Thursday, April 02, 2009

"Bullrun" 4/2

STARTING POINT: Truth or Consequences, NM
MIDWAY MARK: Radio Observatory in Socorro, NM
CHECKPOINT #7: Thunder Raceway in Show Low, AZ

The strong winds in New Mexico get the best of Team VW & Team Avalanche early on. By the end, snow hammers the Show Low area.

The results are as follows. Winning with a total time of six hours and two minutes is...

...for the second straight week, Team Corvette! Finishing last with a time of six hours and 26 minutes is...

...Team Solstice, sending them to their second straight Elimination Challenge. Joining them in fifth place with a time of six hours and 23 minutes is...

...Team VW; they're also making back-to-back challenge appearances. And Team Corvette decides that...

 guessed it, Team Avalanche's going to their fourth Elimination Challenge!

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #7: While in stunt cars, each team gets three chances to post the fastest lap time possible while driving around a racetrack covered in dirt. Along the way, they're being chased by police cars. Only the best lap time from each team counts at the end; the team with the worst such time is eliminated.

The order:

1. Team Avalanche
2. Team VW
3. Team Solstice

Like this week's stage, this challenge was close, too. By ONE TENTH OF A SECOND, the winners with a time of 43.46 are...

...Team VW. The seventh team eliminated this season, with a time of 58.13, turns out to be...

Team Avalanche
Team Solstice

...Team Solstice- Theresa & Tony Williams.

Because of special programming, there will be no episode next week.
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