Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"American Idol" 3/10

THIS WEEK'S THEME: Michael Jackson

(Note: As of right now, the entrance has been changed. When the doors open, the judges come out, then host Ryan Seacrest comes down a big staircase. Veteran VO artist Mark Thompson introduces everybody.)

1. Lil' Rounds- "The Way You Make Me Feel"

Randy thought that was the way to start the Top 13 performance shows. Kara thought she had the "Wow" factor and hoped that she would be heard on the radio one day, win or lose; she also thought the end note was sick. Paula liked her attire and thought she was the force in this season's competition. Simon, however, liked just the second half of the song, didn't like her attire and thought the song choice was lazy. I gave her a 9!

2. Scott MacIntyre- "Keep the Faith"

Kara was so glad he played the piano for this performance in order to show the other side of him. Paula then got one of the song's composers, Siedah Garrett, on camera from the audience and said that she would be proud of him. Simon hated the song choice. Randy thought the performance was safe. I gave him a 7.

3. Danny Gokey- "P.Y.T."

Paula thought he possessed the important skill of being easily recognized by the average listener even when their eyes are closed; she added that he might have a shot at getting to the Nokia Theatre. Simon loved the vocals but hated the dancing parts. Randy liked both the singing and the dancing. Kara thought he had the joy of performing. I gave him a 9!

4. Michael Sarver- "You're Not Alone"

Simon thought he put through every single ounce of effort for this performance. Randy thought he did a good job in returning to his R & B roots. Kara said he still can sing, and Paula thought he livened up a fairly calm song. My score: 7.

5. Jasmine Murray- "I'll Be There"

Randy thought she did a decent job on a performance that mixed up two different versions of this song. Kara thought she should've performed the song a half key down to have been more comfortable. Paula thought she was average, as did Simon. I gave her an 8.

6. Kris Allen- "Remember the Time"

Kara noted that a lot of girls are on his side and liked the fact that he played with the guitar because it showed another side of him; she also said Kris helped out a majority of the other contestants in preparing for their performances a few days ago. Paula thought he knew the catalog better than any of the other Top 13 contestants. Simon questioned the song choice for that guitar, but thought the vocals were OK. Randy thought the song choice was cool for the guitar since it reminded him of Jason Mraz. Score: 7.

7. Allison Iraheta- "Give In To Me"

Paula sounded like she's been performing all her life. Simon thought she was very good, but said she needed to lighten up a bit. Randy thought she just has the voice to win this competition. Kara said she needs to remain a rocker. I gave her a 9!

8. Anoop Desai- "Beat It"

Paula thought the song was untouchable (which isn't a good sign). Simon thought he was horrible. Randy said he made the wrong song choice, and Kara said he didn't do any variations on the song. I gave him the average score of 6.

9. Jorge Nunez: "Never Can Say Goodbye"

Randy said this wasn't one of the songs he would've picked, and thought he was pitchy at the start. The other judges had similar feelings. I also gave him a 6.

10. Megan Joy Corkrey: "Rockin' Robin"

Kara thought she continues to inject a good signature on every song she performs. Paula thought her tone was quirky and unique. Simon thought the song choice was stupid, as did Randy. She gets a 7 from me.

(Chef Ramsay was in the audience!)

11. Adam Lambert: "Black & White"

Paula thought that was the most comfortable performance she's ever seen; she thus thought she's one of the favorites to win. Simon thought he put the night's other performances out of their league. Since the others agreed, I gave him a perfect 10!

12. Matt Giraud: "Human Nature"

Randy thought he was a little pitchy but still thought it was good. Kara thought he was talented, as did Paula. Simon thought it was a good, solid performance. Score: 8.

13. Alexis Grace: "Dirty Diana"

The judges thought it was a solid performance, although Simon said she was a bit over the top. Score: 7.

If she gets all the way to the finals, I hope that Lil' Rounds doesn't have to face Adam Lambert. Since Lambert's from the L.A. area and she's from Memphis, I think she would be screwed against him.
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