Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Just after he barely beat Timothy Flamos by decision in the last preliminary fight, Ryan Coyne had to get medical attention for that cut he suffered last week, putting his quarterfinal status in jeopardy.

The remaining eight fighters get a tour of Singapore for making it this far, as well as stuff from home.

Felix Cora, Jr. had to sacrifice his current job as a result of his stay on the show.

QUARTERFINAL FIGHT #1: Felix Cora, Jr. vs. Troy Ross

Round 1: Ross mostly dominated the early stages of the round. Towards the end, Cora, Jr. scored a strong punch on Ross. But Ross shortly retaliated with a three punch combo. Just before the round ends, Ross knocks down Cora...AND CORA CAN'T CONTINUE, SO TROY ROSS HAS DONE IT AGAIN BY TKO!!!
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