Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"America's Next Top Model" 3/11

Tyra Mail #4: "Whether it's on the streets or sidewalk, you'll be turning heads."

Little do the remaining 12 models know that they're getting makeovers!

Tyra Mail #5: "Not seeing eye to eye? Tomorrow it's time to make-up."

Fo's not happy with her makeover.

COVERGIRL AISLE CHALLENGE: Since there areen't any Wal-Marts in the NYC area, CoverGirl decided to bring a CoverGirl aisle out on the street! This time, the contestants are divided into four teams of three. First, each team needs to find a woman that embodies CoverGirl. Second, they must introduce and put on that lady some kind of exacteyelights. The winning team gets to be in a Wal-Mart CoverGirl photo shoot. Here are the teams:

1. Sandra, Aminat & Celia
2. Fo, Kortnie & Teyona
3. Jessica, Tahlia & London
4. Allison, Nijah & Natalie

The winning team is...

...Team #1!

Tyra Mail #6: "How many models does it take to screw in a light bulb? I guess we'll find out tomorrow."

PHOTO SHOOT #2: Self-directing light. Nigel Barker serves as the photographer.

The 12 models are now divided into three groups of four.


1. Tahlia: Stiff.

2. Allison: Good job.

3. Nijah: Terrible.

4. Jessica: She didn't know what was going on.


1. Aminat: She wasn't risky enough.

2. Celia: Good.

3. Sandra: She looks a little out of it.

4. Kortnie: Uninspiring performance.


1. London: Nice.

2. Teyona: Great!

3. Fo: Terrible.

4. Natalie: Nicely done.

Tyra Mail #7: Meeting with the judges

In the bottom two this week...

...Fo & Jessica. Was Fo's unhappiness about her makeover the beginning of her total downfall?...


...NO, so Jessica's eliminated.
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