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1/23/2009 Results

DOND: Yesterday, Ekaterini Petronas enudred a DOUBLE DIP DISASTER- her original case of #9 had the $500,000, but she swapped it out for lucky #7 and went all the way with it. With four cases remaining, there was $1,000, $50,000, $75,000 and $250,000 left. Sadly, none of the three big amounts were in her final case, sending her home with $1,000.

Hoping to do a heck of a lot better today (on the last episode of the sixth taped week of episodes) is #8 Eva Brownsteen. Thanks in part to witnessing yesterday's first dreadful moment, she's keeping her case. She has a Hungarian accent, as she escaped to the U.S. from Hungary in 1976.

1. #6 (Tennille)- $25,000
2. #17 (Travis)- $500,000
3. #7 (Mani)- PENNY
4. #15 (Ashley)- $200
5. #13 (Debra)- $75,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED ALREADY)


1. #12 (Lani)- $50
2. #20 (Sylvia)- $300
3. #10 (Lisa)- $250,000 (STRIKE ONE)
4. #1 (Katawna)- $5
5. #11 (Jerrel)- $100


1. #18 (Andrea)- $1,000
2. #22 (Tara)- $10,000
3. #16 (Tanya)- $10
4. #14 (Paula)- $400


1. #21 (Chris)- $100,000 (STRIKE TWO)
2. #9 (Helen)- $2,500


1. #5 (Anthony)- BUCK
2. #3 (J.C.)- $50,000 (STRIKEOUT)


Rest of her game:

19th PICK: #19 (Bryan)- $5,000

20th PICK: #2 (Angela)- $500

Her case had just $25.

WOF: The first Toss-Up category on this latest Teacher's Week finale is People:

_ A R _ N T - T E A C H E R

A _ S O C I _ T _ _ _

Kurt solves PTA, aka PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION, for $1,000.


Here are the week's final three teacher contestants:

Kurt Gilenfeld (San Diego)- 1st through 5th Grade PE teacher and a musical director
Felicia Millen (Cottageville, SC)- Special education middle school teacher for 6th through 8th Grade; also a singer
Heather Schodowski (Sterling Heights, MI)- 4th Grade teacher for four years

$2,000 Toss-Up subject is Things:

N O U _ S/&/_ _ O N _ _ N S

Heather knows full well about NOUNS & PRONOUNS for $2,000.

After a Costa Rica trip worth $6,638 pops up on the wheel, the Round 1 category is Fictional Character. Heather instantly gets the Wild Card with a T but loses it immediately to the left Bankrupt of the Million Dollar Wedge on her second spin. Kurt then calls a $2,500 S on his first turn but then calls the night's first dud in R. Felicia buys a dud vowel in E after calling a pair of N's for $1,000. Heather then spins the same Bankrupt from the MDW. Speaking of the MDW, Kurt picks it up with an L call and after he buys the O's next, we have...

_ _ _ _ _

L O N _ S T O _ _ _ N _

...he then solves PIPPI LONGSTOCKING for another $2,250 and $3,250 total, and the right to keep the MDW for now.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Heather)

Campbell's Jackpot Round category is Fun & Games, and it's a big puzzle. Kurt starts off with five T's for $17,500. A little later, he calls the S's for the Costa Rica trip, but he then calls a dud in R. Felicia hits her first Bankrupt after calling the H's for $900. After Heather calls the N's, we have...

_ A _ I N _/AT/_ _ N S T E _ _ A T I _ N S/

IN/THE/N I _ H T/S _ _

...she solves impressively with GAZING AT CONSTELLATIONS IN THE NIGHT SKY for another $1,750 and $3,750 total, giving her a $500 lead. If Kurt had won that round, he would've been all but home free in playing for a million in the endgame.

BANKRUPTS: 1 (Felicia)

(Miss Schodowski's 4th Grade class does a shout-out before the second commercial break.)

IHOP Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Food & Drink. Felicia gets her second Bankrupt tonight after starting the round with a $450 S. Heather then immediately calls a dud in R. Later, after Heather buys the A, we have...


