Sunday, March 08, 2009

"Hole in the Wall" 3/8


HANDSPRING HOTTIES (gymnasts from Orange County, CA): Meggin (captain), Sabine & Cassandra
FLYING PLATT BROTHERS (California acrobats): Cy (captain), Cheetah & Boone

Meggin scores her team's first point in impressive fashion. The Handspring Hotties then quadruple their lead after they clear their Round 3 wall very cleanly, leaving the guys with zip.

Speed Wall: The Flying Platt Brothers...go from 0 to 6 on a "Pac-Man" themed wall for just the second-ever $5,000 bonus! That means the ladies need at least two to get through the final triple arrow wall to win...and two of them are able to do it for $25,000! For the first time ever in a game, nobody leaves empty-handed; nice!

$100,000 BLIND WALL #1: Let's top off a good game with a $100,000 win, shall we? Meggin will try to make it happen against a kickstand wall...she just misses it.


BEACH BUNNIES (San Diego): Brina (captain), Carrie & Jessica
SURFER BOYS (Venice, CA): Aaron (captain), Peter & Cash

Heading into the Speed Wall, this game's been going down the toilet- nobody's scored yet.

Speed Wall: The Beach Bunnies only manage to get Jessica through an anchors/shark fin wall. As for the Surfer Boys with a kickstand/cannon/cannonball wall...WIPEOUT, so the Beach Bunnies win the $25,000 and get to do the victory dance they practice just before the game started.

$100,000 BLIND WALL #2: Since Jessica was the only one to clear a wall in this game, she's required to battle against a split wall...JESSICA DOES IT- THE BEACH BUNNIES WILL SPLIT $125,000!!! They're the first female grand prize winners on this show, I do believe.

(I wish the Handspring Hotties had won the 100 grand instead of the Beach Bunnies.)
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