I gave them a 6.

In the middle were Will and Jessica with a Disco number to "Heaven Must Have Sent You" by Bonnie Pointer. Nigel sensed trouble after the death fall and the turnaround parts, because energy allegedly was lost, but managed to carry the shortcomings off nicely. Mary thought tonight's performance was a turnaround for both Will and Jessica. Adam thought Jessica was lacking in energy. I gave them a 7.

Next were Kourtni and Matt with a Contemporary performance to "Wrestlers" by Hot Chip. According to Nigel, this was the first time this season this team connected to a suitable dance style; however, he wasn't sure if the public would fully understand it. Mary liked the weirdness of the performance. Adam thought Matt could've been more loose. I also gave this team a 7.

After them were Chelsea and Thayne as they did the Quick Step to "You Can't Hurry Love" by Phil Collins. Personally, I thought they were so-so. Nigel said they didn't show much personality. Mary thought it was OK. Adam thought they were uncomfortable. I gave them a 6.

In the hopefully lucky seven spot were Chelsie and Mark. They attempted Hip-Hop while dancing to the current #1 hit in America, "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis. Nigel said they were excellent. Mary agreed, and Adam agreed by jumping out of his chair! I gave them an 8.

That left Katee and Joshua to do the night's last performance, a Samba to "Baila, Baila" by Angela Via. Nigel had no real criticisms about the routine, except for Joshua's baggy trousers. Mary put them on the hot tamale train and Adam agreed. I gave them a 9!

If I had to cut a team this week, it would be Chelsea and Thayne. They've given sub-par peformances for a few weeks now.

"Deal or No Deal" ends season with a whimper on all accounts

The third season finale of "Deal or No Deal" not only ended its third season on a down note in the budget department, it also ended on a downer in the ratings. The rating was the LOWEST EVER for a first-run episode, a 4.4 Fast Nielsen with an 8 share.

Source: The Futon Critic

"World Poker Tour" 6/23

It’s time to begin the Gold Strike World Poker Open from Tunica, MS, which is not too far off the fictional Bonus Island Resort & Casino in Gulfport, MS, allegedly owned by Doug Morris. About $900,000 was on the line. Here was the opening chip count:

1. Freddy Deeb- $1,345,000
2. Brett Faustman- $1,282,000
3. Gabe Costner- $1,181,000
4. Men Nguyen- $729,000
5. Hoyt Corkins- $395,000
6. John Spadavecchia- $251,000

Freddy Deeb and Hoyt Corkins are former WPT champions.

The opening hand saw Corkins win a $238,000 pot because everyone else folded out. He won a $348,000 pot on the next hand the same way. Despite that start, he was still in fifth place.

The next shown hand was the first full-fledged one of the night, and it was a three-way dance.

Brett: (KC)(JH)
Freddy: (AS)(QH)
Gabe: (QD)(10S)

BASE POT: $198,000
THE FLOP: (8D)(7S)(JS)

Instant gutshot straight draw for Costner, while Faustman made a pair of Jacks.


Deeb now had a top straight draw, but Faustman paired both of his base cards. In addition, Costner’s straight draw was now open-ended and he bet $150,000, causing Deeb to fold. Faustman then raised to $400,000…and Costner called the other quarter million.


No straight for Costner, and Faustman went ALL IN. Costner promptly folded, so Faustman won a $1,811,000 pot and took over the lead!

A few hands later, Spadavecchia went ALL IN against Corkins.

John: DOUBLE 6s (Spades and Diamonds)
Hoyt: (QD)(JD)

POT: $460,000
THE FLOP: (KH)(5H)(9C)

Corkins now had a straight draw.


Spadavecchia needed one of the other two 6s…


…but he was one off, so he left in sixth place with $96,477.

Faustman battled Deeb next.

Brett: (9H)(8H)
Freddy: (AD)(KH)

BASE POT: $175,000
THE FLOP: (2H)(QD)(3H)

Instant flush draw for Faustman. Both bet 120 grand.


And that was a Faustman flush! But it wasn’t over yet, as if yet another Heart came up on the river, Deeb would’ve likely stolen the pot, as he would’ve had a higher flush. After a $150K bet by Faustman…Deeb matched it. If a 4 that wasn’t in Hearts came up, this could’ve been a disaster for Deeb…


…but in this case, this could’ve been a potential disaster for Faustman! But it wasn’t that bad of a blow done to him, as both checked, so Deeb won a $715K pot that could’ve been much bigger. Regardless, Deeb now had the lead with this new chip count:

1. Freddy- $1,676,000
2. Brett- $1,423,000
3. Hoyt- $723,000
4. Gabe- $709,000
5. Men- $652,000

In the next hand, there was four-way action!

Gabe: (QS)(2S)
Men: (QD)(9H)
Brett: (AD)(JH)
Freddy: (3S)(3H)

BASE POT: $95,000
THE FLOP: (6D)(8H)(5S)

Nguyen had a gutshot straight draw. Faustman made a $50K bet and only Nguyen matched it


Nugyen then bet $120K. That was enough for Faustman to fold, so Nugyen took down the $315K pot. He then successfully doubled up to $854K on the next hand after everyone else folded. He then went ALL IN again on the next hand against Deeb.

Men: DOUBLE QUEENS (Clubs and Hearts)
Freddy: (AH)(7H)

POT: $1,747,000
THE FLOP: (5H)(10C)(9H)

Instant flush draw for Deeb.


Nugyen now needed to avoid another 7, Ace or a Heart…


…it was a 6, so Nguyen doubled up to $1,747,000 and took over the chip lead!

Halfway through the episode, the new chip count looked like this:

1. Men: $1,654,000
2. Brett: $1,193,000
3. Freddy: $1,125,000
4. Hoyt: $657,000
5. Gabe: $554,000

Faustman and Deeb went at it in the following hand.

Freddy: (10D)(9H)
Brett: (AD)(7D)

BASE POT: $215,000

Instant open-ended straight draw for Deeb. After a 100 grand bet from Faustman, Deeb gladly matched it.


Faustman now had a flush draw.


Faustman made his second flush of the night to win a pot worth $1,814,000 and took the lead back!

A few hands later, Faustman and Corkins played against each other.

Brett: (JC)(9D)
Hoyt: DOUBLE 6s (Spades and Clubs)

BASE POT: 200 grand

Corkins made a $90K bet that caused the chip leader to fold, so he won a $290K pot. Faustman tried to do better in the next hand against Deeb.

Brett: DOUBLE 4s (Spades and Clubs)
Freddy: DOUBLE ACES (Hearts and Diamonds)

BASE POT: $225,000

Deeb went ALL IN and Faustman immediately folded, allowing Deeb to steal a $419,000 pot. Three-way action ensued on the next playout.

Hoyt: (KC)(8D)
Gabe: (7H)(4S)
Brett: (AD)(5D)

BASE POT: $110,000
THE FLOP: (JC)(9S)(5C)

Faustman had the early lead.


Corkins now made top pair. While drawing dead at this point, Costner bet $80K but Corkins raised to 200 large. The other two folded, giving Corkins the pot at $390K.