_ I _ E A _ _ _ E

_ _ I C E

...she calls a $300 N, then calls the L for a $1,000 Miss Prendambles gift package, but then loses that and $1,100 to a Bankrupt. Kurt then calls the P's for $2,700 and solves FRESH PINEAPPLE JUICE for another $3,500 and the trip to Hawaii, a new total of $13,384 in cash and trip.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Felicia, Heather)


$3,000 Toss-Up topic this time is In the Kitchen:

D _ U _ L E

O _ _ _

Kurt solves DOUBLE OVEN to go to $16,384 in cash and trip! Next category is Phrase. Kurt starts off with two T's for $900 but he then spins Lose a Turn. After Felicia buys the E's a little later, we have...

THE/_ _ _/_ T E/_ _/

H _ _ E _ _ _ _

...she next calls a $600 R and buys the A, then calls a dud in N. Heather next calls the M's for $700, a $300 D, and then we go to Speed-Up Mode. Remaining consonants are worth...$1,600 apiece. Heather then calls the G and solves THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK for another $2,600 and a final total of $6,350. Felicia gets the $1,000 consolation and Kurt qualifies for a million dollar opportunity with $16,384!


MILLION DOLLAR BONUS ROUND: Kurt's just the second male to attempt this. He spins the first A in AMERICA'S and the category is Place. Here's how we start:

_ _ _ _ _ _ E

_ _ T _ _

CDMA gives him...

C A _ _ A _ E

_ A T C _

...he solves CABBAGE PATCH! And now, the big question. Do we have our first male millionaire on this show?...

...SADLY, $25,000's THERE INSTEAD. Rats. Oh well, he still takes home $41,384 in cash and trip!

For this week's full credit roll, Pat's credit this time is Hall Monitor.

Video Bonus: Wheel Million Dollar Bonus Round #6

Jeopardy!: Somehow, Matt Kohlstedt's trying to become a five-time champion tonight. Trying to deny him his fifth victory are:

Quinn Conway (originally from Dana Point, CA)- File clerk
Rachel Kain (Farmington Hills, MI)- Structured data analyst

Here are the first six categories:


Just before the first break, Conway finds the Daily Double under the $400 Spanish Books clue with four grand, which turns out to be twice the champ's current score so far. Kain has $600. His wager is a grand on this:

A kids' classic: "El leon, la bruja, y el ropera"

He gets "What is The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe?" no problem to make it an even $5,000! At the end of the round, Kohlstedt's now in front with $7,400. Conway's still very much in the thick of it with $5,800 and Kain's up to $1,600.


DJ! Categories:

AROUND THE WORLD, J. PETERMAN STYLE (no audio/visual clues with "Family Feud" host John O' Hurley. So sorry)
FORWARDS & BACK WORDS (each correct response will contain two words, with one word being spelled backwards to form the other word)

The champ finds the first of the round's DDs under the $1,600 American Artists clue. He currently has $10,200 while Conway hasn't made any progress this round and Kain's down to $800. His wager is $3,800 on the following:

Jacob Lawrence acheived fame with his "Tousssaint L'ouverture Series" depicting the slave rebellion here.

"Where is Hades?"...yes indeed to move to 14 thousand! Just as we get to the midway point, we see a rarity nowadays- a Daily Double from a category's $200/$400 clue, and the champ finds the other one under such a clue in the category of Grand Central Terminal. He currently is in lock game territory with $16,400; Kain's charged up to $5,200 and Conway's the one struggling in DJ! with $2,200 now. His wager this time is $3,600 on a clue told by Kelli from said place in NYC:

Many youngsters arrived in Grand Central to make it in New York and exited to this street; you're going out a youngster, but you've got to come back a star.

"What is Broadway?"...NO. It was 42nd St., dropping him to $12,800.

DJ! LACH TRASH: $8,000


Matt: $14,400
Rachel: $11,200
Quinn: $3,800


Matt: $15,800
Rachel: $11,200

Quinn: $3,200

FJ! CATEGORY: Mythological Words & Phrases.

This prized object was the coat of the winged ram that flew Phrixus to safety.

Response: "What is the golden fleece?"
Wager: $3,000
Final score: $6,800 right to double up to $22,400! Now, the moment of truth. The champion said...

...the right response as well! But did he risk $8,001 or more?...

...YES HE DID WITH $8,001 TO BECOME THE SEASON'S SECOND FIVE-TIME CHAMPION!!! His new total is now $77,803! And with that wager, he really needed to have gotten that one right, or we definitely would've had a new champ (and it was also possible that Mr. Conway could've backed into a win there).

