Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"13: Fear is Real" 1/21

Steffanie stupidly was fishing for alligators!

When they're brought to home base, the Mastermind tells them that there's a broken raft that could be used to go across the swamp to claim something special. However, doing this is optional.

As it turns out, the surprise

As for the Killer? It's a male...and he gets a hold of Steffanie at home base, resulting in her becoming the third contestant to be killed off this season.

Ritual #3: The ten remaining contestants are paired up.

1. Leah & Melyssa
2. Cody & Kelly
3. Rodney & Ted
4. Ryan & Erica
5. Show & Adam

Each team is given a star puzzle piece to start. The star puzzle is made up of five pieces; the other four pieces in each star puzzle are hidden throughout the woods. The ones that begin this challenge by sitting in a chair (Melyssa, Kelly, Ted, Erica & Adam) get a walkie-talkie and a map to direct their partners to the puzzie piece areas. After a team collects all the puzzle pieces, they can try to assemble their puzzle. The last team to finish their puzzle goes to the Execution Round.

1. Cody & Kelly

2. Show & Adam

3. Leah & Melyssa

The last team to finish before the execution is...

...Rodney & Ted. Thanks in part to not having enough puzzle pieces after coming out of the woods, Ryan & Erica are now in danger of being the night's other eliminated contestant.

EXECUTION #3: Ryan & Erica are both tied up in some restraints to a tree while some wild dogs bark at them, some surrounding trees get cut down by a chainsaw and a few explosions occur near both contestants. The first one to untie themself stays in the game.

The fourth contestant killed off is...



IMPORTANT NOTE: For the rest of the show's run, it will be airing on Fridays at 9 PM EST. In fact, the next episode airs this Friday.
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