Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?"- Winter '09 Finale

Playing with the second season class tonight is Cody McCown from Louisana (who is a gym manager). His first classmate turns out to be Cody and here are the subjects at his disposal:

1st Grade U.S. Geography
1st Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade Spelling
2nd Grade Grammar
3rd Grade Life Science
3rd Grade Anatomy
4th Grade Measurements
4th Grade Health
5th Grade Literature
5th Grade U.S. History

The first topic he tries is Animal Science.

T or F: Adult gorillas typically have tails.

He's right with False, which Sierra said. Second category is U.S. Geography.

The Liberty Bell hangs in Independence Hall in what U.S. city?

After getting Philadelphia, his second partner is Sierra; third category is Spelling. The following is a Classroom Club Question sent in by Daniella from Marymount School:

Spell the word "anonymous".

He spells it correctly no problem, then picks the fourth subject of Grammar.

What's the root of the word "disowned"?

He goes with a guess of owned...well, he got owned, all right-- that's incorrect. It was just "own"...which Sierra says to keep him in the game. After Sierra goes back to her desk, he picks Olivia as his third partner. His $25,000 category is 3rd Grade Life Science.

A typical amoeba has how many cells?

He copies Olivia's answer of one...and he's got $25,000; he does a few push ups to celebrate!
He'll try to double that with the other 3rd Grade category, Anatomy.

Which part of the eye uses cells called rods and cones to process light?

A: Cornea
B: Pupil
C: Retina

He peeks at Olivia's guess of retina. After accepting that answer...he'll be accepting another $25,000! Now on his own, the contestant's next category is 4th Grade Health.

Ascorbic acid is also known as which vitamin?

A: Vitamin A
B: Vitamin B

C: Vitamin C

He drops out with $50,000. He would've said A...wrong. Everybody got this one wrong- some agreed with him while others went with B, but it's C.

Our last contestant for a while is Steve Earley from Massachusetts (who is a roller rink manager and a former military intelligence guy). Mackenzie is his first partner and here are the categories this time:

1st Grade U.S. Geography
1st Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade Life Science
2nd Grade Measurements
3rd Grade World Geography
3rd Grade Grammar
4th Grade Math
4th Grade Earth Science
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Health

First category for this guy is Animal Science.

T or F: The Cicada is a type of insect.

He's right with True. Second up is Life Science.

A baby frog is known as a tadpole. Which is another name for a tadpole?

A: Zygote
B: Minnow
C: Polliwog

Both he and I get polliwog correct. After making Cody his second partner, the third category he picks is U.S. Geography.

The capital city of the U.S. is closest in distance to which ocean?

With a 1 out of 4 shot at getting this one right, he locks in the Atlantic...correct. After Jeff is presented with a pair of roller skates by Steve's friends and family, Steve's fourth chosen category is Measurements.

The 100th day of the calendar year is in what month?

His answer of April is right. Third partner for him is Sierra and the safe haven category of his choice is 3rd Grade World Geography.

What river runs through the center of London?

He locks in the Thames, also the name of a British production company...sound that company's jingle; he now has $25,000! The next category of 3rd Grade Grammar has the night's other Classroom Club Question; this one got sent in by Grace from Arcadia Christian School:

What word is the preposition in the following sentence- "Mackenzie sang in the school musical"?

He thinks it's Mackenzie...but it's not. It was actually "in", but Sierra saves him for $50,000! Olivia is then chosen as his next partner and his 100 grand category is 4th Grade Earth Science.

T or F: A dormant volcano is one that scientists believe will never erupt again.

With not much hesitation, he says False...he's at six figures! He then has the guts to next try 5th Grade Health.

What organ in the human body produces insulin?

He opts to peek at Olivia's guess of kidney. He agrees with her...sorry; at least Sierra had this one right- the pancreas. That means he skates out of here with $25,000.
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