Friday, January 16, 2009

1/16/2009 Results

TPIR: This is Tamiko Nash's swan song on the show. This is also Amanda Shiflett's last day as a model, but only temporarily.

We start the Friday episode with Tammy, Jodi, Bryan and Maria. Drew makes another sneaky late entrance from the right of Door #2 and the first IUFB is a trip to Dude Ranch, WY (Amanda).

Maria: $700
Bryan: $2,800
Jodi: $1,200
Tammy: $500

ARP: $5,247 (new daytime IUFB record)

Bryan Swalberg wins that trip on steroids and he could soon be going there in a Mercury Milan (Tamiko) after playing Five Price Tags. The board controlled by Brandi:


1. Betty Crocker recipe box (Rachael)
PRICE: $17

2. Kill-a-Watt plug (Tamiko)
PRICE: $40

3. Tea kettle (Rachael)
PRICE: $45

4. Portable generator (Tamiko)
PRICE: $100

His sole car guess is $19,450, which is the ARP...of last year's base Milan. The ARP of this year's base Milan: $20,610.

The fifth participant is Jacob and the second IUFB is a home gym (Brandi).

Jacob: $1,275
Jodi: $1,850
Tammy: $1,127
Maria: BUCK

ARP: $800

Maria Iniguez, a kindergarten teacher from Sun Valley, plays Freeze Frame for a spa (Amanda, Rachael & Tamiko). The best guesses on the board are $4,672, $5,046, $6,350, $7,213 & $8,520. She freezes up $6,350...incorrect. It was actually $7,213.

Stephanie comes on down sixth and the third IUFB is a home theater system (Amanda).

Stephanie: $1,400
Jacob: $775
Jodi: $1,401
Tammy: $800

ARP: $1,500

Jodi Colteryan plays Clock Game for $1,000, a stroller (Brandi) and a motorcycle (Tamiko). The ARP of the stroller was $1,700. She starts with $200, then goes up in $100 incriments up to $800, then skips to $1,000...$1,100...$1,200...and gets $1,700 with 22.5 to spare. The motorcycle's price isn't as easy- it was $3,399. She starts with five grand, then says $3,000...$3,100...$3,200...$3,300...$3,400...gets a little lost...then says $3,350...$3, ups from there before jumping to $3,370...$3,380...$3,390...tries to one up from there but she runs out of time as she gets tongue tied! Darn...BUT, since Drew messed up on the lower/higher part a few times on the motorcycle, she is given a TECHNICAL WIN!

Video Bonus: You make the call moment in Clock Game

Maria ($800): $.85
Bryan ($5,272): Quarter + 85 = OVER
Jodi ($7,599): $.95

Jodi makes it to the Showcase!

Kristina Lamey exits the audience next and the fourth IUFB is a pair of Croton watches that come down from the ceiling.

Kristina: $950
Tammy: $1,300
Stephanie: $1,100
Jacob: $1,301

ARP: $1,000

Kristina plays Most Expensive for a Largo dinette (Rachael), sportswear (Tamiko) and a BBQ (Brandi). She chooses the grill as the most expensive. The dinette is $1,495, the clothes are $1,846...but the grill is just $1,200. I thought she had it there.

Coming on down next to represent the Marines is Marlon Morris and the next IUFB is stemware (Tamiko).

Marlon: $700
Tammy: $475
Stephanie: $1,200
Jacob: $701

ARP: $1,200, giving Stephanie a $500 bonus!

She now could win more money and/or a $22,220 Ford Mustang (Rachael) playing Pass the Buck.

Clorox bleach: $5.99
Cheez-It Gripz size: $3.29
PICK: Bleach- NO

Ester-C: $7.59
Hot Pockets Paninis: $3.19

Her only pick on the big board is #5...WIPEOUT. Rest of the board:

#1- CAR
#2- $1,000
#3- $3,000
#6- $5,000

The last contestant is Christine Deming and the final IUFB is gardening equipment (Amanda). Tammy's been here the whole show.

Christine: $499
Jacob: $400 (STUPID BID)
Marlon: $500
Tammy: $250 (SUICIDE BID)

ARP: $559


Marlon tries to crack the Safe Crackers safe (Brandi) for a Broyhill queen bed (Rachael) and a DVD/CD disc changer (Tamiko), all worth $4,937.