With 27 minutes left, this is what the new chip count was:

1. Men- $1,785,000
2. Brett- $1,619,000
3. Hoyt- $1,023,000
4. Gabe- $435,000
5. Freddy- $321,000

Costner increased his bankroll to $496K after going ALL IN on the next hand and everyone else folded. Next, Deeb went ALL IN against Costner.

Gabe: (AS)(5C)
Freddy: DOUBLE 7s (Spades and Clubs)

POT: $626,000

All Deeb needed to dodge was an Ace or a 7…


…it was a deuce, so Deeb doubled to $626K. He then doubled up again on the next hand to go to $745K. Costner then did the same, but only got to $325K on that transaction. He then went ALL IN for good on the next hand against Nguyen, still the chip leader at this point.

Gabe: (AH)(3H)
Men: (JD)(10C)

POT: $665,000
THE FLOP: (7S)(3C)(9S)

Nguyen now had a gutshot straight draw while Costner had a pair of threes.


Costner now had two pair. The only thing that could go terribly wrong was for an 8 to appear on the river…


…nope, so he doubled up nicely this time to $665K. The chip count now looked like this:

1. Brett- $1.48 million
2. Men- $1,345,000
3. Hoyt- $960K
4. Freddy- $735K
5. Gabe- $665K

The chip leader and the one in fourth place at this moment battled it out in the next go-round.

Brett: (AD)(7D)
Freddy: DOUBLE QUEENS (Spades and Clubs)


Deeb bet $180K, which made Faustman fold, giving Deeb his latest pot at $485K and putting Nguyen back in the lead with $1.42 million. Next, Costner went ALL IN against Corkins.

Hoyt: (AC)(JH)
Gabe: DOUBLE 5s (Spades and Diamonds)

POT: $1,465,000
THE FLOP: (AS)(8H)(6C)

Corkins now had the early lead.


Costner needed another 5 or else…


…but an unlucky 7 showed up, so he left with $123,008.

(WOF Time’s Up Signal)

With that, we’re out of time. We’ll finish this tourney next week.

6/26/2008 Results

TPIR: Beginning the day are Riley Haws, Meshia Todd, Monica Hancock and Rebecca Downes. The first IUFB is a greenhouse (Brandi).

Riley: $895
Meshia: $700
Monica: $1,100
Rebecca: $1,101

ARP: $1,657

Rebecca Downes from Iowa goes to a more generous than usual version of Barker’s Bargain Bar, because she could win a trip to Denver (Phire) marked at $5,138 and a trip to Charleston, SC (Brandi) marked at $5,358. She chooses Charleston as the bigger bargain.

BASE PRICE: $5,138
ARP: $6,638

BASE PRICE: $5,358
ARP: $6,358

Forced loss. Denver’s too close to California. Tough break, Rebecca.

Coming on down next is Raymond Gulardo and the second IUFB is a chair (Phire).

Raymond: $700
Riley: $500
Meshia: $800
Monica: $850

ARP: $549

Riley from Edmonton Alberta Canada plays Let Em’ Roll for a Chevrolet Cobalt (Stephanie) worth $15,810. He knows that the Gold Bond Powder ($7.20) is more expensive than both the Phillips Caplets ($5.49) and the Chips Ahoy! ($3.49) for his three rolls. Those products were modeled by Brandi.

1. 4 CARS + $1,000
2. $1,500
3. $1,000

More bad luck!

Trying to have better luck is Michael Hogue and the third IUFB is a training bike (Stephanie).

Michael: $599
Meshia: $1,000
Monica: $1,150
Raymond: $998 (STUPID BID)

ARP: $799

Michael Hogue plays the Balance Game for a spa (Phire). The scale is controlled by Brandi. The last three numbers in the price of the spa are 6, 5 and 0. The available dollar values are $2,000, $3,000 and $4,000. He places the $2,000 and $4,000 bags, making his guess $6,!

Riley ($1,549): $.75
Rebecca ($1,657): 40 + 20 = $.60
Michael ($7,449): 50 + 45 = $.95

Michael goes to the Showcase!

Next to move to Contestant’s Row is Joy Campbell and the fourth IUFB is a foozball game table (Brandi).

Joy: $550 (She looks lost.)
Meshia: $1,200
Monica: $650
Raymond: $675

ARP: $899

Raymond from Syracuse, NY plays Secret X for a bedroom (Stephanie) worth $3,798. The SPs in this game are modeled by Phire.

Lantern: $23 or $50?
Shower dock: $30 or $42?
Here’s how he places his first X:


He says the lantern is $ For the shower dock he says $42...WIPEOUT! Did Rock Bottom play a part in this loss?…


…no. The Secret X was in the middle, and I have a feeling he probably would’ve won had he gotten one of the items right.

Major Jenkins comes on down next and the next IUFB is an upright piano…OR IS IT?!?! Announcer Rich Fields makes a HUGE BLUNDER, because the next IUFB is actually a refrigerator (Phire)!!! LOL! I do believe that’s only the second time in history that an announcer has made such an error during an IUFB, with the other time being committed by the late Rod Roddy! Hence, Rich gets on the camera for all the wrong reasons. That will be classified as a

Major: $1,300
Joy: $799
Meshia: $1,301
Monica: $900

ARP: $1,699

Meshia Todd will play Squeeze Play for…AN UPRIGHT PIANO (Brandi and Stephanie)!! Rich, don’t quit your day job! As for the game, here’s the board:


For an upright piano and maybe a few extra dollars out of Rich’s pocket (maybe as a penalty for his mistake), she says $4,895...

$ 4 8 9 5


The last called down contestant is Rita Risentez and the final IUFB is a dinette (Stephanie). The winner tries for a car.

Rita: $501
Monica: $900
Major: $800
Joy: $999

ARP: $995

By four dollars, Monica Hancock from Victorville, CA escapes from the First Four Breakfast Club! She now plays One Away for a Mercury Milan (Std., 2.3L, SYNC, Lighting, SRadio, Mirror)(Phire). Here’s how we begin:

$ 3 1 , 3 7 4

Her first guess:

$ 2 0 , 4 8 5

And what do you know…she gets five car honks and wins the car! That’s the first One Away EXACTA this season!

Raymond ($899): 45 + 45 = $.90
Meshia ($6,594): 15 + 20 = $.35
Monica ($21,480): 45 + $1 = OVER

Raymond goes to the Showcase.

The first Showcase takes a visit to the First Bank of Price. Today, it contains small appliances (Brandi), an LCD TV (Phire) and a pair of jet skis (Stephanie). Michael passes to Raymond.

RAYMOND BIDS $14,800 ON BANK SHOWCASE- STAGE GARF (I don’t believe that will cover the jet skis).

For Michael, we have things that break. First, this is easily breakable- new crystal stemware (Brandi). Second, as a surfer, you might be lucky to catch a breaking wave in Hawaii. Finally, there are anti-lock brakes among the standard features of a Chrysler Sebring Convertible (Std., Paint, Comm.)!

MICHAEL BIDS $24,500 ON TRIP/CAR SHOWCASE- STAGE GARF #2 (Doesn’t cover the car.)

BID: $24,500
ARP: $31,479

BID: $14,800
ARP: $20,401

Raymond wins $21,300 in prizes, but is just $180 shy of being the day’s top winner.

