Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"The Biggest Loser" 3/24

At this point, we have entered the SOLO ROUND!

Each of the remaining contestants will now pick their trainer; here they are (in order of overall weight loss this season, percentage-wise):

Tara: Jillian
Mike: Jillian
Helen: Jillian
Kristin: Bob
Filipe: Bob
Sione: Bob
Ron: Bob
Laura: Jillian
Aubrey: Bob

Immunity Challenge: This is divided into two parts. In the first part, each person's weight loss is symbolized by the numbered blocks that are on their tables. Everybody must distribute their weight blocks to the other contestants; all of the new weight totals will be added to the totals in Part 2. Here are the Part 1 totals:

Ron: 37
Mike: 63
Filipe: 67
Aubrey: 72
Sione: 92
Helen: 215
Tara: 257
NOT REVEALED: Kristin & Laura

The second part takes place on a NASCAR race track with race car driver Clint Bowyer making a cameo appearance (driving the #33 car). Each player has their own race car with their current overall weight loss on it (excluding what happened in the first part of the challenge). The extra weight that was given to each player during the first part is added to their car's weight. The objective in this part is to drag the designated race car across the finish line about a half-mile away; the winner here gets immunity and the right to be a VIP guest at a NASCAR race on October 11th.

The winner is...

...Tara Costa! She just doesn't want to lose!


Tara: 195 lbs, three pounds lost, 1.52% (99 pounds lost so far this season; ties Ali Vincent's record for most weight lost on the ranch by a female)

Kristin: 255 lbs, eight pounds lost, 3.04% (105 pounds lost so far this season- NEW ALL-TIME FEMALE RECORD FOR WEIGHT LOST ON THE RANCH)

Aubrey: 191 lbs, four pounds lost, 2.05% (58 pounds lost so far this season)

Mike: 264 lbs, six pounds lost, 2.22% (124 pounds lost so far this season)

Laura: 213 lbs, seven pounds lost, 3.18% (72 pounds lost so far this season)

Helen: 177 lbs, five pounds lost, 2.75% (80 pounds lost so far this season)

Sione: 266 lbs, seven pounds lost, 2.56% (106 pounds lost so far this season)

Ron: 317 lbs, 10 pounds lost, 3.06% (113 pounds lost so far this season)

For Filipe to move on to the next round with Sione, he must have lost at least six pounds...

Filipe: 263 lbs, four pounds lost, 1.5% (101 pounds lost so far this season)

...NO, he did the worst out of everyone this week, so he's in the Danger Zone with Aubrey.

ELIMINATION #10: By a vote of 5-2...


...Aubrey Cheney has been eliminated.
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