He goes with $450...we have our only outright win of the day!

Kristina ($1,000): Dime + 30 = $.40
Stephanie ($1,700; got a PENALTY on her first spin): 50 + 30 = $.80
Marlon ($5,946): 40 + $1 = OVER

Stephanie will face the Clock Game lady in today's Showcase. There has to be a trailer offered today.

The first Showcase is unthemed, despite the models being dressed in certain clothes. First, while in a gown, Brandi shows off some camping equipment. Second, Rachael's in a swimsuit, but this is a cold prize- a new snowmobile. Finally, Amanda's wearing something that should be German or Holland-related, but the final prize instead is a trip to Australia. The ending tag said the models should've checked their E-mails before starting this segment of the show; that just didn't sound right to me.



For Jodi, we have a tailgating package. First, we have a supply of college jerseys (with the three contestants that didn't get out of Contestant's Row today wearing them!). Second, we've got a tailgating trailer (featuring an LCD TV, a satelite dish and a grill). Finally, to pull that trailer, there's a Ford Ranger (Std., AT, AC, Seats). All prizes here are modeled by the outgoing Tamiko; good luck to her on the rest of her modeling career.



ARP: $33,009


BID: $25,000
ARP: $19,743


Jodi wins $40,608 in cash and prizes! BTW, Monday's episode will be the 7,000TH EPISODE!

WOF: The first Toss-Up category on the Friday show is Phrase:

PACK/_ O U R/T H I N _ _

Eric, don't PACK YOUR THINGS anytime soon- we just got this game started, and you just won your first $1,000 of the night.


Tonight's contestants:

Eric Hyatt (Vialla, WA)- Fire-stop mechanic
Shannon Fazong-Powell (New Orleans)- Human resources consultant
Ashley Quaman (Studio City; originally from Montana)- Marketing coordinator for a girls' experience store

$2,000 Toss-Up topic this time is Occupation. It's a one-wordy:

P _ _ _ A T R _ C I A N

I don't visit a PEDIATRICIAN that often anymore; Ashley solves for $2,000.

Round 1 is tonight's Prize Puzzle Round and the category is Thing. Out on the wheel now is a $6,000 Costa Rica tour from Ashley begins with three T's for a $1,000 gift certificate. After Eric later calls the C, we have...


THE/_ A _ E S

...he calls a $450 K and solves THE GENTLE ROCKING OF THE WAVES for another $2,350 and a Caribbean Cruise, for a new total in cash and cruise of $8,350.

DUDS: M (Ashley)


Campbell's Soup Jackpot Round category is Before & After. Eric picks up the other trip with two T's to start, but he then calls the night's second dud in S. Shannon then lands on the $3,500 space but then calls a dud of her own with N. After Ashley calls the R's, here's the board:

THE/_ _ _/_ H _/_ R _ E _/

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ T _ E R

Ashley then spins the night's first Lose a Turn. Eric calls the L's for $600, buys the O's, then calls his second dud of the round with M. Back to Shannon, she calls the W's for $700, a $300 F, and then buys the I's to clear the vowels for this round. Next comes the B's for another $800, the Y for another $300 and the Free Spin, then she solves THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF BLITZER for $1,850.


Meineke Mystery Round category is What Are You Doing? Shannon uses her Free Spin after buying a dud vowel in E. After she calls the B, we have...

S _ A _ _ N _/A/BANANA/S P L _ T

...and she solves SHARING A BANANA SPLIT for another $5,350 and $7,200 total, gaining on Eric there.


$3,000 Toss-Up category is Proper Name:

R _ _ S _

_ _ _ _ _ R _ _ _ _ N

Shannon takes the lead for now with a quick solve of actress REESE WITHERSPOON to go to $10,200! Speed-Up Round category is People and consonants are worth $1,300 apiece. After Ashley calls the N's...

_ N _ _ N T S/&/T _ _ _ L _ R S

...these are two other ways you can call babies, and Ashley solves INFANTS & TODDLERS for another $5,200 and a final third-place total of $7,200. Eric leaves with $8,350 in cash and cruise and Shannon hangs on with $10,200.

