Sunday, January 25, 2009

Next Week in Game Shows: January 26- February 1

Next week starts out with yours truly turning 23, and ends with the Super Bowl! As for GS-related stuff:

-On the day of the Super Bowl, a special episode of "Wipeout" will air that's called the "Wipeout Bowl", with two teams of several contestants competing!

-Can current "Jeopardy!" champion Matt Kohlstedt go much longer as champion, or will he instantly bow out on my birthday?

-This season's "American Idol" preliminary auditions come to a close with a special three-episode week! After the Thursday episode, catch the fifth season premiere of "Hell's Kitchen"!

-Also this Thursday, a new Spike TV reality game show from Mark Burnett called "Toughest Cowboy" will debut.

-Also, the quarterfinals begin on "The Contender 4", Super Bowl-themed episodes of "The Biggest Loser" and "Top Chef", and more!
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