Jeopardy!: Every day this week, there has been a win of at least 20 grand. Tonight, two-time champion Dorothy Farrell, with $52,002 so far, defends the title against John Baur (an author/pirate from Albany, OR) and Toni Case (a substitute teacher from Kansas City). Opening categories:

THE SUBJECT WAS NOSES (each clue has a picture in addition to the clue)

Case finds the Daily Double under the $800 clue in Women Writers. She has $2,000 thus far while Baur has $1,200 and the champ has $1,000. Case’s wager is ALL OF IT:

A graduate of Harvard University, she won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993.

“Who is Toni Morrison?”…DOUBLE to $4,000! She leads at the first break with $4,400. The champ has $2,400 and Baur has $2,200. After the round…

Dorothy: $6,200
Toni: $6,800
John: $3,600

…we have the makings of a possible shootout between the women.


DJ! Categories:


After the first Triple Stumper of the round under the $1,600 On Words clue, Baur finds Daily Double #1 under the $2,000 clue in the same category. He has $5,200 while Case has $6,400 and the champ has the lead at $7,000. His wager is $2,000. For a $200 lead:

Now meaning to destroy or wipe out a great number, it’s from the Latin word for “ten”.

“What is decimate?”…is it to go into the lead with $7,200!

After getting the first three Soldiers clue correct to go back into the lead with $10,200, Farrell finds the other Daily Double under the $1,600 clue in the same category. Baur now has $8,400 and Case has $4,000 less than him. The champ’s wager is $4,000:

In 1919, he became “General of the Armies”, the highest rank held by any American except George Washington.

“Who was Pershing?”…IS RIGHT to go to $14,200! To sweep the category:

In 1821, this veteran of the Seminole Wars was appointed provisional governor of Florida but didn’t serve a year.

TRIPLE STUMPER: Andrew Jackson

At this point, the two remaining categories are World Capitals and Approximate Weights & Measures. The $400 clue in World Capitals is this:

Haneda Airport serves this Asian capital.

Dorothy: “What is Tokyo?”- RIGHT ($14,600); $800 WORLD CAPITALS CLUE

This new South American capital was dedicated on April 21, 1960.

John: “What is Brazilia?”- CORRECT ($9,200); MIDDLE WORLD CAPITALS CLUE

Major projects to reclaim land from the sea have thrived here since the 1850s, before it was New Zealand’s capital.

Toni: “What is Wellington?”- CORRECT ($5,600); $1,600, SAME CATEGORY

In the “Spring” of 1968, students in this capital were climbing on Soviet tanks and yelling, “USSR go home!”

Dorothy: “What is Prague?”- RIGHT ($16,200); FINAL CLUE IN WORLD CAPTIALS

Minsk is the capital of this former Soviet Republic.

Dorothy: “What is Ukraine?”- NO ($14,200)
Toni: “What is Belarus?”- YES ($7,600)


It can be a small piece of gold or a bite-sized piece of batter-fried chicken.

Dorothy: “What is a nugget?”- YES INDEED ($14,600)


It can be an extremely small amount of a chemical component; some “vanish without” one.

Toni: “What is a trace?”- RIGHT ($8,400)


It can be a barely perceptible amount; it’s also a clue or a tip that you may need to solve a riddle.

Dorothy: “What is a hint?”- YOU BET ($15,800)


This word for a cluster of trees or a clod of soil may come from the Dutch for “lump”.

John: “What is a lump?”- NO ($7,600)


FINAL CLUE OF THIS ROUND (If Dorothy gets lucky here, she could lock this game away):

Gladstone poetically said, “All the world over, I will back” these “…against the classes”.

John: “What are masses?”- CORRECT ($9,600)



Dorothy: $15,800
Toni: $8,400
John: $9,600


Dorothy: $13,400
Toni: $7,200
John: $9,600

FJ! CATEGORY: The Oscars.

He holds the record for total acting, directing and writing Oscar nominations-- 1 acting, 6 directing, 14 writing.

Response: “Who is John Huston?”
Wager: $1,905
Final score: $6,495

Response: “Who is Welles?” (he originally had Spielberg, also wrong)
Wager: $9,500
Final score: $100

The champ’s response was the same as Case’s. Correct: Who is Woody Allen? But she only lost $3,401, so she wins another $12,399 and now goes to a three-day total of $64,401!

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: T.K. Coleman now enters the classroom and picks Cody as his first partner. Categories:

1st Grade Animal Science
1st Grade U.S. Geography
2nd Grade Math
2nd Grade Music
3rd Grade Measurements
3rd Grade Grammar
4th Grade Science
4th Grade World History
5th Grade Literature
5th Grade U.S. History

First category tonight is Math, and this is a Classroom Club Question, sent in by Carlo from Wonderland School:

How many faces are there on a cube?

He goes with 8...incorrect. It was 6...but Cody has that to keep him alive. His second category is Animal Science:

T or F: The primary reason woodpeckers peck at three is so that they can eat the wood.

He goes with False...yes. His second partner is Sierra and his third topic is 3rd Grade Grammar:

How many proper nouns are there in the following sentence:

"On Saturday, Olivia is going to a birthday party in Phoenix, Arizona."

There are at least three, I can tell you that. He decides to peek at Sierra's answer, which was 4. He then goes with Sierra's response of 4...right. His fourth category is U.S. Geography:

California's northern border is with what other state?

He copies Sierra's answer of Oregon...right to go to $10,000. However, he's now on his own. His $25,000 category will be Music:

T or F: On a standard piano, the farthest key on the left will make a higher pitched sound than the farthest key on the right.

Based on his past piano experience, he believes it's is for $25,000! His $50,000 question comes from the category of 4th Grade Science:

The alloy bronze is traditionally made from combining tin with what other metallic element?

He takes a wild guess with golly, he's right! He then takes the $50,000 and runs after getting stumped on this 5th Grade Literature question:

Who's the author of the poem inscribed on the base of the Statue of Liberty called "The New Colossus"?

Answer: Emma Lazurus.

Next to try their luck is John Mayo, a deputy sheriff. His first partner is Mackenzie and here are the next set of categories:

1st Grade Measurements
1st Grade Grammar
2nd Grade U.S. Geography
2nd Grade Animal Science
3rd Grade English
3rd Grade Social Studies
4th Grade Math
4th Grade Earth Science
5th Grade Anicent Cultures
5th Grade Health

His first subject is Grammar.

How many apostrophes should be in the following sentence to make it grammatically correct:

"Nathan's dog liked its paw."

He says two, while I said zero...we're both wrong! It was one...but Mackenzie's able to save him. His second category is Measurements:

In a given calendar year, if Christmas Eve is on a Monday, on what day of the week will New Year's Eve occur?

He says Monday, which is correct. For his second classmate, he picks Nathan. His third category is U.S. Geography:

T or F: Part of the Grand Canyon National Park is located in Colorado.

He says False...right. Fourth subject is 3rd Grade Social Studies:

What was the middle name of U.S. President John Kennedy?

He looks at Nathan's answer, which was Fitzgerald. He agrees and now has $10,000. His third partner is Olivia and he tries to get to the $25,000 mark by way of Animal Science:

T or F: A baby zebra has the exact same stripe pattern as its mother.

