Monday, February 23, 2009

This Week in Game Shows: February 23-March 1

We wrap up February and begin March with all of this:

Top Chef & The Contender: The season finale for both of them! Will Stefan Richter and Troy Ross win their respective shows?

American Idol & The Biggest Loser: An adjusted schedule for both this week due to President Obama.

Wheel of Fortune: On Friday, they celebrate 5,000 episodes! I expect the 5,000th episode to be a clip show like the 3,000th episode and the 4,000th episode.

High Stakes Poker: Not only does it return to GSN this Sunday, it will make its GSK debut!

The Celebrity Apprentice: Donald Trump and the gang are back for Season 2 with mostly two-hour episodes this season!

All of this and more this week!
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