Big Money Round: Let's try one more time to give away either the BMW or the $100,000 this week. Shannon spins the I in SPIN and the category is Thing. Starting with:

L _ _ E

_ _ E _

She calls C, G, D and O and gets...

L O _ E

_ O E _

...thanks to those O's, she completes a $30,000-winning LOVE POEM! That's $40,200 cash for her tonight!

At the end, after Pat & Vanna briefly talked about aluminum foil yesterday, Pat brings a box of aluminum foil tonight and demonstrates how a piece of foil can be torn out. Pat's credit in tonight's full credit roll is "Spin Dr. McDreamy"!

Next week, it's Teacher's Week!

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: The FOX Friday game show block is back...for just three weeks. The remaining three "5th Grader" episodes before another hiatus will be episodes taped from the second season's tapings, so no HD quality for any of those.

Tonight's first contestant is Barry Irvin from Woodland Hills, CA (who is a pharmacist). First partner is Sierra. Here come the categories:

1st Grade Spelling
1st Grade Measurements
2nd Grade Social Studies
2nd Grade Animal Science
3rd Grade Grammar
3rd Grade Math
4th Grade Cultural Studies
4th Grade Earth Science
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade World Geography

His first topic is 2nd Grade Animal Science:

A beehive typically contains how many queen bees?

His guess is one...correct. He tries Spelling second:

T or F: The last letter in "pickle" is a consonant.

He's right with False, since E is a vowel. His second partner is Nathan and his third subject is 3rd Grade Math:

Cody is putting books away in the library. He has 39 books. If each shelf can hold up to 12 books, what's the fewest number of shelves he'll have to use?

He gets it right with 4 (12 + 12 + 12 + 3 = 39). He attempts the other 1st Grade category of Measurements fourth:

How many U.S. nickels would you need to have exactly 75 cents?

He nails 15 and chooses Olivia as his third partner. His $25,000 guarantee category is 3rd Grade Grammar:

What word is the helping verb in the following sentence- "Mackenzie must finish her homework"?

His response of "must" right for $25,000. Next up is 4th Grade Earth Science:

What type of rock is formed by the solidification of molten magma?

A: Igneous
B: Metamorphic
C: Sedimentary

He peeks at Olivia's answer, which is igneous. Eliminating sedimentary, he instead guesses metamorphic...that's wrong, but igneous is right for $50,000 (all the classmates got it right)! Only the Copy now remains for this man as a result.

The youngster that Barry might copy on the $100,000 question is Mackenzie; the topic he attempts next is Social Studies. This is a Classroom Club Question sent in by Douglas from Castlebay Lane Elementary School:

John Muir is known as the father of which U.S. national institution?

A: Federal Reserve
B: Postal Service

C: National Park Service

He risks half his money by copying Mackenzie; she guesses National Park Service...correct for 100 grand!

He goes with 5th Grade World Geography next, and this is where he may very well drop out here because all of his cheats are now gone:

What's the largest country by land area in Central America?

He drops out almost immediately at $100K. He would've blown it by guessing Guatemala; it was Nicaragua. I loved his enthusiasm on the show!

Coming in next to play is pediatric nurse Cindy Shelton. After choosing Olivia, here come these categories:

1st Grade U.S. Geography
1st Grade Grammar
2nd Grade Physical Education
2nd Grade Animal Science
3rd Grade Spelling
3rd Grade Social Studies
4th Grade Math
4th Grade World Geography
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Astronomy

Her first topic is Animal Science.

T or F: A flamingo is pink when it's born.

She's right with False (born flamingoes actually are grey). Her second chosen category is the other 1st Grade category of Spelling.

How many times does D appear in "kindergarten"?

She goes with two...but there's only one D in that word. Olivia saves her. She goes with Cody; third category is U.S. Geography.

What U.S. state is home to Nigara Falls?

She peeks at Cody's answer, which turns out to be New York. She agrees...and is right.

With only the Copy remaining, she chooses the other 2nd Grade topic of music fourth.

In a traditional string quartet, there's one viola, one cello and two of what instrument?

She copies Cody, who said violin...indeed it is. Already, she's now on her own. Her safe haven category is 3rd Grade Science:

Which refers to the lowest point of a sound wave?

