Sunday, March 08, 2009

"Hole in the Wall" 3/8


HANDSPRING HOTTIES (gymnasts from Orange County, CA): Meggin (captain), Sabine & Cassandra
FLYING PLATT BROTHERS (California acrobats): Cy (captain), Cheetah & Boone

Meggin scores her team's first point in impressive fashion. The Handspring Hotties then quadruple their lead after they clear their Round 3 wall very cleanly, leaving the guys with zip.

Speed Wall: The Flying Platt Brothers...go from 0 to 6 on a "Pac-Man" themed wall for just the second-ever $5,000 bonus! That means the ladies need at least two to get through the final triple arrow wall to win...and two of them are able to do it for $25,000! For the first time ever in a game, nobody leaves empty-handed; nice!

$100,000 BLIND WALL #1: Let's top off a good game with a $100,000 win, shall we? Meggin will try to make it happen against a kickstand wall...she just misses it.


BEACH BUNNIES (San Diego): Brina (captain), Carrie & Jessica
SURFER BOYS (Venice, CA): Aaron (captain), Peter & Cash

Heading into the Speed Wall, this game's been going down the toilet- nobody's scored yet.

Speed Wall: The Beach Bunnies only manage to get Jessica through an anchors/shark fin wall. As for the Surfer Boys with a kickstand/cannon/cannonball wall...WIPEOUT, so the Beach Bunnies win the $25,000 and get to do the victory dance they practice just before the game started.

$100,000 BLIND WALL #2: Since Jessica was the only one to clear a wall in this game, she's required to battle against a split wall...JESSICA DOES IT- THE BEACH BUNNIES WILL SPLIT $125,000!!! They're the first female grand prize winners on this show, I do believe.

(I wish the Handspring Hotties had won the 100 grand instead of the Beach Bunnies.)


Brina said...

why do you wish the handspring hotties had won? the beach bunnies were pretty darn cute.

mcbriderb said...

Not to take away from your team's big win that night, but I thought the Handspring Hotties played bettter than you ladies did.

Anyway, congratulations to your team for winning $125K!