Don't Forget the Lyrics!: This is going to be the last episode for a little while. Playing the game tonight is Shannon Hamblin from Houston, TX (who's a big fan of the '80s and wants to start her own rock band one day). Her potential backup partners are her mother Darlene and her roomate Erica. The categories:



R & B

First up for her is NOT the 1980s, but rather Let's Dance. No, Lady GaGa's #1 hit of the same name isn't on the board. Instead, we have "Shout, Part 1" by Isley Brothers and "Goody Two Shoes" by Adam Ant. Her pick is "Goody Two Shoes" and she has a four-word target to start:

"There ___ __ _____ ___"

She locks in "...must be something inside" to get on the board; she doesn't chest bump that well, IMHO.

Anyway, her second category is Duets. The two available are "Say Say Say" by Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson and "Baby, Come to Me" by Patti Austin & James Ingram. Her duet selection is "Say, Say, Say" and she again has a four-word target:

"All alone, I sit home by the phone, ____ __ __ ___"

She doesn't look totally sure with "...waiting for you, baby", but she locks that in...she's right.

After doing a dance from "Pee Wee's Big Adventure", she tries a Motown song third. The choices this time are "Cruisin'" by Smokey Robinson (later re-done as a duet with Huey Lewis & Gwyneth Paltrow) and "Please Mr. Postman" by The Marvelettes. She decides she's "Cruisin'"and has another four-word target:

"I love it ___ ___ ____ ____"

She knows the remainder is "...when we're cruisin' together". And here comes Rick Springfield, allowing her to join him and perform a duet of his signature song "Jesse's Girl"!

The important fourth category is Rock; her two choices now are "More Than a Feeling" by Boston and "Legs" by ZZ Top. She picks "Legs" and this time must fill in six words to part of what was the theme song of former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler. They follow after "She never begs", but she can't provide a follow-up to that at all. She tries the multiple choice backup:

A: "Her skills will never lose men"
B: "Her smile will just confuse men"
C: "She knows how to choose them"

Since the ending of the first line was "She knows how to use them", the only logical answer is C. But she chooses A instead...thankfully, she double checks herself with the two words backup, and she has the second and fifth missing words lighted up, which of course are "knows" and "choose" respectively. She then locks in the remainder of C for $25,000.

Her freebie category is the 1980s. The two song choices from that decade that come up are "The Heat Is On" by Glenn Frey and "Urgent" by Foreigner. She picks "Urgent" and again must fill in six:

"That's why you call me __ __ ____ __ __ ___"

She sings "...up in the middle of the night", but that's a word too many. After removing the "up", she calls on Erica for help; Erica thinks " the middle of the night" is right. So that's locked in...and she doubles to $50,000!

Shannon wants to leave her with at least $100,000 so that she can take Darlene to Pamplona. Her category now is Pop; choices are "Straight Up" by "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul and the theme to "The Monkees". She attempts the Paula Abdul song; she only wants to fill in three words, but we actually want her to fill in ten. They follow after "Straight up now" in the second part of the chorus. She sings "...tell me, is it gonna be you and me forever?". That last word worries me, but she's going for it...sadly, as I feared, the last word was actually "together". That sends her home with $25,000 and some memories with Rick Springfield. He performs "Jesse's Girl" again to close the show; the entire audience also gets his new album "Venus in Overdrive".

Coming soon- the season (and possible series) finale, starring Meatloaf.

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: Hoping the second season class will do her a lot of good tonight is Jennifer Joseph from Las Vegas (who is a former Miss Nevada beauty paegeant winner). Her first classmate is Sierra and the categories are:

1st Grade Animal Science
1st Grade U.S. Geography
2nd Grade English
2nd Grade Soical Studies
3rd Grade Earth Science
3rd Grade U.S. History
4th Grade Astronomy
4th Grade World Geography
5th Grade Literature
5th Grade World History

First subject for her is English.

How many nouns are in the following sentence- "My mother and my father sent my sister to Mars"?

She goes with four...correct. Secondly, she tries 3rd Grade Earth Science.

What layer of the Earth lies between the crust and core and is about 1,800 miles thick?

She takes a risk by copying Sierra, who said mantle...right. Her second partner is Mackenzie and her third category is U.S. Geography.

T or F: The Great Salt Lake in Utah is a freshwater lake.

She's right with False, and her fourth topic turns out to be the other 1st Grade category, Animal Science.

How many tusks does a typical adult walrus have?

She's right with two and is one away from the $25,000 safety level. She then brings on Olivia and the fifth category of Social Studies.

