Thursday, January 29, 2009


Here are this season's contestants:

Andrea (Reading, PA; line cook)
Ben (Chicago; executive sous chef)
Carol (Knoxville; sous chef)
Charlie (Las Vegas; prep chef)
Coi (Austin, TX; caf cook)
Colleen (Papillion, NE; cooking school instructor)
Danny (Edgewater, FL; executive chef)
Giovanni (Destin, FL; executive chef)
J Maxwell (Clifton Park, NY; food court chef)
Ji-Hyun (Palisades Park, NJ; private caterer)
LA (Las Vegas; line cook)
Lacey (Charlotte, NC; corporate buffet cook)
Paula (Coconut Creek, FL; executive sous chef)
Robert (Quogue, NY; sous chef)
Seth (NYC; private party chef)
Wil (Elgin, IL; quality-control chef)

This season, the contestants are here to compete for a chance to work at a new Atlantic City restaurant in the Borgata Hotel and $250,000. And the show's in HD.

Like last season, we start with each chef's signature dish.

Carol: Veal over caramelized onions

Wil: Braised rabbit tenderloin- DUD (bad presentation)

Ji-Hyun: Chilean sea bass

Robert: Potato and white truffle-wrapped Chilean sea bass- DUD (terrible sauce)

Lacey: Chicken w/blackberries- DUD (tastes disgusting)

Danny: Bananas- DUD (also tastes disgusting)

Colleen: Chicken enchiladas w/ cream sauce- DUD (another disgusting dish)

Seth: Cinnamon-crusted rack of lamb- DUD (too sweet; Chef Ramsay thought this was the worst dish ever)

Ben: Pan-seared pecan duck breast (Chef Ramsay thought this was the best dish amongst the men)

Andrea, Coi & Paula also did well, while Giovanni, Charlie and LA dudded out.

The women are the Red Team, while the men are the Blue Team. Overall, just after the signature dish tasting, Chef Ramsay thought this was the best season cast to date.

DINNER SERVICE #1: Before this starts, Lacey struggled a lot and threatened to quit the show at times. Seth was the early weak link on the male team.

Giovanni & Carol are chosen to be the waiters for this service.

The female team is known as Team Saffron, while the male team is known as The Blues Brothers.

LA handles the meat in the red kitchen, while Seth handled the men's meat. Robert handles the Blue Brothers' appetizers. Wil handles the garnishing for the men's kitchen. Lacey's (who does the appetizers for the women) very early struggles carry over to the first several minutes of the service, as the scallops she made for the customer (s) turn out to initially be raw. The spaghetti that the men made also initially proves to be raw.

Colleen makes a big mistake by adding some kind of cream cheese into a spaghetti appetizer; shortly after Chef Ramsay chews her out, the power goes out in the building! The reason for it is that there was a faulty generator somewhere within the building. The power winds up being out for 20 minutes.

Colleen then attempts to cook fresh spaghetti again, but Chef Ramsay busts her for cooking it in an already dirty pan. The Blues Brothers then start to cruise on serving their appetizers. Colleen later struggles on making a risotto appetizer so much that Chef Ramsay called it the worst risotto he's ever tasted in his life. The men then struggle on the entrees, and Chef Ramsay decides to "shut it down" after about three hours of service.

The chef decides to determine the winning team based on team service since he thought both teams equally cooked weak. Team Saffron's average service rating was 88% above average. As for The Blue Brothers, their rating was 90%...

...BELOW AVERAGE. That means the ladies win the season's first dinner service!

ELIMINATION #1: Nominated for elimination on The Blues Brothers are Seth & Wil (though it was close to being Robert replacing Wil on the chopping block). Wil nominated himself. The first contestant eliminated on the season is...


...Wil Kocol. He goofed big time.
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