Without hesitation, he copies Olivia's answer, which was False...that's it for $25,000! Let's see if he's as lucky as T.K. was on his $50,000 question. His next category is 4th Grade Math, which has the other Classroom Club Question of the night. This one was written by Jesse from Hillel Day School:

How many vertices are on a hexagon?

His guess is by one. It was 6.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Celebrity Circus"- Episode 3

First up tonight is Christopher Knight with the Trapeze Bungee.


Second is Stacey Dash on the Spanish Web.

LOUIE: 10 (first this season!)

Going third is the Wee Man; yes, the home audience saved him! I'm not surprised, given that "Jackass" still has a fan base, even thought it's probably still not on the air as of right now. His act this week is the Flying Straps.


Next is Rachael Hunter with one of the most dangerous circus acts ever- the High Wire Pyramid.


That leaves Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Janet Evans. Either way, you're not going to like this elimination. The second contestant eliminated this season turns out to be...

Antonio Sabato, Jr.
Janet Evans

...Janet Evans.

That means Antonio has the night's last performance- the Chinese Poles.



Closing out the season with us is Brandy Brown from St. Louis. After drawing a ball from the hopper...8 $1,000,000 cases will be in play. Her case of destiny is #19, and she was told by her husband to choose that one.

Jennifer, Lindsay and Carrie are your finalists in the show's model search!

1. #15- $750
2. #7- $50
3. #13- $10
4. #1
5. #8
6. #23- $5


1. #18- $75
2. #21- $100
3. #20- $1,000
4. #3
5. #24


2. #2- $500
3. #5- PENNY
4. #11- $200

Halfway in the third round, Howie puts on a wig.


1. #17- STRIKE ONE!
2. #25-$5,000
3. #6- STRIKE TWO!!


1. #12- $10,000
2. #9- STRIKE THREE!!! YER OUT!!!!

At least she does go home with $28,000 via a deal. Her case had $50,000. Here was the rest of her playout:

#14- $25 (Offer: $15,000)
#16- $300 (Offer: $21,000)
#10- BUCK (Took $28,000 DEAL then)

The other cases:

#22- $400
#26- $25,000

The winner of the model search is...Lindsay!

The fourth season begins after the Summer Olympics ends. And don't forget about the sydnicated version that begins on September 8th.

DEBUT: "I Survived a Japanese Game Show"

The ten contestants competing on this show are:

Cathy (Staten Island)
Justin (Trussville, AL)
Darcy (Sandpoint, ID)
Ben (Punxsutawney, PA)
Bilenda (Charlotte, NC)
Olga (Medford, MA)
Andrew (Boston)
Mary (Matthews, NC)
Donnell (Chicago)
Meaghan (San Antonio)

After they arrived in Tokyo, they soon went to the Toho Studios to suddenly find themselves on a Japanese game show called “Majide”, aka “You’ve Got to be Crazy”. The ultimate winner will get $250,000.

The first challenge saw two teams of five- yellow and green. The host was Romu Kandu. Here were the teams:

Yellow Penguins:

Green Monkeys:

This challenge was called “Conveyor Restaurant”. Here, everyone had to fill their heads with macchi balls. On each team, one at a time, each person had to run on a big conveyor belt to one of their other teammates, who then had to eat the balls without using their hands. After eating their ball, that person had to hit a button to send the runner back into a big pool of flour. The team who had the most balls successfully eaten up in four minutes won a prize.

The eaters were Andrew (Yellow) and Donnell (Green).

The Green Monkeys went first…and they got ten! As for the Yellow Penguins…

…they fell one short, so the Green Monkeys won a helicopter tour of the city they just arrived in! The Yellow Penguins had to go on a tour via a rickshaw as punishment. Also, two members of the Yellow Penguins were chosen to play another game, and the loser of that game was eliminated and sent home.

The two chosen for the elimination round were Bilenda and Darcy. They were put in bug suits. This challenge was called “Big Bugs Splat on Windshield”. Both players were given a colored marker- Bilenda had a red one while Darcy had a blue one. Each player had three chances to run up a platform, jump on a platform and dive onto the wall, hoping to place their marker on a target. A different target was in play each round, with varying point values.

Round 1:
Outermost ring: 1
Center ring: 2

Round 2:
Outermost ring: 4
Center ring: 5

Round 3:
Outer ring: 7
Center ring: 8

After all turns had been played, the player with the fewest points was eliminated.

Round 1:
Bilenda: 2

Round 2:

Bilenda: 8

Now, for the final round. Bilenda scored…8, so she doubled her final score to 16. Darcy needed to at least get on the final target to tie, but if she scored on the center ring or hit one more BULLSEYE, she won…

…she scored just 7, so we went to Sudden Death!

Bilenda scored…8. Darcy scored…

…only 7, so she was put “Off the Air” by being carried out of the studio and the crowd chanted “Sayonara”.

This show was produced by the same people that brought you "Hell's Kitchen".

"Hell's Kitchen" 6/24

At the start, the three remaining contestants got to meet their loved ones and eat a special dish.

Challenge: The contestants now had to recreate the dish they just ate. Here were the meat choices:

Corey and Louis: Filet of buffalo
Christina: Venison strip loin

However, Louis changed to the venison strip loin. For the other ingredients, everyone chose pancetta, carrots, onions, cabbage and parsley. Louis didn’t use a puree in his dish. Here were the puree choices for the other two:

Christina: White bean
Corey: Potato parsnip

Everyone did a red wine reduction as the sauce.

The winner was…

…yet again, Christina Machamer! She got to eat a special three-course meal. The other two had to crush a lot of ice for use in the bar.

Dinner Service: Everybody had to use the hot plate this week. Prior to the service beginning, everyone had to imitate Chef Ramsay’s antics as a test. That was because during the dinner service, the sous chefs would intentionally make mistakes, and it was everyone’s job to ID the mistakes and have them fixed.

The appetizers went off no problem. Louis failed to realize that Chef Scott sent him a risotto with no peas in it. He criticized Christina for making a raw salmon at least once. She also cooked burnt fish and overcooked the scallops. Louis did a very good job running the hot plate. Corey was second with the hot plate, but on her intentional mistake test, took a little too long to realize that the wrong sauce was given for the Beef Wellington. I felt that she did an average job with the hot plate. However, she later cooked her Beef Wellingtons perfectly. Christina did an exceptional job with the hot plate, spotting the wrong seasoning in the mashed potatoes with very good timing.

In the end, the dinner service was completed. Corey Earling looked like she was in trouble. Did she catch a miracle to get into the finals?…

NO, so she was eliminated and Louis Petrozza and Christina Machamer made the finals!

First week result in "Feud" vs. "Wipeout" battle: Draw

The premiere of NBC's "Celebrity Family Feud" scored a 5.8 Fast Nielsen with a 10 share, edging "Wipeout", which scored a 5.7/10. However, "Wipeout" won in the 18-49 demographic and had slightly more viewers.


"Nashville Star" 6/23

This week, everyone had to do pop songs. At the start, however, Tommy Stanley and Gabe Garcia were called on, and Tommy was told…that he was in this week’s bottom two. Gabe, meanwhile got to go first.

Gabe’s song was “Livin La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin. Jeffrey thought he wasn’t totally comfortable but still got blown away. John thought he pulled it off big time. Jewel agreed with Jeffrey that he needed to loosen up some more. I gave him a 7.

