Saturday, April 18, 2009

"America's Next Top Model" 4/15

Tyra Mail #22: "A top model knows how to be direct."

(If you've been noticing this season, the Tyra Mail messages have been placed on postcards inside a box.)

Challenge: Model clothes from Southpole Juniors. Each contestant also acted as the creative director for another fellow contestant. The winner got to be in an editorial fashion spread in this June's issue of Seventeen Magazine.

1. Teyona (Creative director: Natalie)
2. Aminat (Creative director: Allison)- DUD (not working with the flow)
3. London (Creative director: Fo)
4. Natalie (Creative director: Aminat; since she managed Natalie poorly, and the fact that Aminat didn't do well with her photos here, she was eliminated from the challenge)
5. Celia (Creative director: Teyona)
6. Allison (Creative director: Allison)
7. Fo (Creative director: Celia)

The winner was...

...Teyona! She got to choose two others to go with her, and she chose Aminat & Celia.

Tyra Mail #23: "You haven't had too much R&R. Maybe it's time for some R&B."

PHOTO SHOOT #6: While singer Ciara was on stage, each contestant had to pose as if they were an obsessed fan of hers. The photographer was Mike Ruiz.

1. Celia- Excellent!

2. London- Her recent weight gain really caused her to struggle with this one.

3. Teyona- Fantastic!

4. Natalie- Pretty good.

5. Fo- Decent.

6. Allison- OK.

7. Aminat- Not good at all.

Tyra Mail #24: Judges' meeting

Aminat & London were the obvious bottom two this week...


...the extra pounds did London Levi-Nance in. Maybe she should get on "The Biggest Loser" in the near future (no offense).
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