Monday, February 23, 2009

2/23/2009 Results

TPIR: Here comes Erin Marino, Suha Habbas, Robert Cecil, Sandra Green and the first IUFB of designer shoes and a purse (Lanisha).

Erin: $550
Robert: $1,100
Sandra: $1,101
Suha: $600

ARP: $3,025

Sandra will now try to make the season's first $10K or $25K Punch a Bunch win happen (big bill shown by Rachael). Today's SPs are modeled by Amber.

1. Small vending machine
IS NOT: $100

2. Speakers
IS NOT: $65

3. Snowball blaster toy gun
IS NOT: $20

4. Bluetooth mirror
IS NOT: $110

She punches out holes #18 & #44. She must take what's in #44, since #18 has 50 bucks. She wins from the big board...$250.

Today's fifth participant is Pedro Martinez II (not related to the famous baseball pitcher) and the second IUFB is a washer/dryer (Amber).

Pedro: $850
Suha: $1,300
Erin: $1,301
Robert: $1,302

ARP: $1,599

Robert from Ohio State plays That's Too Much for a Chevrolet HHR (Lanisha).

1. $16,285
2. $18,980
3. $20,841
4. $22,052
5. $23,623- THAT'S WAY TOO MUCH

Should he have stopped at $22,052, the ARP was $20,380, so he actually should've stopped at $20,841 instead. Fairly mean setup, as the correct price was just $461 off the ARP.

Player #6 is Deborah Kohn-Kendall and the third IUFB is a marine package (Rachael).

Deborah: $800
Pedro: $550
Suha: $827
Erin: $828

ARP: $896

After Drew briefly calls Rich "Richard", Erin plays Flip Flop for a bed (Amber). Board:


Easy. She Flops to $4,742 and wins!

Robert ($1,599): 55 + 85 = OVER
Sandra ($3,445): 50 + 55 = OVER
Erin ($5,638): WINS BY DEFAULT AT $.75

Coming on down next is Ashley Moore and the next IUFB is a Michael C. Fina gold/diamond bracelet worn by Lanisha.

Ashley: $1,200
Deborah: $1,500
Pedro: $1,800
Suha: $1,201

ARP: $2,150

If Pedro doesn't strike out in Let Em' Roll, he'll win a Mercury Milan (Amber). Today's groceries modeled by Rachael are Udderly Smooth skin cream, Hot Pockets (regular version) and Northland juice. He says lower for the Hot Pockets and higher for the juice to get his three rolls. Take a look at the prices, though:

Cream: $3.88
Hot Pockets: $2.49
Juice: $3.39

(Unseen blooper: Pedro spills all the dice out of the bucket while he's climbing the steps!)

1. CAR/CAR/CAR/$1,000/$1,000- CONTINUES
2. CAR/$1,500- CONTINUES
3. WINS $1,000

The three playing winning streak for Let Em' Roll is over.

Next is Revital Rassis from Rutgers and the next IUFB is a home entertainment system (Rachael).

Revital: $1,500
Suha: $1,025
Ashley: $1,200
Deborah: $900

ARP: $1,499

Since Revital was over by a buck, Ashley plays Balance Game for a West White Potter Sailboat (Amber)! Lanisha has the scale today. Last three numbers in the boat price are 6, 7 & 0.

DOLLAR VALUES AVAILABLE: $4,000, $6,000 & $11,000

The good news is that she doesn't go with the obvious guess of $10,670, which would be way too low...but the bad news is that her final guess of $15,670 is also wrong (it was $17,670).

Today's final player is Forris Cole and the final IUFB is a pair of digital cameras coming down from the ceiling. Suha's been here the whole show, but she'll bid last this round.

Forris: $900
Deborah: $750
Revital: $250
Suha: $902

ARP: $1,000, so Suha finally escapes Contestant's Row!

She now plays 2009's first playing of Danger Price for a pair of premium headphones (Lanisha), a sofa (Lanisha), an exerciser (Rachael) and a Dell computer system (Rachael)...which she doesn't win, thanks to instantly picking the headphones with today's Danger Price of $700. The prices for the rest:

Sofa: $1,196
Exerciser: $2,500
Computer: $2,708

My lineup today:

1. Flip Flop
2. That's Too Much
3. Punch a Bunch
4. Danger Price
5. Let Em' Roll
6. Balance Game

Suha ($1,000): 30 + 20 = $.50
Revital ($1,499): 15 + Nickel = $.20
Pedro ($3,150): 45 + 75 = OVER

Suha will face the day's only winner in the Showcase.

The first Showcase has kitchen appliances (Lanisha), an Ashley living room (Rachael) and a trip to Buenos Aires (Amber at the audience screen).



For Erin, we have racing-themed prizes. First, play racing-themed video games with this Playstation 3 video game package that includes a 42" plasma TV (Lanisha). Second, there's a trip to the Richard Petty Driving Experience in Daytona Beach, FL (Amber at the audience screen once again). Finally, race on your own neighborhood roads with a new 2009 Dodge Charger (Std., Sensors)(Rachael).



