Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Celebrity Apprentice" 4/12

THIS WEEK'S TASK: Build an in-store display unit/packaging for LifeLock. $20K for charity was awarded to the winning Project Manager, if there was one.

Athena: Brian McKnight
Kotu: Natalie Gulbis

George Ross was the eyes and ears for Athena, while Ivanka Trump did that for Kotu this week.

Early on, Joan Rivers suggested to Kotu that their campaign start out with something funny.

Jesse James had a stomach virus, and he threw up several times.

Thanks in part to not getting completely finished before the previous 8 PM deadline, Athena was very unhappy with their lock design. Kotu wasn't happy with their display, either.

Kotu's campaign was called "We're Safe. Are You?", while Athena's was called "Identity Secured".

The winning campaign belonged to...

...Kotu, meaning Gulbis got the 20 grand for her charity!

BOARDROOM: Since George Ross thought the deadlines played a part in Athena's loss, Annie Duke was said to have been on the hot seat. McKnight, the Project Manager, was also in trouble because he was responsible for making the team laid back. Ross then criticized Melissa Rivers for researching too much. Outside of the boardroom, Joan considered quitting if Melissa got fired tonight. Melissa wanted Brande Roderick fired because she didn't do much of anything this week. Brian chose Melissa & Roderick to join him in the final boardroom session. This prompted Joan to get into an argument with Duke, as she has shown strong dislike of Duke since day one.

When Mr. Trump asked McKnight if he would fire either Melissa or Roderick, he said no. WRONG ANSWER, SIR- HE GETS FIRED AS A RESULT. Joan has to be breathing a big sigh of relief.

But we're not done, folks.

NEXT TASK: Hold a fashion show & jewelry auction to raise money. The chosen jewelry will come from Ivanka's collection, and the auctions will take place at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Athena: Annie Duke
Kotu: Joan Rivers (partly because Mr. Trump recommended her)

Early on, Melissa felt betrayed by Duke (like Joan was earlier). James later thought Duke was planning on having her team lose this task on purpose!

More on this next time.
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