Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"The Biggest Loser" 4/14

Before the remaining seven contestants got their makeovers, they had to compete in the following...

Challenge: Everybody had to make their one from one side of a canyon to the other by navigating 700 feet worth of cables. The winner got a $25,000 kitchen makeover, including having whatever was in their refrigerator replaced with healthy stuff.

Ron decided to withdraw from this challenge early on because of a bad knee.

The winner of the very nice kitchen package was...

...Tara Costa! Another challenge under her belt.

Then, it was makeover time! After Tim Gunn helped each one get a dress from Macy's (in order to be dressed like they were going to a movie's Hollywood premiere), he gave each one a $1,000 Macy's gift card. They then got literally made over by celebrity stylist Tabatha.

When they got to the theater, each one was surprised to know that instead of seeing a big movie, they got to see at least one of their loved ones! Also, the film they saw was footage of them on and off the show.

Tara's partner in crime, Laura, later learned that she had a stress fracture in one of her hips.


Let's start with Mike. At this point, he needed to have lost at least five more pounds to break the all-time record for the most weight lost while on the ranch. Did he break the record this time?...

Mike: 243 lbs, five pounds lost, 2.02%

...JUST BARELY!!! Let's see if this week's results were enough, though, for him to definitely stay alive.

Ron: 302 lbs, six pounds lost, 1.95%

Tara: 182 lbs, four pounds lost, 2.15%

Filipe: 247 lbs, five pounds lost, 1.98%

Helen: 162 lbs, seven pounds lost, 4.14%

Kristin: 243 lbs, two pounds lost, .82%

For Laura to definitely remain in this season's competition, she needed to have lost at least five pounds...


...that hip injury took the life out of her at Weigh-In time, I'm afraid.

ELIMINATION #13: Last week, Laura Denoux decided who would be eliminated. This week, she found herself on the opposite side thanks to her injury and a dismal Weigh-In. Did the remaining five contestants give her the benefit of the doubt?...


...NOT QUITE. Therefore, she was eliminated, 3-2.
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