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3/2/2009 Results

OK, before I start today's recaps, let me warn you that all of today's shows are subject to pre-emption in the Richmond, VA area due to the winter storm and the current Wall Street crisis. If you don't see some of your favorite shows on here like "Deal or No Deal", you know why. I highly doubt I'll be covering "Jeopardy!" today.

TPIR: A new week begins with Toni Malone, Jeffrey Henry, Salvador Ymiguez and Doris Stewart. THIS is the last episode that Bart Eskander directed. The first IUFB is a Suzuki motorcycle (Lanisha).

Doris: $1,500
Salvador: $950
Jeffrey: $1,100
Toni: $2,000

ARP: $2,699

Toni plays 1/2 Off, with today's SPs being modeled by Amber & Rachael.

Robot: $50
Soy milk maker: $97
PICK: Soy milk maker- INCORRECT

Alarm clock: $28
Thermometer spatula: $19
PICK: Thermometer spatula- INCORRECT AGAIN

Fan: $40
Pet brush: $20

This is only the third time in 1/2 Off history that a contestant completely blows the SP portion. She makes a good guess for the $10,000 with #3. Rachael brings that box down. Has she just pulled a Kyle Jefferies??...

...NO, SO SHE'S THE THIRD PLAYER TO WIN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN THIS GAME. She was close, though- the money was in #1.

Hoping to do a lot better is Elliot Chovev and the second IUFB is a women's tool box (Rachael).

Elliot: $500
Doris: $600
Salvador: $725
Jeffrey: $300

ARP: $735

Since he was off by just ten bucks, Salvador, a worker at a grocery store that's doing a promotion for free gas, might be asking for some free gas of his own if he wins a Mercury Milan (Amber) playing That's Too Much.

1. $19,460
2. $20,155
3. $22,050- THAT'S TOO MUCH...YOU BET!

His wife just helped him nail this thing! ARP: $20,610. After I saw that first price pop up, I thought the right price might be at the second spot. Thanks goodness that wasn't the case today.

Contestant #6 is Michael Fennessy and the third IUFB is a Howard Miller wine cabinet (Amber).

Michael: $800
Jeffrey: $1,200
Elliot: $500
Doris: $1,201

ARP: $1,425

Doris, whom I think is a church worker, plays Now or Then for a pair of theatre sofas (Rachael) and a 46" HDTV (Lanisha), all worth $5,397. Then this time out is February 2000. Products today are Hot Pockets Paninis marked at $3.19, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce marked at $2.15, Campbell's Soup marked at $1.31, Wheat Nuts marked at $2.39, NesQuik marked at $1.69 and Capzasin HP marked at $14.09. While playing touchy feely with the groceries today, Drew decides to remove the top of the Wheat Nuts container!

She starts with the soup and is right with Now. She then jumps to the Hot Pockets and is right again with Now. At this point, she can win with either the sauce or the Capzasin. She goes for the kill with the sauce and says Then...she wins!

Toni ($2,699): 40 + 85 = OVER
Doris ($6,822): 50 + 50 = WINS $1,000!
Salvador ($21,345): 75 + 55 = OVER

In Doris' Bonus Spin...15 cents for another $10,000! That means we've had at least one $11,000 Showcase Showdown winner in three out of four weeks; also, that's the FIFTH $11K Showcase Showdown win during that span! Someday, we're going to have the first $26K Showcase Showdown win of 2009.

Coming on down next is Dahlia Voth and the fourth IUFB is a Ted Brewer violin being played by Ted Brewer Violins representative Sky.

Dahlia: $990
Michael: $1,300
Jeffrey: $800
Elliot: BUCK

ARP: $1,850

If Michael can prove he's Mr. Right in Cover Up as his shirt indicates, he'll drive away in a Ford F-150 (Std., Prot)(All). Board:

First number: 2 or 4?
Second number: 2, 5 or 8?
Third number: 0, 1, 3 or 6?
Fourth number: 1, 4, 5, 6 or 9?
Last number: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7?