In 1954, the U.S. Department of Defense established what song as the officaial musical tribute to the President of the United States?

She'd better get "Hail to the Chief", because Barrack Obama just heard this last Tuesday when he got inaugurated as U.S. President...and she does for $25,000! Freebie subject is 3rd Grade U.S. History.

What was the first name of President Abraham Lincoln's wife?

A: Mary
B: Elizabeth
C: Anne

She IDs Mary to double, and makes her fourth partner Nathan. Her 100 grand category is World Geography; this is a Classroom Club Question sent in by Cherokee from Oak Grove Elementary:

What African country is home to the city of Casablanca?

She peeks at Nathan's response of Morocco. To give her a slightly better chance of winning $100,000, she instead locks in Kenya...she's wrong, but Nathan's right for $100,000! She's now out on her own for the remainder of the game. Her next category is 4th Grade Astronomy.

The Earth's moon is approximately how far from the Earth?

A: 240,000 miles
B: 550,000 miles
C: 1.1 million miles

She sticks a fork in it at $100,000. She would've guessed 550,000 miles...all the classmates got that right, but they didn't say 550,000 miles; they instead all had 240,000 miles, so she made a wise drop out!

Coming out to play next is graphic designer Tommy Walker. After choosing Mackenzie to start the game, here are the subjects:

1st Grade Math
1st Grade English
2nd Grade Anatomy
2nd Grade Animal Science
3rd Grade U.S. Geography
3rd Grade Astronomy
4th Grade World History
4th Grade Art
5th Grade World Geography
5th Grade Social Studies

The first category of his choice is Math.

What's the sum of all the even numbers between 1 and 9?

He gets 20, and then chooses the other 1st Grade category of English.

T or F: A complete simple sentence must always have at least one verb.

He guesses True...correct. After making Sierra his second partner, his third subject is Anatomy.

The typical human has how many lungs?

As a human, he knows there are two. He completes the 2nd Grade row with his fourth category, Animal Science.

The night crawler is what species of animal?

A: Worm
B: Monkey
C: Lizard

He's right with worm, and picks Nathan as his third classmate. His safe haven category is 3rd Grade U.S. Geography.

How many U.S. states share a land border with Maine?

This could be a toughie, so Tommy peeks at Nathan's response of 1. He instead locks in 2...1 is right, meaning he's at $25,000, but he loses two cheats on that question. Next topic is the other 3rd Grade one, Astronomy:

What planet in our solar system is nicknamed the Red Planet?

He copies Nathan's answer of Mars...which is right for $50,000! He tries 4th Grade Art next, and here's the night's other Classroom Club Question, with this one being sent in by Madelyn from Diamond Path Elementary:

Which one of the following artists was born in Mexico?

A: Pablo Picasso
B: Salvador Dali
C: Diego Rivera

He goes for it with Rivera...right for 100 thou! He walks with that amount when he doesn't know the answer to this 5th Grade World Geography:

Timbuktu is a city in what African country?

He would've said Kenya, but it was Mali.

TPIR: Starting the end-of-week show were Elizabeth Kellerhaus, Elizabeth Rhone, Benjamin Blair & Daniella Simon. Drew entered from the left side of Door #2 and the first IUFB was an XBOX 360 game system (Brandi).

Kellerhaus: $350 (STAGE GARF)
Rhone: $400
Benjamin: $610
Daniella: $700

ARP: $940

Daniella from Santa Monica played Switcheroo for a Chevrolet Cobalt (Std., AT, Spoiler, Tire, Prot, Mats)(Lanisha). The prize board this time:

CAR: $ 1 8 , 3 _ 9
Wireless speaker: $ _ 5
Panini press: $ _ 7
Electric toothbrush: $ _ 7
Telephone: $ _ 0

NUMBERS AVAILABLE: 2, 4, 5, 6 & 7

My guesses:

CAR: $18,329
Wireless speaker: $65
Panini press: $57
Electric toothbrush: $47
Telephone: $70

Her first guesses:

CAR: $18,349
Wireless speaker: $55
Panini press: $77
Electric toothbrush: $27
Telephone: $60

All were wrong. Her final guesses:

CAR: $18,369
Wireless speaker: $75
Panini press: $57
Electric toothbrush: $47
Telephone: $20

The last time we played this game, after the final turn, only one prize was won but it was the car...not today, as she had to settle for the most expensive SP on the board, a $75 wireless speaker. Correct prices for the rest:

CAR: $18,329
Panini press: $67
Electric toothbrush: $57
Telephone: $40

Rachael handled the gameboard today.