A: Crest
B: Trough
C: Period

She locks in period...that's just a kind of wave equation, so she loses all the money at the last possible moment and leaves as a TOTAL FLUNK OUT. Answer: Trough.

Don't Forget the Lyrics!: Playing the game tonight are a pair of famous, loudmouth magicians- Penn & Teller (of course, Penn's a former game show host and one of the celebrities famous for yelling "YOU FOOL" on the most recent version of "Hollywood Squares")! They're playing for the James Randi Educational Foundation. Teller's wearing a big box over his head at the start! Here are their categories:


R & B

Standing by for possibly backup singer help are veteran comedian Carrot Top and rock legend Edgar Winter.

Penn chooses the first category of R & B. Going on the board now are "Will It Go 'Round in Circles" by Billy Preston and "Rescue Me" by Fontella Bass. Penn tries "Will It Go 'Round in Circles" and they get a four-word target to begin with:

"Like a bird __ __ __ __"

They get on the board with "...up in the sky". After Teller's protective box is busted open following a magic trick that involves a female audience member's glasses (Teller's wearing a hard hat during this time), Penn chooses the second category of Ballads. The two up for grabs are "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" from the play "Chicago" and "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers. Penn picks "Unchained Melody" and they have just a three-word target this time:

"I ___ ___ ___"

Penn's right with "...need your love". The team's third category pick is the 1980s. The two songs on the board from that decade are "Bad" by Michael Jackson and "Give Me the Night" by George Benson. Penn settles on "Bad" and they're back to a four-word target:

"Just wait __ _ __ ____"

They blank, so they have to rely on Wayne Brady's help to avoid having to burn up a backup; they eventually get it right with "...'til I get through".

Their fourth category is Driving Songs; this is their last opportunity to get any possible help from the host. The song choices now are "Slow Ride" by Foghat and "Drivin' My Life Away" by Eddie Rabbit. The pick is "Slow Ride" and their new target is seven words long:

"Move to __ ___, __ __ ___ __ ___"

They blank again, so Wayne's coming to the rescue again. But it's still not enough even with a base guess of "...the music, and we'll roll all night", so they elect to choose one of their Backup Singers, and it turns out to be the zany Carrot Top. Their final guess is "...the music, we can roll all night"...Carrot Top saves them for $25,000!

Penn loves to perform in Vegas so much, so his team's fifth category will be Elvis Presley. The two Elvis songs in play are "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Jailhouse Rock". Their choice is "Blue Suede Shoes" and they have to fill in six blankies this time:

"Slander __ ___ __ ___ __ ___"

They get " name all over the place" no problem to double up!

They now hope that It's Magic will do more wonders to their charity winnings. Choices now are "Magic Bus" by The Who and "You Can Do Magic" by America. They go with "Magic Bus" and they now have their toughest deficit of the game- nine words. They follow after "I don't care how much I pay", the chorus line of "Too much, the magic bus", and are preceded by "I". They come up with nothing for the third time tonight. After they guess "today" as the last word in the incomplete lyric, they go for a multiple choice:

A: "...gonna ride this bus to my lady each day"
B: "...wanna drive my bus to my baby each day"
C: "...wanna take the bus to my baby each day"

After looking them over and talking it out, they go for it by locking in B...right to go to six figures!

The next topic of their choosing is Classic Rock; on the board now are "Do You Feel Like We Do (Live)" by Peter Frampton and "Love Me Two Times" by The Doors. Penn's pick here (he's making all the decisions for his team tonight) is "Love Me Two Times" and they again must fill in nine. This time, the right words follow "Love me". Penn can only manage to fill in the first two words of "...two times", so time for them to use their last backup, the 2 Words one. After guessing the third word is "baby" and the last word is "week", they choose to have the fifth and seventh words revealed:

"...two times baby ____ me __ through __ week"

They take a shot at it by locking in "...two times baby last me all through the week"...

"...two times baby last me all through the week"

...OOPS. It was actually "...two times girl last me all through the week", Penn's second guess. That sends them away with $25,000 for their charity.

After everyone in the audience learns that they're getting a copy of Edgar Winter's new CD "Rebel Road", Edgar closes the show by performing "Free Ride".
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