Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"American Idol" 4/28

This week, each of the remaining five singers will be singing Rat Pack-era songs tonight, with the mentor being Jamie Foxx.

First in tonight's lineup is Kris Allen with "The Way You Look Tonight" by Frank Sinatra. Randy thought it was his best performance to date. Kara thought he set the technical standard really high and thought he's a dark horse this season. Paula thought he was very sophisticated, while Simon thought the performance was just a little wet. I gave him a 9!

Second is the now 17-year-old Allison Iraheta, who sings "Someone to Watch over Me" by Ella Fitzgerald. Randy knew that was a tough song but thought she sang like P!nk in a good way. Kara thought she wasn't nervous for her anymore and thought she may have created some new fans with that performance. Paula thought she did well on her first ballad of the competition. Simon also thought she did very well but still didn't like her chances this week. I also gave her a 9!

Matt Giraud performs third; his song is "My Funny Valentine", the second Frank Sinatra song used this evening. Randy said that although it was a really tough song choice, he thought it was pitchy. Kara thought he didn't show enough emotional connection with the song. Paula disagreed with Randy & Kara, as did Simon because he thought it was the only authentic performance so far tonight. My score: 8.

Fourth is Danny Gokey with "Come Rain or Come Shine". Randy thought he was the only singer so far tonight that could make an album with songs like the one he just did. Kara said he finally got that Rat Pack swagger, and thought the end part was the most creative thing he's ever done. Paula thought it was stellar, and Simon agreed with Kara's points. Perfect 10 from me!

Adam Lambert then closes tonight's set of performances with Paula Abdul's "It's All About Feeling Good"! Randy said it was a bit overdramatic but still thought Adam was in the zone. Kara said her jaw continued to drop in a good way for Adam. Paula said she continued to feel better every time Adam performed and thought he was this show's Michael Phelps. Simon agreed that Adam did fantastically tonight and said that his intro down the staircase was the entrance of the year. He even added that Ryan shouldn't be going down that staircase for his entrances anymore! I also gave him a 10!

Everybody sang good tonight; too bad somebody's gotta lose tomorrow night.
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