Friday, February 27, 2009

"Bullrun" 2/26

STARTING POINT: Shelby Headquarters in Las Vegas
MIDWAY MARK: A wedding chapel on the Las Vegas Strip
CHECKPOINT #2: Fredonia, AZ (Lake Powell)

Team VW had their second straight slow start, thanks to having problems with the clutch. Also struggling early on was Team Corvette and Team Pantera because they got lost.

As of right now, Yelana & Marcus are the only "neutral" team currently in the competition.

Team Avalanche were sick enough to knock down some cones in the way of other teams on one path.

The big winners this week are...

...Team Lexus! They also get the Black Magic Detail. But definitely joining Team Pantera in the danger zone is...

...Team Corvette. And Team Lexus decides that the last team in danger of being eliminated this week is...

...Team Evo.


1. Team Lexus: 3:37.37
2. Team Shelby: 4:16.56
3. Team Solstice: 4:18.13
4. Team Camaro: 4:22.28
5. Team Dart: 4:27.22
6. Team Avalanche: 4:27.26
7. Team VW: 4:33.09
8. Team Evo: 4:47.48
9. Team Ferrari: 4:45.49
10 Team Corvette: 6:03.15
DEAD LAST- Team Pantera: 7:02.16

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #2: One member of the team must ride a jet ski around a buoy in the water. Once they've made it out of the water, they must join their partner in the given car and drive around a water barrel-filled salom course before reverse parking their car in a finish box. Knocking over any barrels incur a penalty.

Team Pantera had their car worked on long before this challenge got underway.

Since Team Evo had the best time amongst those up for elimination, they will do the challenge first; Team Pantera will go last.

Here are the times:


The second team eliminated in the second season of "Bullrun" is...

1:21- Team Evo
1:31- Team Corvette
1:34- Team Pantera

...the team of Nick Morland & Jason Eaton.
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