Second to perform was Pearl Heart. They did “Love Shack” by the B-52s. John thought it was very good but noticed that at times the three were looking at each other instead of focusing on the audience. The other two judges agreed. I also gave their performance a 7.

Third was Alyson Gilbert with “I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tiffany. Jewel thought she was pitchy and uncomfortable on the stage. Jeffrey thought it was too much of a pop song. John agreed with Jeffrey. I gave this a 5.

Fourth up was Ashlee Hewitt with the Britney Spears song “You Drive Me Crazy”. Jewel thought she did great. Jeffrey thought she had the goods. John thought she was being consistently good every time on the show. I gave her an 8.

Going fifth was this season’s El Cheapo, Coffey. This time, he had the difficult task of singing “Umbrella” by Rihanna with Jay-Z. Jeffrey thought he was finally himself but still thought it was just OK. John noticed that he was a country soul singer and thought he did good. Jewel thought that he still wasn’t himself- he talked way too much during the song. I gave him a 6.

Sixth was the duo of Laura and Sophie, who did “Pretty Young Thing” by Michael Jackson. John thought that was really good, especially with the back and forth action. Jewel thought it was nice that they decided to sing separately. Jeffrey, the mentor, thought it was fabulous. I gave them an 8.

After Danity Kane performed their hit “Damaged”, Shawn Mayer was next with “Bye Bye Bye” by NSYNC. Jewel thought she did very well while being outside her comfort zone. But Jeffrey thought her performance wasn’t that countryish. John gave her credit for not being scared to take risks, even though the performance wasn’t perfect. I gave her an 8.

After her was Melissa Lawson, who did “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper. Jewel thought she was a great country singer. Jeffrey gave her a 10 this week. John thought she proved that she was a great artist. I agreed with Jeffrey, so I gave her a 10!

That meant Justin Gaston, who should’ve been in last week’s bottom two, was in the bottom two this week with Tommy. His next song was also a Cyndi Lauper song, “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”. John thought that was by far his best performance. The other two judges agreed. If this was his last performance in competition, I thought it was a great way to go out- I gave him a 9!

Tommy went last with “Maniac” by Michael Sambello. Jeffrey thought it wasn’t that countryish, save for the last note. The other two judges agreed. I gave him a 6.

Justin Gaston should’ve been eliminated last week. Was he eliminated this week?…

Tommy Stanley
Justin Gaston


(For almost a week, I originally said Tommy was the one eliminated. DOH!!!)

TPIR 6/25

We begin the day with Kimberly Spinks, Brenda Cotton, Robert Gonzalez and William Bouse. The first IUFB is a drum set (Stephanie).

William: $1,399
Robert: $1,450
Brenda: $1,200
Kimberly: $2,100

ARP: $1,464

Robert Gonzalez plays Switcheroo for a Chevrolet HHR (Std., AT/Remote, Prot)(Brandi). Board:

Car: $ 1 8 , 7 _ 9
Bank: $ _ 0
Wireless speaker: $ _ 5
Mini fridge: $ _ 9
Drink mixer: $ _ 0

NUMBERS AVAILABLE: 2, 4, 5, 7 & 8

My guesses:

Car: $18,729
Bank: $50
Wireless speaker: $75
Mini fridge: $89
Drink mixer: $40

His first guesses:

Car: $18,789
Bank: $20
Wireless speaker: $55
Mini fridge: $79
Drink mixer: $40

Only one is right. He changes to the following:

Car: $18,749
Bank: $70
Wireless speaker: $55
Mini fridge: $29
Drink mixer: $80

Unfortunately, he loses everything. And all of my guesses were right.

Next player is Paula Jones and the second IUFB is an elliptical trainer (Stephanie).

Stephanie: $1,200
Brenda: $900
Kimberly: BUCK
William: $1,201

ARP: $999

Brenda Cotton, originally from Mississippi, plays Step Up for a computer system, dinette (Brandi), fireplace and a movie projector (Lanisha).

1. Dinette- $1,238
2. Fireplace- $1,899
3. Computer- $1,457 (OOPS)

Tough luck, Brenda- I also thought that computer was at least two grand.

Next player to get called on down is Noel Vanderhaht and the third IUFB is a grandfather clock (Brandi).

Noel: $3,000
Kimberly: $2,500
William: $1,400
Paula: $1,401

ARP: $2,275

Paula Jones, a teacher/clown from Kansas, plays Coming or Going for a mini trailer (Lanisha). If she’s Coming, her guess would be $8,685. If she’s Going, she would be guessing $5,868. She decides that she’s Going…and loses.

Robert makes it into the Showcase with 95 cents.

Next to try and become the first winner of the day is Carla Delany and the fourth IUFB is a chest freezer (Lanisha).

Carla: $1,300
Noel: $2,000
Kimberly: $850
William: BUCK

ARP: $629

William Bouse plays Any Number for either dinnerware (Brandi) or a Ford Mustang (Std., Prot)(Stephanie). First number in the Mustang is 2.

1. 2- Piggy Bank ($ _ . 2 _)
2. 1- Piggy Bank ($ _ . 2 1)
3. 3- WIPEOUT! ($3.21)

The car was $20,694 and the dinnerware was $875. BTW, that’s the second WIPEOUT this season in this game, and the piggy bank the other time it happened had an amount close to today's amount!

Next to get called on down is Richard Warren and the next IUFB is a sofa (Stephanie). The winner also gets $40 worth of tiny chocolate chip muffins.

Richard: $900
Carla: $850
Noel: $1,000
Kimberly: $1,001

ARP: $1,099

Kimberly Spinks finally makes it out and this Texas native will play Grocery Game for a trip to Florida plus sunglasses (Brandi), a total prize package worth $6,536. The cash register is controlled by Lanisha today. The products are V8, pizza rolls, Citrucel chews, Chips Ahoy! (the big bag) and Tums.

1. 3 Chips Ahoy!: $3.49 X 3 = $10.47
2. 1 Tums: $4.26 ($14.73)
3. 2 V8s: $3.15 X 2 = $6.30 ($21.03)

OUCH- she loses by just three pennies!

And yes, for what may be only the second time since he’s taken over as host, Drew mentions the skunk threat before the final IUFB. Next to “Come on Down” is Danielle Clark and the final IUFB is golf clubs (Brandi).

Danielle: $1,000
Richard: $1,114
Carla: $1,115
Noel: BUCK

ARP: $2,175

Carla Delany will try to become a hero as she plays Pick a Number for a barrel sauna (Stephanie). Board:

$ 5 _ 4 5

NUMBERS AVAILABLE (controlled by Lanisha): 2, 6 & 9

Her guess is $5,245, which is what I thought as well…

$ 5 2 4 5

…she’s saved the day!

But it’s Kimberly who gets into the Showcase with 85 cents. And I’m sure that made Robert’s day, because he most likely will try for the better Showcase today. And BTW, during the
Showcase rules description, Drew even mentions the term Double Overbid for the first time since he became the host!

The first Showcase salutes the world’s women. First, women usually deserve a year’s supply of flowers (Brandi). Second, the women would like to show off a beautiful pose in a new evening gown (Lanisha). Third, these chicks would also like to wear this around their necks- a new diamond necklace (Lanisha). Finally, a woman would look really cute in a swimsuit while surfing the waters in a new sport boat (Stephanie)! Robert passes to Kimberly.


