Sunday, February 01, 2009


It's the first "Wipeout" of 2009, and the first-ever episode in HD!

Tonight, two teams of 12 people compete- the Cheerleaders and the Couch Potatoes. Joining Jill Wagner on the sidelines tonight is NFL analyst Michael Irvin. Like "The Biggest Loser" nowadays, the players start out on teams, but only one contestant will win the big money at the end of the night- $50,000, to be exact.

Wipeout Qualifier: Tonight's special course starts with the heavy bag run. Second are some dressed-up Big Balls. Third is a spinning football field-dressed balance beam with football players throwing footballs at contestants in order to knock them off. We conclude the course with a bouncing football bridge before contestants stop the clock by laying down on a big brown couch. The six fastest cheerleaders and couch potatoes move on to the next round. Playing near the Big Balls tonight (including the show's theme song!) are the USC Trojans Marching Band. Here are some notables:

Keelee Bledsoe: 3:23
Ali Bondrant: 3:26.2
Shawnee Achord: 3:24.6
Chelsea Costa: 2:56.5

Joining those four Cheerleaders on the Sweeper are Monica Kaufmann and Shara O'Leary.

Dustin Kieft: 3:44.1
Stuart Yasutake: 4:46.4
Scott Klase: 4:12.6

The other three Couch Potatoes to qualify are Jesse Jones, Robert "Putt Egg" Davis and Brian Gutknecht.

The second round, at least for this episode, ain't known as the Sweeper- it's the King of the Mountain. Here, while holding a football, they must get jump from their pedestal to a spinning platform and get onto one of the six small spinning circular platforms in the Mountain's center. Also a part of the big contraption is two large spinning clubs. If a person wipes out, instead of being eliminated, they must start over. The first six to complete all of this moves on to the next round.

Joining the hosts in the booth at this point is Keyshawn Johnson. At this point, no more teams- it's now every man/woman for themselves.


1. Ali Bundrant
2. Monica Kaufmann
3. Shawnee Achord
4. Robert Davis
5. Scott Klase
6. Stuart Yasutake

Dizzy Dummy 2.0: After getting dizzied up, the remaining six contestants must climb up a spinning goalpost platform and go through the goalpost. Following that are some teeter-totter platforms to end the course. That's for almost all of the heats; for the second heat only, the contestants will have to do a keg run after getting through the goalpost.


Heat 1: Monica Kaufmann
Heat 2: Ali Bundrant
Heat 3: Stuart Yasutake
Heat 4: Robert Davis

WIPEOUT ZONE: We start this Wipeout Bowl Wipeout Zone course with the Aqua Wash, a more extreme water slide. Second is the Raging Rapid, basically a reverse water slide, with some of the water being replaced by 1,000 gallons of Gatorade. Third, they must run across a balance beam and some circular platforms avoiding the Sweper, which tonight is made up of footballs and pom poms. Finally, they must get across a few Tackle Dummy Turntables before reaching the finish platform.

Ali: 8:13.86

Robert: FAIL

Monica: 4:20.62

Stuart Yasutake stands between Monica and history...


The first segment of this episode aired during halftime of the Super Bowl; the remainder of the episode aired after the game was over. Both John Anderson and John Henson were wearing gold suits with the classic ABC Sports logo to honor Howard Cosell.

For those of you who want to try out for the show's second season, there's a casting call this Saturday. More details on
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