Sunday, April 12, 2009

"The Amazing Race" 4/12

Tammy & Victor Jih have won the past two episodes, establishing themselves as the current team to beat in this season's competition (they lead everybody with three victories). Can they extend their winning streak this season? Or will Margie & Luke Adams join them in the three-win club (did you know that every time they haven't won a stage, they've finished in fourth)? Or will one of the other three teams pick up their first victory this week (most notably Mark & Michael Munoz, who blew a trip to Oahu by incurring two penalties during their Detour task)? Let's find out.

OPENING CLUE: Teams must fly over 400 miles to Bangkok. Once there, they must take a taxi to a boatyard, where the second clue can be found within its grounds.

All teams have been given $53 for this stage.

ROADBLOCK #7: One member of each team must successfully attach a propeller to one of the boats.

Margie & Luke are currently in the lead.

CLUE #3: Teams must now navigate their boats through the city's canals to the Peninsula Pier, where the next clue awaits them.

Margie completed her Roadblock quickly. Jaime & Cara, Kisha & Jen and Mark & Michael accidentially leave their bags on another boat after their Roadblock was completed! Victor, however, had the most trouble out of anybody with this Roadblock, causing he & Tammy to fall to last place for now.

DETOUR #7: Broken Teeth or Broken Record?

Broken Teeth: Teams must go to a place called "The Street of Happy Smiles" and search through fifty sets of dentures to match up five people to their dentures before getting their next clue.

Broken Record: Teams must go to a parking lot and pick a party taxi with a karaoke system. They must repeatedly sing a popular song with other people through the entire five-mile course in order to get their next clue.

Mark & Michael opt to take another taxi to collect their bags, at the risk of possibly going on to being eliminated.

Margie & Luke are the only ones to try the Broken Teeth Detour, while everybody else does the karaoke one.

PIT STOP: Go to the Phya Thai Palace, where one team may be eliminated.

Margie & Luke hang on to join the season's three-win club! They win a Travelocity getaway to Puerto Rico (all three of their wins this season have won them a bonus trip).

2. Jaime & Cara (second time in a row)

3. Tammy & Victor

Kisha & Jen were actually the third team to arrive, but they were unable to finish initially because their stuff was still at the boatdock. As a result, they are now in danger of being eliminated for the third time this season. Also facing elimination for the third time are Mark & Michael; incidentally, THEY ARE HEADED TO THE PENALTY BOX FOR THE SECOND WEEK IN A ROW!!! THIS TIME, IT'S FOR FOUR HOURS BECAUSE THEY ILLEGALLY USED THEIR PERSONAL POSSESSIONS TWICE TO SETTLE A TAXI BILL. Have they finished last as a result?...


...but this is the other of the season's non-elimination legs, so they stay in the race and will have to overcome a Speed Bump next week. But they must first wait the remainder of the Penalty Box time from this week before they even start the next stage.
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