Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"13: Fear is Real" 1/14

All throughout this new game, I've been hearing about a "killer" amongst this show's cast. I wonder if this works the same way as the title character on "The Mole"?

Task #3: Show is put on the spot and must nominate the one contestant he thinks is holding the "death box". For his guess to be official, he must get everyone else to agree with him. An incorrect guess will put him at risk for elimination.

His guess for the killer is Laura...

...NO. That means he's the first participant in this week's Execution Round.

We then hear talking from the killer, with a name that's jumbled up.

RITUAL #2: Nasser/Show must sit this one out since he's already in danger. Erica decides to stay at the cabin with Show, meaning she's safe this week. Here are the five duos for this ritual:

1. Cody & Kelly (I can tell you right now Kelly's last name is Moore)
2. Ryan & Melyssa
3. Adam & Laura
4. Rodney & Ted
5. Steffinnie & Leah

Everyone is blindfolded, given a life vest, a lantern & a mystery box, and they must stand at the water's edge. Little does each team know that they're on a moving boat, right in the middle of a swamp filled with leeches, snakes and alligators. The objective for each team is to stay in their boat for as long as they can. In each boat is a flag; when one team can't take it anymore, they raise their flag. The first team to raise their flag will join Show in this week's Execution Round.

Along the way, each team gets another obstacle- every mystery box has some snakes inside. To make matters worse, in the latter stages of this ritual, the protective plugs are taken out, thus making the boats fill with water.

While Show & Erica are talking back at the cabin, I think I saw the killer walking in the dark outside.

Here comes yet another obstacle for the five teams- each person must hold two snakes above their head.

The losing team is...

...Adam & Laura, becuase Laura decides to throw away the snakes before raising her team's flag.

EXECUTION #2: This will be a three-way dance between Adam, Laura & Show. A steel cage with rats in it is placed over each one's head and everyone's attached to some steel chains. With a key they have to find somewhere in a cage located on the floor, they must set themselves free. The first two to get free stay alive in the game.

The first one to advance is...

...Show! Now, for the moment of truth. The second contestant to be killed off, and getting some extra rat bites in the process, is...


...Laura. I'm sure Miles is breathing a sigh of relief, because he's a fan of Adam!
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