Wednesday, January 07, 2009

DEBUT: "13- Fear is Real"

The CW has decided to warm us up for the upcoming season of "America's Next Top Model" with this new reality competition series by Sam Raimi. Jay Bienstock, who has been a producer for both "Survivor" and "The Apprentice", is also one of the producers. Also, former "Russian Roulette" producer Gunnar Wettenberg created the show! These 13 contestants will compete for a top prize of $66,666:

Adam (Bend, OR)- Musician
Cody (Austin, TX)- Student
Erica (originally from Waycross, GA)- Sports show co-host
Kelly (Fort Collins, CO)- Marketing/product specialist
Laura (San Jose)- Customer service representative
Lauren (Cherry Hill, NJ)- Model/hairstylist
Leah (Philadelphia)- Student
Melyssa (Columbus, OH)- Personal trainer
Show (also known as Nasser)(Philadelphia)- Concierge
Rodney (Victoria, TX)- Event coordinator
Ryan (Yorba Linda, CA)- Account executive/sports industry
Steffinnie (Sioux Falls, SD)- Actress
Ted (Bucks County, PA; originally from Chalfont, PA)- Contractor/teacher/bartender

We start out in the Louisana Bayou. There is an off-camera host for this show (known as "The Mastermind".

Task #1: One person must stay in the house everybody's been in alone. The other 12 contestants then are divided into six teams of two.

1. Erica & Ted
2. Ryan & Melyssa
3. Adam & Laura
4. Rodney & Leah
5. Show & Steffanie
6. Kelly & Lauren

Cody decides to be the lone wolf in the house. One person from each team must then walk down the road to a place where they will be strapped in without notice.

1. Leah
2. Adam
3. Lauren
4. Ryan
5. Show
6. Erica

Task #2: Each team is given a video camera and must go into the forest and retrieve their kidnapped teammate before getting out of the forest. The last team to return faces elimination.

Since Cody decided to stay at home base, he has immunity this week.

1. Laura & Adam
2. Ted & Erica
3. Melyssa & Ryan
4. Rodney & Leah

The last team to be safe in this challenge is...

...Steffanie & Show, meaning Kelly & Lauren are going to the Execution Round; one contestant will be "killed off" there.

EXECUTION #1: These elimination challenges will take place at the end of the road. Here, after taking off their blindfolds, Kelly & Lauren are being forced to geting buried alive. After that happens, the first lady to get out of their coffin remains in the game.

And that one is...


...Kelly! Lauren's the first one gone on this show.
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