For Robert, we have women’s bath robes, a bedroom (Brandi) and a trip to Copenhagen (Stephanie).


BID: $38,000
ARP: $31,144

BID: $15,500
ARP: $18,089

He could’ve bid a buck, but Robert wins anyway with $19,553 in prizes.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Million Dollar Password" renewed

CBS has renewed "Million Dollar Password" for another six episodes.

Source: Buzzerblog

RETURN: "Celebrity Family Feud"

In the online video of an official entrance from Al Roker, he walks down a ramp from the other side of the stage.

Each week on this version of "Celebrity Family Feud", four different teams consisting of popular stars and/or their friends compete, and only the last team standing can try to win $50,000 for their favorite charity in Fast Money.

Tonight's first two teams are:

Ice-T: Ice-T, Coco (wife), Ice (son), Tina (Coco's mom) and Sean (Charity: Unity 2)
Rivers: Joan, Melissa, Andrew (Joan's nephew), Sabrina (Joan's assistant) and Caroline (Joan's niece)(Charity: Guide Dogs for the Blind)

The 1988-1994 theme song is being used for this version!

Opening question: Name something that's slippery and hard to hold onto. Starting with:

3. Ice (20, Joan)

Ice-T gave a ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE with what I thought was the penis (or as Al calls it, "Captain Winky") and it gets censored!!! The Rivers family will play. Starting with Melissa, she says a fish...#2 (21)! Andrew is next with a bar of soap...NUMBER ONE (36)! Over to Sabrina, who answers Next, Caroline responds with Jell-O...also not there. Back to Joan, who says an ice cream cone...three strikes in a row. The first steal of the night is worth 77 points and Ice-T tries to steal those points for his team with a guess of slippery, so the Rivers team gets the points. Unsaid:

4. Water balloon (7)
5. Wet baby (5)

Second question: Super Match question- Shake Your _____. Starting with:

1. Booty (52, Coco)

Ice-T's team will play this time. We start with Ice, who says tamborine...I don't think so. Tina tries to do better with head...bottom answer (3). Next is Sean with martini...strike two. Ice-T next answers hand...#6 (3). Back to Coco, whose next answer is body...#4 (6)! Ice Jr next replies with chest...three strikes. For another 64, Joan's guess is groove thing...#3 (7) to send Team Rivers to 141! Rest of board:

2. Moneymaker (11)
5. Tail feather (5)

Triple: You give a baby a pacifier- what do you give a man to quiet him down? Like all the triple point rounds on the daytime version, each board has four answers up there. Ice rings in first with TV...#3 (16). Andrew then says a back rub...dud, so the Ice-T family will play. Over to Tina now, who next says sex...bottom answer (16)! Sean then goes with Ice-T is next in line with a drink...NUMBER ONE (36)! To force Sudden Death, Coco says the #2 answer is is (18) for 258!

Sudden Death: Tina and Sabrina answer this question:

Name something adults take into the bathroom with them.

The top answer is reading materials (84)...and Sabrina's guess of magazines is good enough to send the Rivers family to the final at 393!

The teams for Game #2:

Raven-Symone: Raven-Symone, Lydia (mom), Rondell Sheridan (TV dad), Blaize (brother) and T'keyah Crystal Keymah (TV mom)(Charity: American Red Cross)
Newton: Wayne, Kathleen (wife), Marilyn (Kathleen's mom), Erin (daughter) and Tricia (Kathleen's sister)(Charity: The USO)

First question: Name an animal that women call their "cheating boyfriend". Starting with:

1. Dog (42, Raven-Symone)

Raven-Symone's family will play. We start with Lydia, whose first answer is snake...#4 (9)! Rondell's opening answer is vulture...can't find that up there. Blaize is now up with lizard...also not there. T'keyah tries to save the team with a guess of skunk...#5 (6)! Back to Raven-Symone, and she says cockroach...oopsie for strike three. Wayne tries to steal 57 points with rat...that's the bottom answer (3) to give the Newton family the points! Not given:

2. Pig (20)
3. Jackass (10)

Second question: Name something you never want to see your father wearing. Starting with:

3. Underwear/thong (16, Kathleen)

Since Lydia blanked, the Newtons will play. Marilyn starts off with a dress...NUMBER ONE (22)! Erin's next with a bra...#5 (6)! Tricia then goes with pantyhose...nope. Wayne is back to say high heels...also no good. Kathleen tries to stop a steal attempt with makeup...STRIKEOUT. To steal 44, Raven-Symone's response is speedo...that or swimsuit is #2 (17)! Remaining answers:

4. Short shorts (12)
6. Absolutely nothing (4)

Triple: Name something specific that a person might have that he/she won't tell you is really fake. Marilyn's in first with boobs...#2 (22). Rondell thinks the #1 answer is jewelry...yes indeed (54) for control! Next comes Blaize with a T'keyah then tries hair...#3 (7)! To win the game, Raven-Symone tries eye color as the bottom Lydia has the last chance to sweep and win with teeth...WIN (6) at 311!

In the championship game, it's the Raven-Symone and Rivers families battling it out for a chance to play Fast Money.

First question: Name something an older woman buys for her boy toy. Starting with:

1. Clothes (36, Joan)

Raven-Symone's guess of dog was a dud. The Rivers family will start this round. Melissa then says jewelry...#3 (13)! Andrew then tries a car...#2 (25)! Sabrina then thinks of a motorcycle...not there. Caroline next says house...another strike. Joan is back to next say a hooker, which is a ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE for strike three. This steal is worth 74 points, and Raven-Symone's guess is vacation...not there, so the points belong to Team Rivers. Rest of board:

4. Toys/handcuffs (5)
5. Cologne/aftershave (3)

Second question: Things you should do if you're arrested. Beginning with:

1. Call your lawyer/attorney (61, Melissa)

The Rivers clan will play. We now go to Andrew, and he provides a guess of Sabrina says to stay calm...but that yields a second strike. Caroline tries to avert an instant strikeout with posting bail...#3 (9)! Joan then answers making phone calls...#2 (16)! Back to Melissa, whose next guess is staying quiet...part of the Miranda Warning, that's #4 (6)! One chance for Andrew to sweep the board, and he answers a good alibi...NO. To take 92 and the lead, Raven-Symone says the last answer is cooperating with the police...that's it (4) for an 18 point lead!

Triple: Name the most important habit moms should teach their sons. Rondell's the first at the buzzer with treating women with respect...NUMBER ONE (63), so the Raven-Symone family has a chance to close it out! Blaize is next up with your house or body is #2 (13)! T'keyah answers next with being responsible...not on the board. Raven-Symone's next reply is putting the lid down...bottom answer (4)! In other words, that's putting the toilet seat down. Two chances to sweep and win the game for this team. Lydia goes for the big win with managing your money well...NO. Rondell's hoping he has better luck with going to school...STRIKEOUT. This steal is for the game, and it involves the #3 answer. Joan's final answer is honesty. The actual #3 answer is...honesty (11) to make the Rivers family the champions at 314! The Raven-Symone team leaves with $10,000 for the American Red Cross.

