Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Bullrun" 3/19

STARTING POINT: Old Main State Prison in Santa Fe
MIDWAY MARK: Albuquerque, NM
PRE-CHECKPOINT SPOT: Billy the Kid's Grave (Fort Sumner, NM)
CHECKPOINT #5: Roswell, NM

Team Dart is able to continue. But the Sante Fe area's snowing real bad.

Team VW struggles in warming up, while Team Corvette is struggling performance-wise.

After coming into the checkpoint first (doesn't mean they've won the week, though), Team Avalanche's so confident about their performance that they decide to have a few drinks at a local bar. Problem is, Bear got into a fight with the bar's owner and gets arrested as a result. They are not penalized as a result.

The winners this week with a time of 4:31 are...

...despite Bear's problem at the bar, Team Avalanche! Finishing last with a time of 5:35.18 is...

...Team Corvette, making this their second Elimination Challenge appearance. Joining them in next-to-last with a final time of 5:08.15 will be...

...Team Solstice. And Team Avalanche decides that...

...Team Camaro's the last team in this week's challenge.

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #5: Both team members must drive through a slalom course and then drive down a drag strip.

The order:

1. Team Solstice
2. Team Corvette
3. Team Camaro

Elvis of Team Corvette is suffering the flu like Megan Joy of "American Idol".

The winners of this challenge with a time of 1:56 is...

...Team Corvette. But with a time of 2:12, eliminated tonight will be...

Team Camaro
Team Solstice

...the Camaro team.
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