The fifth person to leave the crowd was Alexander Swob from Pepperdine and the second IUFB was exercise equipment (Lanisha).

Alexander: $350
Kellerhaus: $500
Rhone: $800
Benjamin: $801

ARP: $746

Kellerhaus, originally from Chicago, played Freeze Frame for an Aico home office with an iMac computer (Brandi & Rachael). The best possible prices on the board today were $3,295, $4,419 and $6,513. But she instead stopped the board at $8, golly, she was right! And Dave, the operator of the game, came out at the end just before the second break!

Rich then called on Tammy Roach-McLaughlin sixth and the third IUFB was a freestanding gas range (Brandi).

Tammy: $1,295
Elizabeth: $1,400
Benjamin: $650
Alexander: BUCK

ARP: $1,599

Rhone, the other Elizabeth, is a church administrator and she played Grocery Game for a day sailer (Rachael) worth $7,951. With Lanisha handling the register today, the products were Udderly Smooth udder cream, Jolly Time popcorn, a big bag of 9 Lives cat food, Smucker's peanut butter/jelly spread and Campbell's Soup.

1. 6 Popcorns: $2.49 X 6 = $14.94
2. 2 Spreads: $4.29 X 2 = $8.58 (BROKE at $23.52)

She should've gone with four soups instead on her second purchase.

Daniella ($1,015): $.70
Rhone ($1,599): $.95
Kellerhaus ($8,774): 10 + 80 = $.90

The second Elizabeth got to the Showcase.

Zachary Coleman then left the crowd and the fourth IUFB was an electric fireplace (Rachael).

Zachary: $1,100
Benjamin: $1,400
Alexander: $1,200
Tammy: $399

ARP: $1,399

Benjamin went over by a buck. Alexander hoped to be as smart as the legendary Danielle Torres while playing Line Em' Up for a Jeep Compass (Fairly loaded)(Rachael). Board:

?- $465, picnic baskets (Brandi)
?- $39, blender
?- $624, art supplies (Lanisha)

His opening guess for the Jeep was $24,925...just one right. He then changed to $24,365...he's the latest Pepperdine student to win a car on this show!

(And that's the most expensive car ever offered in this game, too! The bad part about this playing was that instead of just asking if his first guess was right, Drew just asked how many of the three middle numbers were right, just like as if he were doing Cover Up.)

Coming on down next was Mary Elia and the next IUFB was a wine bar wall unit (Brandi).

Mary: $895
Tammy: $1,495
Zachary: $1,200
Benjamin: $1,201

ARP: $1,499

By four bucks, Tammy played One Right Price for a Nintendo arcade game (Lanisha) and luggage (Brandi). After Rachael showed off the ORP of $3,395, she thought that was the ARP of the game, and I didn't agree with it...but it was $3,395! The luggage was even more expensive, $4,020.

The last name from Rich's list was Nathan Bradfield and the final IUFB was a stereo system (Brandi & Rachael). This was Benjamin's last chance to escape Contestant's Row.

Nathan: $799
Zachary: $800
Benjamin: BUCK

Mary: $1,000

Unfortunately for Benjamin, after Mary's bid, the Perfect Bid bell went off, meaning he automatically went to the First Four Breakfast Club.

ARP: $800

Zachary from Cal Luthred won a $500 bonus and played Squeeze Play for a spa (Lanisha). Board:


I said $6,713, while he instead removed the 7 for a guess of $6,413...

$ 6 4 1 3

...should've gone with me.

Zachary ($1,300): 50 + Dime = $.60
Tammy ($8,914): $.60
Alexander ($26,892): $.70

Alexander got to the Showcase!

First Showcase had a chandelier, a Pulaski dining room (Brandi) and a trip to Japan (Lanisha).



For Alexander, we had a one year Gold's Gym membership, a private fitness trainer for a year, a trip to Ft. Lauderdale and a Pontiac Vibe (Std., AT, AC, Stereo). All prizes were modeled by Rachael.



BID: $24,000
ARP: $27,180

BID: $24,000
ARP: $16,936

After a little while without one, we have back-to-back $50K winners on this show! Alexander joins the Pepperdine "TPIR" Hall of Fame with a grand total of $54,072 in prizes!
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