Fast Money: The famous duo of Joan and Melissa Rivers will try to win $50,000 for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

1. On a scale of 1-10, how well do you get along with other people?
2. Name something that's done to a cheek.
3. Holy _____.
4. The hardest thing to clean in the bathroom.
5. Something people wave.

My guesses:
1. 10 (8 was my other guess)
2. Pinch it
3. Cow (Toledo and Bible were my other guesses)
4. Toilet (bathtub was my other guess)
5. Hands (American Flag was my other guess)

Joan says 7.5, pinch it, smoke, toilet and flag for 145! Melissa's first answer was 8...that's #1 for 34! Her second answer was kissing a cheek...34 also said that for $50,000! The #1 answer for the third question was Bible.

6/24/2008 Results- "Wipeout" debuts

TPIR: We opened today with Joseph Hoe, Vanessa Jefferson, Elizabeth Yeskis and Kimberly Abbott. The first IUFB was a laptop with iPods (Lanisha).

Joseph: $1,600
Vanessa: $1,601
Elizabeth: $660
Kimberly: $661

ARP: $1,820

Vanessa Jefferson fron Kansas City played Easy as 1-2-3 for SCUBA gear (Brandi), a dinette (Lanisha) and a screen (Stephanie). Here's how she placed the blocks, after heavy deliberation with the crowd:

1: Screen
2: Dinette
3: SCUBA gear

The prices:

Screen: $400
Dinette: $1,099
SCUBA: $2,250

The crowd saved her butt!

Next to "Come on Down" was Doris Duncan and the second IUFB was a wine refrigerator (Stephanie).

Doris: $1,000
Elizabeth: $790
Kimberly: $901
Joseph: $1,201

ARP: $1,599

Joseph Hoe, who just graduated from the University of California majoring in buisness and biology, played Ten Chances for a radio/cooler, a coffee urn (Brandi) and a Pontiac Vibe (Std., AT, AC, EBH, Cargo)(Lanisha).


1. $40- RIGHT


2. $751- NO WAY
3. $150- STAGE GARF
4. $750- YES

NUMBERS IN CAR: 0, 1, 3, 7 & 8

5. $17,308- NO WAY
6. $18,730- NO
7. $17,830- WIN!

Next to leave their comfy chair was Matthew Mammott and the third IUFB was a catameran (Stephanie).

Matthew: $1,500
Doris: $999
Elizabeth: $1,925
Kimberly: $2,000

ARP: $3,495

Kimberly Abbott played Flip Flop for a wall unit/TV (Brandi and Lanisha). Board:


After some thinking, she flipped to $4,887...

$ 4 8 8 7

...not quite. It was $4,878, and that was her original guess.

Kimberly ($3,495): 45 + 75 = OVER
Vanessa ($5,569): $.75
Joseph ($20,219): 65 + Nickel = $.70

Vanessa went to the Showcase.

The next Contestant's Row entrant was Juan Sabella and the fourth IUFB was a gas grill (Brandi).

Juan: $900
Matthew: $950
Doris: $1,250
Elizabeth: $770

ARP: $1,490

Doris Duncan from Louisana played One Right Price for a banjo (Brandi) and a treadmill (Stephanie). The prize that she needed to match up cost $1,800 (price tag held by Lanisha). She said $1,800 was the cost of the was! The banjo cost $2,549.

The next person to hear the magic words and leave their seat was Sylvia Pegosian and the next IUFB was luggage (Lanisha and Stephanie).

Sylvia: $950
Elizabeth: $1,075
Juan: $1,100
Matthew: BUCK

ARP: $1,775

Juan from Delano, CA played Card Game for a Ford Fusion (Brandi). Range was $2,000.

1. KING OF CLUBS ($16,000)
2. 6 OF SPADES ($16,600)
3. 2 OF DIAMONDS ($16,800)
4. 10 OF CLUBS ($17,800)- STOPS

FINAL BID: $17,800
ARP: $18,860 (WIN!)

The last called contestant was Jamie Stevens and the final IUFB today was flatware (Brandi and Lanisha).

Jamie: $1,000
Matthew: $1,650
Sylvia: $400
Elizabeth: $1,300

ARP: $1,589, so Elizabeth didn't get into the First Four Breakfast Club!

She now played Pick a Pair for a trip to Mexico City worth $4,987 (All). Products today were Cheerios, Toaster Strudels, Hot Pockets, Dial Body Wash, nail kit and Chips Ahoy! (the big bag). Her first pick was the body wash, which was $5.99. With no hesitation, she then chose the cookies, but they were just $3.49. She then tried to pick the other $3.49 item, and she thought it was the cereal...winner! The other $5.99 item was the nail kit and the Toaster Strudels and the Hot Pockets each cost $2.49.

Doris ($5,839): $.95
Elizabeth ($6,576): DOLLAR FOR $1,000!
Juan ($20,635): 20 + 85 = OVER BY A NICKEL

In Elizabeth's Bonus Spin...only a lousy dime.

The first Showcase was about things that would make a good friend. First, a friend might criticize your cooking skills on a new Heartland range. Second, a good friend doesn't want to go to an unknown desert; instead, this person wants you to go to Tahiti! Finally, a good friend obviously has the guts to give you a ride in their new Ford Explorer (Std., Sensor)! All the prizes in this Showcase were modeled by Stephanie.


For Vanessa, we had a living room, books (Brandi) and a spa (Stephanie).


BID: $31,000
ARP: $38,796

BID: $17,000
ARP: $21,455

Had Elizabeth stuck with her gut of 38 grand, she would've won. Instead, thanks to Vanessa not going with her gut of $22K on her Showcase, she won the day and $27,024 in prizes. Elizabeth left with $7,576 in cash and prizes.

Jeopardy!: Sven Sinclair made my state proud by winning the championship in impressive fashion with $28,599. Tonight, he'll try to do it again against Dorothy Farrell (a researcher originally from Brooklyn) and Tom Koch (a real estate developer from Seattle). Opening categories:


After In Paris gets cleared out to start, both Sinclair and Koch go Daily Double Hunting. In the end, Koch's the one who finds it under the $1,000 clue in 19th Century Americans. Both men have $1,200 and trail Farrell for the lead by $200. Koch's wager is EVERYTHING:

In the essay "Friendship", this Transcendentalist observed, "Thou art to me a delicious torment".

"Who is Emerson?" right to double up to $2,400! At the first break, Farrell leads again with $3,000. The champ has $2,400 and Koch is down to $2,000. After the first round...

Sven: $2,200
Tom: $2,600
Dorothy: $7,600

...Farrell's starting to run to the races with this game.


DJ! Categories:

TV LAND'S 100 GREATEST QUOTES (the TV character must be IDed in each correct response)

Like the first round, Koch's in control after On Your Indonesia gets cleared out and then goes Daily Double Hunting. But Sinclair's the one who finds Daily Double #1 under the $2,000 Science clue with $4,600. Koch has $5,000 and Farrell's now in five figures with $10,800. He goes ALL IN! Good luck on this clue told by Sarah:

The balloon doesn't break because it's made up of this type of substance; from the Greek for "many parts", the needle merely separates the large molecules.