First guess is $25,697...the first, third and last digits are right; I can't believe he didn't say 5 on the last digit and got the 7 correct right away for that. Now, I'm not sure if this is going to work out for him. His second guess is $22,617...WIN! Impressive!

The next Contestant's Row entrant is Frances Kravetz and the next IUFB is an Ashley dinette (Lanisha).

Frances: $1,200
Jeffrey: $1,595
Elliot: $1,600
Dahlia: $1,201

ARP: $1,200, so Frances just won a $500 bonus!

This LFAT now plays Squeeze Play for a Yamaha snowmobile (Amber & Rachael). Board:


She removes the first 9...well, that's a lovely thought, but that's not gonna work, ma'am. ARP: $7,499.

Today's last participant is Glenn Hartshorn from the University of Georgia and the final IUFB is a portable spa (Rachael). Jeffrey's been here the whole show.

Glenn: $1,100
Jeffrey: $1,600
Elliot: $1,601 (not good for Jeffrey)
Dahlia: BUCK

ARP: $899


Dahlia plays One Right Price for some accessories (Rachael) and an eliptical trainer (Amber). Lanisha has the day's One Right Price of $1,362, and Dahlia agrees with me that's the price of the eliptical trainer...but that's actually $2,000. I thought accessories were supposed to be expensive nowadays.

My lineup today:

1. Squeeze Play
2. 1/2 Off
3. Cover Up
4. One Right Price
5. That's Too Much
6. Now or Then

Dahlia ($899): $.85
Frances ($1,700): 80 + 65 = OVER
Michael ($24,467): 70 + 30 = WINS $1,000 AND SHOWCASE BERTH!

Does Mr. Right do as well as Doris did in the Bonus, he gets 95 cents.

The first Showcase has a beach cottage bedroom (Lanisha) and a GEM car w/ a pair of surfboards and a roof rack (Amber & Rachael).



All right, Mike- remember a little while ago when the show offered a luxury trip to Las Vegas? Well, here's your chance to win that kind of Vegas trip. In this case, the trip includes a luxury jet from Lucky Jets, a six-night stay at the MGM Grand's penthouse, two nights of fine dining and orchestra seating at a couple of events in the Vegas area, limo service from and $5,000. All prizes are modeled by Lanisha.



BID: $500
ARP: $21,000 (WTF?)

BID: $23,000
ARP: $17,096


CBS, how in the heck could you have allowed the possibility of having the season's second Perfect Showcase Bid with the Vegas stuff today? Too bad the Showcase EXACTA doesn't happen today, but Mr. Right goes home with $46,467 in cash and prizes! Doris leaves with $17,822. Not a bad way for Mr. Eskander to go out (he actually directed the ending well)!

DOND: This is the 28th week of episodes taped, and this is a completely new week. This week of shows is sponsored by Listerine. We start off with #6 Ryan Reid from E-Town, PA (who has been working with the Salvation Army for about ten years and is also a maintenance supervisor). In this week's games, the $7,500 case is replaced with a Lucky Listerine case. The one who has it on each episode this week wins a $7,500 trip. Today, it is to Hawaii. He swaps out for #3.

1. #6 (Dale)- $2,500
2. #12 (Ashley)- $5
3. #10 (Kim)- PENNY
4. #20 (Mike)- $500
5. #15 (Tiki Barber; she's a female)- $50


1. #19 (Shakara)- $500,000
2. #11 (Cody)- $5,000
3. #8 (Marisol)- BUCK
4. #13 (Stacy)- $10,000
5. #2 (Mo)- $300


1. #1 (Kimberly)- $50,000
2. #14 (Eduardo)- TRIP
3. #5 (Nancy)- $1,000
4. #9 (Joanne)- $75,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)


I sincerely hope that early deal of his was a smart one.

1. #7 (Robert)- $400
2. #4 (Amber)- $100
OFFER: $51,000

1. #16 (Janelle)- $200
2. #21 (Jessica)- $25,000
OFFER: $89,000

19th PICK (Chris)- $10
OFFER: $122,000

20th PICK: #22 (Steve)- $100,000
FINAL OFFER: $125,000

Is he the first contestant to pass up the quarter million case?...

