Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"The Biggest Loser" 2/17

Pop Challenge #2: All of the remaining contestants must now run up a mountain towards a board consisting of 130 keys. Two of the keys open one of the locks to the gym. Only the first two contestant (s) that selects the right key and unlocks the door gets to work out in the gym for the week; everybody else has to work out outside.

The winners after about an hour are...

...Shanon & Helen and Ron & Mike!

Immunity Challenge: All contestants must get on a rowing machine and row as hard as they can in order to keep their light green. When they start rowing a little too slow, their light will turn yellow. If they row way too slow, their light turns red and they're eliminated. Last one (s) standing gets immunity.

1. Ron & Mike

2. Mandi & Aubrey

3. Helen & Shanon

4. Kristin & Cathy

5. Filipe & Sione

It all comes down to Dane and Laura & Tara...

...Dane Patterson wins it! And he really needed it, because if he didn't win immunity and had fallen below the yellow line in this week's Weigh-In, he would've been eliminated on the spot (without any voting in this case).


Dane: 325 lbs, four pounds lost, 1.22%

Kristin (289) & Cathy (263) = 552 lbs, 13 pounds lost, 2.3%

Filipe (291) & Sione (296) = 587 lbs, 16 pounds lost, 2.65%

Laura (241) & Tara (222) = 463 lbs, 15 pounds lost, 3.14%

Mandi (210) & Aubrey (216) = 426 lbs, 12 pounds lost, 2.74%

Helen (205) & Shanon (238) = 443 lbs, nine pounds lost, 1.99%

For Ron & Mike to avoid their third trip to the elimination ceremony, they need to have lost at least 14 pounds...

Mike (307) & Ron (354) = 661 lbs, 17 pounds lost, 2.51%

...yes by three! This is the third time this season that Laura and/or Tara has won a Weigh-In! Meanwhile, Helen & Shanon will be split apart.

ELIMINATION #6: By a unanimous vote, leaving the Pink Team tonight will be...


...Shannon Thomas.
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