Thursday, February 26, 2009

"America's Best Dance Crew" 2/26- SEMI-FINALS & FINALS

The most popular team of last week and is in next week's live finale is...

...the Beat Freaks!

Tonight's theme is the Hip Hop Decathlon. Each team must incorporate some Hip Hop moves while in their longest routines yet; each team will be performing to the same Hip Hop Decathlon mastermix music given. Some former "ABDC" contestants are back to help out the remaining three crews- Mike (Kaga Modern), Taeko (Fysh n' Glicks), Frost (Supreme Soul), Ronnie (SuperCrew) & K.B. (Jabbawockeez).

Hip Hop moves include Threading, Cutting, Krumping, Housing & Waving.

Now, for the Beat Freaks reviews. Shane thought they knocked it out of the park again. JC said that this crew was concerned the most about their Krumping, but JC thought they nailed it this week. Lil' Mama, however, thought it wasn't their best performance.

SUDDEN DEATH FACE OFF: Have the Fly Khicks somehow made it an all-female crew showdown next week?...

Fly Khicks
Quest Crew

...NO, so Quest Crew advances and the Fly Khicks finally bow out of the competition after their fifth trip to Sudden Death; they were there a record four times in a row.

CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND: The two remaining teams, Beat Freaks and Quest Crew, must now create their own routine, which includes their own wardrobe, routine and moves.

The Beat Freaks' routine is called "Freak the Dream". The music has an electropop flavor.

As for Quest Crew's final routine in competition, it is titled "Orquestra". They're using piano music composed by a guy named Ryan.

Both final routines were pretty short; shouldn't they have been the longest yet? Oh well.

All of this season's crews are expected back for the season finale next week. Hope to see you then!
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