BID: $17,000
ARP: $18,040
DIFFERENCE: $1,040 (if only she had bid $18K instead)

BID: $34,900
ARP: $35,682
DIFFERENCE: $782- WIN BY $258!

Erin scores a deserving Showcase victory and $41,320 in prizes!

WOF: This is the season's third America's Game Week. Remember, Friday will be Episode #5,000. Tonight, we're on the Pet Lover's Week set. The first Toss-Up category this evening is Fun & Games:

_ L _ _ _ N G

_ _ _ _ - _ O N G

This puzzle could also fall under What Are You Doing? Jennifer solves PLAYING PING-PONG for $1,000.


Here are Monday's players:

Jennifer Armitt (Bothell, WA)- Process technical integrator
Matt Grabel (Watertown, CT)- Works for a tax preparation firm and has been going to weekend Boston Red Sox games for the past ten years (his wife, however, is a NY Yankees fan)
Tiffany Routon (L.A.)- Human resources manager and screenplay writer

$2,000 Toss-Up category is Show Biz:

_ I V E/V I _/

_ A T _ L _ _ T E

Tiffany solves LIVE VIA SATELITE for $2,000.

After a trip to Naples Bay Resort in Florida worth $6,000 goes on the wheel, the Round 1 category is Person. When Jennifer buys the A, we have...

_ _ E _ _ I N G/_ E E/

_ _ A _ _ I _ N

...I was a classroom one of these a few times during my pre-college days. Jennifer then calls the L's for the trip and buys the O to finish off the round's vowels, then calls a $300 C. She next calls a $500 H, a $400 M, then a $300 S for the Free Spin. She then solves SPELLING BEE CHAMPION for another $2,100 and the trip, a new total of $9,100 in cash and trip.


Campbell's Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Event. Jennifer starts out with the left Bankrupt of the Million Dollar Wedge, and saves her Free Spin for now. Matt then gets the exact same thing on his first spin of this round. Tiffany then lands on the good part of the MDW and calls two T's to pick it up. Later, she calls four S's for the Wild Card. At this point, we have...

S E E _ _ _/THE/S _ _ H T S/_ R _ _/_/

_ _ _ _ _ E - _ E _ _ E R/_ _ S

...I know everything this round. She then calls a $500 N while on Jackpot...but she can't solve for a $6,400 Jackpot. She then calls two G's for a $1,000 Marie Calendar's gift certificate. Next comes a $400 F, a $350 M, the D's for another $1,200, and then she solves SEEING THE SIGHTS FROM A DOUBLE-DECKER BUS for another four grand, the gift tag and the trip to London, a new total of 17 grand in cash and prizes! She also keeps the MDW for now.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Jennifer, Matt)


IHOP Mystery Round category is Before & After. Matt starts out with one T while on the Mystery Wedge next to Lose a Turn and flips...$10,000! Later, after Tiffany calls the P's, we have...

_ _ A R D _ A _ _/AND/P A R _/

P _ A C _/MAT

...and she solves BOARDWALK AND PARK PLACE MAT for another $3,650 and $20,650 total!


$3,000 Toss-Up category is On the Map:

_ _ _ U _ _ _ R Q _ E/_ _ _/

_ _ _ _ _ _

Matt solves ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO almost as quick as I did to win his first $3,000. Next category is Food & Drink. He immediately duds out with T. After Tiffany calls the C's, we go to Speed-Up Mode with the remaining consonants being worth...$1,400 apiece. After she calls the B...

C _ _ _ M/_ _/B _ _ C C _ _ _/

_ _ _ _

...she solves CREAM OF BROCCOLI SOUP to ice her cake with another $4,100 and a winning total of $24,750; she's now the seventh player to go for the million! Jennifer leaves with $9,100 and Matt gets $3,000.

So far, $36,850 in cash and prizes have been given away tonight.


MILLION DOLLAR BONUS ROUND: If she doesn't get any money tonight from this part of the game, she'll drive away in a Mitsubishi Outlander XLS. The Wild Card's in play, too. She spins the C and the category is Place. Starting with:

_ _ E R _

_ _ _ S E

I have a feeling it's FIERY HOUSE, but I'm not very sure. Her first four picks are D, C, M and I. Her Wild Card Pick is K...BUT NONE OF THEM ARE UP THERE. First time this season somebody's gotten shut out in the letter-picking department despite having the Wild Card.

Well, now it just came to me- OPERA HOUSE, but she can't get any part of it...

...and instead of the million, she loses $45,000. She might have actually gotten it if she had just the extra A up there.

MILLION DOLLAR LOCATION: Apostrophe (which was where the $100,000 was last Friday night)

(Note: The bottom of the Million Dollar Envelope has been redesigned- it now has the words "ONE MILLION" in a bigger, easier-to-read text.)

At the end, clips of the 1,000th syndicated episode are shown!


Remainder of Kathleen Dwyer's game
A former "Jeopardy!" champion plays
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