Monday, April 06, 2009

"Celebrity Apprentice" 4/5

We start off with some corporate restructuring. The new team lineups:

Herschel Walker
Clint Black
Joan Rivers
Natalie Gulbis
Khloe Kardashian

Jesse James
Melissa Rivers
Annie Duke
Brande Roderick

Brian McKnight didn't participate in this week episode because he had to do a concert outside the NYC area. He would replace whoever got fired next week.

THIS WEEK'S TASK: Write, produce and edit a viral video of up to a minute for a new commercial about All Mighty detergent. Both commercials were judged on originality, buzzworthiness and branding; the team who had the better one won. This was worth $20K for the winning Project Manager's charity.

World-famous blogger Perez Hilton was a guest this week.

Athena: Melissa Rivers
Kotu: Clint Black

Originally, Kotu aimed for a commercial with sexual innuendo, but that was quickly scrapped. Most of Joan's ideas were turned down by Black.

Donald Jr. looked over Athena while Ivanka watched Kotu.

Athena decided to use midgets for their commercial, which took place in a laundromat background.

For Kotu's commerical, because Black wound up firing the original actor who played the leading role, Black took over the lead role himself while a model played the female part (originally, one of his team's women would play the female part, but none of the women were happy, espescially Joan). Also, Walker was late. This commercial was said to have had some acts of mastubation. Ivanka wasn't sold on their idea.

In the end, Kotu's commercial had several voice bubbles in it, and it didn't have a specific title. Athena's commercial was called "Jesse James Dirty with Midgets".

The final verdict from the All officials...

...THIS WAS A DOUBLE DISASTER!!! That was the case despite the fact that Perez Hilton thought the midget commercial was hilarious and entertaining. Therefore, there was a DOUBLE TERMINATION this week.

ATHENA BOARDROOM: Melissa chose to bring back T-Boz and Roderick. T-Boz quickly volunteered to return, while Roderick wasn't so quick. Melissa said she couldn't really fault anybody on her team. When Mr. Trump asked T-Boz about Bradford Cohen, she drew a blank! After Mr. Trump reminded her exactly who Cohen was (the guy that broke the Golden Rule of reality game shows- never give up immunity), HE FIRED HER!! At least she still won $20,000 for her charity last week.

KOTU BOARDROOM: Black decided to bring back Khloe and Gulbis. Mr. Trump said Black did the right thing in not bringing back Joan. When he asked both Black & Gulbis if they wanted to be fired so that they can go back to doing their regular jobs for a little while, both wanted to continue on this show. Khloe then said the reason why she wasn't on most of last week's episode was that she had a DUI and she made a court judge unhappy by leaving the court case just to be on this show. She then got good news and bad news. The good news is that her charity got this week's $20,000. The bad news- SHE GOT FIRED.
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