Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Celebrity Apprentice" 4/19

This episode begins with a bang, as Ivanka brings along the first "Celebrity Apprentice" winner, "America's Got Talent" head judge Piers Morgan to Kotu's meeting room!

After several attempts, Athena Project Manager Annie Duke finally got some assistance from fellow poker player Phil Hellmuth. A few other poker players attended the Athena auction.

Athena's first dress was sold for $25,000. The second was for $52K and the third was for $50K. They sold more dresses after that; their auctioneer was Duke.

The auctioneer for Kotu was Clint Black. But Kotu's action got off to a HORRIFIC start when a pair of matching mixed-cut diamond band rings never got sold (the opening bid was $20K)! They did get their second piece of jewelry sold, but only for the opening bid of $12K.

Later came a black diamond ring that had to be presented earlier than planned because of the atrocious start of their auction. Black initially called that piece of jewelry a pair of earrings, which prompted Project Manager Joan Rivers to correct him! The starting bid was $40K...and it sold for $83,500! As it turned out, Rivers joined Black at the auctioneer's podium for the remainder of the auction; this drove up the bidding activity considerably.

BOARDROOM: The way that Kotu displayed their auctioned jewelry was extremely hard to see, which might have explained their dismal start. Also, the jewelry wasn't the best of selections, and it was all chosen by Natalie Gulbis. When asked who she thought was the weak link was on Athena, Duke thought there wasn't any. Mr. Trump and Piers Morgan later discovered that Melissa Rivers was attempting to suck up to Joan, even though they are no longer on the same team. Melissa then said Duke was a great game player but not a bad person.

The final results...

KOTU: $92,000
ATHENA: $153,000

...Kotu was unable to overcome its slow start. That meant A NEW ONE-WEEK RECORD of $245K went to Duke's charity!

It was a tough call between Black and Gulbis on who would be fired next. Prior to Mr. Trump's announcement, Joan was saddened that her team would be losing somebody. In the end, Mr. Trump decided to fire...

...Natalie Gulbis.

NEXT TASK: Create a new marketing campaign for Schwan's LiveSmart products. They will be judged on taste, originality and presentation. $20K will be awarded to the winning Project Manager's charity.

Athena: Jesse James
Kotu: Herschel Walker

Duke wanted Athena to use small turkey meatballs. On the Kotu side, Walker showed Joan a picture of unbreaded chicken breast filets but Black wasn't sold on it because he didn't think it would be original enough of a dish; he wanted Kotu to do ginger soy chicken, which is one of the dishes his family makes at home. Eventually, Walker takes Black's idea. Ivanka watched over this team, while CNBC's Joe Kernen was the eyes and ears of Athena.

Athena was planning on making three different dishes- the turkey meatballs, a chili w/ cornbread and meatloaf.

While cooking Black's chicken recipe, Walker said it was initially too salty. Most of Athena liked the chili the best in testing, although Duke preferred the spaghetti w/ meatballs.

Joan made the presentation for Kotu, and the dish was officially called Orange Asian Soy Chicken.

James presented for Athena, and they went with Duke's idea of Triple Play Turkey Meatballs w/ spaghetti. They also made an apple berry crisp for dessert. Brande Roderick was concerned about their campaign's lack of marketing.

The winners were...

...despite their lack of marketing, Athena! That meant James won the 20 grand for charity for this round.

BOARDROOM: Mr. Trump questioned Walker why he was the Project Manager because he personally didn't eat meat. Joan suggested that Walker be Project Manager at the start of this task.

In the end, Mr. Trump fired Walker for not having total control of Black, and the fact that most of the ingredients his team used in their dish were too complicated.
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