Thursday, March 05, 2009

"Hell's Kitchen" 3/5

This episode started five minutes late due to the overrun of the "American Idol" Wild Card Show.

Challenge: This is called Asian Fusion. Each team must pick one poultry, meat and seafood dish with a strong Asian influence. They also have 25 minutes to buy the supplies they need from an Asian food market with just a $100 budget. After going shopping, they only have an hour to cook all their food.

Tanya Steel, the editor-in-chief of, helps out Chef Ramsay with the judging in this challenge. The winning team will have their three dishes featured on, amongst other rewards (one of the other rewards is doing sumo wrestling with Chef Ramsay as the referee!).

Carol & Coi: Pomegranate chicken
Robert & Danny: Pad Thai BBQ chicken
WINNERS: Blue Team (1-0)

Paula & LA: Ahi Tuna Tempura
Ben & Lacey: Pan-seared scallops

Andrea & Colleen: Kobe Beef Sashimi
J & Giovanni: An unknown beef dish

The Blue Team must prepare homemade fortune cookies and decorate Hell's Kitchen with oragami.

Lacey is seriously complaining about having no luck in the challenges, no matter which team she's on.

DINNER SERVICE: Before this began, Chef Ramsay tells the Red Team that since their Ahi Tuna Tempura was outstanding, it's on the menu tonight. Now, can everyone rebound from last week's debacle of a Dinner Service?

But why is this Dinner Service going to be difficult? At least one customer wants EVERYTHING on the menu! The massive order is split between the two kitchens.

J's struggling with the Beef Wellington, while Colleen leaves an oven's doors wide open while something's cooking in there! Andrea's also struggling making the Wellington.

Robert throws away a bit too much food while also struggling...and he later gets EJECTED.

As it turns out, this Dinner Service proves to be just too much work for everybody to do, so we have our second straight DOUBLE DISASTER. This time, only one member from each team is nominated for elimination.

ELIMINATION #5: Andrea & J are on the hot seat this time. Chef Ramsay's final call...

...he actually gets rid of Colleen. She never did anything right in any of the five Dinner Services she was a part of. Remember, Chef Ramsay can change the nominations at any time.
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