Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Top Chef" 1/14

Early on, we see that Hosea Rosenberg was wearing an "I love Padma" T-shirt!

There was a very special guest judge this week- it was Season 3 champion Hung Huynh!

QUICKFIRE CHALLENGE #8: Create a dish without using fresh ingredients within a 15 minute time limit.

Leah: Waffles w/ Cool Whip, strawberries & sausage

Stefan: Baked bean and Spam soup with grilled cheese & Spam sandwich

Fabio: Macaroni & cheese with roasted artichoke & chili pepper

Radhika: Spicy red bean dip w/ grilled bread

Hosea: Sweet pea soup w/ Spam, onion rings, pork rinds & hearts of palm

Jeff: Deep-fried baby conch w/ coconut sauce & Pina Colada

Jamie: Bruschetta w/ garbanzo beans, artichoke & smoked mussels

Ariane: Open-faced turkey Spam sandwich w/ gravy & cranberry-pineapple chutney

Carla: Asian salmon cake w/ fried green beans & lemongrass-ginger mayo

The top three were Hosea, Stefan & Jeff. The man who won immunity was...

...Hosea's rival, Stefan!

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #8: The remaining nine were divided into three teams of three:

Chicken: Carla, Stefan, Jamie
Lamb: Ariane, Leah, Hosea
Pig: Fabio, Radhika, Jeff

Each team must create a seasonal meal for some farmers based on the protein they were given and cook it in the restaurant at Stone Barns (headed by Ben Barber, who joined the judging panel for this challenge). They selected their ingredients from the barns themselves.

A: Roasted lamb loin & roasted roulade of lamb leg- DUD (messy; you can't taste much lamb)
B: Rosemary garlic-roasted potatoes
C: Heirloom tomato salad- DUD (out of season)
D: Summer berry trifle w/ vanilla cream- DUD (messy and unappealing)

A: Sausage, zucchini & eggplant ravioli w/ pesto- DUD (bad pesto)
B: Fried green tomatoes w/ tomato jam
C: Seared pork loin & grilled corn salad w/ bacon
D: Vanilla & lavender-scented creme brulee- DUD (too sweet)

A: Chicken cutlet w/ mizuna, corn, onion & tomato salad
B: Lemon-herb roasted chicken w/ tomato salad
C: Chicken ravioli soup
D: Nectarine & strawberry tartlet w/ thyme, cream & lemon zest

Team Chicken won!

The worst team was Team Lamb. The one person told to "Pack your knives and go" this week was...



...Ariane Duarte.
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