...NO, he had $25, so he made an OK deal.

WOF: The show's back in Florida! Three years ago, they went to Ft. Lauderdale in that state and it proved to be a hot time, as half of that road trip's 20 bonus rounds were won, with two of them resulting in $100,000 wins. Let's see what happens at SeaWorld in Orlando this year. Like this season's Hawaii road trip, this SeaWorld road trip takes place outdoors.

The first Toss-Up category is Living Things:

_ A R _ _ E

M _ M _ _ _ S

Leslie solves MARINE MAMMALS for $1,000.


Here are the first three players in Orlando:

Leslie Norman (Longwood, FL)- Realtor and plays in a local band called Thrill Hill
Gina Sinburg (Ft. Lauderdale; originally from Chicago)- Wedding photographer
Matt Braddock (Orlando)- Pyrotechnician and a former circus performer that eated and played with fire

$2,000 Toss-Up category is Occupation:

_ O _ D

C _ I _ I C

Gina solves FOOD CRITIC for $2,000.

After a trip to Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii featuring an experience with sharks from North Shore Shark Adventures worth $7,145 appears on the wheel, the Round 1 category is Phrase. On her second turn, Gina calls an H for a $1,000 Maui Gym gift certificate. A little later, she calls a pair of N's for $600 and the Free Spin. After she buys the I's, we have...

_ I _ I N G/TO/THE/O _ _ _ _ I O N

...but she then spins Lose a Turn, so she uses her Free Spin and buys the A to clean out the vowels. But she then gets disqualified for repeating the G. Matt then calls the S's for $1,600 and he proves to be the one that's RISING TO THE OCCASION to win that amount.

Eggland's Best Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Same Name. Matt starts off with the Wild Card after calling three N's. A little later, he calls a dud in P while on the Million Dollar Wedge. On his second turn, after he calls the W, here's the board:

W _ R E L E S S/&/L _ _ E/

_ _ N N E _ _ _ _ N

After buying the I's, he hits the left Bankrupt of the MDW to lose the Wild Card and $1,300. Leslie then calls the C's for $1,100, buys the O's to finish off the round's vowels, but then spins a regular Bankrupt to lose $850. Gina then solves WIRELESS & LOVE CONNECTION to go to $3,000.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Matt, Leslie)

Campbell's Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Event. Leslie instantly gets the Hawaii trip by calling a T, but then calls a dud in S while on the Mystery Wedge next to the MDW. After Gina calls the R, let's see that board:

_/_ N _ _ - IN - _ - _ I _ _ T I _ _/

_ _ _ R N _ _

She next purchases the E's before landing on the Mystery Wedge next to Lose a Turn. After calling the M, she flips...$10,000! Next come the A's but then a dud of P. Matt then steals A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME JOURNEY for an $8,980 South African Safari from Premier Tours, making his new total in cash and trip $10,580.



$3,000 Toss-Up category is Thing:

_ A _ O R I T E

S _ N G

We don't know Gina's FAVORITE SONG, but we do know that she solves this puzzle to double to $6,000 as we head into the Speed-Up Round. Category is What Are You Doing? and consonants are worth $6,000 each! After Matt calls the G's...

S _ N _ _ N G/_/T _ _ T/

_ _ S S _ G _

...for 12 grand and the championship...he blanks. Right now, Leslie's going for $18K while Gina's standing at $24K. Leslie calls the D but can't make the $24K solve. Gina then calls the A's and solves SENDING A TEXT MESSAGE to win the championship with 30 large! Matt leaves with $10,580 in cash and trip and Leslie gets a non-goosegged $1,000.

So far, $41,580 in cash and trip has been given away in Orlando this evening.


Big Money Round: A Ford automobile is available this week. She spins the S in SPIN and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

R _ _ _ T/_ N/_ _ E

Sinburg calls C, P, G and A and gets...

R _ G _ T/_ N/C _ E

...she's not RIGHT ON CUE here, so she loses $50,000.


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