"What is a polymer?"...IS RIGHT to DOUBLE to $9,200! The other Daily Double goes to Koch, who finds it under the $1,600 clue in Word & Phrase Origins, currently at $5,800. The champ now has $9,600 and Farrell's still ahead with $11,600. Koch makes a True Daily Double attempt happen for the third time in a row! When's the last time that happened? Anyway, if he gets this clue right, this game will be tied. Here's the clue:

A phrase for a poverty-stricken rural community is derived from this title of an Erskine Caldwell novel.

"What is Tobacco Road?"...and he's on the road to victory, because THAT'S RIGHT TO TIE THE GAME AT $11,600! After the $2,000 in the same category, we have a three-way tie with that same score! Left are the subjects of TV Land's 100 Greatest Quotes, Theatrical Angels and Double Saint Names. We start the saints category with this $400 clue:

Ships he captained included the Alfred, the Ranger and the Bonhomme Richard.

Tom: "Who is John Paul Jones?"- CORRECT ($12,000); $800 DOUBLE SAINT NAMES CLUE

Flemish painter responsible for "The Judgment of Paris".

Sven: "Who is Peter Paul Reubens?"- CORRECT ($12,400); MIDDLE CLUE, SAME CATEGORY

He started the American Fur Company in 1808.

TRIPLE STUMPER #1: John Jacob Astor


He bought a copy of "The Catcher in the Rye" before his date with infamy in front of NYC's Dakota in 1980.

Tom: "Who is John Lennon?"- NO ($10,400)
Dorothy: "Who is Mark David Chapman?"- RIGHT ($13,200)


He began "The Master of Ballantrae" in 1887 before sailing off with his family to the South Seas.

Tom: "Who is Gogant?"- WRONG AGAIN ($8,400)
Sven: "Who is Jean Paul Gogant?"- OOPS ($10,400)

TRIPLE STUMPER #2: Robert Louis Stevenson


No. 58: "Elizabeth, I'm coming"

Tom: "Who is Redd Foxx?"- WRONG AGAIN ($8,000)
Dorothy: "Who is Sanford?"- RIGHT ($13,600); $800 TV QUOTE

No. 92: "Oh, my nose!"

Dorothy: "Who is Marsha Brady?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($14,400); $1,200, SAME CATEGORY

No. 24: "De plane! De plane!"

Dorothy: "Who is Tattoo?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($15,600); $1,600, SAME TOPIC

No. 82: "You eeediot!"



No. 35: "Oh my God! They killed Kenny!" (two characters needed)

Dorothy: "Who is Stan and....(buzzer) Cartman?"- NOT ACCEPTABLE ($13,600)

TRIPLE STUMPER #4: Stan and Kyle


In an Andrew Lloyd Webber show, Naive Little Christine thinks that this title character is the "Angel of Music".

Sven: "Who is the Phantom of the Opera?"- RIGHT ($10,800)


Nancy Walker and Efrem Zimbalist Jr. starred in a 1956 revival of "Fallen Angels", a comedy by this sophisticated Brit.

Tom: "Who is Noel Coward?"- CORRECT ($7,600)


A Rodgers & Hart musical about a man so picky he insists on a heavenly bride is called "I" did this to "an angel".



Zany characters abound in "Duck Hunter Shoots Angel", a play by this "Tuesdays With Morrie" author.

Sven: "Who is Albom?"- RIGHT ($12,400)


A heavenly visage, or a 1919 show featuring music by Victor Herbert.

TRIPLE STUMPER #6: "Angel Face"



Sven: $12,400
Tom: $7,600
Dorothy: $13,600


Sven: $9,800
Tom: $3,200
Dorothy: $13,600

FJ! CATEGORY: World Organizations.

It was founded after Portuguese students were jailed for toasting freedom duringg Salazar's dictatorship.

Response: NOTHING
Wager: $4,801
Final score: $2,799

The champ wrote down "What is Internation Students Union?"...don't think so. He wagered $2,801 though, so he's still in it with $9,599. Ferrell wrote down "What is Amnesty International?"...

"What is Amnesty International?"

...she's the new champ with $24,801! Mr. Sinclair, you go home with $30,599. I hope you had fun!

Wipeout: This series from the producer of "Fear Factor" is hosted by former "Talk Soup" host John Henson and current ESPN personality John Anderson. 24 contestants compete each week for a chance at $50,000.

The first round is a four-part obstacle course. The four obstacles here tonight are the topple towers, the sucker punch, big balls and the cookie cutter swing. The 12 contestants with the best times advance to the next round. Before I reveal the standings, here are some notable results:

Jen Spada: 3:56.6 (wiped out five times)
Margie Stubbs: 10:48.4 (also wiped out five times)
Nick Leland: 1:59.2 (wiped out twice)
Jessi Duran: 2:26.4 (wiped out three times)
Travis Mitchell: 1:55.6 (wiped out at least once)
Nancy Novak: 12:33.5 (probably wiped out at least six times)
Arthur Sevcik: 2:02.4 (wiped out at least three times)

Joining Arthur and Nick in Round 2 are David Anderson, Travis, Kevin Ashmuhs, Jessi, Jerry Huson, Andrew Hitter, Ruben Sears, Amy Kline, Glenn-Marie Endris and Kim Beetlestone.

Round 2 tonight is called The Sweeper. The twelve remaining contestants must stand on a small platform while avoiding a big rotating stick. The last six standing move on to Round 3, and the last one standing overall this round gets a $1,000 bonus.

Those six moving on are: Nick, Travis, Kevin, Jessi, Arthur and Andrew ($1,000 winner).

Round 3 is called the Dizzy Dummy. The remaining six are strapped to the Dizzy Dummy to get dizzied up for several seconds. After that, they race across a series of squares to shore. The first contestant to get to shore in each round advances to the final round for a chance at the $50K; thus, we will have four finalists.

Heat 1: After everyone fell the first time, Travis advances.

Heat 2: It's a tight battle between Arthur and Kevin...and Arthur wins.

Heat 3: Andrew almost blitzed this heat but fell on one of the later platforms, while Nick was successful.

Heat 4: Andrew decided to withdraw before the final heat, so he left with $1,000. That left Kevin and Jessi for the last spot...and it goes to Jessi!

The final round is always called The Wipeout Zone. There are four stages. In the first stage, you gotta go down a water slide. Second, you have to run up a ramp while avoding rolling barrels. Third, you must then jump on the Spinner, which is a circular platform with more barrels on it. Finally, you must jump across a series of trampolines to the finish line. The one who completes the course the fastest is $50,000 richer.

First up is Nick. He's in pretty good shape until the Spinner, when after getting past it he falls into the water while trying to get to the platform that precedes the trampolines; thus, he must go back and do the Spinner again, costing him a lot of time. His final time: 5:43.60.

Second is Jessi. She has some major trouble with the climbing wall that precedes the Spinner. She has little trouble on the Spinner and the trampolines...and she just barely gets into the lead at 5:36.77.

Next, we have Arthur. He's doing extremely well, but he wipes out on the third trampoline. His time...2:40.7!

Thus, Travis goes last. Up to the trampolines, he's at about 1:22. Does he make it in time?...

...thanks to falling on the third trampoline, NO, so Arthur Sevcik is the first Wipeout Champion!